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August 9 Famous Birthdays

August 9 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on AUGUST 9 are born under the zodiac sign of a Leo. This would suggest that they are extremely capable of leading the jungle. They’re resourceful so they can get things done that perhaps others cannot. Without a doubt, they will be what they set out to be. The only way they don’t make it, it’s because they did not put in the time or effort to succeed.

There are no ceilings where the famous celebrities of August 9 are concerned. There should not be any walls either because they need to be free. With a secure foundation for the future, they will live to be old in comfort and style.


When people are around them, they may catch some laughter, or smiles or a good feeling. It gives them a sense of gratification probably more so when they have helped someone. It warms the heart and keeps them humble.

However, famous August 9 born have at least one fault. They’re as stubborn as a mule. This can be overlooked due to their generous nature.


Famous people born on AUGUST 9th are Leos who are creative and enthusiastic. It has been said that they can be arrogant but generally, enjoy life. Nonetheless, they have a soft heart and they can inspire others. In spite of their confidence, they like reassurance.


August 9 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

9 August Good Traits:

  • Tough
  • Imaginative
  • Inspirational
  • Enthusiastic
  • Grounded
  • Impressionable

9 August Bad Traits:

  • Snobbish
  • Hypersensitive
  • Touchy
  • Dull
  • Obstinate

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August 9 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Rhodes, 1995, YouTube Star
Abdi Ipekci, 1929, Activist
Adelaide Kane, 1990, TV Actress
Adrianna DiLonardo, 1986, YouTube Star
Aja George, 1987, Dancer
Alec Poole, 1996, Star
Aled Brew, 1986, Rugby Player
Alexa Bliss, 1991, Wrestler
Alexander Flores, 1990, Boxer
Alexandre Quintanilha, 1945, Scientist
Alexis Ayala, 1965, TV Actor
Alice Barlow, 1991, TV Actress
Alicja Smietana, 1983, Violinist

Allen Hoskins, 1920, Movie Actor
Alondra, 1964, World Music Singer
Amanda Bearse, 1958, TV Actress
Amedeo Avogadro, 1776, Scientist
Amy Stiller, 1961, TV Actress
Ana Serradilla, 1978, TV Actress
Andre Bessette, 1845, Religious Leader
Andrew Weber, 1983, Soccer Player
Andy Brickley, 1961, Hockey Player
Angeline Appel, 1993, TV Actress
Anna Kendrick, 1985, Movie Actress
Anne Brown, 1912, Stage Actress
Anthony Castonzo, 1988, Football Player
Antwon Blake, 1990, Football Player
Anwar Jibawi, 1991, Vine Star

Arion Salazar, 1970, Bassist
Arne Hjeltnes, 1963, TV Show Host
Ashley Johnson, 1983, TV Actress
Audrey Tautou, 1976, Movie Actress
Austin Rhodes, 1995, YouTube Star
Ayo Jay, 1989, World Music Singer
BeautybyBriddy, 2000, YouTube Star
Bereghost, 1978, YouTube Star
Beth Crowley, 1988, YouTube Star
Bill Skarsgard, 1990, Movie Actor
Blanche Garcia, 1978, TV Show Host
Bob Cousy, 1928, Basketball Player

Brad Gilbert, 1961, Tennis Player
Brett Hull, 1964, Hockey Player
Brian Fuentes, 1975, Baseball Player
Burkely Duffield, 1992, TV Actor
Buz Kohan, 1933, Screenwriter
Caleb Sturgis, 1989, Football Player
Cameron Cisek, 1993, YouTube Star
Camilla Jacobsen, 1985, Model
Camilla Wicks, 1928, Violinist
Candace Glendenning, 1953, Movie Actress
Candela Vetrano, 1991, TV Actress
Casi Davis, 1987, Instagram Star
Celine Buckens, 1996, Movie Actress
Chamique Holdsclaw, 1977, Basketball Player
Chandler Williams, 1985, Football Player

Charles Farrell, 1901, Movie Actor
Chaz Williams, 1993, Vine Star
Chris Cuomo, 1970, Journalist
Clarence Saunders, 1881, Entrepreneur
Clark Janell Davis, 1997,
Connor J Millis, 1997, YouTube Star
D-ray 3000, 1982, Wrestler
Dai Ling Ping, 1949, YouTube Star
Dakota Bradley, 1993, Country Singer
Dallen Bounds, 1971, Criminal
Danieal Manning, 1982, Football Player
Daniel Edwin Henshall, 1982, Movie Actor
Daniel Jolliff, 1994, Model
Daniel Keyes, 1927, Novelist
Daniela Denby-ashe, 1978, TV Actress
David Ferreira, 1979, Soccer Player
David Gonzalez, 1990, Skateboarder
David Steinberg, 1942, Comedian
Dawson Anderson, 1999, Country Singer
Dee Devlin, 1986,
Deion Sanders, 1967, Football Player
Dengaz, 1984, Rapper
Derek Fisher, 1974, Basketball Player
Dick Anthony Williams, 1934, Movie Actor
Diego Navarrette, 1996, YouNow Star
Don Nicholl, 1925, Screenwriter
Doug Williams, 1955, Football Player
Drew Butera, 1983, Baseball Player
Dri Archer, 1991, Football Player
Ed Buller, 1962, Music Producer
Eileen Gray, 1878, Architect
Eileen Kelly, 1995, Instagram Star
Eli Apple, 1995, Football Player
Elizabeth Hamilton, 1757, Political Wife
Elliot Weber, 1983, Rock Singer
Emily Day, 1987, Volleyball Player
Emily Tennant, 1990, Movie Actress
Eric Bana, 1968, Movie Actor
Erik Ellington, 1977, Skateboarder
Ernest Angley, 1921, Religious Leader
FaZe ZooMaa, 1995, eSports Player
Filipe Luis, 1985, Soccer Player
Filippo Inzaghi, 1973, Soccer Player
Forrest Landis, 1994, Movie Actor
Gaby Casadesus, 1901, Pianist
Gillian Anderson, 1968, TV Actress
Grian, 1993, YouTube Star
Hamilton Masakadza, 1983, Cricket Player
Hansika Motwani, 1991, Movie Actress
Harold Johnson, 1928, Boxer
Henry Marshall, 1954, Football Player
Hero, 1993, YouTube Star
Hoda Kotb, 1964, TV Show Host
Hong Jin-young, 1985, Pop Singer
Hugh Cook, 1956, Novelist
Hunter In The Gym, 2006, YouTube Star
Hwang Min-hyun, 1995, Pop Singer
Ian Folley, 1963, Cricket Player
Idrissa Seck, 1960, Politician
J Real, 1991, Rapper
Jack Dejohnette, 1942, Drummer
JaMarcus Russell, 1985, Football Player
James Kim, 1971, TV Show Host
Jamila Gavin, 1941, Children’s Author
Jason Heyward, 1989, Baseball Player
Jason Roy, 1979, Rock Singer
Jazzy Le, 2000, YouTube Star
Jean Piaget, 1896, Scientist
Jean Tirole, 1953, Non-Fiction Author
Jennifer Ruiz, 1983, Soccer Player
Jes Macallan, 1982, TV Actress
Jesse Vassallo, 1961, Swimmer
Jessica Capshaw, 1976, TV Actress
Jim Kiick, 1946, Football Player
Jimmy Hill, 1989, YouTube Star
Joel Anthony, 1982, Basketball Player
John Byce, 1967, Hockey Player
John Coy, 1958, Children’s Author
John Key, 1961, Politician
John Simpson, 1944, Journalist
John Varley, 1947, Novelist
Jonathan Kellerman, 1949, Novelist
Joseph D. Selby, 1950, Politician
Joseph McBride, 1947, Screenwriter
Josh Cox, 1975, Runner
Juanes, 1972, Rock Singer
Julian Javier, 1936, Baseball Player
Justice Smith, 1995, TV Actor
Justin James Hughes, 1987, YouTube Star
Justin Stein, 1911, Baseball Player
Kai Knight, 2000, YouNow Star
Karim Metwaly, 1987, YouTube Star
Karin Destilo, 1996, Instagram Star
Kate Siegel, 1982, Movie Actress
Katie Miller, 1990, Instagram Star
Katja Krasavice, 1996, YouTube Star
Kaushal, 1988, YouTube Star
Kembe X, 1994, Rapper
Ken Norton Sr., 1943, Boxer
Kermit Beahan, 1918, War Hero
Kevin Mack, 1962, Football Player
Kevin McKidd, 1973, TV Actor
Kliff Kingsbury, 1979, Football Coach
Kurtis Blow, 1959, Rapper
Kyly Clarke, 1981, Model
Leigh Kakaty, 1976, Rock Singer
Leonard Tannenbaum, 1971, Entrepreneur
Lindsay Demeola, 1994, YouTube Star
Liz Vassey, 1972, Soap Opera Actress
Lloyd White, 1988, Rugby Player
Lonnie Quinn, 1963, TV Show Host
Lourenco Ortigão, 1989, TV Actor
Lps Beach Girl, 2002, YouTube Star
Lubomir Kavalek, 1943, Chess Player
Luca Filippi, 1985, Race Car Driver
Lucy Dixon, 1989, Soap Opera Actress
Mac Harmon, 1999, Entrepreneur
Mack 10, 1971, Rapper
Mackinley Hill, 1997, Model
Mahesh Babu, 1975, Movie Actor
Mahonri Young, 1877, Sculptor
Malia Manuel, 1993, Surfer
Margaret Lillian Adams, 1986, YouTube Star
Mark Povinelli, 1971, Movie Actor
Mark Priestley, 1976, TV Actor
Mary Ross, 1908, Engineer
Matt Morris, 1974, Baseball Player
Matt Young, 1958, Baseball Player
Matthew Smith, 1956, Politician
McG, 1968, Director
McKenna Kaelin, 1995, YouTube Star
Melanie Griffith, 1957, Movie Actress
Merle Kilgore, 1934, Country Singer
Meytal Cohen, 1983, Drummer
Michael Kors, 1959, Fashion Designer
Michael Storm, 1939, Soap Opera Actor
Miguel Littin, 1942, Director
Mikael Silvestre, 1977, Soccer Player
Mike Berry, 1988, Football Player
Mohamed Abdelwahab Abdelfattah, 1962, Composer
Nat Pendleton, 1895, Movie Actor
Nick McCrory, 1991, Diver
Nicola Stapleton, 1974, Soap Opera Actress
Nikki Elise, 1985, Twitch Star
Nikki Ziering, 1971, Model
Niles Paul, 1989, Football Player
Otto Rehhagel, 1938, Soccer Coach
Panayotis Pascot, 1998, Vine Star
Pat Mahomes, 1970, Baseball Player
Patricia McKissack, 1944, Novelist
Pete Thomas, 1954, Drummer
Peter Wright, 1916, Scientist
Philip Larkin, 1922, Poet
Pierre Balian, 1983, Entrepreneur
Pierre Perrier, 1984, Movie Actor
Positive K, 1992, Rapper
Posy Simmonds, 1945, Children’s Author
Quinton Patton, 1990, Football Player
Rachel Martino, 1990, Blogger
Ralph Houk, 1919, Baseball Manager
Reetika Vazirani, 1962, Poet
Rhona Mitra, 1976, TV Actress
Robert Shaw, 1927, Movie Actor
Rod Brind’Amour, 1970, Hockey Player
Rod Laver, 1938, Tennis Player
Roman Romanenko, 1971, Astronaut
Ryan Bollman, 1972, Movie Actor
Ryan Klepacs, 1993, YouTube Star
Rydel Lynch, 1993, Pop Singer
Salim Tuama, 1979, Soccer Player
Salman Muqtadir, 1993, YouTube Star
Sam Elliott, 1944, Movie Actor
Sam Fogarino, 1968, Drummer
Samuel Koisser, 1989, Bassist
Satish Kumar, 1936, Activist
Seymour Simon, 1931, Children’s Author
Sister Rose Thering, 1920, Religious Leader
Slim Jenkinz, 1986, Rapper
Sofia Oliviera, 1999, YouTube Star
Suhas Khamkar, 1980, Bodybuilder
Ted Simmons, 1949, Baseball Player
Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, 1933, TV Show Host
Thomas Lennon, 1970, TV Actor
Thomas Telford, 1757, Engineer
Tom Tyler, 1903, Movie Actor
Tommie Agee, 1942, Baseball Player
Tommy Hurricane Jackson, 1931, Boxer
Tony Rosenthal, 1914, Sculptor
Tove Jansson, 1914, Children’s Author
Troy Percival, 1969, Baseball Player
Trudy Lynn, 1947, Soul Singer
Tyler Telle Smith, 1986, Metal Singer
Tyson Gay, 1982, Runner
Tyson Mayr, 1985, Blogger
WC, 1970, Rapper
Whitney Houston, 1963, R&B Singer
William Daley, 1948, Politician
William Fowler, 1911, Scientist
Willian, 1988, Soccer Player
Yinka Shonibare, 1962, Conceptual Artist
Young Thug, 1991, Rapper
Zachary Gibson, 1995, TV Actor
Zain Bhikha, 1974, Soul Singer


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