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Dating A Journalist: 8 Perks You Should Not Miss

8 Reasons for Dating a Journalist

I have currently interested in reading from the internet as part of my daily routine. I read about politics, health, and related topics, among others. While going through articles on relationships, I came across a piece titled “Reasons You Shouldn’t Date a Journalist.” Being a journalist, I was interested in reading that piece, and I was shocked to my bone on some of the reasons given, including journalists being social media addicts. I beg to differ, but social media addiction cuts across. Let’s read about dating a journalist.


Well, opinions are like noses, and everyone possesses one, so that was the writer’s opinion about practitioners of the noble profession of journalism. As a counter, I would elaborate on why you should date a journalist. This is not to say that dating a journalist is all rosy without difficulties. However, there are some great reasons to do so.


What It Is Like?: Dating A Journalist

1. They Know Most of the Coolest Places Around

Journalists travel a lot due to the nature of their job. They also receive daily invitations from program organizers for coverage as part of their work. In all aspects of journalism, being in politics, health, and entertainment, practitioners visit many places, giving them a fair idea of some of the most excellent places around.


If you are lucky enough to date a journalist who writes on entertainment and lifestyle, be ready to attend some of the biggest events in town. Yes, you will meet with the stars and visit luxurious hotels for a program once he has an accreditation. If not for nothing, dating a journalist can enlighten you about knowing places.


2. They Know as Little about Everything

Journalists read wide and on vast subjects to have enough information when writing. A good journalist may have at least a little information about everything, including health, economics, politics, entertainment, and finance, among others. Before information goes viral, it first reaches a journalist.

You can, therefore, resort to them when you need any information or advice. If they can’t help you immediately, they will surely find you someone who can. Dating such a person means you are always in tune with all the happenings around the world.

3. They Have a Large Contact Base

Talking about finding someone to help you out, let me quickly add that journalists have a large contact base. Due to their line of work, journalists build contacts with people across all the professions, be it politicians, lawyers, security officers, and doctors, among others. Making new contacts makes their job pretty easy if they need any form of information or interview an expert on their story.

So when you are locked up somewhere, need to see a doctor quickly, or need legal advice, they can help you with just a call.

4. No Need to Worry About Event Tickets

The last thing a journalist worries about is accreditation or a ticket for an event. As already stated, they have a well-built network of contacts, and all he has to do is place a call. Even if he is not covering the event, he will work things out to get you a ticket. So you would never have a problem attending an occasion when you date a journalist.

5. You can Trust Them

Give a journalist the lead to a story, and be certain that he will never reveal your identity. Per job ethics, a journalist will never declare his source of information, which means your secret is protected. If you date a journalist, he/they can trust them with all your secrets, and it would be safe with them.

6. They are Hard Working

Journalism is a very demanding profession and has no space for lazybones. They work tirelessly throughout the day, meeting deadlines, covering breaking news, and catching up with sources for information. They never rest until there is nothing to hide. You can expect the same commitment when you date a journalist. They will give in all to make it work.

7. They are Good Communicator and Listener

Being a good communicator is a requirement to succeed in the journalism field. A Journalist engages many people daily to have enough information for their stories, where communication skills are required. They can communicate so that you will divulge information you never intended to. Aside from that, they are great listeners. They will listen to every piece of your conversation to make their judgment.

8. They are not Clingy

Subject to individual differences, journalists are not the clingy type. Hello, they have more to do than sticking to you like a tattoo. They hardly ask a non-work-related question, nor would they want to delve into your personal life. Do they even have time for that? I don’t mean to imply that they would not engage you in a conversation; however, they have limitations.

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