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August 5 Famous Birthdays

August 5 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born AUGUST 5 are Leos who set the world on fire. People adore them! They love what they do and give it their all. As someone who is flexible, they can do multiple jobs. The famous Leos born on this date are pretty much able to do things on their own and do it their way.

The August 5 famous celebrities tend not to compromise what they value. However they are open to other people’s opinions and suggestions. They are more likely to let others do a job that they don’t want to do. Since they mainly practice what they preach, and as a manager, those who are subordinate will not have a problem with helping them out.


Famous people born on August 5 have a propensity to be very successful in any career of their choosing. It’s no surprise that people listen when they talk. They want to know as they are super intelligent. They keep their personal life private although they are extremely outgoing.

Their significant other knows that it takes a lot to get them in a foul mood. They expect their friends, family and business associates to be just as dedicated to them as they are to them.


Famous people born on AUGUST 5th are likely a pig-headed Lion. However, they are talented and have a certain appeal that attracts others. Hardworking and eager, they make a great boss. Generally, mild-mannered, it would be wise not to be take them for granted or advantage of.


August 5 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

5 August Good Traits:

  • Authoritative
  • Versatile
  • Independent
  • Strong
  • Open
  • Tolerant
  • Idealistic
  • Positive

5 August Bad Traits:

  • Stubborn
  • Territorial
  • Private
  • Opinionated
  • Aloof

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August 5 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Chewning, 1989, Vine Star
Aaryan Sigdel, 1984, Movie Actor
Adam Greenwood, 1998, YouTube Star
Adam Horner, 1992, TV Actor
Adam Irigoyen, 1997, TV Actor
Adam Yauch, 1964, Rapper
Adrian Petriw, 1987, Voice Actor
Airto Moreira, 1941, Drummer
Alan Baltes, 1962, Soap Opera Actor
Alan Ferguson, 1963, Director
Alan Howard, 1937, Stage Actor
Albert Tsai, 2004, TV Actor

Alec Wildenstein, 1940, Business Executive
Ambi Subramaniam, 1991, Violinist
Ami Foster, 1975, TV Actress
Amymarie Gaertner, 1994, Vine Star
Anastase Gasana, 1950, Politician
Andrea Wendel, 1992, YouTube Star
Andreas Weimann, 1991, Soccer Player
Annalisa, 1985, Rock Singer
Antony Cotton, 1975, TV Actor
Artem Mikoyan, 1905, Scientist
Athena Skye, 1999, YouTube Star
Augie Isaac, 2000, TV Actor
Barbara Flynn, 1948, TV Actress
Beau Black, 1983, Composer

Ben Kerfoot, 1992, TV Actor
Bernie Carbo, 1947, Baseball Player
Betsy Jolas, 1926, Composer
Big Bank Hank, 1957, Rapper
Billy Bingham, 1931, Soccer Player
Blake Koch, 1985, Race Car Driver
Bob Clark, 1939, Director
Born To Be Ellie, 2003, YouTube Star
Brandi Milloy, 1984, TV Show Host
Brent Rambler, 1990, Guitarist
Brian Sandoval, 1963, Politician
Brittany Brooks, 1985, Drummer
Bruce Coslet, 1946, Football Coach
Cammie King, 1934, Movie Actress

Carina Axelsson, 1968, Illustrator
Carl Crawford, 1981, Baseball Player
Carole Laure, 1948, Pop Singer
Carolynne Poole, 1980, Pop Singer
Chad Knaus, 1971,
Chen Ding, 1992, Race Walker
Chip Fields, 1951, TV Actress
Chloe Arnold, 1980, Dancer
Chris Gaskell, 1991, Dancer
Chuck Day, 1942, Guitarist
CJ Spiller, 1987, Football Player
Cliff Matthews, 1989, Football Player
Colin McRae, 1968, Race Car Driver

Conrad Potter Aiken, 1889, Poet
Cory Williams, 1981, YouTube Star
Dale Weise, 1988, Hockey Player
Damian Balinski, 1977, Race Car Driver
Dan Hipgrave, 1975, Guitarist
Daniel Liik, 1996, Rower
Daniel Roberts, 1980, MMA Fighter
Daniel Smith, 1993, YouTube Star
Danny Slavin, 1973, TV Actor
Darren Shahlavi, 1972, Movie Actor
Dave Rozema, 1956, Baseball Player
David Baldacci, 1960, Novelist
David Brian, 1914, Movie Actor
David Chang, 1977, Chef
David Gill, 1957, Sports Executive
David Healy, 1979, Soccer Player
Dawn Richard, 1983, Pop Singer
Delaney Clements, 2002,
Denis Shepherd, 1991, Model
Deodoro Da Fonseca, 1827, World Leader
DeRay Davis, 1968, Comedian
Diego Schoening, 1969, World Music Singer
Eddie Brandt, 1920, Composer
Eddie Ojeda, 1955, Guitarist
Eicca Toppinen, 1975, Cellist
Elvis Duran, 1964, Radio Host
Erik Guay, 1981, Skier
Erika Slezak, 1946, Soap Opera Actress
Erin Timony, 1997, YouTube Star
Erroll Brown Davis, 1944, Politician
Esteban Gutierrez, 1991, Race Car Driver
Eve Whittle, 1967, Voice Actor
FaZe Dyn, 1998, YouTube Star
Federica Pellegrini, 1988, Swimmer
Felix Ortiz, 1981, Reggae Singer
Francesca Martinez, 1978, Comedian
Francesca Miranda, 1957, Fashion Designer
Funkmaster Flex, 1967, DJ
Gabs, 1994, YouTube Star
Gary Beban, 1945, Football Player
Gary E. Luck, 1937, War Hero
Gary Harvey, 1962, Director
Genelia D’souza, 1987, Movie Actress
General Sam, 1991, YouTube Star
Geneva S Thomas, 1984, Reality Star
George Royal, 1921, Scientist
George Tooker, 1920, Painter
Gil Garcetti, 1941, Lawyer
Giles Barnes, 1988, Soccer Player
Glauber, 1983, Soccer Player
Grace Mitchell, 1997, Pop Singer
Graham Elwood, 1969, Game Show Host
Guy De Maupassant, 1850, Novelist
Gyorgy Sarosi, 1912, Soccer Player
Halen Bouhadana, 1996, Guitarist
Hannah Russell, 1996, Swimmer
Harold Holt, 1908, Politician
Helene Fischer, 1984, Pop Singer
Herb Brooks, 1937, Hockey Coach
Honor Kneafsey, 2004, TV Actress
Hun Sen, 1952, World Leader
Hunico, 1977, Wrestler
Iddo Goldberg, 1975, Movie Actor
J-Ax, 1972, Rapper
Ja’net Dubois, 1945, TV Actress
Jack McInerney, 1992, Soccer Player
Jaden Rosa, 2000, Instagram Star
Jake Hurwitz, 1985, TV Actor
James Gunn, 1970, Screenwriter
James White, 1990, YouTube Star
Jana Vlogs, 1994, YouTube Star
Janet McTeer, 1961, Movie Actress
Jared Hasselhoff, 1971, Bassist
Jarmo de Rek, 1999, Pop Singer
Jayla Marie, 2004, Rapper
Jeff Coffin, 1965, Saxophonist
Jeff Larentowicz, 1983, Soccer Player
Jennifer Finch, 1966, Bassist
Jesse Williams, 1981, TV Actor
Jessica Nigri, 1989, Model
JJ Totah, 2001, TV Actor
Joan Hickson, 1906, TV Actress
John Bidwell, 1819, Activist
John Calvert, 1911, Magician
John Huston, 1906, Director
John Jarratt, 1951, Movie Actor
John Olerud, 1968, Baseball Player
John Saxon, 1935, Movie Actor
John Whitaker, 1955, Equestrian
Johnathan Hillstrand, 1962, Reality Star
Jonathan Silverman, 1966, TV Actor
Jose Garcia Villa, 1908, Poet
Joseph Carey Merrick, 1862,
Joth Hunt, 1986, Gospel Singer
Juan Pablo Galavis, 1981, Reality Star
Justin Chan, 1994, Conceptual Artist
Justin Marshall, 1973, Rugby Player
Kajol, 1974, Movie Actress
Kara Tointon, 1983, TV Actress
Karim Prince, 1974, TV Actor
Karli Reese, 2004, YouTube Star
Kathryn C. Dennis, 1992, Reality Star
Ken Hixon, 1978, Screenwriter
Kendo Kashin, 1968, MMA Fighter
Kenny Irwin Jr., 1969, Race Car Driver
Kent King, 1974, Soap Opera Actress
Kev D, 1991, Rapper
Kevin Ogletree, 1987, Football Player
Kim Gevaert, 1978, Runner
Kit Tanton, 1992, Bassist
Ko Shibasaki, 1981, TV Actress
Konrad Hurrell, 1991, Rugby Player
Kwon Sang-Woo, 1976, Movie Actor
Kyle Rodgers, 1987, Drummer
Kylian Hazard, 1995, Soccer Player
L Tom Perry, 1922, Religious Leader
Larry Kenney, 1947, Voice Actor
Laurent Ciman, 1985, Soccer Player
Leah Evans, 1988, Comedian
Lenny Breau, 1941, Guitarist
Leonid Kizim, 1941, Astronaut
Leonid Stadnyk, 1970,
Lexi Belle, 1987,
Lolo Jones, 1982, Runner
Loni Anderson, 1945, TV Actress
Lorri Bagley, 1973, Model
Louis Delort, 1991, Pop Singer
Louis Wain, 1860, Illustrator
Louis Walsh, 1952, Reality Star
Maddox Jolie-Pitt, 2001, Family Member
Mahima Makwana, 1999, TV Actress
Makenna Miller, 2004, Dancer
Malin Craig, 1875, War Hero
Marian Pahars, 1976, Soccer Player
Marine Le Pen, 1968, Politician
Marissa Is A Mommy, 1996, YouTube Star
Mark Mulder, 1977, Baseball Player
Mark O’Connor, 1961, Violinist
Mark Strong, 1963, Movie Actor
Marlene Favela, 1976, TV Actress
Matt Costello, 1993, Basketball Player
Matt Hires, 1985, Pop Singer
Matt Mira, 1983, Comedian
Matthew Paquette, 1996, Vine Star
Maureen McCormick, 1956, TV Actress
Maya Bond, 2000, Rock Singer
Michael A. Ramos, 1957, Lawyer
Michael Bridges, 1978, Soccer Player
Michael Hollick, 1973, Voice Actor
Michael Jamieson, 1988, Swimmer
Michal Kovac, 1930, World Leader
Michiel Borstlap, 1966, Pianist
Mickey Shaughnessy, 1920, Movie Actor
Mildred Burke, 1915, Wrestler
Mimi Keene, 1998, TV Actress
Mohammed Ahamed, 1985, Soccer Player
Naum Gabo, 1890, Sculptor
Neil Armstrong, 1930, Astronaut
Nicholas Fekete, 1962, Pentathlete
Nicoletta Geroulakis, 1990, Model
Nikolai Baturin, 1936, Novelist
Noah Bouhadana, 1996, Drummer
Olivia Holt, 1997, TV Actress
Olympia Scott, 1976, Basketball Player
Oon Shu An, 1986, TV Actress
Otis Thorpe, 1962, Basketball Player
P. Rico, 1993, Rapper
Parley Baer, 1914, TV Actor
Pat Smear, 1959, Guitarist
Patrick Ewing, 1962, Basketball Player
Patrick Reed, 1990, Golfer
Paul Kasey, 1973, TV Actor
Paula Creamer, 1986, Golfer
Pete Burns, 1959, Pop Singer
Pete Snyder, 1972, Entrepreneur
Peter Viereck, 1916, Poet
Pressure, 1981, Reggae Singer
Rachel Cooper, 1988, YouTube Star
Rachel Joy Scott, 1981,
Ray Clemence, 1948, Soccer Player
Reid Hoffman, 1967, Entrepreneur
Reza Farahan, 1973, Reality Star
Richard Istel, 1999, Pop Singer
Richard Jeffrey, 1926, Philosopher
Richard Preston, 1954, Novelist
Rick Derringer, 1947, Guitarist
Roman Gabriel, 1940, Football Player
Ron Silliman, 1946, Poet
Ronnie Clayton, 1934, Soccer Player
Rory Fitzpatrick, 1999, YouNow Star
Rosi Mittermaier, 1950, Skier
Ryan Bertrand, 1989, Soccer Player
Salomon Kalou, 1985, Soccer Player
Salvador Cabanas, 1980, Soccer Player
Samantha Sang, 1951, Pop Singer
Sammi Smith, 1943, Country Singer
Sandy Kenyon, 1922, Voice Actor
Scott Oakes, 1972, Soccer Player
Sean Cullen, 1995, Family Member
Sean Sherk, 1973, MMA Fighter
Sergio Ramirez, 1942, Politician
Shannon Day, 1896, Movie Actress
Shehryaar Asif, 1992, YouTube Star
Shirley Ann Jackson, 1946, Scientist
Sophia Aguiar, 1988, Dancer
Sophie Winkleman, 1980, Movie Actress
Stefanie Joosten, 1988, Model
Stephanie Hope Flanders, 1968, Journalist
Steve Matai, 1984, Rugby Player
Sydney Omarr, 1926, Scientist
Taim AlFalasi, 1991, YouTube Star
Taras Maksimuk, 1993, YouTube Star
Tawny Kitaen, 1961, TV Actress
Terri Clark, 1968, Country Singer
Terry Becker, 1930, TV Actor
ThatdudeMCFLY, 1988, YouTube Star
TheGamerCan, 1995, YouTube Star
Theodore Whitmore, 1972, Soccer Player
Thomas Lang, 1967, Drummer
Tim Wilson, 1961, Comedian
Todd Burpo, 1968, Religious Author
Tom Drake, 1918, Movie Actor
Tom Hafey, 1931, Australian Rules Footballer
Tom Thomson, 1877, Painter
Tony Dicicco, 1948, Soccer Coach
Ulla Salzgeber, 1958, Equestrian
Vanessa Simmons, 1983, Reality Star
Vatsal Sheth, 1980, Movie Actor
Venkatesh Prasad, 1969, Cricket Player
Vern Gosdin, 1934, Country Singer
Vitus Bering, 1661, Explorer
Wanda Ventham, 1935, TV Actress
Wayne Bridge, 1980, Soccer Player
Wendell Berry, 1934, Novelist
William Rhodes, 1936, Cricket Player
Xcalizorz, 1988, YouTube Star
Xenia Tchoumitcheva, 1987, Model
Yuri Foreman, 1980, Boxer


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