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August 6 Famous Birthdays

August 6 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on AUGUST 6 could have many talents and gifts. This will prove useful in business as they prepare for the future. Having financial stability now and later on in life is extremely important to them. They make many compromises to make this happen. Having friends who support them makes it easier to deal with.

Famous August 6 celebrities tend to have a youthful heart. They have a way of creating an atmosphere where people feel extraordinary. This could be why they come to them with their problems. As a lover, they could be guilty of spoiling their partner. They go all out for birthdays and Valentine’s Day. They feel complete with the right person by their side.


Have you ever thought about acting as a career? Lucille Ball was one incredible and funny lady. She was one famous August 6 birthday personality, so you certainly have the qualities. You can do it if you want to… it’s all up to you.


Famous people born on AUGUST 6th are success oriented and have a way with people. They work to be financially fit for retirement and are wise beyond your years. This famous Leo takes pride in their work and appearance. Needless to say, they are an attractive and intelligent individual.


August 6 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

6 August Good Traits:

  • Creative
  • Gifted
  • Imaginative
  • Cautious
  • Practical
  • Gracious
  • Friendly
  • Organized
  • Sympathetic

6 August Bad Traits:

  • Dramatic
  • Extravagant
  • Restricted
  • Frugal
  • Impatient
  • Bossy

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August 6 Famous Birthday Personalities

Abbey Lincoln, 1930, Pop Singer
Abdullah Qureshi, 1993, Rock Singer
Aditya Narayan, 1987, World Music Singer
Adrianne Curry, 1982, Model
AG Kripal Singh, 1933, Cricket Player
Alexa Moffett, 1993, Dancer
Alexander Fleming, 1881, Scientist
Alfred Lord Tennyson, 1809, Novelist
Allan Holdsworth, 1946, Guitarist
Allie Sevdalis, 1995, YouTube Star
Amy Diaz, 1984, Model
Amy Kuney, 1985, Jazz Singer
Andrea Matthies, 1987, Model
Andreas Oberg, 1978, Guitarist
Andrew Canton, 1989, Rapper
Andrew Green, 1941, Politician
Andrew Taylor Still, 1828, Doctor
Andy Messersmith, 1945, Baseball Player

Andy Ong, 1970, Entrepreneur
Andy Warhol, 1928, Pop Artist
Angad Hasija, 1984, TV Actor
Angus Deayton, 1956, Game Show Host
Anna Haining Bates, 1846,
Anthony Allen, 1988, Football Player
Anthony Grady, 1990, Football Player
Arthur Fields, 1888, Opera Singer
Ashlie Atkinson, 1977, Stage Actress
Asia Carrera, 1973,
Awal Ashaari, 1981, TV Actor
Bafetimbi Gomis, 1985, Soccer Player
Bailey May, 2002, Pop Singer
Barbara Bates, 1925, Movie Actress
Barbara Windsor, 1937, Soap Opera Actress
Bluey Robinson, 1988, Pop Singer

Bob Horner, 1957, Baseball Player
Bobby Bass, 1936, TV Actor
Bram, 1986, Wrestler
Brian Levant, 1952, Director
Brian McKee, 1977,
Brooke Lawson, 1987, YouTube Star
Bruce Miller, 1987, Football Player
Bryan Simon, 1981, YouTube Star
Catherine Hicks, 1951, TV Actress
Cayetano Carpio, 1918, Politician
Caylin Newton, 1998, Football Player
Cecil Howard Green, 1900, Entrepreneur
Charles Ingram, 1963, Reality Star
Charles McCarthy, 1980, MMA Fighter
Charlie Haden, 1937, Bassist

Charlotte McKinney, 1993, Model
Chelsee Healey, 1988, TV Actress
Chin Ka-lok, 1965, Movie Actor
Chris Edgerly, 1969, Voice Actor
Chris Volz, 1973, Rock Singer
Christina Mauro, 1971, Movie Actress
Chuck Russell, 1952, Director
CJ Dippa, 1998, Rapper
Clare Siobhan Callery, 1986, YouTube Star
Cody Montgomery, 1994, Bodybuilder
Corey Stevens, 1954, Guitarist
Dale Ellis, 1960, Basketball Player
Daniel O’Connell, 1775, Politician
Daniel Orton, 1990, Basketball Player
Daniel Pineda, 1985, MMA Fighter

Daniel Walker, 1922, Politician
Danny Collins, 1980, Soccer Player
Darrell Scott, 1959, Country Singer
Daryl Somers, 1951, TV Show Host
David Robinson, 1965, Basketball Player
Debi Nova, 1980, World Music Singer
Deepika Samson, 1986, Soap Opera Actress
Derek Mount, 1982, Guitarist
Destiny Odom, 1998, Family Member
Diane Di Prima, 1934, Poet
Diane DiPrima, 1934, Poet
Dino Bravo, 1948, Wrestler
DJ Many, 1993, DJ
Donna Lewis, 1973, Pop Singer
Donte Moncrief, 1993, Football Player
Dorian Harewood, 1950, TV Actor
Doug Ford, 1922, Golfer
Drazan Jerkovic, 1936, Soccer Player
Dutch Schultz, 1901, Criminal
Edith Roosevelt, 1861, Political Wife
Egil Kapstad, 1940, Pianist
Ella Jenkins, 1924, Folk Singer
Ella Raines, 1920, Movie Actress
Elliott Smith, 1969, Folk Singer
Elly Tran Ha, 1987, Movie Actress
Ernesto Lecuona, 1895, Composer
Ethan Finlay, 1990, Soccer Player
Ever Carradine, 1974, TV Actress
Faith Prince, 1957, Stage Actress
Felix Slade, 1788, Lawyer
Fernando Espuelas, 1966, Entrepreneur
Ferne McCann, 1990, Reality Star
Forrest Goodluck, 1998, Movie Actor
Frank Finlay, 1926, Movie Actor
Frank Walker, 1981, Football Player
Franklin Brockson, 1865, Politician
Fred Travalena, 1942, Game Show Host
Freddie Laker, 1922, Entrepreneur
Gary Valenciano, 1964, World Music Singer
George Benson, 1994, YouTube Star
George Jung, 1942, Criminal
George Kenney, 1889, War Hero
Geri Halliwell, 1972, Pop Singer
Grace Hamilton, 1985, World Music Singer
Grant Aleksander, 1959, Soap Opera Actor
Gregory Chamitoff, 1962, Astronaut
Grizzly Smith, 1932, Wrestler
Harley Graham, 2001, TV Actress
Harley Pasternak, 1974, TV Show Host
Harold Edwards, 1936, Mathematician
Harry O. Hoyt, 1885, Screenwriter
Helen Jacobs, 1908, Tennis Player
Helmut Rahn, 1929, Soccer Player
Henry Iba, 1904, Basketball Coach
Hoot Gibson, 1892, Movie Actor
Hope Vista, 1993, Rock Singer
Howard Hodgkin, 1932, Painter
Ida Laukkanen, 2002, Instagram Star
Igor Vovchanchyn, 1973, MMA Fighter
Isaiah Peck, 1999, Dancer
Itowngameplay, 1987, YouTube Star
Jack Brett Anderson, 1991, Movie Actor
Jack Parnell, 1923, Drummer
Jack Scanlon, 1998, Movie Actor
Jacques Abram, 1915, Pianist
Jaicko Lawrence, 1991, Pop Singer
Jake McGee, 1986, Baseball Player
James Delingpole, 1965, Novelist
James T Shotwell, 1874, Teacher
Jason Crump, 1975, Race Car Driver
Jason O’mara, 1972, TV Actor
JayneeWasTaken, 1995, YouTube Star
Jean Desses, 1904, Fashion Designer
Jeb Burton, 1992, Race Car Driver
Jeff Ball, 1966, Flute Player
Jennifer Lyons, 1977, Movie Actress
Jeremy Ratchford, 1965, TV Actor
Jesse Ryder, 1984, Cricket Player
Ji Won Kim, 1959, Boxer
Jim McGreevey, 1957, Politician
Jimmy Nielsen, 1977, Soccer Player
Jimmy Valiant, 1942, Wrestler
Joan Murray, 1945, Poet
Joey Sapienza, 1999, Vine Star
John Kongos, 1945, Pop Singer
John Lefebvre, 1951, Lawyer
John Moschitta Jr., 1954, TV Actor
Johnnie Floyd, 1968, Family Member
JonBenet Ramsey, 1990,
Joran Van Der Sloot, 1987, Criminal
Josh Schwartz, 1976, TV Producer
Josh Sundquist, 1984, YouTube Star
Josie Nelson, 1999, YouTube Star
Joyce Sims, 1959, R&B Singer
Judy Craig, 1946, Pop Singer
Julia Raleigh, 1997, Vine Star
Justin Tipuric, 1989, Rugby Player
Kacey Rohl, 1991, TV Actress
Karl Davies, 1982, TV Actor
Karl Ulrich Schnabel, 1909, Pianist
Kayla McAlister, 1988, Rugby Player
Khaled Youssef, 1965, Director
Khurshidbanu Natavan, 1832, Poet
KikoIsHot, 1994, YouTube Star
Kyle Lindsey, 1989, YouTube Star
LakiaStar, 1989, YouTube Star
Landon Pigg, 1983, Pop Singer
Lauren Watson, 1986, Movie Actress
Leeroy Reed, 1990, Reality Star
Leigh Anne Tuohy, 1960, Business Executive
Leland Orser, 1960, Movie Actor
Leo Carrillo, 1881, TV Actor
Leslie Odom Jr., 1981, Stage Actor
Liam Haygarth, 1997, Bassist
Lilyan Chauvin, 1925, Movie Actress
Lisa Boyle, 1964, Model
Lisa Stewart, 1968, Country Singer
Lorenza Alessandrini, 1990, Figure Skater
Louella Parsons, 1881, Screenwriter
Louise Sorel, 1940, TV Actress
Lucas Bayley, 1993, Pop Singer
Lucille Ball, 1911, TV Actress
Luis Russell, 1902, Pianist
Lydia Greenway, 1985, Cricket Player
M Night Shyamalan, 1970, Director
Marc Lavoine, 1962, World Music Singer
Marisa Miller, 1978, Model
Mark Speight, 1965, TV Show Host
Mary Loretta Kennedy, 1892, Family Member
Maryen Miller, 1927, Family Member
Max Kellerman, 1973, Radio Host
Megumi Okina, 1979, Movie Actress
Mehdi Abeid, 1992, Soccer Player
Melissa George, 1976, TV Actress
Merrin Dungey, 1971, TV Actress
Michael Felger, 1969, Radio Host
Michael Parr, 1986, Soap Opera Actor
Michelle Yeoh, 1963, Movie Actress
Mike Greenberg, 1967, Radio Host
Mike McIntyre, 1956, Politician
Mitch Rouse, 1964, Movie Actor
Monique Ganderton, 1980, TV Actress
Morgan Hudson, 2001, YouTube Star
Moussa Hojeij, 1974, Soccer Player
Muzza Fuzza, 1991, YouTube Star
Norman Wexler, 1926, Screenwriter
OneCheesyMofo, 1993, YouTube Star
Orlando Octave, 1988, Reggae Singer
Pamela Blake, 1915, TV Actress
Pat MacDonald, 1952, Punk Singer
Paul Bartel, 1938, Screenwriter
Paul Claudel, 1868, Poet
Petar Krumov, 1934, Composer
Peter Bonerz, 1938, TV Actor
Piers Anthony, 1934, Novelist
Randy Debarge, 1958, Blues Singer
Rashad Haughton, 1977, Screenwriter
Ravi Coltrane, 1965, Saxophonist
Ray Lucas, 1972, Football Player
Reby Sky, 1986, Wrestler
Reece Dinsdale, 1959, TV Actor
Rees Davies, 1938, Historian
Regina Carter, 1966, Violinist
Richard Hofstadter, 1916, Historian
Richard Prince, 1940, Photographer
Rina Lasnier, 1915, Poet
Rob Penny, 1941, Playwright
Robert Mitchum, 1917, Movie Actor
Robin van Persie, 1983, Soccer Player
Roman Weidenfeller, 1980, Soccer Player
Romola Garai, 1982, Movie Actress
Rory Scovel, 1980, Comedian
Ryan Martinie, 1975, Bassist
Ryan Sypek, 1982, TV Actor
Salvador Fidalgo, 1756, Explorer
Samantha Schacher, 1983, TV Show Host
Samuel P Carter, 1819, War Hero
Sara Khan, 1989, Model
Scott Minto, 1971, Soccer Player
Selma Diamond, 1920, TV Actress
Semir Vurgun, 1992, Entrepreneur
Seneca Wallace, 1980, Football Player
Shannon Szabados, 1986, Hockey Player
Sherry Magee, 1884, Baseball Player
Skye Daru, 1998, Pop Singer
Sofia Essaidi, 1984, Pop Singer
Soleil Moon Frye, 1976, TV Actress
Spencer Matthews, 1989, Reality Star
Sreeja Chandran, 1986, TV Actress
Stepfanie Kramer, 1956, TV Actress
Stuart O’Grady, 1973, Cyclist
Susie King Taylor, 1848, Memoirist
Terry McDermott, 1977, Rock Singer
Tim Walton, 1972, Baseball Player
Toby Randall, 2001, Vine Star
Tom Hubert, 1964, Race Car Driver
Travie McCoy, 1981, Rapper
Tre Mason, 1993, Football Player
Truegreen7, 1996, YouTube Star
Ty Simpkins, 2001, Movie Actor
Umberto Lenzi, 1931, Director
Vanessa Merrell, 1996, YouTube Star
Vedad Ibisevic, 1984, Soccer Player
Vera Farmiga, 1973, Movie Actress
Veronica Merrell, 1996, YouTube Star
Viktorija Cmilyte, 1983, Chess Player
Vim Karenine, 1933, Novelist
Vinnie Vincent, 1952, Guitarist
Virginia Randolph, 1870, Teacher
Vitantonio Liuzzi, 1980, Race Car Driver
Webb Simpson, 1985, Golfer
Wendy Macleod, 1959, Playwright
Wilber Pan, 1980, Rapper
Wilmer Flores, 1991, Baseball Player
Winston Scott, 1950, Astronaut
Yu Wenxia, 1989, Model
Yuki Kajiura, 1965, Composer
Zarek Valentin, 1991, Soccer Player


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