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August 31 Famous Birthdays

August 31 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on AUGUST 31 thrive on being active. They seem to take this attitude to the bedroom as well. Generally, they are inventive with exceptional vision and foresight. They have the ability to sweep their lovers off their feet with their unique fantasies. So they look for a partner who is open to trying new things.

As a friend, they are someone who could be described as different but certainly trusted and valued. Typically, they make friendships last. They like the reassurance of knowing that their friends will be there year after year.


Famous August 31 celebrities as friends are generally down to earth and have goals of their own. There is something to be said about friends with money and careers. Making quick decisions come easy for them as they know how to place priorities on various things or duties.

This trait makes famous people born on august 31 a great candidate for many professions. As clever as they are, they could easily work in the healing professions or in an educational setting.


Famous people born on August 31st have a heart of gold. They like doing things their way. They like being all over the place and their friends generally reflect the person that they are or aspire to be. Nonetheless, they could be rebellious but are understanding of their children’s needs.


August 31 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

31 August Good Traits:

  • Credible
  • Sincere
  • Moralistic
  • Steady
  • Intuitive
  • Courageous
  • Liberal

31 August Bad Traits:

  • Rebellious
  • Mean
  • Defiant
  • Procrastinating
  • Irresolute

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August 31 Famous Birthday Personalities

Akilah Hughes, 1989, YouTube Star
Aleksander Krupa, 1955, Movie Actor
Alex Blackwell, 1983, Cricket Player
Alice Cogswell, 1805, Activist
Alicia Villarreal, 1971, World Music Singer
Anas Rashid, 1980, Soap Opera Actor
Andrea Flores, 1990, Soccer Player
Andrea Marti, 1987, TV Actress
Andres Ceballos, 1992, Pop Singer
Andrew Cunanan, 1969, Criminal
Andrew De Leon, 1992, Opera Singer
Andrew Greenough, 1970, TV Actor

Andy States, 1985, Pop Singer
Arthur Godfrey, 1903, Radio Host
Barry Cahill, 1977,
Batista, 1991, Vine Star
Bella Lotz, 2008, TV Actress
Benny Banks, 1984, Rapper
Blake Nelson, 1965, Children’s Author
Blake Wheeler, 1986, Hockey Player
Bombardier Billy Wells, 1889, Boxer
Brent Morin, 1986, Comedian
Brian Dale, 1951, Scientist
Bryan Finlay, 1993, Pop Singer
Buddy Hackett, 1924, Movie Actor
Candis Cayne, 1971, TV Actress

august-31-famous-birthdaysCarley Belmonte, 1989, Reality Star
Ceallach Spellman, 1995, TV Actor
Chad Brannon, 1979, TV Actor
Charl Schwartzel, 1984, Golfer
Charlie Grant, 1874, Baseball Player
Charmaine Solomon, 1930, Chef
Chris Duhon, 1982, Basketball Player
Chris Koster, 1964, Politician
Chris Rogers, 1977, Cricket Player
Chris Tucker, 1971, Movie Actor
Chris Whitley, 1960, Blues Singer
Christian Kirksey, 1992, Football Player
Christine Dolce, 1981, Reality Star
Ciera Stitz, 1999, YouTube Star
ClaraBabyLegs, 1993, YouTube Star

Clive Lloyd, 1944, Cricket Player
Colin Drybrough, 1938, Cricket Player
Commodus, 161, Politician
Craig Nicholls, 1977, Guitarist
Dana Hamm, 1980, Model
Daniel Harding, 1975, Composer
Daniel Imhans, 1993, Vine Star
Daniel Schorr, 1916, TV Show Host
David Latimore, 1985, Boxer
David Ospina, 1988, Soccer Player
David Simkins, 1949, Screenwriter
David T. Chastain, 1963, Music Producer
Dean Barkley, 1950, Politician
Deborah Gibson, 1970, Pop Singer
Deborah Gibson, 1970, Pop Singer
Dee Bradley Baker, 1962, Voice Actor

Del Marquis, 1977, Guitarist
Dennis Lee, 1939, Poet
Dennis Lim Ming, 1990, YouTube Star
DJ White, 1986, Basketball Player
Dominik Sadrija, 1999, Instagram Star
Donald Lee, 1980, Football Player
Donyale Luna, 1935, Model
Dore Schary, 1905, Screenwriter
Dubose Heyward, 1885, Poet
Earnie Shavers, 1945, Boxer
Ed Grady, 1923, TV Actor
Eddie Plank, 1875, Baseball Player
Edward Thorndike, 1874, Scientist
Edwin Moses, 1955, Hurdler
Egyptian Lover, 1963, Rapper
Eldridge Cleaver, 1935, Politician
Elena Arenas, 2001, Gymnast
Eminik, 1987, Music Producer
Epic Mazur, 1970, Rapper
Eric Zemmour, 1958, Journalist
Eusebius J. Beltran, 1934, Religious Leader
Evan Geiselman, 1993, Surfer
Fab Five Freddy, 1959, Rapper
Feng Tianwei, 1986, Table Tennis Player
Francis Chan, 1967, Religious Leader
Frank Robinson, 1935, Baseball Player
Fredric March, 1897, Movie Actor
Freya Nightingale, 1993, Instagram Star
Gareth Pugh, 1981, Fashion Designer
Garrett Wareing, 2001, Movie Actor
Gary Mackay-Steven, 1990, Soccer Player
Gary Webb, 1955, Journalist
GD Spradlin, 1920, Movie Actor
Gene Hoglan, 1967, Drummer
George Eyser, 1870, Gymnast
George Kuchar, 1942, Director
George Sarton, 1884, Scientist
Gina Schock, 1957, Drummer
Glenn Tilbrook, 1957, Pop Singer
Graysie Holmes, 2000, YouTube Star
Guy Rewenig, 1947, Children’s Author
Harry Mondryk, 1997, Pop Singer
Heidi Cupcake, 1986, YouTube Star
Hideo Nomo, 1968, Baseball Player
Holly Earl, 1992, TV Actress
Ian Harte, 1977, Soccer Player
Ian Lowell Crocker, 1982, Swimmer
Isao Aoki, 1942, Golfer
Itzhak Perlman, 1945, Violinist
Jack Daley, 1883, Movie Actor
Jack Thompson, 1940, Movie Actor
Jaime Sin, 1928, Religious Leader
Jalen Brunson, 1996, Basketball Player
James Coburn, 1928, Movie Actor
Jamie Elliott, 1992, Rugby Player
Jasmine Jae, 1983,
Jason Boland, 1987, Bassist
Javagal Srinath, 1969, Cricket Player
Jayasurya, 1978, Movie Actor
Jaz Kuyper, 1991, DJ
Jean Beliveau, 1931, Hockey Player
Jeff Hardy, 1977, Wrestler
Jeffrey Chang, 1994, YouTube Star
Jerome Corsi, 1946, Novelist
Jerry Allison, 1939, Drummer
Jessica Forrest, 1990, Soap Opera Actress
Jim Fassel, 1949, Football Coach
Jim Finks, 1927, Football Player
Jimmy McKenna, 1953, Soap Opera Actor
Joe Budden, 1980, Rapper
John Koerner, 1938, Blues Singer
John S. Wold, 1916, Politician
Jonathan Lapaglia, 1969, TV Actor
Joselyn Dumas, 1980, Movie Actress
Joshua Close, 1981, Movie Actor
JRE, 1990, YouTube Star
Julie Brown, 1954, TV Actress
Julio Ramon Ribeyro, 1929, Novelist
Justice McCort, 2002, Dancer
Kate Aurthur, 1970, Journalist
Katie Hall, 1990, Stage Actress
Kenneth Oppel, 1967, Children’s Author
Kenny Washington, 1918, Football Player
Kirstie Allsopp, 1971, TV Show Host
Ko Joon-hee, 1985, Movie Actress
Kristina Babicz, 1993, Reality Star
Kristina Cook, 1970, Horse Jockey
KyngTavii, 1994, YouTube Star
L Wolfe Gilbert, 1886, Songwriter
Lance Moore, 1983, Football Player
Larry Caputo, 1956, Reality Star
Larry Fitzgerald, 1983, Football Player
Larry Grayson, 1923, Comedian
Larry Hankin, 1940, TV Actor
Laura Mulleavy, 1980, Fashion Designer
Laura White, 1987, Pop Singer
Lavell Webb, 1975, Rapper
Leandra Becerra Lumbreras, 1887,
Leanna Decker, 1991, Instagram Star
Leon Uris, 1924, Novelist
Levi LaVallee, 1982,
Lira Mercer, 1993, Instagram Star
Lokenath Brahmachari, 1730, Philosopher
Lorenzo Thomas, 1944, Poet
Lowell Ganz, 1948, Screenwriter
Lucas King, 1991, YouTube Star
Lucius Hoyos, 2001, TV Actor
Lucy Speed, 1976, Soap Opera Actress
Lyss Ryann, 1992, YouTube Star
Malena Costa Sjogren, 1989, Model
Marc Webb, 1974, Director
Marcia Clark, 1953, Lawyer
Maria Montessori, 1870, Teacher
Mario Rosenstock, 1971, TV Actor
Marva Collins, 1936, Teacher
Marvin Davis, 1925, Entrepreneur
Matt Adams, 1988, Baseball Player
Matt Bell, 1985, Race Car Driver
Megan Stitz, 1999, YouTube Star
Melanie Wright, 1986, Swimmer
Mickie James, 1979, Wrestler
Mike Erwin, 1978, TV Actor
Mike Kuchar, 1942, Director
Mikey Cox, 1977, Drummer
Mo Stack, 1994, Rapper
Molly McFadden, 2001, Family Member
Mona Marshall, 1947, Voice Actor
Morten Qvenild, 1978, Pianist
Nabiha Bensouda, 1986, Pop Artist
Naomi Robson, 1963, TV Show Host
Narvel Blackstock, 1956, Family Member
Nene Thomas, 1968, Graphic Designer
Nikola Gruevski, 1970, World Leader
Nikos Xanthopoulos, 1934, Movie Actor
Noble Willingham, 1931, TV Actor
Noelia, 1979, Pop Singer
Ondrej Pavelec, 1987, Hockey Player
Otelo Saraiva, 1936, War Hero
Pablo Motos, 1965, TV Show Host
Padraig Harrington, 1971, Golfer
Pat Curran, 1987, MMA Fighter
Patrick Nuo, 1982, Pop Singer
Paul Winter, 1939, Saxophonist
Pavel Vinogradov, 1953, Astronaut
Pepe Reina, 1982, Soccer Player
Pete Bucknall, 1993, YouTube Star
Pipe Calderon, 1983, World Music Singer
Plenette Pierson, 1981, Basketball Player
Queen Rania of Jordan, 1970, Royalty
Rachelle Ann Go, 1986, Pop Singer
Raj Ballav Koirala, 1982, Movie Actor
Ralph Krueger, 1959, Hockey Coach
Ramon Castilla, 1797, World Leader
Ramon Magsaysay, 1907, Politician
Ramon Santiago, 1979, Baseball Player
Ramon Vinay, 1911, Opera Singer
Reb Beach, 1963, Guitarist
Rhys Day, 1982, Soccer Player
Richard Basehart, 1914, TV Actor
Richard Gere, 1949, Movie Actor
Rick Howard, 1972, Skateboarder
Ricky Rayment, 1990, Reality Star
Riley McDonough, 1995, Pop Singer
Rituparno Ghosh, 1963, Director
Riza Santos, 1986, Model
Rose Gacioch, 1915, Baseball Player
Rudolf Schenker, 1948, Guitarist
Rudolph Schenker, 1948, Guitarist
Ryan Kelley, 1986, TV Actor
Ryan Kesler, 1984, Hockey Player
Sameer Bhattacharya, 1984, Guitarist
Sanford Meisner, 1905, Teacher
Sara Ramirez, 1975, Movie Actress
Scott Niedermayer, 1973, Hockey Player
Shannon Richardson, 1977, Criminal
Shar Jackson, 1976, TV Actress
Simon Neil, 1979, Rock Singer
Simon Unge, 1990, YouTube Star
Spencer Sutherland, 1992, R&B Singer
Tanaya Henry, 1988, Model
Taylor Skeens, 1993, Star
Taymoo, 1995, Twitch Star
Ted Ligety, 1984, Skier
TeeJay Hughes, 1992, Instagram Star
Thalia Crawford, 1999, YouTube Star
Tim Drew, 1978, Baseball Player
Timothy Anglin, 1822, Politician
Todd Carty, 1963, TV Actor
Tom Coughlin, 1946, Football Coach
Tomato Gaming, 1996, Twitch Star
Tomoe Abe, 1971, Runner
Tony Defranco, 1959, Pop Singer
Trent Hodkinson, 1988, Rugby Player
Vadim Repin, 1971, Violinist
Van Morrison, 1945, Rock Singer
William Dewitt Jr., 1941, Entrepreneur
William McDowell, 1976, Gospel Singer
William Saroyan, 1908, Novelist
Wilton Felder, 1940, Saxophonist
Xavier Williams, 1991, Director
Yara Martinez, 1979, TV Actress
Yungtown, 1990, Rapper
Yuvan Shankar Raja, 1979, Composer
Zach Boucher, 1997, YouTube Star
Zack Ward, 1970, Movie Actor


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