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August 25 Famous Birthdays

August 25 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on AUGUST 25 are Virgo who one could say have a low tolerance for pettiness and child’s play. They work hard… too hard for their money to be involved in anything that could jeopardize their outstanding reputation. Sometimes it can take days for them to come to a conclusion about something significant.

Additionally, these famous August 25 celebrities can make a mountain out of a mole hill. So they are actually responsible for creating their own crisis from time to time. Otherwise, they are normal within a healthy range of self-reliance and integrity.


But as a shortcoming or downfall, famous people born on August 25 tend to worry and stress over many things beyond their control. Try meditation as a means of exercise and relaxation. It could help relieve stress tremendously. This should help clear their mind so they can better help others. Being the nice person that they are, some expect them to be vulnerable as well.

Famous people born on August 25 have great instincts when it comes to people. So it’s unlikely that they will let people take them for granted. As their own boss, they will likely give some of the load to other professionals. They don’t seem to have much control when it comes to a sale. Chances are they make impulse buys.


Famous AUGUST 25th celebrities can be rational people with a lot of potential to be great. They are adaptable, confident but they can be their own worst enemy. However, they are generous and don’t mind helping others in time of need. This is their gift.


August 25 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

25 August Good Traits:

  • Diligent
  • Sensible
  • Adaptable
  • Unselfish
  • Instinctive
  • Helpful
  • Organized
  • Determined
  • Focused

25 August Bad Traits:

  • Unsure
  • Unstable
  • Susceptible
  • Unsettled
  • Grumbling
  • Hypochondriac

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August 25 Famous Birthday Personalities

#GetItIndy, 1994, YouTube Star
Aaron Ash, 1991, YouTube Star
Aaron Jeffery, 1970, TV Actor
Abby Small, 1966, Reality Star
Abraham Mateo, 1998, Pop Singer
Adrian Lam, 1970, Rugby Player
Albert Belle, 1966, Baseball Player
Alberto Savinio, 1891, Poet
Alexander Skarsgard, 1976, TV Actor
Alexandra Burke, 1988, R&B Singer
Alexandra Potora, 1984, YouTube Star
Alexis Vera, 2000, YouTube Star
Alina Smith, 1991, Country Singer
Alisa Xayalith, 1986, Pop Singer

Allan Pinkerton, 1819, Law Enforcement Officer
Ally Walker, 1961, TV Actress
Althea Gibson, 1927, Tennis Player
Amber Le Bon, 1989, Family Member
Ambre Renee, 1992, YouTube Star
Amy Macdonald, 1987, Rock Singer
Andrew Hussie, 1979, Comic Book Artist
Andy McDonald, 1977, Hockey Player
Angela Park, 1988, Golfer
Angelica Mandy, 1992, Movie Actress
Angelo Aita, 1990, Pop Singer
Anthony Heald, 1944, Movie Actor
Anya Monzikova, 1984, TV Actress
Aras Bulut Iynemli, 1990, TV Actor
Arpad Elo, 1903, Chess Player

august-25-famous-birthdaysAzmin Ali, 1964, Politician
Becky Gulsvig, 1982, Stage Actress
Ben Diskin, 1982, Voice Actor
Ben Falcone, 1973, Movie Actor
Bill Handel, 1951, Lawyer
Bill Malone, 1934, Country Singer
Billy Ray Cyrus, 1961, Country Singer
Blair Underwood, 1964, TV Actor
Blake Lively, 1987, TV Actress
Branislav Lecic, 1955, Movie Actor
Bret Harte, 1836, Novelist
Brian Moore, 1921, Novelist
Brianne Siddall, 1963, Voice Actor
Bridgette West, 1992, YouTube Star
Brittney Cade, 1982, Family Member

Brittni Mealy, 1989, Family Member
Bryan Mosley, 1931, Soap Opera Actor
Caitlin Fitzgerald, 1983, TV Actress
Cameron Mathison, 1969, TV Actor
Candice O’Reilly, 1993, YouTube Star
Candida Doyle, 1963, Pianist
Caris LeVert, 1994, Basketball Player
Carlos Arredondo, 1960, Activist
Casey Atwood, 1980, Race Car Driver
Catarina Furtado, 1972, TV Show Host
Catriona Matthew, 1969, Golfer
Charles Ghigna, 1946, Poet
Charlie Sanders, 1946, Football Player

China Anne McClain, 1998, TV Actress
Chris Hart, 1984, Pop Singer
Chris Roberson, 1970, Novelist
Christian LeBlanc, 1958, Soap Opera Actor
Claudia Schiffer, 1970, Model
Clive Tyldesley, 1954, Sportscaster
Colin Wayne, 1989, Model
Conrad Black, 1944, Criminal
Cornelius Bennett, 1965, Football Player
Cortney Hendrix, 1987, Reality Star
Craftingeek, 1990, YouTube Star
Damon Jones, 1976, Basketball Player
Daniel Marangiolo, 1990, YouTube Star
Dave Tippett, 1961, Hockey Coach
David Alan Basche, 1968, TV Actor
David Canary, 1938, TV Actor
David Mayer Derothschild, 1978,
David Packer, 1962, TV Actor
Devin Searcy, 1989, Basketball Player
Devina Aureel, 1995, Instagram Star
Devontae_Ballin, 2001, Star
Dexter McCluster, 1988, Football Player
Diego Corrales, 1977, Boxer
Don Defore, 1913, TV Actor
Doug Glanville, 1970, Baseball Player
Elizabeth Esty, 1959, Politician
Elvis Costello, 1954, Rock Singer
Eric Millegan, 1974, TV Actor
Facundo Conte, 1989, Volleyball Player
Fatih Akin, 1973, Director
Fernando Tavora, 1923, Architect
Frederick Forsyth, 1938, Novelist
Gabriel Guerin, 1892, Pilot
Gene Simmons, 1949, Rock Singer
Geoff Downes, 1952, Songwriter
George Stubbs, 1724, Painter
George Wallace, 1919, Politician
Georgiy Daneliya, 1930, Director
Gershon Koffie, 1991, Soccer Player
Greg Salas, 1988, Football Player
Gunner Gumm, 1993, YouTube Star
Hal Fishman, 1931, News Anchor
Haley Blais, 1994, YouTube Star
Hamidul Huq Choudhury, 1901, Politician
Harry Manfredini, 1943, Composer
Helen Egan, 1979, Dancer
Helen Milligan, 1962, Chess Player
Henry Paul, 1949, Country Singer
Henry S. Neal, 1828, Politician
Herve Nzelo-lembi, 1975, Soccer Player
Holly Gibbs, 1997, TV Actress
Hugh Hudson, 1936, Director
Hussain Al Jassmi, 1979, World Music Singer
Hwang Kwanghee, 1988, Pop Singer
Irving Thalberg Jr., 1930, Philosopher
Ivan Koloff, 1942, Wrestler
Ivan The Terrible, 1530, Royalty
Ivy Quainoo, 1992, Pop Singer
J. L. Mackie, 1917, Philosopher
J. Loren Wince, 1991, Rock Singer
Jack Pratt, 2012, Family Member
Jackie Gomez, 1982, Makeup Artist
Jairo Arrieta, 1983, Soccer Player
Jake Bley, 1989, YouTube Star
James Righton, 1983, Rock Singer
Jamie Gold, 1969, Film Producer
Jamie Raven, 1984, Magician
Jamie Young, 1985, Soccer Player
Jaymee Sire, 1980, Sportscaster
Jeff Johnson, 1987, YouTube Star
Jeff Tweedy, 1967, Rock Singer
Jensen Atwood, 1976, TV Actor
Jeremy Horn, 1975, MMA Fighter
Jessica Martin, 1962, TV Actress
Jireh Lim, 1992, YouTube Star
Jo Dee Messina, 1970, Country Singer
Joanne Whalley, 1964, Movie Actress
Joby Talbot, 1971, Composer
Joe Flanders, 1987, YouTube Star
Joe Wright, 1972, Director
John Badham, 1939, Director
John Bardon, 1939, Soap Opera Actor
John Faso, 1952, Politician
John McGeoch, 1955, Guitarist
John Neal, 1793, Poet
Jonathan Togo, 1977, TV Actor
Jordan Jefferson, 1990, Football Player
Joseph R. Beyrle, 1923, War Hero
Josh Flitter, 1994, Movie Actor
Justin Upton, 1987, Baseball Player
Katie Rose Clarke, 1984, Stage Actress
Kazys Simonis, 1887, Painter
Keegan Joyce, 1989, TV Actor
Keith Tippett, 1947, Pianist
Kel Mitchell, 1978, TV Actor
Kelly Bires, 1984, Race Car Driver
Kemal Palevi, 1998, Comedian
Kenan Sofuoglu, 1984, Motorcycle Racer
KenZ, 1997, Twitch Star
Kim Kold, 1965, Movie Actor
King Harris, 2004, Family Member
Kjetil Jansrud, 1985, Skier
Lachlan, 1995, YouTube Star
Lala Marcum, 1994, YouTube Star
Latosha Duffey, 1988, DJ
Lauren Robinson, 1999, YouTube Star
Ledward Kaapana, 1948, Guitarist
Lee Archambault, 1960, Astronaut
Leonard Bernstein, 1918, Composer
Leslie-Anne Huff, 1984, TV Actress
Lightshow, 1991, Rapper
Linda Pira, 1985, Rapper
Linsey Urrea, 1996, Vine Star
Lisa Papademetriou, 1971, Young Adult Author
Liu Yifei, 1987, Movie Actress
Logan Morrison, 1987, Baseball Player
Lou van Burg, 1917, Game Show Host
Luisfer Polito, 1995, YouTube Star
Luka Sulic, 1987, Cellist
Luke Bayer, 1992, Pop Singer
Madison Desch, 1997, Gymnast
Mandalynn Carlson, 1999, Movie Actress
Marienetta Jirkowsky, 1962,
Marisela De Montecristo, 1992, Model
Marlene Neubauer-Woerner, 1918, Sculptor
Marlon Harewood, 1979, Soccer Player
Marti Noxon, 1964, Screenwriter
Martin Amis, 1949, Novelist
Marvin Harrison, 1972, Football Player
Mary Charlotte, 1998, YouTube Star
Mary Faustina Kowalska, 1905, Religious Leader
Maty Noyes, 1997, R&B Singer
Mel Ferrer, 1917, Director
Mia Zapata, 1965, Punk Singer
Michael Cohen, 1966, Lawyer
Michael Cummings, 1968, Metal Singer
Michael Denton, 1943, Scientist
Michael Ginn, 1987, Comedian
Michael Rennie, 1909, Movie Actor
Michelle Beaudoin, 1975, TV Actress
Micky Parsons, 1994, Pop Singer
Mike Lockwood, 1971, Wrestler
Mike Song, 1986, Dancer
Mindy Marie, 1989, YouTube Star
Monty Hall, 1921, Game Show Host
Natalie Belmont, 1998, Model
Nathan Deal, 1942, Politician
Nevin Birsa, 1947, Poet
Nick Schultz, 1982, Hockey Player
Pat Martino, 1944, Guitarist
Pedro Feliciano, 1976, Baseball Player
Peter Duffy, 1954, Lawyer
Peter Gilmore, 1931, TV Actor
Rachael Ray, 1968, Chef
Rachel Bilson, 1981, TV Actress
Rachel Shelley, 1969, TV Actress
Rada Manojlovic, 1985, Folk Singer
Ralph Baker, 1942, Football Player
Raul Ruiz, 1972, Politician
Ray Heindorf, 1908, Composer
Ray Quinn, 1988, Pop Singer
Raymond Wong, 1975, TV Actor
Regis Philbin, 1931, TV Show Host
Richard Greene, 1918, Movie Actor
Rob Halford, 1951, Metal Singer
Robert Horry, 1970, Basketball Player
Robert Toth, 1939, Sculptor
Robin Milhausen, 1975, TV Show Host
Rola Saad, 1978, Pop Singer
Rollie Fingers, 1946, Baseball Player
Ron Barber, 1945, Politician
Ross Hull, 1975, TV Actor
Ross Stevenson, 1957, Radio Host
Ruby Keeler, 1910, Stage Actress
Salif Keita, 1949, World Music Singer
Sarah Manners, 1975, TV Actress
Saverio Guerra, 1964, TV Actor
Scott Niswander, 1992, YouTube Star
Sean Connery, 1930, Movie Actor
Seckin Ozdemir, 1981, TV Actor
Seymour Kety, 1915, Doctor
Shane Hall, 1969, Race Car Driver
Shaylene Benson, 1988, Dancer
Sherley Anne Williams, 1944, Poet
Shock G, 1963, Rapper
Sinisa Ubiparipovic, 1983, Soccer Player
SlavaAF, 1995, YouTube Star
Sonia Orwell, 1918, Family Member
Sophia Dall’aglio, 2000, TV Actress
Stacey Farber, 1987, TV Actress
Stuart Murdoch, 1968, Pop Singer
Susan Brooks, 1960, Politician
Tadashi Mori, 1985, YouTube Star
Tchicaya U Tamsi, 1931, Poet
Tetsuo Harada, 1949, Sculptor
Theodor Kocher, 1841, Doctor
Theresa Andrews, 1962, Swimmer
Thomas Carpino, 1994, Vine Star
Thomas Oliveira, 1993, YouTube Star
Tim Burton, 1958, Director
Tim Mensy, 1959, Country Singer
Tim Ng, 1996, Family Member
TJ Bell, 1980, Race Car Driver
Tom Hollander, 1967, Movie Actor
Tom Skerritt, 1933, Movie Actor
Tony Ramos, 1948, TV Actor
Tray Bills, 1995, Rapper
Van Johnson, 1916, Movie Actor
Vanessa Palomino, 1995, YouTube Star
Vasilios Kotronias, 1964, Chess Player
Viacheslav Kravtsov, 1987, Basketball Player
Vijayakanth, 1952, Movie Actor
Violeta Tarasoviene, 1974, Pop Singer
Vivi-Anne Hulten, 1911, Figure Skater
Vivian Campbell, 1962, Guitarist
Vladimir Varlaj, 1895, Painter
Waldo Frank, 1889, Historian
Walt Kelly, 1913, Cartoonist
Walter Trampler, 1915, Violinist
Wayne Shorter, 1933, Saxophonist
Willy DeVille, 1950, Guitarist
Wynter Gordon, 1985, Pop Singer
Zhao Yunlei, 1986, Badminton Player
Zoe Marais, 1998, Instagram Star


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