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August 24 Famous Birthdays

August 24 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on AUGUST 24 fall under the zodiac sign Virgo. These people are known to be intelligent and quick individuals. They provide many amusing and interesting hours of conversation.

Sometimes, they talk about their family and their friends as they are their muse for many topics. They prefer a small group of friends instead of many associates who probably wouldn’t have their best interest at heart. It’s likely that famous August 24 celebrities may have vivid memories of their childhood which affect them today and the way they handle their personal and intimate relationships.


However, they tend to be someone who takes courtship to a new level. When it comes to love, famous people born on August 24 have this way of enticing the weirdest of people meaning they do not measure up to meet their emotional needs. Traveling should be a part of their occupation as they find that it is always a learning experience.

They would do well in the areas of communication, education and human resources. As long as they are helping others, they are a happy camper. On the other hand, they are known to be somewhat unfeeling and isolated.


Famous people born on AUGUST 24th are Virgo who are practical and likely will marry at a young age. Their friends and family know they care but they show it more. Typically, a bashful person they are embarrassed by compliments. Normally, they will find careers in serving others.


August 24 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

24 August Good Traits:

  • Sharp
  • Fascinating
  • Practical
  • Supportive
  • Content
  • Secure
  • Stimulating

24 August Bad Traits:

  • Withdrawn
  • Odd
  • Callous
  • Critical
  • Bashful
  • Shy

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August 24 Famous Birthday Personalities

Abhishek Malik, 1986, TV Actor
Aditi Sharma, 1983, Movie Actress
Ahmad Farhan, 1987, Guitarist
Ahmadou Ahidjo, 1924, Politician
Alan Walker, 1997, DJ
Alanah Pearce, 1993, YouTube Star
Alex Babinski, 1993, Guitarist
Alex O’Loughlin, 1976, Movie Actor
Alexander Mccall Smith, 1948, Novelist
Alexandre Coste, 2003, Family Member
Alice White, 1904, Movie Actress
Allen Robinson, 1993, Football Player
Aloysius Pang, 1990, TV Actor
Alyssa Goehner, 1995, Volleyball Player
Amy Spanger, 1971, TV Actress
Anders Bardal, 1982, Skier

Andre Kim, 1935, Fashion Designer
Andreas Kisser, 1968, Guitarist
Andrew Brunette, 1973, Hockey Player
Andrew Ripp, 1982, Rock Singer
Angie Brooks, 1928, Politician
Anna Lee Fisher, 1949, Astronaut
Anne Archer, 1947, Movie Actress
Anze Kopitar, 1987, Hockey Player
Aqib Khan, 1994, TV Actor
Arian Foster, 1986, Football Player
Arthur Crudup, 1905, Blues Singer
Arumugam Vijiaratnam, 1921, Hockey Player
Augusto Schuster, 1992, TV Actor
Austin McKenzie, 1993, Stage Actor
Ava DuVernay, 1972, Director
B Smith, 1949, Chef

august-24-famous-birthdaysBarret Oliver, 1973, Photographer
Beny More, 1919, World Music Singer
Beth Riesgraf, 1978, TV Actress
Betty Dodson, 1929, Novelist
Billy Chow, 1958, Movie Actor
Blake Berris, 1984, TV Actor
Bob Corker, 1954, Politician
Brett Gardner, 1983, Baseball Player
Brittani Louise Taylor, 1983, YouTube Star
Buster Smith, 1904, Saxophonist
Caesar Jenkyns, 1866, Soccer Player
Cal Ripken Jr., 1960, Baseball Player
Cameron Goodman, 1984, TV Actress
Cameron McCasland, 1981, Director
Canaan Smith, 1982, Country Singer

Carlo Gambino, 1902, Criminal
Carlo Romanelli, 1872, Sculptor
Carmine Giovinazzo, 1973, TV Actor
Casey Bolles, 1995, Folk Singer
Catherine Paiz, 1990, Instagram Star
Chad Michael Murray, 1981, TV Actor
Charles Causley, 1917, Poet
Charles Rocket, 1949, Movie Actor
Charles Snead Houston, 1913, Doctor
Charlie Villanueva, 1984, Basketball Player
Chris Offutt , 1958, Memoirist
Christian Garcia, 1985, Baseball Player
Christopher Parker, 1983, TV Actor
Clint Daniels, 1974, Country Singer
Cody Strong, 1994, YouTube Star
Craig Kilborn, 1962, Sportscaster

Dafydd Iwan, 1943, Politician
Dale Hennesy, 1926, Production Designer
Dan Henderson, 1970, MMA Fighter
Dana Gould, 1964, Comedian
Danica DeCosto, 1976, YouTube Star
Daniel Carson Goodman, 1881, Screenwriter
Danny Joe Brown, 1951, Rock Singer
Danny Kurily, 1985,
Dave Chappelle, 1973, Comedian
David Brown, 1992, YouTube Star
David Gregory, 1970, News Anchor
David Koechner, 1962, Movie Actor
David Lucca, 2011, Family Member
David Raikuna, 1987, Rugby Player
Dennis James, 1917, Game Show Host
Derek Morris, 1978, Hockey Player
Derek Ryan, 1983, Country Singer
Dick Lee, 1956, Pop Singer
Dilpreet Dhillon, 1991, World Music Singer
DJ Bandz, 1992, DJ
Don McLeod, 1946, Hockey Player
Don Thomson, 1962, Race Car Driver
Dorothy Comingore, 1913, Movie Actress
Drew Pearce, 1975, Screenwriter
Duke Kahanamoku, 1890, Surfer
Durward Kirby, 1911, TV Show Host
Ele Keats, 1973, Movie Actress
ELHAE, 1990, R&B Singer
Eli Pasquale, 1960, Basketball Player
Eliana Tidhar, 1992, TV Actress
Elizabeth Lee Hazen, 1885, Scientist
Elva Hsiao, 1979, Pop Singer
EmanitheGoddess, 1990, Blogger
Enrique Hernandez, 1991, Baseball Player
Erin Cottrell, 1975, TV Actress
Erin Molan, 1982, TV Show Host
Evelyn Taft, 1984, Journalist
Felicity Grace, 1999, YouTube Star
Francesca Zambello, 1956, Director
Francis Pangilinan, 1963, Politician
Franz Viehbock, 1960, Astronaut
Fred Rose, 1898, Film Producer
Fritz Strobl, 1972, Skier
Funke Akindele, 1976, Movie Actress
George Gilbey, 1984, Reality Star
GoWithFlick, 1999, YouTube Star
Graysan Thieman, 1996, YouTube Star
Grey DeLisle, 1973, Voice Actor
Griffin Gluck, 2000, TV Actor
Hal Smith, 1916, TV Actor
Hank Haney, 1955, Teacher
Hanna Beth Merjos, 1988, Model
Harry Hooper, 1887, Baseball Player
Hayato Sakurai, 1975, MMA Fighter
Hayley Rey, 1974, Reality Star
Hazel Gordy, 1954, Family Member
Hector Leal, 1990, Vine Star
Helga Krapf, 1988, TV Actress
Hideo Kojima, 1963, Engineer
Holly Hallstrom, 1952, Model
Howard Zinn, 1922, Historian
Ian Moran, 1972, Hockey Player
Inge de Bruijn, 1973, Swimmer
Irma Lozano, 1944, Movie Actress
Ivan Sabolic, 1921, Sculptor
J Daniel Howard, 1943, Politician
JackTheBridge, 1999, YouTube Star
Jamal Edwards, 1990, Entrepreneur
James D’Arcy, 1975, TV Actor
James Toney, 1968, Boxer
Jamie Cox, 1986, Boxer
Jared Harris, 1961, Movie Actor
Jean Michel Jarre, 1948, Composer
Jen Widerstrom, 1982, Reality Star
Jennifer Lien, 1974, TV Actress
Jennifer Widerstorm, 1982, Reality Star
Jenny Delich, 1990, Reality Star
Jeremiah Masoli, 1988, Football Player
Jeremy Brandt, 1978, Entrepreneur
Jessica Perez, 1984, Model
Jesus Amaya, 1969, Golfer
Jiro Wang, 1981, Pop Singer
Joe Manchin, 1947, Politician
Joe Regalbuto, 1949, TV Actor
John Bush, 1963, Metal Singer
John Green, 1977, Young Adult Author
John Tobias, 1969, Game Designer
Johnny Keyser, 1998, Pop Singer
Jon Scheyer, 1987, Basketball Player
Jonathan Couto, 1994, Pop Singer
Jorge Luis Borges, 1899, Novelist
Jose Bosingwa, 1982, Soccer Player
Joseph Minala, 1996, Soccer Player
Josh Bynes, 1989, Football Player
Josh Chomik, 1992, YouTube Star
Juan Pedro Lanzani, 1990, TV Actor
Julian Austin, 1963, Country Singer
Julian Quintart, 1987, TV Actor
Justine Skye, 1995, R&B Singer
K Kelappan, 1889, Civil Rights Leader
Kaki King, 1979, Guitarist
Karoline Rhett, 2000, Country Singer
Karrine Steffans, 1978, Novelist
Ken Hensley, 1945, Rock Singer
Kenny Baker, 1934, Movie Actor
Kevin Correia, 1980, Baseball Player
Kevin Dunn, 1956, Movie Actor
Kevin Kolb, 1984, Football Player
Kevin Kramer, 1976, Screenwriter
Kianna Maxie, 1999, Musical.ly Star
King Krule, 1994, Jazz Singer
Konstantin Hert, 1986, YouTube Star
Kristyn Osborn, 1970, Country Singer
Kyle Burns, 1985, Drummer
Lee Naimo, 1982, Comedian
Leeke Laflare, 1990, Music Producer
Liam Trotter, 1988, Soccer Player
Linda Hogan, 1959, Reality Star
Louis Teicher, 1924, Pianist
Lucy Mecklenburgh, 1991, Reality Star
Ludvig Algovik, 1994, Guitarist
Luke Illingworth, 1987, Drummer
Luke Thompson, 1988, YouTube Star
Madi Westbrooke, 1999, YouTube Star
Malcolm Cowley, 1898, Poet
Marcel Goc, 1983, Hockey Player
Marcela Gandara, 1983, Rock Singer
Marcus Davis, 1973, MMA Fighter
Marlee Matlin, 1965, Movie Actress
Martha Higareda, 1983, Movie Actress
Mary Padian, 1980, Reality Star
Mason Williams, 1938, Guitarist
Matthew Mason, 1952, Scientist
Matthieu Laurette, 1970, Multimedia Artist
Max Cleland, 1942, Politician
Maya Yoshida, 1988, Soccer Player
Michael Boley, 1982, Football Player
Michael Redd, 1979, Basketball Player
Mike Carroll, 1975, Skateboarder
Mike Huckabee, 1955, Politician
Mike Kuza, 1989, Metal Singer
Mike Shanahan, 1952, Football Coach
Mindaugas Zukauskas, 1975, Basketball Player
Molly Moore, 1992, Pop Singer
Nathan Wolfe, 1970, Scientist
Nicholas Alexander, 1988, Skier
Nick Bufty, 2000, Musical.ly Star
Nicole Frolov, 2003, Pop Singer
Nina Ruge, 1956, TV Show Host
Noah Vonleh, 1995, Basketball Player
Nur Aisyah, 2000, YouTube Star
Ophelia Dagger, 1986, YouTube Star
Orla Fallon, 1974, Opera Singer
Orlando Engelaar, 1979, Soccer Player
Orson Scott Card, 1951, Novelist
Oscar Hijuelos, 1951, Novelist
Osita Iheme, 1982, Movie Actor
Oteil Burbridge, 1964, Bassist
Owais Khan, 1979, Reality Star
Paige Thomas, 1990, Pop Singer
Paulo Coelho, 1947, Novelist
Payton Ackerman, 1997, Dancer
Pedro Afonso Rezende, 1996, YouTube Star
Peter Lanzani, 1990, TV Actor
Preston Foster, 1900, Movie Actor
Rachael Carpani, 1980, TV Actress
Ranae Holland, 1970, Reality Star
Rebecca Mader, 1977, TV Actress
Reggie Miller, 1965, Basketball Player
Rene Lévesque, 1922, Politician
Reynaldo Dos santos Silva, 1989, Soccer Player
Richard Biegenwald, 1940, Criminal
Richard Cushing, 1895, Religious Leader
Richie Gray, 1989, Rugby Player
Robert Enke, 1977, Soccer Player
Robert Herrick, 1591, Poet
Robin Packalen, 1998, Pop Singer
Rocio Igarzábal, 1989, Movie Actress
Rocky Johnson, 1944, Wrestler
Ron Holloway, 1953, Saxophonist
Ronee Blakley, 1945, Movie Actress
Rosmarie Waldrop, 1935, Poet
Ruby Smith, 1903, Blues Singer
Rupert Grint, 1988, Movie Actor
Ryan Singer, 1973, Painter
Sajjad Ali, 1966, World Music Singer
Salizhan Sharipov, 1964, Astronaut
Sam Torrance, 1953, Golfer
Samuel Paynter, 1768, Politician
Sauli Niinisto, 1948, Politician
Sharon Dunn, 1953, News Anchor
Simon Samuels, 1995, Vine Star
Sina Ozer, 1995, Vine Star
Sofia Andres, 1998, TV Actress
Sofia Richie, 1998, Model
Spike Albrecht, 1992, Basketball Player
Stephen Fry, 1957, Movie Actor
Steve Guttenberg, 1958, Movie Actor
Steven Lindsey, 1960, Astronaut
Susan Sheehan, 1937, Non-Fiction Author
Swainoh, 1993, Vine Star
Takashi Miike, 1960, Director
Tamiko Nash, 1979, Model
Tim Salmon, 1968, Baseball Player
Tim White, 1950, Scientist
Tito Sotto, 1948, Game Show Host
Tony Amendola, 1944, TV Actor
Trevor Prangley, 1972, MMA Fighter
Tugay Kerimoglu, 1970, Soccer Player
Tyler Ennis, 1994, Basketball Player
Tyrone Jones, 1985, Instagram Star
Vince McMahon, 1945, Entrepreneur
Vincent Dery, 1990, World Music Singer
Vincent Paterson, 1959, Director
W Morgan Sheppard, 1932, Movie Actor
Wenwen Han, 1995, Movie Actress
William Wilberforce, 1759, Politician
Yasser Arafat, 1929, World Leader
Yesung, 1984, Pop Singer


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