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August 4 Famous Birthdays

August 4 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on AUGUST 4 are likely to be Leos who are a quick study. They don’t have to make their own mistakes to learn what to do and what not to do. They’re equipped with a strong eye and pay attention to details.

They love people and have empathy for those they come in contact with. Usually, they can be found in good company. Their company is only a representation of who they want to be. They want wealth but ball on a budget. They know that the key to having money is mainly keeping their money or making it work.


One of the best assets of famous celebrities born on August 4 is their smile. It’s contagious and it tells us that they could be a joy to be around. However they’re not perfect. They lack tolerance and they could be authoritative. Additionally, they can be a bit of a drama king or queen.


Famous people born on AUGUST 4th are Leos who are responsible and love family gatherings. They are loads of fun and their attitude is contagious. If they had a choice, they’d live the life of luxury. They have the talent to accomplish many things.


August 4 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

4 August Good Traits:

  • Generous
  • Sensitive
  • Communicative
  • Productive
  • Responsible
  • Nurturing
  • Extrovert
  • Trustworthy

4 August Bad Traits:

  • Strict
  • Selfish
  • Prejudiced
  • Miserly

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August 4 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Pauley, 1988, Metal Singer
Abigail Spencer, 1981, Movie Actress
Adhir Kalyan, 1983, TV Actor
Alain Passard, 1956, Chef
Alan Mulally, 1945, Entrepreneur
Alan Whicker, 1921, TV Show Host
Albert Gran, 1862, Movie Actor
Alberto Gonzales, 1955, Politician
Aleksandr Danilovich Aleksandrov, 1912, Philosopher
Alex Williamson, 1988, YouTube Star
Ali Al-sistani, 1930, Religious Leader
Ali Koehler, 1986, Drummer
Allan McCollum, 1944, Sculptor
Allison Hedge Coke, 1958, Poet

Andrew Wade, 1984, Music Producer
Andy Hallett, 1975, TV Actor
Anita Antoinette, 1989, Reggae Singer
Anna Sui, 1964, Fashion Designer
Anthony Stanislas Radziwill, 1959, TV Producer
Antonio Valencia, 1985, Soccer Player
Anushka Sen, 2002, TV Actress
Arbaaz Khan, 1967, Movie Actor
Barack Obama, 1961, US President
Ben Thornewill, 1985, Pop Artist
Bill Coleman, 1904, Trumpet Player
Bill Hallahan, 1902, Baseball Player
Billy Bob Thornton, 1955, Movie Actor
BJ Surhoff, 1964, Baseball Player
Bobby Buntrock, 1952, TV Actor

Bobo Stenson, 1944, Pianist
Bret Baier, 1970, TV Show Host
Brian Redban, 1974, TV Producer
Britneyandbaby, 1993, YouTube Star
Brooke Nichole Lee, 1989, TV Actress
Bruna Marquezine, 1995, TV Actress
Bryan Caraway, 1984, MMA Fighter
Caitlin Beadles, 1994, Instagram Star
Carly Foulkes, 1988, Model
Carson Robison, 1890, Country Singer
Chad Spann, 1988, Football Player
Chanell Heeter, 1994, YouTube Star
Charles Gemar, 1955, Astronaut
Charlie Adlard, 1966, Comic Book Artist
Cheesa Laureta, 1990, Pop Singer

Cheryl Miles, 1975, Pop Singer
Chester Hanks, 1990, Family Member
Chiguy Lucau, 1984, Soccer Player
Christine Riccio, 1992, YouTube Star
Christopher Major, 1993, Rapper
Chuck Bronx, 1974, YouTube Star
Chuck Mowery, 1989, Reality Star
Ciana Pelekai, 2000, Pop Singer
Clara Peller, 1902, TV Actress
Clare Nancy Russell, 1944, Royalty
Cleon Jones, 1942, Baseball Player
Cody Burger, 1983, Movie Actor
Cole Sprouse, 1992, TV Actor
Cory Mathews, 1976, Bodybuilder
Courtney Randall, 1992, YouTube Star

Crystal Bowersox, 1985, Rock Singer
Crystal Chappell, 1965, TV Actress
Curtis Smith, 1965,
Dajana Cahill, 1989, TV Actress
DamnDRose, 1992, Vine Star
Dan Olsen, 1990, Pop Singer
Dan Payne, 1972, TV Actor
Daniel Aaron, 1912, Novelist
Daniel Dae Kim, 1968, TV Actor
Daniela Alexandra, 1994, Instagram Star
David Seidler, 1937, Screenwriter
Dean Malenko, 1960, Wrestler
Denise Horan, 1977, Family Member
Dennis Lehane, 1965, Novelist
Dhafir Harris, 1978, MMA Fighter
Diana Ossana, 1949, Screenwriter
Don S Davis, 1942, TV Actor
Donald Gibb, 1954, Movie Actor
Duane Ludwig, 1978, MMA Fighter
Dylan Sprouse, 1992, TV Actor
Dylan Sprouse, 1992, TV Actor
Edwin Malave, 1950, Boxer
Elizabeth The Queen Mother, 1900, Royalty
Elkin Soto, 1980, Soccer Player
Emily Helen Butterfield, 1884, Civil Rights Leader
Eran Levy, 1985, Soccer Player
Eric Milton, 1975, Baseball Player
Eric Tigerstedt, 1887, Scientist
Ezra Taft Benson, 1899, Politician
Faye Copeland, 1921, Criminal
Frank Edwards, 1908, Radio Host
Frank Vincent, 1939, TV Actor
Frankie Ford, 1939, Rock Singer
Fredrik Reinfeldt, 1965, World Leader
Gabriel Tacchino, 1934, Pianist
Gala Montes, 1999, TV Actress
Garrett Graham, 1986, Football Player
Gerard Damiano, 1928, Screenwriter
Gerry Cooney, 1956, Boxer
Gianna Nicole Ernst, 2004, Pop Singer
Greta Gerwig, 1983, Movie Actress
Harry Cooper, 1904, Golfer
Helen Kane, 1904, Movie Actress
Helen Thomas, 1920, Journalist
Henry Cluney, 1957, Guitarist
Herb Ellis, 1921, Guitarist
Hubert Ingraham, 1947, Politician
Ian Broudie, 1958, Rock Singer
Ian Oswald, 1929, Scientist
Iqbal Ahmed, 1956, Entrepreneur
Italia Kash, 1988, Instagram Star
Izet Hajrovic, 1991, Soccer Player
Jackie Aina, 1986, YouTube Star
JadenTheGod, 2001, Instagram Star
Jake Beckley, 1867, Baseball Player
James Blackwood, 1919, Gospel Singer
James Meeks, 1948, Politician
James Tupper, 1965, TV Actor
Jamie Reed, 1973, Politician
Jamie Winter, 1985, Soccer Player
Janis True, 1992, Instagram Star
JD Samson, 1978, Film Producer
Jean Nguza Karl-I-bond, 1938, Politician
Jeff Gordon, 1971, Race Car Driver
Jeff Hamilton, 1953, Drummer
Jen Lilley, 1988, Soap Opera Actress
Jess Thomas, 1927, Opera Singer
Jessica Mauboy, 1989, R&B Singer
Jessica Sanchez, 1995, Pop Singer
Joe Daniels, 1970, Drummer
Joe Duarte, 1983, MMA Fighter
Joel Barron, 1989, YouTube Star
Joes Brauers, 1999, Stage Actor
Johanna Herrstedt, 1994, Instagram Star
John August, 1970, Screenwriter
John Burkhalter, 1956, Entrepreneur
John Farrell, 1962, Baseball Manager
John Harington, 1561, Entrepreneur
John O’Callaghan, 1988, Rock Singer
John Riggins, 1949, Football Player
John Venn, 1834, Philosopher
John Wilcock, 1927, Journalist
Joique Bell, 1986, Football Player
Jojo Moyes, 1969, Novelist
Jose Valdes, 1957, Pianist
Joseph Calleia, 1897, Movie Actor
Josh Golden, 1994, Rock Singer
Josh Roenicke, 1982, Baseball Player
Karim Musa, 1988, YouTube Star
Kate Silverton, 1970, Journalist
Kazarian, 1977, Wrestler
Kazim Ale, 1995, Instagram Star
Keenan Milton, 1974, Skateboarder
Keith Ellison, 1963, Politician
Kelley O’Hara, 1988, Soccer Player
Kelly Gould, 1999, TV Actress
Kensuke Sasaki, 1966, Wrestler
Kezia Eniang, 1993, Blogger
Khaled Albaher, 1995, YouTube Star
Kieron Williamson, 2002, Painter
Kily Gonzalez, 1974, Soccer Player
Kim Reynolds, 1959, Politician
Kina Grannis, 1985, Pop Singer
Kira Girard, 1981, Reality Star
Kishore Kumar, 1929, World Music Singer
Krischelle Delgado, 2004, YouTube Star
Kurt Busch, 1978, Race Car Driver
Kym Johnson, 1976, Dancer
Kym Karath, 1958, Movie Actress
Larry Knechtel, 1940, Pianist
Lauren Makk, 1985, Reality Star
Lauren Tom, 1961, Voice Actor
Lee Mack, 1968, Comedian
Leon Camier, 1986, Motorcycle Racer
Leslie Dixon, 1970, Screenwriter
Liza Riabinina, 1995, Dancer
Lottie Tomlinson, 1998, Family Member
Louis Armstrong, 1900, Trumpet Player
Louis Vuitton, 1821, Entrepreneur
Lucinda Dryzek, 1991, TV Actress
Luigi Serafini, 1949, Illustrator
Luis Boa Morte, 1977, Soccer Player
Luke Vaillancourt, 1990, YouTube Star
Marcus Schenkenberg, 1968, Model
Mariusz Wlazly, 1983, Volleyball Player
Mark Milligan, 1985, Soccer Player
Marques Houston, 1981, Rapper
Marreese Speights, 1987, Basketball Player
Martin Jarvis, 1941, TV Actor
Mary Decker, 1958, Runner
Mason Noise, 1993, Pop Singer
Matt Thomas, 1994, Basketball Player
Maureen Starkey Tigrett, 1946, Family Member
Maurice Richard, 1921, Hockey Player
Max Cavalera, 1969, Metal Singer
Maycie Thornton, 1988, YouTube Star
Mayuko Fukuda, 1994, TV Actress
Meg Whitman, 1956, Business Executive
Meghan Markle, 1981, TV Actress
Meghan Rienks, 1993, YouTube Star
Michael Allen Martinez, 1989, Drummer
Michael DeLuise, 1969, TV Actor
Michael Gelman, 1961, TV Producer
Moya Brennan, 1952, Folk Singer
Nabela Noor, 1991, YouTube Star
Nathaniel Buzolic, 1983, TV Actor
Neil Bhatt, 1987, TV Actor
Neil Coleta, 1992, TV Actor
Nick Lazzarini, 1984, Dancer
Nicolas-Jacques Conte, 1755, Painter
Nikos Liberopoulos, 1975, Soccer Player
Noah Pugliano, 1999, Instagram Star
Orhan Gencebay, 1944, Composer
Paul Henry, 1960, TV Show Host
Paul Layton, 1947, Bassist
Paul McCarthy, 1945, Sculptor
Paul Mooney, 1941, Comedian
Paul Reynolds, 1962, Guitarist
Paul Sass, 1988, MMA Fighter
Penelope Dudley-Ward, 1914, Movie Actress
Percy Bysshe Shelley, 1792, Poet
Phil Younghusband, 1987, Soccer Player
Priscilla Robertson, 2006, Family Member
Raoul Wallenberg, 1912, Politician
Rashami Desai, 1986, TV Actress
Rich Dollaz, 1977, Entrepreneur
Richard Belzer, 1944, TV Actor
Richard Tognetti, 1965, Violinist
Richard White, 1953, Voice Actor
River Viiperi, 1991, Model
Robbie Findley, 1985, Soccer Player
Robbin Crosby, 1959, Guitarist
Robert Grenier, 1941, Poet
Robert Hayden, 1913, Poet
Robin Robinson, 1957, News Anchor
Roger Clemens, 1962, Baseball Player
Romelo Thomas, 1996, Vine Star
Ron Lester, 1970, Movie Actor
Roy Hodgson, 1947, Soccer Coach
Ryan Vizcaino, 1999, World Music Singer
Saido Berahino, 1993, Soccer Player
Sam Underwood, 1987, TV Actor
Sapphire, 1950, Poet
Saunders Mac Lane, 1909, Mathematician
Scott Interrante, 1961, Magician
Scott Van Pelt, 1966, Sportscaster
Sebastian Roche, 1964, Movie Actor
Seishiro Kato, 2001, TV Actor
Shane Morris, 1994, Football Player
Shaneice Crystal, 1992, YouTube Star
Shannon Cole, 1984, Soccer Player
Sheldon Adelson, 1933, Entrepreneur
Shiloh Pepin, 1999,
Silver Mont, 1990, YouTube Star
Skye Raae, 1998, Musical.ly Star
Sonika Vaid, 1995, Pop Singer
Taj Jackson, 1973, Pop Singer
Ted Kroll, 1919, Golfer
Ted Strickland, 1941, Politician
Terri Lyne Carrington, 1965, Drummer
Tiffany Evans, 1992, Pop Singer
Tim Barnett, 1958, Politician
Tim Winton, 1960, Novelist
Timi Yuro, 1940, R&B Singer
Tina Cole, 1943, TV Actress
Todd Tucker, 1973, Reality Star
Tom Parker, 1988, Pop Singer
Tracey Sheldon, 1984, Movie Actress
Trevor Pryce, 1975, Football Player
Udham Singh, 1928, Field Hockey Player
Vini Reilly, 1953, Punk Singer
Wang Hao, 1989, Chess Player
William Schuman, 1910, Composer
Yo-Yo, 1971, Rapper
Zach Nichols, 1987, Reality Star


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