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August 17 Famous Birthdays

August 17 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on AUGUST 17 could use a strong and reliable confidant, friend, or lover. They rely on their family for love and support. They only hope they plan the next gathering as they are exceptionally good at planning and hosting parties, weddings, and upscale events.

Dealing with the public, famous August 17 celebrities will need to have a level of tolerable above the one they are working with, my dear. However, they always were the drama extraordinaire. If they wanted to put that trait to good use, try the theater or in a court of law. Both professions would likely be exciting and they’d be able to afford all the luxurious things they like.


Generally, famous Leos born on this day are delightful individuals but they can actually be difficult sometimes. Being the complex person that they are, they could learn to let others do their own thing. In short, mind their own business. They have enough on your hands anyway.


Famous people born on AUGUST 17th are Leos who are smart and good at putting events together. Their family and loved ones adore them. They are important to this Leo. They could learn to be more tolerant and flexible as life is ever-changing. They want the finest life offers.


August 17 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

17 August Good Traits:

  • Organized
  • Manager
  • Intelligent
  • Understanding
  • Giving
  • Authoritative
  • Adaptable
  • Helpful
  • Friendly

17 August Bad Traits:

  • Unstable
  • Aggressive
  • Demanding
  • Ambitious
  • Sensitive
  • Manipulative

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August 17 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaliyah Hudson, 2001, YouTube Star
Aasha Davis, 1973, TV Actress
Abram Chasins, 1903, Composer
AC Wharton Jr., 1944, Politician
Aidan Coleman, 1988, Horse Jockey
Akeem Jordan, 1985, Football Player
Alan Minter, 1951, Boxer
Alen Islamovic, 1957, Metal Singer
Alex Honnold, 1985, Rock Climber
Anatoly Kudryavitsky, 1954, Poet
Andrea Joyce, 1954, Sportscaster
Andrew Koenig, 1968, TV Actor
Andrus Kivirahk, 1970, Novelist
Andy Hessenthaler, 1965, Soccer Player
Anna Collins, 1995, Blogger
Anthony E. Zuiker, 1968, TV Producer

Antwaan Randle El, 1979, Football Player
Archibald Henry Grimke, 1848, Journalist
Archie Goodwin, 1994, Basketball Player
Ariadne Diaz, 1986, Soap Opera Actress
Austin Butler, 1991, TV Actor
Baby Huey, 1944, Soul Singer
Belinda Carlisle, 1958, Pop Singer
Ben Chijioke, 1972, Rapper
Bernard Cornfeld, 1927, Entrepreneur
Bianca Collins, 1988, TV Actress
Bill Henson, 1955, Photographer
Bob Clayton, 1922, Game Show Host
Boog Powell, 1941, Baseball Player
Brady Corbet, 1988, Movie Actor

Brannon King, 1999, Vine Star
Brett Myers, 1980, Baseball Player
Brock Kelly, 1985, TV Actor
Bryton James, 1986, TV Actor
Calvin Mijnsbergen, 1998, YouNow Star
Carl Falk, 1980, Pop Singer
Carlos Cruz-diez, 1923, Pop Artist
Carly Gold, 1995, Family Member
Carmelo Pace, 1906, Composer
Carmina Villaroel, 1975, TV Show Host
Carrie Grant, 1965, TV Show Host
Carsen Warner, 2001, TV Actor
Cassidy Banks, 1993,
Chandler Hoffman, 1990, Soccer Player
Charles Cooley, 1864, Scientist
Charlotte Pirroni, 1993, Instagram Star

Chiquinquira Delgado, 1972, TV Show Host
Chris Culliver, 1988, Football Player
Chris Watt, 1990, Football Player
Christian Laettner, 1969, Basketball Player
Christian Miller, 1996, Reality Star
Cinta Laura, 1993, Pop Singer
Claire Richards, 1977, Pop Singer
Clara Lukasiak, 2009, Reality Star
Colin Owen, 1984, Model
Colin Owens, 1984, TV Actor
Colten Moore, 1989,
Colton Swon, 1988, Rock Singer
Connor Johnson, 1991, Drummer
Corey Williams, 1980, Football Player
Cristina Pato, 1980, Composer

Cristina Quinones, 1993, Rock Singer
Dan Neal, 1979, Reality Star
Daniela Castro, 1969, Soap Opera Actress
Dave Hollister, 1971, R&B Singer
Dave Penney, 1964, Soccer Coach
David Bromstad, 1973, TV Show Host
David Conrad, 1967, TV Actor
David Koresh, 1959, Religious Leader
David Legwand, 1980, Hockey Player
David Sainz, 1983, YouTube Star
Davy Crockett, 1786, War Hero
Dee Brown, 1984, Basketball Player
Deen Castronovo, 1964, Drummer
Devi Vanhon, 1980, DJ
Don McKellar, 1963, Movie Actor
Don Muhlbach, 1981, Football Player
Donnie Wahlberg, 1969, Movie Actor
Dottie Pepper, 1965, Golfer
Drew Justice, 2001, TV Actor
Duke Pearson, 1932, Pianist
Dustin Pedroia, 1983, Baseball Player
Ed McCaffrey, 1968, Football Player
Edgar Salli, 1992, Soccer Player
Elena Hight, 1989, Snowboarder
Elida Reyna, 1972, World Music Singer
Ella Cruz, 1996, TV Actress
Emily Schulman, 1977, TV Actress
Eric Boulton, 1976, Hockey Player
Erika Toda, 1988, TV Actress
Estee Lalonde, 1990, YouTube Star
Eugene Wilson, 1980, Football Player
Evan S. Connell, 1924, Poet
Everette Harp, 1961, Saxophonist
Failboat, 1995, YouTube Star
Farah Zeynep Abdullah, 1989, Movie Actress
Floyd Redcrow Westerman, 1936, TV Actor
Fonzkelly, 1990, Vine Star
Francis Gary Powers, 1929, Pilot
Gene Kranz, 1933,
Gene Stratton-Porter, 1863, Novelist
George Duvivier, 1920, Bassist
George O’Leary, 1946, Football Coach
Georgia Gibbs, 1919, Jazz Singer
Gian Marco Zignago, 1970, Pop Singer
Gilby Clarke, 1962, Guitarist
Giuliana Rancic, 1974, TV Show Host
Glenn Corbett, 1933, TV Actor
Gracie Gold, 1995, Figure Skater
Guillermo Vilas, 1952, Tennis Player
Harry Hopkins, 1890, Politician
Harry Partridge, 1987, Animator
Harve Bennett, 1930, Film Producer
Helen Lindes, 1981, Model
Helen McCrory, 1968, Movie Actress
Herta Muller, 1953, Novelist
Hussein Kamal, 1932, Director
Ike Quebec, 1918, Saxophonist
Isiah Robertson, 1949, Football Player
Jackie Warner, 1968, TV Show Host
Jagger Spacy, 1996, Pop Singer
Jake Chudnow, 1987, Music Producer
Jake Virtanen, 1996, Hockey Player
James Tindale, 1990, Reality Star
Janet Lewis, 1899, Novelist
Jay Bucks, 1993, YouTube Star
Jayy Von Monroe, 1991, Pop Singer
Jelena Karleusa, 1978, Pop Singer
Jennifer Rhodes, 1947, TV Actress
Jessey Meng, 1967, Movie Actress
Jessica Vazquez, 1993, Vine Star
Jiang Zemin, 1926, World Leader
Jim Courier, 1970, Tennis Player
John Aprigliano, 1991, YouTube Star
John Humphrys, 1943, Journalist
John III Sobieski, 1629, Royalty
John Loughton, 1987, Reality Star
John Offerdahl, 1964, Football Player
Johnny Palmer, 1962, Magician
Johnny Patrick, 1988, Football Player
Jon Gruden, 1963, Football Coach
Jon Olsson, 1982, Skier
Jonathan Franzen, 1959, Novelist
Jordan Schur, 1964, Film Producer
Jorge Posada, 1971, Baseball Player
Joyner Lucas, 1988, Rapper
Karena Lam, 1978, Movie Actress
Karim Abdel Aziz, 1975, Movie Actor
Karim Ziani, 1982, Soccer Player
Kate McNeil, 1959, TV Actress
Kathryn Morgan, 1989, Dancer
Kathryn Thornton, 1952, Astronaut
Kelvin Mercer, 1969, Rapper
Ken Kwapis, 1957, Director
Kent Twitchell, 1942, Painter
Kevin Max, 1967, Rock Singer
Kevin Welch, 1955, Country Singer
Krism, 1991, YouTube Star
Kristin Adams, 1981, TV Show Host
La Carmina, 1987, Blogger
Lady Colin Campbell, 1949, Non-Fiction Author
Larry Ellison, 1944, Entrepreneur
LaVon Fisher-Wilson, 1973, Stage Actress
Leanne Lim-Walker, 1989, Photographer
Lene Marlin, 1980, Pop Singer
Leslie Smith, 1982, MMA Fighter
Lil B, 1989, Rapper
Lindsay Anderson, 1923, Director
Lindsey Harrison, 1994, Reality Star
Lisa Coleman, 1960, Composer
Lliana Bird, 1981, Radio Host
Luther Allison, 1939, Guitarist
Madison Axford, 1996, YouTube Star
Mae West, 1893, Movie Actress
Malikai Amir, 1991, Rapper
Marc O’Neill, 1985, Reality Star
Marcelo Caetano, 1906, Politician
Marcus Berg, 1986, Soccer Player
Marcus Garvey, 1887, Civil Rights Leader
Marcus Patrick, 1979, Soap Opera Actor
Maria McKee, 1964, Country Singer
Mark Felt, 1913, Law Enforcement Officer
Mark Salling, 1982, TV Actor
Martha Coolidge, 1946, Director
Marysole Worner Baz, 1936, Sculptor
Masaaki Satake, 1965, MMA Fighter
Mastercodster, 2001, Instagram Star
Maureen O’Hara, 1920, Movie Actress
Maysa Leak, 1966, Jazz Singer
Menelik II, 1844, Royalty
Michael Part, 1977, Music Producer
Mick Malthouse, 1953, Soccer Coach
Mike Lewis, 1977, Rock Singer
Mikhail Botvinnik, 1911, Chess Player
Muslim Magomayev, 1942, World Music Singer
Nelson Emerson, 1967, Hockey Player
Nelson Merced, 1947, Politician
Nelson Piquet, 1952, Race Car Driver
Nichole Cordova, 1988, Pop Singer
Nick Cross, 1971, Cartoonist
Niruta Singh, 1977, Movie Actress
Norm Coleman, 1949, Politician
Orlagh Cassidy, 1968, Soap Opera Actress
Paige, 1992, Wrestler
Patrick Manning, 1946, Politician
Peewee Longway, 1984, Rapper
Peter Martin, 1970, Pianist
Phil Jagielka, 1982, Soccer Player
Rachel Hurd-Wood, 1990, Movie Actress
Rajiv Surendra, 1989, Movie Actor
Raquel Natasha, 1987, Blogger
Rex White, 1929, Race Car Driver
Richard Hilton, 1955, Entrepreneur
Rob Erdle, 1949, Painter
Robert De Niro, 1943, Movie Actor
Robert Joy, 1951, TV Actor
Robert Thirsk, 1953, Astronaut
Robin Cousins, 1957, Figure Skater
Rod Macdonald, 1948, Folk Singer
Rodney Mullen, 1966, Skateboarder
Ron Strykert, 1957, Guitarist
Rudy Gay, 1986, Basketball Player
Rudy York, 1913, Baseball Player
S Shankar, 1963, Director
Sachin Pilgaonkar, 1957, Movie Actor
Sam Butera, 1927, Saxophonist
Sarah Sjostrom, 1993, Swimmer
Sarah Vivan, 1987, Radio Host
Sasaki Asahi, 1984, YouTube Star
Scott Halberstadt, 1976, TV Actor
Sean Penn, 1960, Movie Actor
Sempe, 1932, Cartoonist
Shabnam, 1942, Movie Actress
Shane Briant, 1946, TV Actor
Shane Porteous, 1942, TV Actor
Sharat Saxena, 1950, Movie Actor
Shraddha Arya, 1987, Movie Actress
Simon Dicastro, 1991, R&B Singer
Soony Saad, 1992, Soccer Player
Spiros Focas, 1937, Movie Actor
Stephanie Katherine Grant, 2000, TV Actress
Steve Gorman, 1965, Drummer
Susan Hawk, 1961, Reality Star
Taissa Farmiga, 1994, TV Actress
Talbert Abrams, 1895, Pilot
Tammy Townsend, 1970, TV Actress
Tamra Dae, 1990, YouTube Star
Tania Safi, 1988, Journalist
Tara Macken, 1990, TV Actress
Tarja Turunen, 1977, Metal Singer
Taylor Lumley, 1989, Guitarist
Ted Hughes, 1930, Poet
Terrance Jones, 1994, Vine Star
Thierry Henry, 1977, Soccer Player
Thomas Hennen, 1952, Astronaut
Thomas Hodgkin, 1798, Doctor
Tim Bagley, 1957, TV Actor
Tim Forsyth, 1973, High Jumper
Tonis Kint, 1896, Politician
Tony Hajjar, 1974, Drummer
Tre Armstrong, 1978, Dancer
Tyrus Thomas, 1986, Basketball Player
Uhm Jung-hwa, 1969, Pop Singer
Valentijn Overeem, 1976, MMA Fighter
Vern Bickford, 1920, Baseball Player
Vivian Jovanni, 1995, TV Actress
VS Naipaul, 1932, Novelist
Vytautas Andrius, 1898, Scientist
Wendy Gonzalez, 1985, TV Actress
Wesley Eure, 1951, TV Actor
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt, 1840, Poet
William Carey, 1761, Religious Leader
William Gallas, 1977, Soccer Player
Yoo Seung-ho, 1993, TV Actor
Zashia Santiago, 1989, Instagram Star


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