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Confident Or Conceited: Its Place In The Dating World

Confident or Conceited: Its Place in the Dating World

It is no doubt being confident or conceited are notable traits, but they are also distinct in dating. However, you should possess one skill and master it to the end. Whether you are a level-headed or a proud person, there’s a possibility you are either hot or cold. Some misinterpret a confident person with conceitedness and vice versa. Constant misunderstanding always stands in the way of dating.


Are You Confident or Conceited in Dating?

Being confident means loving yourself. You first have to love yourself for you to appreciate others. I am not saying it’s harmful to fancy yourself with self-love and affection, but doing it at extreme levels leads to pride and not complete satisfaction.

Subsequently, when you are conceited, it means you believe in pride coming before anything. You will forever believe in your decisions without asking for a second opinion. In other words, you don’t care about your partner’s feelings as long as you are fine and okay.


You even think that if no one cares about you, you’ll still be okay. Conceited souls believe they are the only beings with Mahatma Gandhi’s sense of leadership. That’s a sign of conceitedness.

Signs of a Conceited Partner

When there’s not enough time to meet in the middle because of your egoistic traits, that’s a concern to you and your partner. Don’t even think about getting into a serious relationship with someone who doesn’t consider their partner.


On the negative side, a self-centered person is a selfish and dishonest soul. Suppose given a chance; this person will use you for their ill-gotten gain. This person values their needs more than yours. To learn what the signs are of a conceited partner, read the below signs:

Confident or Conceited in Dating: You Are Their Competitor

If your partner is conceited, his behavior will tell it all. One moment you are both enjoying each other’s company, you’re in puppy love, and all is well with the world. He will accomplish more than you can imagine. But when he isn’t happy with your achievements, he’ll find a way to draw attention to himself rather than have his friends or loved ones take the spotlight.


Prioritizes His/Her Wants and Needs

Even if a conceited person doesn’t share their thoughts with you, watch what they do. Action always speaks louder than words. Notice the sudden flow of an endless number of projects and family meetings, and emergencies. She cares less about your wants or needs. As long as she gets what she aims for, you aren’t her number one. That is to say, and her wants are a top priority and not your feelings and emotions. This person is either extremely confident or conceited.

Saying ‘Yes’ to Everything

When asked to do even the most ambitious project globally, the person is always willing to take it on. They hate to be despised and downgraded. She feels like she can go to anyone in a time of trouble. Contrarily, this person seems to question everyone’s ability to complete a task. He believes he is the ONLY one who should get praises for a job done well.

You Are Unpredictable

A cruel person will always dissuade other people, feeding them false information while talking about them behind their backs. Volatility seems to be their nature. Nonetheless, this trait will eventually come out since it’s not easy to hide it for long.

Signs of a Confident Partner

A confident person is full of inspiration and is vehemently loved by all. This person exudes an unmistakably great glow. Confident people love to make others comfortable around them by appreciating their deeds. They value other people’s views as well as weigh out their options. To find out if the person you’re dating is confident or conceited, check out the signs below:

Confident or Conceited in Dating: Self-Reliant Person

A confident person may have all the treasures of the world, but they aren’t show-offs. They believe in hard work and learning from past mistakes. They walk with encouragement and a humble attitude. If it’s a man, he will make sure his woman’s presence is noticed wherever he goes. He makes her feel confident about herself rather than being insecure.

A Confident Person Wants an Irresistible Partner

When you are with a bold and confident person, you’ll rightly identify their inviting personality from across the room. Confident people surround themselves with others who help motivate each other as they love to help others. This is one reason why anyone would want a confident person as their partner.

They Don’t Boast

Even if they have loads to say about themselves, they hate to boast. They prefer to let the silence speak while taking every opportunity as it comes. In the same way, they will acknowledge those that helped them climb up the ladder. Pushing forward is what they do best. The person is loved to the core for putting other people’s priorities first.

They Are Honest and Trustworthy

Instead of expecting more from others, confident partners employ interpersonal skills. They love themselves first, and others will follow like a river. They like to adopt honesty and trustworthiness above all things. Also, they are more concerned about other people’s issues rather than putting their own needs on a pedestal.

Point to Note: Confident or Conceited in Dating

Confident or Conceited in Dating? Think of a conceited partner as an item that loses its value at a glance. This means being in a relationship with a conceited person won’t last for long. Their false smiles and fun moments fool you, but all will be in vain.

Think of a confident person who is strong, assertive, and reliable no matter the state. Overall, that is how they carry themselves, and you can’t change them. They always wish to create a first impression that will last for eternity. Employ the confident spirit in whatever you do, whether you’re in a relationship or not, always be confident.

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