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August 10 Famous Birthdays

August 10 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on AUGUST 10 are always in an upbeat mood. Usually, they are enjoyable and people love their attitude.

However, they are generally open to new ideas and will discuss just about anything with anyone. Having a conversation with them is like watching a standup comedy act. They’re too funny! It’s noted that they are likely to do things unexpectedly which adds color to this August 10 famous birthday personality. When it comes to having fun, if it is something that is unconventional, they want a piece of the action.


As a Leo, they kind of are less tolerant of others and their imperfections. Normally, they just don’t hand over their trust either… it is earned. Because they are unpredictable, they could stand to make a schedule for themselves or set reminders on their phone so that they don’t miss important errands or events.

Having money in the bank could be a problem for famous celebrities born on August 10. They like to spend, spend, and spend. If they plan on living a long time, it is suggested that they think about this early on and start the building process as soon as possible.


Famous people born AUGUST 10th, likely are Leos who love their family. They are the one who people look to take the lead as they are a lot of fun and like to do things on a whim. On the other hand, they can be selfish, restless and impatient. They should watch their spending.


August 10 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

10 August Good Traits:

  • Leading
  • Lively
  • Funny
  • Spontaneous
  • Daring
  • Independent
  • Passionate
  • Devoted

10 August Bad Traits:

  • Rash
  • Selfish
  • Suspicious
  • Intolerant
  • Conceited

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August 10 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Hall, 1964, Soul Singer
Adam Williams, 1974, YouTube Star
Adryan Tavares, 1994, Soccer Player
Alan Crosland, 1894, Screenwriter
Alan Ward, 1947, Cricket Player
Alberto Davila, 1954, Boxer
Alex Michel, 1970, Reality Star
Alexandr Zubkov, 1974, Bobsledder
Alison Folland, 1978, Movie Actress
Alison Skipper, 1982, Model
Andre Drummond, 1993, Basketball Player
Andrea Hlavackova, 1986, Tennis Player
Angie Harmon, 1972, TV Actress
Anna Murphy, 1989, Pop Singer
Anna Parkin, 1973, Reality Star
Anna Theresa Licaros, 1984, TV Actress

Antanas Smetona, 1874, Politician
Anthony Gose, 1990, Baseball Player
Antoine McKay, 1970, TV Actor
Antonio Banderas, 1960, Movie Actor
Anwar Ibrahim, 1947, Politician
Arcadius Kul, 1975, YouTube Star
Archie Bradley, 1992, Baseball Player
Ari Boyland, 1987, TV Actor
Arne Tiselius, 1902, Scientist
Arnett Cobb, 1918, Saxophonist
Asia Ray, 2005, Dancer
Aysia Polk, 1990, TV Actress
Barry Unsworth, 1930, Novelist
Beatrice Alda, 1961, Movie Actress

Becky Simpson, 1986, TV Actress
Bella Pendergast, 1996, Family Member
Ben Sahar, 1989, Soccer Player
Bertram Bracken, 1879, Playwright
Betsey Johnson, 1942, Fashion Designer
Billy Ray Smith Jr., 1961, Football Player
Bobby Hatfield, 1940, Soul Singer
Bobo Newsom, 1907, Baseball Player
Brandon Lyon, 1979, Baseball Player
Brenton Thwaites, 1989, TV Actor
Bret Hedican, 1970, Hockey Player
Brian Drummond, 1969, Voice Actor
Brian Scully, 1953, TV Producer

Brittany Duet, 1990, Instagram Star
Brooke Ence, 1989, Entrepreneur
Bryan Gaul, 1989, Soccer Player
Buddy Lewis, 1916, Baseball Player
Camillo Benso, 1810, Politician
Cara Duff-MacCormick, 1973, Stage Actress
Carlos Palomino, 1949, Boxer
Celia Sawyer, 1966, Reality Star
Charles Albright, 1933, Criminal
Charles Darrow, 1889, Inventor
Charley Koontz, 1987, TV Actor
Charlie Peacock, 1956, Film Producer
Chris Swan, 1978, Cricket Player
Christian Novelli, 1992, YouTube Star

Claude Thornhill, 1908, Composer
Claudia Christian, 1965, TV Actress
Cody Owen, 1994, YouTube Star
Cornet Thabiso Mamabolo, 1990, TV Actor
CR Johnson, 1983, Skier
Craig Kirkwood, 1974, Movie Actor
Damaris Lopez, 1993, Model
Dan Johnson, 1979, Baseball Player
Daniel Hugh Kelly, 1952, TV Actor
Danny Allsopp, 1978, Soccer Player
Darrell Clanton, 1956, Country Singer
David Ames, 1983, TV Actor
Devon Aoki, 1982, Model
Diane Venora, 1952, Movie Actress
DJ Cocoa Chanelle, 1971, DJ
Dmitri Alexeev, 1947, Pianist
Donnie Neuenberger, 1962, Race Car Driver
Donny Schatz, 1977, Race Car Driver
Doug Des Autels, 1978, Skateboarder
Douglas Moore, 1893, Composer
Doyle Brunson, 1933,
Drew Lynch, 1991, Comedian
Ed Barge, 1910, Cartoonist
Eddie Campbell, 1955, Cartoonist
Eddie Fisher, 1928, Pop Singer
Edmund Jennings Randolph, 1753, Politician
Edward L. Doheny, 1856, Entrepreneur
Eliot Fisk, 1954, Guitarist
Eliza Frances Andrews, 1840, Novelist
Elizabeth Estensen, 1949, TV Actress
Elli Reed, 1989, Soccer Player
Emily Symons, 1969, TV Actress
Emmy Gee, 1986, Rapper
Erick Mafra, 1994, Blogger
Fernando Lozada, 1990, Reality Star
Gary Nadeau, 1971, Screenwriter
Gaudencio Rosales, 1932, Religious Leader
George W Crockett Jr., 1909, Politician
George Zuckerman, 1916, Screenwriter
Gino Torretta, 1970, Football Player
Go Ah-sung, 1992, Movie Actress
Gonzalo Castellani, 1987, Soccer Player
Gus Johnson, 1967, Sportscaster
Gwen Zamora, 1991, TV Actress
Hansi Kursch, 1966, Metal Singer
Haruna Ono, 1988, Rock Singer
Heather Russell, 2000, Pop Singer
Hedy Clark, 2004, Family Member
Henri Nestle, 1814, Entrepreneur
Henry O’Neill, 1891, Movie Actor
Herbert Hoover, 1874, US President
Hossam Hassan, 1966, Soccer Player
Ian Anderson, 1947, Flute Player
Isabelle Valdéz, 1981, Gospel Singer
Isaiah Green, 1989, Football Player
Jack Haley, 1898, Movie Actor
Jacob Latimore, 1996, R&B Singer
Jake Adam York, 1972, Poet
James Reynolds, 1946, Soap Opera Actor
Jared Nathan, 1985, TV Actor
Javier Zanetti, 1973, Soccer Player
Jean-Francois Lyotard, 1924, Philosopher
Jeannette Kagame, 1962, Political Wife
Jennifer Leitham, 1953, Bassist
Jeremy Maguire, 2011, TV Actor
Jimmy Dean, 1928, Entrepreneur
Jimmy Griffin, 1943, Rock Singer
Jimmy Martin, 1927, Guitarist
Joanna Garcia, 1979, TV Actress
Jocasta Odom, 1980, Reality Star
Joe Willis, 1988, Soccer Player
John Feeney, 1922, Director
John Goldwyn, 1958, Film Producer
John Starks, 1965, Basketball Player
John W. Galbreath, 1897, Entrepreneur
Jon Baldwin, 1989, Football Player
Jon Farriss, 1961, Drummer
Jorge Amado, 1912, Novelist
Joseph McKenna, 1843, Supreme Court Justice
Josh Gates, 1977, TV Show Host
Juan Larrea Holguin, 1927, Religious Leader
Juan Manuel Santos, 1951, World Leader
Julia Fordham, 1962, Jazz Singer
June Shannon, 1979, Family Member
Justin Theroux, 1971, Movie Actor
Karma Bridges, 2001, Family Member
Kate Omara, 1939, TV Actress
Katherine Boecher, 1981, TV Actress
Kaysar Ridha, 1980, Reality Star
Keanu Marsh-brown, 1992, Soccer Player
Kenny Perry, 1960, Golfer
Kevin Randleman, 1971, MMA Fighter
Kyle Brown, 1983, Soccer Player
Kyle Craven, 1989, YouTube Star
Kylie Jenner, 1997, Reality Star
Labib Yasir, 1995, YouTube Star
Laurence Binyon, 1869, Poet
Lawrence Dallaglio, 1972, Rugby Player
Lea Makhoul, 1991, Pop Singer
Lelo Mbele, 1987, Soccer Player
Leo Fender, 1909, Entrepreneur
Leo Fitzpatrick, 1978, TV Actor
Lindsay Elyse, 1991, Instagram Star
Livetwithmel, 1994, YouTube Star
Lizzy Valentine, 1983, Wrestler
Lovro Kuhar, 1893, Novelist
Luca Marini, 1997, Motorcycle Racer
Lucas Till, 1990, TV Actor
Luciana Aymar, 1977, Field Hockey Player
Lucy Beaumont, 1983, Comedian
Lyle Boudreaux, 1986, Reality Star
Lyn Devon, 1980, Fashion Designer
Lynn Cohen, 1933, Movie Actress
Maci Bookout, 1991, Reality Star
Manila Luzon, 1981, Reality Star
Marcus Foligno, 1991, Hockey Player
Margot Tomes, 1917, Illustrator
Mariel Rodriguez, 1984, TV Show Host
Mark Doty, 1953, Poet
Mark Rogowski, 1966, Criminal
Martha Hyer, 1924, Movie Actress
Marvin Zindler, 1921, News Anchor
Matt Den Dekker, 1987, Baseball Player
Matt Mays, 1979, Rock Singer
Max Stanley, 1993, YouTube Star
Mel Tiangco, 1955, TV Show Host
Melissa Barrera, 1985, TV Show Host
Michael Bivins, 1968, Rapper
Michael Gerard Bauer, 1955, Young Adult Author
Michelle Khare, 1992, YouTube Star
Mike E. Smith, 1965, Horse Jockey
Mike McEwen, 1956, Hockey Player
Nejat Uygur, 1927, Stage Actor
Nicolas Berggruen, 1961, Entrepreneur
Nicoletta xo, 1992, YouTube Star
Nikhil Upreti, 1965, Movie Actor
Noah Beery Jr., 1913, TV Actor
Norma Shearer, 1902, Movie Actress
Olivier Dion, 1991, Pop Singer
Patrick Lovato, 1960, Family Member
Patti Austin, 1950, R&B Singer
Paul Newlove, 1971, Rugby Player
Peter Beckett, 1948, Guitarist
Peter Karrie, 1946, Stage Actor
Peter Robbins, 1956, Voice Actor
Pua Magasiva, 1980, TV Actor
Race Davies, 1962, Soap Opera Actress
Rachel Simmons, 1974, Novelist
Ralph Simpson, 1949, Basketball Player
Ramirito, 1993, YouTube Star
Red Holzman, 1920, Basketball Coach
Remy Girard, 1950, Movie Actor
Reuben Morgan, 1975, Gospel Singer
Reuben Nakian, 1897, Sculptor
Rhonda Fleming, 1923, Movie Actress
Ricardo Ordieres, 1993, Radio Host
Richard Chai, 1970, Fashion Designer
Richard Lee Grossman, 1943, Non-Fiction Author
Rick Otto, 1973, TV Actor
Rick Overton, 1954, Screenwriter
Rickey Smiley, 1968, Comedian
Riddick Bowe, 1967, Boxer
Rocky Colavito, 1933, Baseball Player
Ronnie Spector, 1943, Rock Singer
Rosanna Arquette, 1959, Movie Actress
Rose Garcia, 1974, Reality Star
Roxanne McKee, 1980, Soap Opera Actress
Roy Keane, 1971, Soccer Player
Ryan James Eggold, 1984, TV Actor
Ryn Weaver, 1992, Pop Singer
Sam Gagner, 1989, Hockey Player
Sam Warner, 1887, Film Producer
Sammi Maria, 1989, YouTube Star
Savio Vega, 1964, Wrestler
Schim Schimmel, 1954, Novelist
Sean Blakemore, 1967, Soap Opera Actor
Shabbir Ahluwalia, 1979, TV Actor
Shanda Denyce Taylor, 1985, Reality Star
Shaun Foist, 1983, Drummer
Shea McClellin, 1989, Football Player
Shin Hyejeong, 1993, Pop Singer
Sid Waddell, 1940, Sportscaster
Simon Lunche, 1998, Pop Singer
SM Sultan, 1923, Painter
Speedy Duncan, 1942, Football Player
Spencer Redford, 1983, TV Actress
Stephanie Patrick, 1987, Family Member
Summer Waikiki, 1999, Dancer
Suzanne Collins, 1962, Young Adult Author
T Cameron, 1992, Vine Star
T’yanna Wallace, 1993, Family Member
Tai Woffinden, 1990, Race Car Driver
Tanner Pearson, 1992, Hockey Player
Taufik Hidayat, 1981, Badminton Player
Taylor Giavasis, 1997, Instagram Star
Terrel Harris, 1987, Basketball Player
Tessie Santiago, 1975, TV Actress
Tim Cantor, 1969, Painter
Tom Laughlin, 1931, Director
Tone Bell, 1982, Comedian
Tony Barbee, 1971, Basketball Coach
Tony Ross, 1938, Children’s Author
Toumani Diabate, 1965, World Music Singer
Tristan Gale, 1980, Skeleton Racer
Tsuyoshi Kitazawa, 1968, Soccer Player
Tyler Craig Steelman, 1990, Movie Actor
Vicki Lee Taylor, 1984, TV Actress
Vincent McEveety, 1929, Director
Wade Barrett, 1980, Wrestler
Ward Moore, 1903, Novelist
Warren Demartini, 1963, Guitarist
William Howe, 1729, War Hero
William Manuel Johnson, 1872, Bassist
William Van Alen, 1883, Architect
Wilson Ramos, 1987, Baseball Player
Witter Bynner, 1881, Poet
Yuki Shimoda, 1921, TV Actor
Yuto Nakajima, 1993, Pop Singer


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