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Dating A DJ: Not A Bad Idea

Why Dating a DJ Could Be the Best Idea?

Undoubtedly, DJs are hot and are in a world of their own. I see the profession as very instrumental in our daily lives because music is the soul’s food. They make us dance our stress and worries off and keep smiles on our faces. That’s why dating a DJ could be a great idea!


So what is it like to date a deejay? There is a school of thought that DJs are flirts, cheats, and are not committed people due to their profession. But I say, dating a DJ is one of the best choices you can ever make. It comes with a lot of fun and adventure. Here are reasons dating a nomad is not a bad idea.


How Is It Dating a DJ?

1. It is a Fun base Relationship

Dating a DJ comes with a lot of fun. He wouldn’t mind performing for you at home. During his show prep, you can dance to all his selections without buying a ticket to the club. This is a free show. You only get this when you date a DJ.


2. A lot of Dancing

Listening to good tunes and dancing to them.Wow, what a good feeling that can be! But let me tell you the other side of dancing. It is a great way to exercise your body and burn down calories.

Because the more you sweat, the more you burn that fat deposited in your body. Dancing also makes you flexible. This is an add-on when you date s DJ.


3. Free Tickets to the Club

There is never a dull moment when you date a DJ. Aside from him playing you good selections at home, you can also join him in the club. I mean, you can go to the clubs he plays without paying a dime.

Seeing your partner play the best tunes while people dance to it can be a proud moment for you. Don’t forget the plus one thing. Yeah, you will have the chance to join him at every gig he plays.

4. You, Will, be Abreast With Every New Release

Talk about a new release from Eminem, Bruno Mars, or Taylor Swift; he got you covered. You will surely brag to your friends about being the first among them to listen to that hot new track from a popular singer. The bragging right would belong to you.

5. You Can Make New Friends if you are Dating a DJ

If you are dating an artist Deejay, you will meet top musicians he works with. That aside, there are various people at the value chain, which you will get to meet. You can make great friends out of that.

6. You, Will, Learn How to be Independent

You may not like this idea, but trust me learning how to stay independent and not always cling to your partner is something worth it.

DJs have hectic schedules, meaning you will not always have the chance to be with your partners. This teaches you how not to be overly attached to him. This can also afford you the opportunity to have time for yourself.

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