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August 8 Famous Birthdays

August 8 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on AUGUST 8 keep everything in order. Professionally and personally, they like having things done a certain way. Having priorities and insight, they can do more in a day than most people. They make it look easy.

Having the best in life is certainly important to August 8 famous celebrities as they naturally pick the most expensive item there is. It’s okay because they work for everything they own.


However, famous people born on August 8 can be a little narcissistic at times. They tend to understand people but expect way too much from us humans. Their family and your friends would say that they care a lot about them. Their children may feel that they are special too as they take the time to teach them things that will only make them a desirable and productive adult.

When it comes to their career, as long as they feel that they are accomplishing something, perhaps making the world a better place, they’re happy. We could see someone like you in the courtroom standing for justice and equality.


Famous personalities born on AUGUST 8th are admired by people. However, they should let people be themselves as they are not the only one with exceptional abilities. Normally, they are ambitious and will make an awesome parent. Family is important to them and so is education.


August 8 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

8 August Good Traits:

  • Organized
  • Meticulous
  • Warm
  • Thoughtful
  • Balanced
  • Secure
  • Vibrant
  • Encouraging
  • Talented

8 August Bad Traits:

  • Controlling
  • Indulgent
  • Argumentative
  • Lavish
  • Arrogant
  • Impatient

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August 8 Famous Birthday Personalities

1wayfrank, 1985, Rapper
A’ja Wilson, 1996, Basketball Player
Abel Hernandez, 1990, Soccer Player
Aiysha Hart, 1988, TV Actress
Alberto Villarreal, 1994, YouTube Star
Alex Robinson, 1969, Cartoonist
Alexia Raye, 1995, Vine Star
Ali Cobrin, 1989, TV Actress
Alija Izetbegovic, 1925, Politician
Alma Cero, 1975, TV Actress
Alurista, 1947, Poet
Ana Lou, 1994, R&B Singer
Anastasia Ashman, 1964, Journalist
Angus Fraser, 1965, Cricket Player
Anthony Rizzo, 1989, Baseball Player

Anton Fig, 1952, Drummer
Armenchik, 1980, Pop Singer
Arthur Goldberg, 1908, Supreme Court Justice
Aubrey Casey, 1995, Vine Star
Aubrey K Miller, 2001, TV Actress
Axel Merckx, 1972, Cyclist
Aziz Sattar, 1925, Movie Actor
Bali Rodriguez, 1985, Model
Ben Breedlove, 1993, YouTube Star
Ben Weinman, 1975, Guitarist
Benny Carter, 1907, Trumpet Player
Bhisham Sahni, 1915, Screenwriter
Blake Countess, 1993, Football Player
Bob Smith, 1879, Activist
Bobby McCray, 1981, Football Player

Braden Fitzgerald, 2002, TV Actor
Bradlee Baladez, 1991, Soccer Player
Bradley McIntosh, 1981, Rapper
Branscombe Richmond, 1955, TV Actor
Brian Harvey, 1974, Pop Singer
Brian Kennedy, 1983, Music Producer
Brooke Bundy, 1944, Movie Actress
Brooke Iseppi, 1990, Instagram Star
Bruce Matthews, 1961, Football Player
Bryan Hymel, 1979, Opera Singer
Cameron Payne, 1994, Basketball Player
Carlyle Mitchell, 1987, Soccer Player

Casey Roderick, 1992, Race Car Driver
Catherine Marie Allen, 1996, Instagram Star
Cecile Chaminade, 1857, Composer
Cecilia Roth, 1956, Movie Actress
Charles Bulfinch, 1763, Architect
Charlie King, 1985, Reality Star
Choi Seungcheol, 1995, Rapper
Chris Baxter, 1994, Reality Star
Chris Beetem, 1970, TV Actor
Chris Eubank, 1966, Boxer
Chris Foreman, 1956, Guitarist
Chris Freeman, 1961, Bassist
Chris Lake, 1982, DJ
Cody Franson, 1987, Hockey Player
Connie Stevens, 1938, TV Actress

Corpse Husband, 1997, YouTube Star
Countess Vaughn, 1978, TV Actress
Craig Breslow, 1980, Baseball Player
Cristina Morales, 1986, Sportscaster
D’Angelo Harrison, 1993, Basketball Player
Dani Dyer, 1996, Movie Actress
Daniel Hamilton, 1995, Basketball Player
Daniel Mann, 1912, Director
Danilo Gallinari, 1988, Basketball Player
Danna Richards, 1985, YouTube Star
Danny Gabbidon, 1979, Soccer Player
Dave Myers, 1959, Baseball Manager
David Lehre, 1988, Pop Singer
Dean Carnegie, 1945, Magician
Debashree Roy, 1962, Movie Actress
Deborah Norville, 1958, News Anchor
Debra L Lee, 1955, Entrepreneur
Denisse Guerrero, 1980, Pop Singer
Desmond English, 1993, Vine Star
Devery Jacobs, 1993, TV Actress
Dianna De La Garza, 1962, Family Member
Diddu, 1955, Opera Singer
Dimitrije Buzarovski, 1952, Composer
Dino De Laurentiis, 1919, Film Producer
Donald Goerke, 1926, Entrepreneur
Donald P. Bellisario, 1935, Music Producer
Donny Most, 1953, TV Actor
Drew Lachey, 1976, Pop Singer
Dustin Hoffman, 1937, Movie Actor
Earl Cameron, 1917, Movie Actor
Eddie Trunk, 1964, TV Show Host
El Hefe, 1965, Guitarist
Elizabeth Bathory, 1560, Criminal
Emiliano Zapata, 1879, War Hero
Emmanuel Rodriguez, 1992, Boxer
Erik Patterson, 1977, Screenwriter
Ernest Lawrence, 1901, Scientist
Erskine Bowles, 1945, Politician
Esma Redzepova, 1943, World Music Singer
Esther Hobart Morris, 1814, Lawyer
Esther Williams, 1921, Movie Actress
Eve Miller, 1923, Movie Actress
Fabian Grischkat, 2000, YouTube Star
Fahadh Faasil, 1982, Movie Actor
Faith Schroder, 2001, Family Member
Faye Wong, 1969, Pop Singer
Finnball, 1986, YouTube Star
Ford Rainey, 1908, Movie Actor
Frank Howard, 1936, Baseball Player
Gene Deitch, 1924, Cartoonist
Gene Fairbanks, 1982, Rugby Player
Gertrude Himmelfarb, 1922, Historian
Guy Burnet, 1983, TV Actor
Hannah Guidry, 1986, Reality Star
Hannah Miley, 1989, Swimmer
Harel Skaat, 1981, World Music Singer
Heaven King, 2010, Dancer
Huey Morgan, 1968, Rock Singer
Hung-chang Lin, 1919, Engineer
Ian Moore, 1968, Folk Singer
Isabella Barrett, 2006, Reality Star
Isaiah Fredericks, 2006, YouTube Star
Jack Sprague, 1964, Race Car Driver
Jackie Cruz, 1986, TV Actress
Jaden Hair, 1972, Chef
Jaime Huerta, 1987, Soccer Player
Jake Goldsbie, 1988, TV Actor
James Hearst, 1900, Poet
Jane Dee Hull, 1935, Politician
JC Chasez, 1976, Pop Singer
JC Chasez, 1976, Pop Singer
Jeff Belanger, 1974, Novelist
Jeffrey Almonte, 1996, YouTube Star
Jen Selter, 1993, Model
Jenn Proske, 1987, Movie Actress
Jenny Pat, 1981, TV Show Host
Jeremy Scott, 1975, Fashion Designer
Jerry Tarkanian, 1930, Football Coach
Jesse Stuart, 1907, Poet
Jessie Rogers, 1993, Twitch Star
Jimmy Jean Louis, 1968, TV Actor
Jo Sung-ha, 1966, Movie Actor
Joan Mondale, 1930, Political Wife
Jocelyn Towne, 1976, Movie Actress
Joe Tex, 1933, Soul Singer
Joel Matip, 1991, Soccer Player
Joely Collins, 1972, TV Actress
Johann Friedrich Gmelin, 1748, Scientist
John Laws, 1935, Radio Host
John Renbourn, 1944, Guitarist
Jon Burgerman, 1979, Pop Artist
Jon Turteltaub, 1963, Director
Jordan Cameron, 1988, Football Player
Jorge Madinabeitia, 1972, TV Show Host
Jose Cruz, 1947, Baseball Player
Jose Ron, 1981, Soap Opera Actor
Josh Poysden, 1991, Cricket Player
Josip Drmic, 1992, Soccer Player
Kane McChesney, 1994, Drummer
Kane Williamson, 1990, Cricket Player
Kapil Sibal, 1948, Politician
Karl Online, 1995, Vine Star
Katie Leung, 1987, Movie Actress
Keith Carradine, 1949, Movie Actor
Ken Baumann, 1989, TV Actor
Ken Dryden, 1947, Hockey Player
Kenji Fitzgerald, 1987, TV Actor
Kieffer Moore, 1992, Soccer Player
Kim Chi, 1987, Reality Star
Kody Keplinger, 1991, Novelist
Kool Moe Dee, 1962, Rapper
Kye Cruz, 1994, Vine Star
Kyra Phillips, 1968, News Anchor
Landon Austin, 1988, Pop Singer
Larry Wilcox, 1947, TV Actor
Laura Slade Wiggins, 1988, TV Actress
Lauren Kolodin, 1996, Instagram Star
Lee Unkrich, 1967, Director
Leo Gamez, 1963, Boxer
Liberty Devitto, 1950, Drummer
Lindsay Sloane, 1977, TV Actress
Ljudevit Gaj, 1809, Politician
Louis Saha, 1978, Soccer Player
Louis van Gaal, 1951, Soccer Player
Louis van Gaal, 1951, Soccer Player
Madalina Diana Ghenea, 1987, Model
Magdalena Lewy-boulet, 1973, Runner
Mama Natural, 1980, YouTube Star
Mamoru Oshii, 1951, Director
Marcelo Balboa, 1967, Soccer Player
Marcia Lewis, 1938, Stage Actress
Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, 1896, Young Adult Author
Mark Ross, 1954, Baseball Player
Mark Wills, 1973, Country Singer
Marsha Ambrosius, 1977, R&B Singer
Martin Brest, 1951, Director
Mary Erika, 1988, Instagram Star
Matthew Henson, 1866, Explorer
Mauro Maur, 1958, Trumpet Player
Meagan Good, 1981, Movie Actress
Mel Tillis, 1932, Country Singer
Michael Urie, 1980, TV Actor
Mint Chalida, 1993, TV Actress
Modernwarnegro, 1990, YouTube Star
Mohamed Nakeeb, 1994, YouTube Star
Mohammed Morsi, 1951, Politician
Mohammed Morsi, 1951, Politician
Morshed Khan, 1940, Politician
Natalia Velez, 1985, Model
Nigel Mansell, 1953, Race Car Driver
Nita Talbot, 1930, TV Actress
Olga Samaroff, 1880, Pianist
Oti Mabuse, 1990, Dancer
Owen Jones, 1984, Journalist
Paris Nesbit, 1852, Lawyer
Parker Kligerman, 1990, Race Car Driver
Pasquale Rotella, 1974, Entrepreneur
Patrick Tracy Burris, 1967, Criminal
Paul Dirac, 1902, Scientist
Peyton List, 1986, TV Actress
Peyton List, 1986, TV Actress
Phil Balsley, 1939, Country Singer
Pierre Boulanger, 1987, Movie Actor
Pierre Garcon, 1986, Football Player
Pooja Shah, 1979, TV Actress
Princess Beatrice, 1988, Royalty
Raef, 1982, Rock Singer
Randy Shilts, 1951, News Anchor
Rashard Lewis, 1979, Basketball Player
Riccardo Tisci, 1974, Fashion Designer
Richie Hogan, 1988, Hurler
Rickert Boers, 1995, YouTube Star
Rika Diallina, 1934, Model
Rikki Rockett, 1961, Drummer
Rinku Singh, 1988, Baseball Player
RiskRim, 1996, YouTube Star
Robert Stafford, 1913, Politician
Robin Quivers, 1952, Radio Host
Roger Federer, 1981, Tennis Player
Ronan Parke, 1998, Pop Singer
Ronnie Biggs, 1929, Criminal
Rory Calhoun, 1922, Movie Actor
Rosetta Lenoire, 1911, TV Actress
Rudi Gernreich, 1922, Fashion Designer
Ryann Redmond, 1987, Stage Actress
S Dhanabalan, 1937, Politician
Sable, 1967, Wrestler
Sam Totman, 1979, Guitarist
Sara Teasdale, 1884, Poet
Sarah Dunant, 1950, Novelist
Scott Stapp, 1973, Rock Singer
Senta Moses, 1973, TV Actress
Setosorcerer, 1995, YouTube Star
Shawn Mendes, 1998, Pop Singer
Shayna Baszler, 1980, MMA Fighter
Shelby Brown, 1998, Country Singer
Simon Diaz, 1928, World Music Singer
Sky Dayton, 1971, Entrepreneur
Skyler Jordan, 1973, R&B Singer
Sondre Borgersen, 1999, Pop Singer
Sudhakar Rao, 1952, Cricket Player
Summer Kellsey, 1992, YouTube Star
Svetlana Savitskaya, 1948, Astronaut
Sydney Maler, 1991, Instagram Star
Sylvia Sidney, 1910, Movie Actress
Taryll Jackson, 1975, Pop Singer
Tawny Cypress, 1976, TV Actress
The Edge, 1961, Guitarist
Thomas Rawls, 1993, Football Player
Tim Mander, 1961, Politician
Toby Flood, 1985, Rugby Player
Todd Bryanton, 1981, YouTube Star
Tommy Ellis, 1947, Race Car Driver
Tong Liya, 1984, TV Actress
Urbie Green, 1926, Trumpet Player
Vadim Zvjaginsev, 1976, Chess Player
Vanessa Amorosi, 1981, Pop Singer
Vicenzo Cilenti, 1974, Movie Actor
Victor Young, 1900, Composer
Vince Kowalski, 1996, Instagram Star
VladTeeVee, 1999, YouTube Star
Webb Pierce, 1921, Country Singer
Welton Becket, 1902, Architect
Whitney Mixter, 1982, Reality Star
William Asher, 1921, TV Producer
Willie P. Richardson, 1947, Comedian
Yin Chang, 1989, TV Actress
Yosra El Lozy, 1985, Movie Actress
Yuki Amami, 1967, TV Actress
Zion Barrino, 2001, Family Member


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