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August 20 Famous Birthdays

August 20 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on AUGUST 20, in general, are delightful with high energy levels. They enjoy a good friendly competition. However, when they lose, they can be something of a challenge themselves. This is a good time when they feel the need to stay at home and curl up with someone special or a good book or movie.

Normally, they attract some colorful characters. Maybe they could try a different avenue to meet new people. They have a tendency to be behind times when it comes to dating.


And another thing… they need to stop being so negative where love is concerned and not ask so many questions on the first date. This could be a turn off to someone they have just met. On the other hand, famous August 20 celebrities may enjoy the single life. Whoever they decided on mating with, they are likely going to be friends first as they are in no hurry to make a commitment.


Famous people born on AUGUST 20th are likely to be hard workers. They don’t like drama, lies or deceit. They have a tendency to attract a certain element that could be less than desirable. Although, they are calm people, they have a way of making people feel wanted.


August 20 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

20 August Good Traits:

  • Diligent
  • Simple
  • Helpful
  • Welcoming
  • Funny
  • Passionate
  • Sweet
  • Balanced

20 August Bad Traits:

  • Secretive
  • Volatile
  • Opinionated
  • Impulsive
  • Obsessive

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August 20 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aalyah Gutiérrez, 2001, Family Member
Aaron Matts, 1990, Metal Singer
Aaron Watson, 1977, Country Singer
Adel Karam, 1972, TV Actor
Adrian Miedzinski, 1985, Race Car Driver
Ailton Jose Almeida, 1984, Soccer Player
Al Lopez, 1908, Baseball Player
Al Roker, 1954, TV Show Host
Alan Lee, 1947, Illustrator
Alan Reed, 1907, TV Actor
Alejandro Chaban, 1981, Soap Opera Actor
Alex Newell, 1992, TV Actor
Alfredo Villa, 1993, YouTube Star
Alvaro Negredo, 1985, Soccer Player
Amr Ellissy, 1963, TV Show Host

Amy Adams, 1974, Movie Actress
Amy Phillips, 1978, TV Actress
Andrei Konchalovsky, 1937, Director
Andrew Garfield, 1983, Movie Actor
Andrew Surman, 1986, Soccer Player
Andy Benes, 1967, Baseball Player
Andy Strachan, 1974, Drummer
Anne Cameron, 1938, Novelist
Anne Edwards, 1927, Non-Fiction Author
Anthony Ainley, 1932, TV Actor
Antje Utgaard, 1994, Model
Aria Tesolin, 1993, Opera Singer
Arisa, 1982, Pop Singer
Armi Kuusela, 1934, Model
Arthur Kulkov, 1983, Model

August Meyer, 1851, Engineer
Austin Tappan Wright, 1883, Novelist
Azarias Ruberwa, 1964, Politician
Becca Dudley, 1991, TV Show Host
Bella Ferraro, 1994, Pop Singer
Ben Barnes, 1981, Movie Actor
Benjamin Harrison, 1833, US President
Bernardo OHiggins, 1778, War Hero
Bill Griffiths, 1948, Poet
Bill McCartney, 1940, Football Coach
Billy Gardell, 1969, TV Actor
Blake Dewitt, 1985, Baseball Player
Boyd Martin, 1979, Equestrian
Brandi Harvey, 1982, Family Member
Brandon Stoughton, 1981, Model

Brant Daugherty, 1985, TV Actor
Brian Mtongana, 1980, Family Member
Byron Saxton, 1981, Wrestler
Carol Seleme, 1990, Instagram Star
Carole Radziwill, 1963, Reality Star
Catalina Ponor, 1987, Gymnast
Cathy Song, 1955, Poet
Charlie Sloth, 1987, DJ
Chase Twichell, 1950, Poet
Cherylee Houston, 1975, Soap Opera Actress
Chris Drury, 1976, Hockey Player
Claire Devers, 1955, Director
Colin Cunningham, 1966, TV Actor
Collette Lush, 1996, Pop Singer
Connie Chung, 1946, News Anchor
Corey Carrier, 1980, Movie Actor

Cory Joseph, 1991, Basketball Player
Culoe De Song, 1990, DJ
Daniele Donato, 1986, Reality Star
Danni Monroe, 1988, Rock Singer
Danny Shelton, 1993, Football Player
Darnell Carlton, 1974, Rapper
David O. Russell, 1958, Director
David Walliams, 1971, Comedian
Demi Lovato, 1992, Pop Singer
Dimebag Darrell, 1966, Guitarist
Dolvett Quince, 1973, Reality Star
Don King, 1931, Sports Executive
Don Stark, 1954, TV Actor
Don Trip, 1985, Rapper
Doug Fieger, 1952, Rock Singer
Dulce Candy, 1987, YouTube Star
Duncan Bravo, 1964, TV Actor
Eero Saarinen, 1910, Architect
Eliel Saarinen, 1873, Architect
Elijah Wahlberg, 2001, Family Member
Elizabeth Alda, 1960, Movie Actress
Enzo Maccarinelli, 1980, Boxer
EthosLab, 1986, YouTube Star
Fatima Ptacek, 2000, Voice Actor
Felipe Contepomi, 1977, Rugby Player
Fernando Poe Jr., 1939, Movie Actor
Frank Capp, 1931, Drummer
Frantisek Fajtl, 1912, Pilot
Fred Durst, 1970, Rapper
Gehab, 1997, YouTube Star
Geoffrey Lancaster, 1954, Pianist
George Aiken, 1892, Politician
George Mitchell, 1933, Politician
Germaine Agustien, 1986, Soccer Player
Gerry Bertier, 1953, Football Player
Giuseppe Giannini, 1964, Soccer Player
Gizzi Erskine, 1979, Chef
Graig Nettles, 1944, Baseball Player
Greg Bear, 1951, Novelist
Gus Unger-Hamilton, 1989, Bassist
Haha, 1979, Pop Singer
Hans Isaac, 1971, Movie Actor
Heather McHugh, 1948, Poet
Heeba Shah, 1970, TV Actress
Helena-Reet Ennet, 1978, Blogger
Hideki Shirakawa, 1936, Scientist
HP Lovecraft, 1890, Novelist
Hunter Knoche, 1997, Drummer
Isaac Hayes, 1942, Soul Singer
J Smith, 1988, YouTube Star
Jack King, 1985, Soccer Player
Jack Strify, 1988, Pop Singer
Jacqueline Susann, 1918, Novelist
Jake Hall, 1990, Reality Star
James Marsters, 1962, TV Actor
James Pankow, 1947, Rock Singer
James Rollins, 1961, Novelist
James-michael Johnson, 1989, Football Player
Jamie Cullum, 1979, Jazz Singer
Jamil Walker Smith, 1982, TV Actor
Jared Oakes, 1997, R&B Singer
Jasmyn Banks, 1990, Soap Opera Actress
Jay Paul Molinere, 1988, Reality Star
JE Skeets, 1980, TV Show Host
Jerry Punch, 1953, Sportscaster
Jerryd Bayless, 1988, Basketball Player
Jim Bowen, 1937, Game Show Host
Jim Reeves, 1923, Country Singer
Jimmy Raney, 1927, Guitarist
Joan Allen, 1956, Movie Actress
Joe Pasquale, 1961, Comedian
John Carmack, 1970, Game Designer
John Henry Turpin, 1876, War Hero
John Hiatt, 1952, Rock Singer
John Noble, 1948, TV Actor
John Rauch, 1927, Football Player
Jonathan Oakey, 1991, Boxer
Jons Jacob Berzelius, 1779, Scientist
Josh Flagg, 1985, Reality Star
Joshua Kennedy, 1982, Soccer Player
Josiah Jenkins, 1995, Vine Star
Judd Trump, 1989, Snooker Player
Jude Moore, 1995, Model
Julian Jordan, 1996, DJ
Justin Pearson, 1975, Rock Singer
Karli Harvey, 1982, Family Member
Kenneth E. Hagin, 1917, Religious Leader
Kirko Bangz, 1989, Rapper
Kirtland Cutter, 1860, Architect
Klas Ingesson, 1968, Soccer Player
Kristen Miller, 1976, TV Actress
KRS-One, 1965, Rapper
Lacina Traore, 1990, Soccer Player
Langhorne Slim, 1980, Country Singer
Lawrence Kudlow, 1947, Journalist
Leah Block, 1990, Reality Star
Leigh Griffiths, 1990, Soccer Player
Letizia Ciampa, 1986, Voice Actor
Liana Liberato, 1995, Movie Actress
Lil Cease, 1977, Rapper
Lilshortysgs, 1993, YouTube Star
Lincoln A. Castellanos, 1988, TV Actor
Linda Manz, 1961, Movie Actress
Linus Sebastian, 1986, YouTube Star
Lucia Villalon, 1988, Journalist
Luke Oneill, 1991, Soccer Player
Mac Tonnies, 1975, Blogger
Maddie Orlando, 1996, Family Member
Malachi Favors, 1927, Bassist
Marcel Dadi, 1951, Guitarist
Margot Bingham, 1988, Movie Actress
Marissa Castelli, 1990, Figure Skater
Martha Rivers Ingram, 1935, Entrepreneur
Matt Hague, 1985, Baseball Player
Matthew Dickman, 1975, Poet
Matthew Frias, 1997, Movie Actor
Matthew Gould, 1971, Politician
Maxim Vengerov, 1974, Violinist
Mayra Veronica, 1980, Model
Meegs Rascon, 1972, Guitarist
Meghan Ory, 1982, TV Actress
Michael Rady, 1981, TV Actor
Miguel Gomez, 1985, TV Actor
Mike Faiola, 1978, TV Actor
Misha Collins, 1974, Movie Actor
MK Nobilette, 1993, Pop Singer
Mote Plox, 1994, YouTube Star
Narayana Murthy, 1946, Entrepreneur
Neil Fitzmaurice, 1969, TV Actor
Nelson G. Santos Rivera, 1990, Pop Singer
Nicole Curtis, 1976, TV Show Host
Nigel Dodds, 1958, Politician
Nikki Soohoo, 1988, TV Actress
Noah Bean, 1978, TV Actor
NR Narayana Murthy, 1946, Entrepreneur
Olivia Cheng, 1979, TV Actress
Olivia Pierson, 1989, Reality Star
Omar Mukhtar, 1858, War Hero
Patricia Rozema, 1958, Director
Peter Adrian Sudarso, 1990, Instagram Star
Peter Horton, 1953, Movie Actor
Peter Oakley, 1927, YouTube Star
Phil Lynott, 1949, Rock Singer
Prince Gabriel of Belgium, 2003, Royalty
Quentin Latham, 1983, YouTube Star
Quinn Buckner, 1954, Basketball Player
Rachel Jeffreys, 1999, YouTube Star
Rachelle Leah, 1984, Model
Rajiv Gandhi, 1944, Politician
Ralf Hutter, 1946, Pop Singer
Randeep Hooda, 1976, Movie Actor
Ranomi Kromowidjojo, 1990, Swimmer
Ray Wise, 1947, TV Actor
Ric Menello, 1952, Screenwriter
Rickey Lime, 1980, Guitarist
Rileah Vanderbilt, 1979, Movie Actress
Rob Beckley, 1975, Rock Singer
Rob Quiney, 1982, Cricket Player
Robert Hight, 1969, Race Car Driver
Robert Plant, 1948, Rock Singer
Ron Paul, 1935, Politician
RoseMarie Said Zahlan, 1937, Historian
Saint Wentz, 2014, Family Member
Salvatore Quasimodo, 1901, Poet
Sam Gorski, 1986, YouTube Star
Sam Katz, 1951, Politician
Sandy Brondello, 1968, Basketball Coach
Santino Rice, 1974, Fashion Designer
Scott Quinnell, 1972, Rugby Player
Shahrukh Mirza, 1377, Royalty
Shebby Singh, 1960, Soccer Player
Simon Desue, 1991, YouTube Star
Simon Shepherd, 1956, TV Actor
Simon Shnapir, 1987, Figure Skater
Slobodan Milosevic, 1941, World Leader
Sophie Aldred, 1962, TV Actress
Stephen Nolan, 1973, Radio Host
Steve McMahon, 1961, Soccer Player
Swithun Mombeshora, 1945, Politician
Sylvester McCoy, 1943, TV Actor
Tammy Bruce, 1962, Radio Host
Tara Dakides, 1975, Snowboarder
Terri Poch, 1964, Wrestler
TiesGames, 1999, YouTube Star
Tim Miles, 1966, Basketball Coach
Todd Helton, 1973, Baseball Player
Tom Brunansky, 1960, Baseball Player
Ty Hunter, 1972, Fashion Designer
Vytautas Straizys, 1936, Scientist
William Suff, 1950, Criminal
Yuri Zhirkov, 1983, Soccer Player


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