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August 7 Famous Birthdays

August 7 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on AUGUST 7, have 6 & 7 as their most favorable numbers. They are naturally drawn to those numbers. It comes with their inborn psychic ability. They are in tune with these qualities as they live in a manner according to where the spirits guide them.

They’re smooth and stylish. Anyone can see this part of their personality in their standard of living. They’re surrounded with beautiful things and nature’s blessings. When it comes to love, they could stand to be a little more realistic in their views and expectations.


However, they know how and what to say at any given moment to make anyone feel better or worse depending on your mood. Mainly, the famous celebrities born on August 7 are a work of art. Jaws drop when they are at their best. Some feel inferior to them because of this attribute.

Famous people born on August 7 they naturally take the lead. They are liberated people who like having a purpose in life.


Famous August 7th Leos are dependable, creative and very attractive. On the other hand, in love, they may not make the wisest decisions but have the ability to express their feelings. As a friend, they are loyal and accommodating.


August 7 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

7 August Good Traits:

  • Spiritual
  • Imaginative
  • Reliable
  • Outgoing
  • Confident
  • Dedicated
  • Generous
  • Adventurous

7 August Bad Traits:

  • Impulsive
  • Indulgent
  • Dramatic
  • Insatiable
  • Adamant

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August 7 Famous Birthday Personalities

402thunder402, 1988, YouTube Star
Abbie Cornish, 1982, Movie Actress
Abebe Bikila, 1932, Runner
Aiden Longworth, 2004, Movie Actor
Alain Robert, 1962, Rock Climber
Alan Keyes, 1950, Radio Host
Alan Page, 1945, Supreme Court Justice
Albert Kotin, 1907, Painter
Albert Nikoro, 1992, Rugby Player
Alberto Salazar, 1958, Runner
Alec Baldesarra, 1996, Family Member
Alexandre Aja, 1977, Director

Sayle, 1952, Comedian
Alexei Sultanov, 1969, Pianist
Alison Brown, 1962, Banjo Player
Alison Irwin, 1980, Reality Star
Altair Jarabo, 1986, Soap Opera Actress
Andrew Bishop, 1985, Rugby Player
Andrew Mackie, 1984, Australian Rules Footballer
Anjanette Comer, 1939, Movie Actress
Ann Harding, 1902, Movie Actress
Anton Ewald, 1993, Dancer
Ariel Camacho, 1992, World Music Singer
Ashani Fairclough, 1992, Soccer Player
Ashley Brooke, 1989, Model
Aurelie Claudel, 1980, Model

Baki The Snowman, 1996, YouTube Star
Barry Kerch, 1976, Drummer
Bill McKechnie, 1886, Baseball Manager
Billie Burke, 1884, Movie Actress
BJ Thomas, 1942, Country Singer
Blake Bell, 1991, Football Player
BlueEyedJackson, 2002, YouTube Star
Bongyoung Park, 1991, Choreographer
Bree Amer, 1982, TV Show Host
Brett Moffitt, 1992, Race Car Driver
Brian Conley, 1961, TV Show Host
Briana Shanee, 1992, Instagram Star

Brit Marling, 1983, Movie Actress
Bruce Dickinson, 1958, Metal Singer
Bruno Pelletier, 1962, Pop Singer
Caetano Veloso, 1942, Composer
Carl Switzer, 1927, TV Actor
Carlos Monzon, 1942, Boxer
Carlos Vives, 1961, World Music Singer
Caroline Aaron, 1952, Movie Actress
Cathy Murphy, 1967, Soap Opera Actress
Celopan, 1996, YouTube Star
Chandler Wilson, 1998, YouTube Star
Chanelle Standifer, 2009, Reality Star
Charles E. Rice, 1931, Religious Author
Charlie Winzar, 1994, Model
Charlize Theron, 1975, Movie Actress
Charlotte Lewis, 1967, Movie Actress

Charlotte Ronson, 1977, Fashion Designer
Chelsey Harwood, 1987, YouTube Star
Cheri Dennis, 1979, R&B Singer
Chico Benymon, 1974, TV Actor
Christian Chávez, 1983, Pop Singer
Cirroc Lofton, 1978, TV Actor
CJ Patalinghug, 1991, Pop Singer
Colin Lloyd, 1973, Darts Player
Cub Buck, 1892, Football Player
Dan Demidovich, 1993, Blogger
Dan Sperry, 1985, Magician
Danario Alexander, 1988, Football Player
Daniele DoesntMatter, 1987, YouTube Star
Danny Graves, 1973, Baseball Player
Darren Black, 1985, Vine Star
Dave Morgan, 1944, Race Car Driver
David Duchovny, 1960, TV Actor
David Mann, 1966, TV Actor
David Rasche, 1944, TV Actor
David Taylor, 1988, Rugby Player
Dee Watkins, 1998, Rapper
Delane Matthews, 1961, TV Actress
DeMar DeRozan, 1989, Basketball Player
Denny Freeman, 1944, Guitarist
Dimitrios Eleftheropoulos, 1976, Soccer Player
Dom Capers, 1950, Football Coach
Dominic Cork, 1971, Cricket Player
Domino Harvey, 1969,
Don Larsen, 1929, Baseball Player
Edgar Renteria, 1975, Baseball Player
Edwin Aguilar, 1985, Soccer Player
Edwin Dewees, 1982, MMA Fighter
Edwin Edwards, 1927, Politician
Elizabeth Cauvel, 1982, Chef
Elizabeth Manley, 1965, Figure Skater
Emil Nolde, 1867, Painter
Eric Johnson, 1979, TV Actor
Erika Tymrak, 1991, Soccer Player
Ernie Johnson Jr., 1956, Sportscaster
Esteban Martinez, 1993, Rapper
Eva Lee, 1986, Badminton Player
Evaluna Montaner, 1997, Pop Singer
Everette Brown, 1987, Football Player
FoxyHotMess, 1991, YouTube Star
Francesca Eastwood, 1993, TV Actress
Franco Columbu, 1941, Bodybuilder
Fred Brown, 1948, Basketball Player
Fred Mathias, 1898, Cricket Player
Gangsta Boo, 1979, Rapper
Garrison Keillor, 1942, Radio Host
George Busbee Sr., 1927, Politician
Gerry Penalosa, 1972, Boxer
Gerry Scotti, 1956, TV Show Host
Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith, 1978, Reality Star
Hans Matheson, 1975, Movie Actor
Harith Iskander, 1966, Comedian
Harleigh Snyder, 2000, YouTube Star
Harold Perrineau, 1963, TV Actor
Heidi Cruz, 1972, Political Wife
Helen Flanagan, 1990, Soap Opera Actress
Holly Lapsley Fletcher, 1996, Pop Singer
Holmes Osborne, 1947, Movie Actor
Hunter Fieri, 1996, Family Member
Ian Dench, 1964, Songwriter
Ian Hobson, 1952, Pianist
Idris Azad, 1969, Novelist
Jack Good, 1931, Music Producer
Jack McColl, 1993, YouTube Star
Jada Cacchilli, 1985, Reality Star
Jake Allen, 1990, Hockey Player
James Lynn Strait, 1968, Punk Singer
James Randii, 1928, Magician
Jamey Jasta, 1977, Metal Singer
Jane Kramer, 1938, Journalist
Janelle Estep, 1985, YouTube Star
Jason Carter, 1975, Politician
Jassiel Macias, 1995, Rapper
Jayde Pierce, 1995, Instagram Star
Jayk Purdy, 1992, Pop Singer
Jerry Pournelle, 1933, Novelist
Jessika Jenson, 1991, Snowboarder
Jimmy Summerall, 1995, Family Member
Jimmy Wales, 1966, Entrepreneur
John Cederquist, 1946, Sculptor
John Glover, 1944, TV Actor
Jonathan Bernier, 1988, Hockey Player
Jonathan Ke Quan, 1971, Movie Actor
Jose M Hernandez, 1962, Astronaut
Joseph H. Bottum, 1903, Politician
Josh Franceschi, 1990, Pop Singer
Josh Tickell, 1975, Director
Joy Cowley, 1936, Children’s Author
Juan De la Rosa, 1986, Boxer
Juan Martin Hernandez, 1982, Rugby Player
Julian Fellowes, 1949, Screenwriter
Julian Savea, 1990, Rugby Player
Julius Epstein, 1832, Pianist
Justin McBride, 1979, Bull Rider
Justin Young, 1978, Pop Singer
Karen Clifford, 1975, Family Member
Karen Disher, 1972, Illustrator
Karen Olivo, 1976, Stage Actress
Keahu Kahuanui, 1986, TV Actor
Kelly Eden, 1989, Model
Kenny Ireland, 1945, TV Actor
Kent Rominger, 1956, Astronaut
Kevin Barnett, 1986, Comedian
Kevin Muscat, 1973, Soccer Player
Kevin Ratajczak, 1985, Metal Singer
Kimberly Chia, 1995, TV Actress
Kirk Nieuwenhuis, 1987, Baseball Player
Kristin Hersh, 1966, Rock Singer
Kyler Murray, 1997, Football Player
Lauren Adams, 1982, TV Actress
Lee Corso, 1935, Sportscaster
Liam James, 1996, Movie Actor
Lidya Maulida Djuhandar, 1996, Pop Singer
Linsey McKenzie, 1978, Model
Louis Defreycinet, 1779, Explorer
Louis Leakey, 1903, Scientist
Louis Rei, 1990, Rapper
Luckey Roberts, 1887, Composer
Luke Mulholland, 1988, Soccer Player
Maggie Castle, 1983, TV Actress
Maggie Wheeler, 1961, TV Actress
Magic Slim, 1937, Guitarist
Marco Melandri, 1982, Race Car Driver
Marcus Roberts, 1963, Pianist
Mark Matthews, 1894, War Hero
Mark Rabon, 1990, YouTube Star
Mata Hari, 1876, Criminal
Matt McGuire, 1993, Drummer
Maurice Murphy, 1935, Trumpet Player
Max Pavlinov, 1992, YouTube Star
Meeka Claxton, 1979, Reality Star
Megan Gale, 1975, Model
Melanie Sykes, 1970, TV Show Host
Michael Peterson, 1959, Country Singer
Michael Shannon, 1974, Movie Actor
Michael Weikath, 1962, Guitarist
Miguel Llera, 1979, Soccer Player
Mike Trout, 1991, Baseball Player
Murat Dalkılıç, 1983, Pop Singer
Natalie Taylor, 1986, Pop Singer
Natalya Wright, 2000, Family Member
Nathanael Greene, 1742, War Hero
Nelson Goodman, 1906, Philosopher
Nerdy Hamster, 2001, YouTube Star
Nic Wallace, 2000, YouTube Star
Nicholas Ray, 1911, Director
Nick Ross, 1947, TV Show Host
NotYourAverageFlight, 1995, YouTube Star
Nuno Mindelis, 1957, Guitarist
Olivia Deeble, 2002, TV Actress
Omar Espinosa, 1984, Guitarist
P Shane Mitchell, 1964, Director
Patricia Etteh, 1953, Politician
Paul Biedermann, 1986, Swimmer
Paul Dini, 1957, Screenwriter
Paul Lambert, 1969, Soccer Coach
Pepe Aguilar, 1968, World Music Singer
Peter Morton, 1947, Entrepreneur
Powell Clayton, 1833, Politician
Rachel York, 1971, Stage Actress
Rahsaan Roland Kirk, 1935, Flute Player
Rahsaan Roland Kirk, 1935, Flute Player
Ralph Bunche, 1904, Politician
Randy Wayne, 1981, TV Actor
Raul Malo, 1965, Country Singer
Raymond Erith, 1904, Architect
Rick Genest, 1985, Tattoo Artist
Roberta Tirrito, 1995, Model
Rochelle Alers, 1963, Novelist
Rodney Crowell, 1950, Country Singer
Ron Androla, 1954, Poet
Ron Christie, 1969, Business Executive
Ruby Imes, 2002, TV Actress
Rudolph Ising, 1903, Cartoonist
Russell Baze, 1958, Horse Jockey
Ryotaro Shiba, 1923, Novelist
Sam Gross, 1933, Cartoonist
Samantha Ronson, 1977, DJ
Sandra Thomas, 1986, Movie Actress
Seventh Woods, 1998, Basketball Player
Shahadat Hossain, 1986, Cricket Player
Shane Lechler, 1976, Football Player
Sharon Isbin, 1956, Guitarist
Shirley Yeung, 1978, TV Actress
Shivin Narang, 1990, Soap Opera Actor
Shobna Gulati, 1966, Soap Opera Actress
Sidney Crosby, 1987, Hockey Player
Slavko Lowy, 1904, Architect
Sofia Rotaru, 1947, Pop Singer
Sophie Lee, 1968, Movie Actress
Stan Freberg, 1926, Comedian
Stunt Taylor, 1989, Rapper
Sulev Maeltsemees, 1947, Politician
Suresh Wadkar, 1954, World Music Singer
Sydney Penny, 1971, Soap Opera Actress
Tessa Allen, 1996, TV Actress
The Amazing James Randi, 1928, Magician
TheNthApple, 1994, YouTube Star
Tim Renwick, 1949, Guitarist
Tina O’Brien, 1983, Soap Opera Actress
Tion Phipps, 1996, R&B Singer
Tobin Bell, 1942, Movie Actor
Togrul Narimanbekov, 1930, Painter
Tom McGrath, 1964, Cartoonist
Traian Vuia, 1872, Inventor
Troy Brouwer, 1985, Hockey Player
Valter Birsa, 1986, Soccer Player
Vanness Wu, 1978, Pop Singer
Vassilis Spanoulis, 1982, Basketball Player
Walid Jumblatt, 1949, Politician
Walter Swinburn, 1961, Horse Jockey
Wayne Knight, 1955, TV Actor
Wendy Calio, 1977, TV Actress
William Jardell, 1990, Model
Yana Klochkova, 1982, Swimmer
Zac MacMath, 1991, Soccer Player
Zuly Ramos, 1984, Reality Star


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