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August 30 Famous Birthdays

August 30 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on AUGUST 30 may need to relax more. These Virgo worry too much sometimes and this makes them depressed. Sure, they could take drugs to make them feel better but they want something more natural than what the doctor will order. They should try yoga or aromatherapy. It works wonders on mood transformations.

Choosing friends becomes more difficult for famous August 30 celebrities as they grow. However, they are attracted to those who have more than them. They look for people who can teach them things about life and who are beneficial. They have a sincere desire to be of help to others and this is one reason why they would make an excellent therapist or social worker.


However, famous people born on August 30 don’t take kindly to cutting corners. As a lover, they want someone who is perfectly compatible. This person should be most like them. Nonetheless, they are guilty of have difficulties with trust. They tend to not give this freely as most people do. Sometimes, this can be most annoying.


If you are a famous person born on August 30th, you are the Virgo who keeps things to yourself. This is a good quality as you can keep secrets and confidences of others. However, they are likely misunderstood. They pay attention to those little things and can be ambitious and determined people. Some famous August 30 birthdays are listed below.


August 30 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

30 August Good Traits:

  • Meticulous
  • Conservative
  • Disciplined
  • Humble
  • Successful

30 August Bad Traits:

  • Withdrawn
  • Odd
  • Callous
  • Critical
  • Bashful
  • Shy

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August 30 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Barrett, 1974, Guitarist
Adam Roberts, 1965, Novelist
Adam Wainwright, 1981, Baseball Player
Alex Cimorelli, 1996, Family Member
Alexander Hamilton Rice, 1818, Politician
Alexander Lukashenko, 1954, Politician
Alister MacKenzie, 1870, Architect
Alvin Greene, 1977, Politician
Amie Yancey, 1987, Reality Star
Anastasia Tasou, 1993, Illustrator
Andre Gomes, 1993, Soccer Player
Andres Velasco, 1960, Economist
Andy Roddick, 1982, Tennis Player
Angel Coulby, 1980, TV Actress

Angelo Dundee, 1921, Boxing Trainer
Anna Ushenina, 1985, Chess Player
Anne Caldwell, 1867, Playwright
Anthony Coleman, 1955, Pianist
Antony Gormley, 1950, Sculptor
Ashish Sharma, 1984, TV Actor
Atl Garza, 1997, Pop Singer
Ava Capra, 1995, Model
Barbara Kendall, 1967, Surfer
Barry Appleby, 1909, Cartoonist
Bebe Rexha, 1989, World Music Singer
Ben Jones, 1941, TV Actor
Ben Tameifuna, 1991, Rugby Player
Bill Berkson, 1939, Poet
Billy Burns, 1989, Baseball Player
Billy Joe Saunders, 1989, Boxer

august-30-famous-birthdaysBisco Hatori, 1975, Illustrator
Bjorn Werner, 1990, Football Player
Bobby Lennox, 1943, Soccer Player
Bohdan Bondarenko, 1989, High Jumper
Brian Yuzna, 1949, Screenwriter
Brice Purton, 1994, YouTube Star
Bruce McLaren, 1937, Race Car Driver
Bruce Petty, 1929, Cartoonist
Cameron Diaz, 1972, Movie Actress
Cameron Finley, 1987, Movie Actor
Camilla Poindexter, 1986, Reality Star
Carla Giraldo, 1986, TV Actress
Carmen Fanzone, 1941, Baseball Player
Carolina Kopelioff, 1996, TV Actress
Cerrie Burnell, 1979, TV Actress
Chalino Sanchez, 1960, World Music Singer

Charles Jeter, 1973, Politician
Chiara Aurelia, 2002, Movie Actress
Chris Getz, 1983, Baseball Player
Christopher Collins, 1949, Voice Actor
Cian Ducrot, 1997, YouTube Star
Cliff Lee, 1978, Baseball Player
Cristian Gonzales, 1976, Soccer Player
Cristiano Doyle, 1991, Instagram Star
CypherDen, 1992, YouTube Star
DaJuan McDaniel, 1990, eSports Player
Dana Gaier, 1997, Voice Actor
Dana Rosemary Scallon, 1951, World Music Singer
Daryl Gates, 1926, Law Enforcement Officer
Dave Brockie, 1963, Metal Singer
David Paymer, 1954, Movie Actor

Dean Carter, 1955, Criminal
Deone Bucannon, 1992, Football Player
Deorro, 1991, DJ
Derryck Gleaton, 1988, YouTube Star
Dimitris Sgouros, 1969, Pianist
DjMaRiiO, 1990, YouTube Star
Don Pedro Colley, 1938, TV Actor
Douglas Foster, 1952, Novelist
Duane Brown, 1985, Football Player
Dwayne Bacon, 1995, Basketball Player
Eamon Sullivan, 1985, Swimmer
Edward Mills Purcell, 1912, Scientist
Ehsan Lashgari, 1985, Wrestler
Elden Henson, 1977, Movie Actor
Elisabeth Furse, 1910, Civil Rights Leader
Elizabeth Alvarez, 1977, Soap Opera Actress
Elizabeth Ashley, 1939, Stage Actress
Ellen Arthur, 1837, Political Wife
Emily Bear, 2001, Composer
Ernest Rutherford, 1871, Scientist
Ernests Gulbis, 1988, Tennis Player
Farid Mammadov, 1991, Pop Singer
Felix Sanchez, 1977, Hurdler
Frank Conniff, 1956, TV Actor
Frank Tug McGraw, 1944, Baseball Player
Fred Hampton, 1948, Civil Rights Leader
Fred MacMurray, 1908, Movie Actor
Frederique Vanderwal, 1967, Model
Gabriel Aubry, 1975, Model
Gary Gordon, 1960, War Hero
Geoffrey Beene, 1924, Fashion Designer
George Frederick Root, 1820, Composer
Gerald Albright, 1957, Saxophonist
Geraldine Alejandra Galvan, 1993, TV Actress
Guru Randhawa, 1991, Pop Singer
Hannah Georgas, 1983, Pop Singer
Hannah Rollins, 2000, Dancer
Helge Schneider, 1955, Comedian
Henry Scriven, 1951, Religious Leader
Heo Young-ji, 1994, Pop Singer
Holly Weston, 1985, Soap Opera Actress
Huey Long, 1893, Politician
Jack Owen Spillman, 1969, Criminal
Jack Swigert, 1931, Astronaut
Jacques-Louis David, 1748, Painter
Jahangir, 1569, Royalty
Jean Claude Killy, 1943, Skier
Jermaine Coleman, 1973, Rapper
Jessica Bass Byge, 1989, YouTube Star
Jim Miller, 1983, MMA Fighter
Jim Paredes, 1951, TV Show Host
Joan Blondell, 1906, Movie Actress
Joe Crawford, 1951, Referee
Joe Staley, 1984, Football Player
Johanna Braddy, 1987, TV Actress
John Mauchly, 1907, Scientist
John Phillips, 1935, Guitarist
John Surman, 1944, Saxophonist
Johnny Mann, 1928, Rock Singer
Jon Adkins, 1977, Baseball Player
Joni Anwar, 1981, Rapper
Jonne Aaron, 1983, Rock Singer
Jordan Rodgers, 1988, Football Player
Jovan Cirilov, 1931, Playwright
Juan Ignacio Chela, 1979, Tennis Player
Julia Gamaliy, 2003, Pop Singer
Julie Bellezzabeauty03, 1998, YouTube Star
Julio Correa, 1890, Poet
Jun Matsumoto, 1983, Movie Actor
K Megan McArthur, 1971, Astronaut
Kai Hayes, 1996, YouNow Star
Kasia Nosowska, 1971, Rock Singer
Kaylee Rollins, 2003, Dancer
Kenny Dorham, 1924, Trumpet Player
Kimberley Joseph, 1973, TV Actress
Kitty Wells, 1919, Country Singer
Kris Commons, 1983, Soccer Player
Kwon So-hyun, 1994, Pop Singer
Laeta Kalogridis, 1965, Screenwriter
LaQuan Smith, 1988, Fashion Designer
Lars Frederiksen, 1971, Guitarist
Lawrence Jackson, 1985, Football Player
Leisel Jones, 1985, Swimmer
Lelia Masaga, 1986, Rugby Player
Leo Green, 1972, Saxophonist
Lewis Black, 1948, Comedian
Li-Lin Wong, 1972, TV Actress
Liam Cooper, 1991, Soccer Player
Lisa Ling, 1973, TV Show Host
Lovel Palmer, 1984, Soccer Player
Malusi Gigaba, 1971, Politician
Mark Lecras, 1986, Australian Rules Footballer
MarkE Miller, 1992, YouTube Star
Marlon Byrd, 1977, Baseball Player
Mary Shelley, 1797, Novelist
Mathias Lillmans, 1982, Metal Singer
Matt Shea, 1993, YouTube Star
Megan Jones, 1984,
Michael Chiklis, 1963, TV Actor
Michael Gladis, 1977, TV Actor
Michael Grant Terry, 1984, TV Actor
Michael Michele, 1966, Movie Actress
Michael Wong, 1970, Pop Singer
Mike Van Reekum, 1992, YouTube Star
MissKyleesBeauty, 2000, YouTube Star
Molly Ivins, 1944, Journalist
Nancy Wake, 1912, War Hero
Natalie Amrossi, 1990, Photographer
Natalie Marcin, 1914, Journalist
Nate Saint, 1923, Pilot
Nathaniel Gleed, 1997, TV Actor
Nelson Ascencio, 1964, TV Actor
Nicholas Lewanowicz, 1995, YouTube Star
Nigel Hall, 1943, Sculptor
Nora Ekberg, 1996, R&B Singer
Norkys Batista, 1977, Model
Oakley Glynn-Jones, 1991, YouTube Star
Paco Alcacer, 1993, Soccer Player
Paul Oakenfold, 1963, DJ
Paulo Sousa, 1970, Soccer Player
Pavel Nedved, 1972, Soccer Player
Peggy Lipton, 1946, TV Actress
Quisha Rose, 2001, YouTube Star
Radhi Jaidi, 1975, Soccer Player
Raffey Cassidy, 2002, Movie Actress
Rajiv Ouseph, 1986, Badminton Player
Raul Castillo, 1977, TV Actor
Raymond Massey, 1896, Movie Actor
Reema Saleh, 2011, Family Member
Regina Resnik, 1922, Opera Singer
Rich Cronin, 1974, Pop Singer
Richa Pallod, 1980, Movie Actress
Robert Crumb, 1943, Cartoonist
Robert Parish, 1953, Basketball Player
Robin Harris, 1953, Comedian
Rogan O’Connor, 1989, Reality Star
Roger Bushell, 1910, Pilot
Roger Walcott Sperry, 1913, Doctor
Rose Dorothy Dauriac, 2014, Family Member
Ross Clark, 1953, Poet
Rowland Hussey Macy Sr., 1822, Entrepreneur
Roy Wilkins, 1901, Civil Rights Leader
Ryan Ross, 1986, Guitarist
Ryan Vallejo, 1994, YouTube Star
Sachie, 1993, YouTube Star
Scott Stanford, 1977, Sportscaster
Sean Marshall, 1982, Baseball Player
Sean Ryan Fox, 2001, TV Actor
Shannon Carpenter, 1994, Family Member
Shaun Alexander, 1977, Football Player
Shirley Booth, 1898, Movie Actress
Simone Pepe, 1983, Soccer Player
Spencer Drever, 2003, TV Actor
Stephen Silver, 1972, Cartoonist
Steven Joseph, 1992, YouTube Star
Subramaniam Badrinath, 1980, Cricket Player
Sumbul Iqbal, 1990, TV Actress
Sylvia Earle, 1935, Scientist
Tal Brody, 1943, Basketball Player
Tatiana McQuay, 2003, Dancer
Tavia Yeung, 1979, TV Actress
Ted Williams, 1918, Baseball Player
Theo Hutchcraft, 1986, Pop Singer
Theo van Doesburg, 1883, Entrepreneur
Theodor Svedberg, 1884, Scientist
Theophile Gautier, 1811, Poet
Thom Tillis, 1960, Politician
Thomas Welker, 1991, Entrepreneur
Tianna Bartoletta, 1985, Long Jumper
Timothy Bottoms, 1951, Movie Actor
Toby Cottrell, 1996, YouTube Star
Tom Harlock, 1993, Vine Star
Tresor Kandol, 1981, Soccer Player
Trevor Jackson, 1996, TV Actor
Trey Johnson, 1984, Basketball Player
Tyler Deric, 1988, Soccer Player
Victor Claver, 1988, Basketball Player
Warren Buffett, 1930, Entrepreneur
Will Davison, 1982, Race Car Driver
William Ivey Long, 1947,
William Marvin Bass, 1928, Scientist
Wouter Janssen, 1982, Music Producer
Xernona Clayton, 1930, Civil Rights Leader


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