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August 18 Famous Birthdays

August 18 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on AUGUST 18 are crazy. They do things that most people won’t consider doing. Surprisingly, it motivates others to face their fears. When it comes to their friends and family, they are the one they depend on.

Additionally, they’re a good judge of character and typically know when someone does not have their best interest at heart. They could be known as a nick-picker. They read the fine print in contracts and the Terms of Use for online certificates. One of the skills the famous August 18 celebrities have is the ability to write. There are many job opportunities that could use a person like this one.


If you are looking for love like the famous born on August 18, then look at the sun sign Aquarius. This relationship is likely to be your best match. However, they should be careful not to put restraints on the Leo as they like to roam. If the Lion were to settle down it would be with someone who is accepted as a lasting friend.


Famous people born on AUGUST 18th are Leos who love a challenge. More to the point, they like danger! People think they are a little odd because of this. They tend to be honest and responsible. They could very well be a youth counselor because of their love for children.


August 18 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

18 August Good Traits:

  • Energetic
  • Inspiring
  • Honest
  • Intellectual
  • Trustworthy
  • Rational
  • Creative
  • Meticulous

18 August Bad Traits:

  • Risky
  • Intolerant
  • Vulnerable
  • Touchy
  • Rigid
  • Hasty

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August 18 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adam Makowicz, 1940, Pianist
Adam Storke, 1962, Movie Actor
Alan Poulos, 1998, YouNow Star
Alex Henery, 1987, Football Player
Alex Katunich, 1976, Bassist
Alexa Davies, 1995, TV Actress
Alexander Vampilov, 1937, Playwright
Alexandre Rockwell, 1956, TV Actor
Alfred Wallis, 1855, Painter
Amber Cope, 1983, Race Car Driver
Amelia Boynton Robinson, 1911, Civil Rights Leader
Amy Palmiero-Winters, 1972, Runner
Amy Willerton, 1992, Model
Andi Deris, 1964, Metal Singer
Andy Pilgrim, 1956, Race Car Driver
Andy Samberg, 1978, TV Actor
Angel Taveras, 1970, Politician

Angela Cope, 1983, Race Car Driver
Angelique Rivera, 1993, TV Actress
Anna Akana, 1990, YouTube Star
Antonio Salieri, 1750, Composer
Aphex Twin, 1971, Composer
Arnold Poernomo, 1988, Chef
Austan Goolsbee, 1969, Economist
Bankie Banx, 1953, Reggae Singer
Bart Scott, 1980, Football Player
Basil Cameron, 1884, Conductor
Ben Hamilton, 1977, Football Player
Bern Dibner, 1897, Engineer
Blas Elias, 1967, Drummer
Bob Harper, 1965, Reality Star
Bob Kennedy, 1920, Baseball Player

Bob King, 1946, Lawyer
Bob Woodruff, 1961, News Anchor
Bobby Higginson, 1970, Baseball Player
Brandon Craggs, 1991, TV Actor
Brian Michael Bendis, 1967, Comic Book Author
Brian Presley, 1977, TV Producer
Brian Tichy, 1968, Drummer
Brianna Rollins, 1991, Runner
Brook Taylor, 1685, Mathematician
Brooke Harman, 1985, TV Actress
Bryan Ruiz, 1985, Soccer Player
Burleigh Grimes, 1893, Baseball Player
Cakka Nuraga, 1998, Pop Singer
Calle Hellevang-Larsen, 1977, Comedian

Cameron White, 1983, Cricket Player
Carl Rungius, 1869, Painter
Carole Bouquet, 1957, Movie Actress
Cesar Delgado, 1981, Soccer Player
Chad Alan, 1984, YouTube Star
Chandra Lee Schwartz, 1981, Stage Actress
Charlie Kunz, 1896, Pianist
Chris Kelly, 1970, Entrepreneur
Chris Lytle, 1974, MMA Fighter
Chris van Tulleken, 1978, Doctor
Christian Slater, 1969, Movie Actor
Christoffer Rudolpho van Tulleken, 1978, TV Show Host

Christopher Jones, 1941, Movie Actor
Cisco Houston, 1918, Folk Singer
Clementine Sleebos, 1999, YouTube Star
Conor Peek, 1991, Metal Singer
Craig Bierko, 1964, TV Actor
Cullen Finnerty, 1982, Football Player
Daler Mehndi, 1967, Pop Singer
Damion Stewart, 1980, Soccer Player
Dan Peters, 1967, Drummer
Daniel Adams-Ray, 1983, Rapper
Danny Suede, 1996, Photographer
Daphne Duplaix, 1976, Soap Opera Actress
David Benoit, 1953, Pianist
Denis Leary, 1957, TV Actor
Dennis Elliott, 1950, Drummer
Desiree Casado, 1985, TV Actress
Dimitris Salpingidis, 1981, Soccer Player
Don Keefer, 1916, TV Actor
Dontari Poe, 1990, Football Player
Dorothy Bush Koch, 1959, Family Member
Dylan Evans, 1995, Vine Star
Eddie Santiago, 1955, World Music Singer
Edward Norton, 1969, Movie Actor
Edward Stachura, 1937, Poet
Elayne Boosler, 1952, Comedian
Elena Santarelli, 1981, Instagram Star
Elizabeth Beisel, 1992, Swimmer
Elizabeth Chambers, 1982, Model
Emir Spahic, 1980, Soccer Player
Eniko Parrish, 1984, Family Member
Ernest Noel, 1831, Politician
Ernie Hammes, 1968, Trumpet Player
Evan Gattis, 1986, Baseball Player
Everlast, 1969, Rapper
Exploring With Steve, 1992, YouTube Star
Felipe Calderon, 1962, World Leader
Frances Bean Cobain, 1992, Family Member
Franz Joseph I, 1830, World Leader
G Dragon, 1988, Rapper
Gabriele Gaiba, 1992, YouTube Star
Gail Fisher, 1935, TV Actress
George Moncur, 1993, Soccer Player
Gian Villante, 1985, MMA Fighter
Gianni Rivera, 1943, Soccer Player
Gigi Radics, 1996, Pop Singer
Giulio Tremonti, 1947, Politician
Graham Zusi, 1986, Soccer Player
Grant Williams, 1931, Movie Actor
Gregg Leakes, 1954, Reality Star
Gus Edwards, 1879, Composer
Heather Hahn, 1990, Blogger
Heino Ferch, 1963, Movie Actor
Helena Rojo, 1944, Movie Actress
HeyImNatalia, 1994, YouTube Star
HP Parviainen, 1981, Snowboarder
Hugues Aufray, 1929, Pop Singer
Huw Edwards, 1961, News Anchor
Ikue Otani, 1965, Voice Actor
Ines Rivero, 1975, Model
InkMonstarr, 1994, Instagram Star
Isaac Austin, 1969, Basketball Player
Jack Pickford, 1896, Movie Actor
Jacob Vargas, 1971, Movie Actor
Jacob Wass, 1997, Reality Star
Jan Frodeno, 1981, Triathlete
Jared Daperis, 1990, TV Actor
Jason Furman, 1970, Economist
Jason Malenda, 1994, YouTube Star
Jenny Runacre, 1946, Movie Actress
Jeremy Shockey, 1980, Football Player
Jessie Flower, 1994, Voice Actor
Jim Florentine, 1964, Comedian
Joan Taylor, 1929, TV Actress
Joe Tuineau, 1981, Soccer Player
John Koch, 1909, Painter
John Russell, 1792, World Leader
Johnny Preston, 1939, Pop Singer
Jon Busch, 1976, Soccer Player
Jon Schneck, 1981, Guitarist
Jon Schwartz, 1956, Drummer
Jorge Castro, 1967, Boxer
Joseph Edward Kurtz, 1946, Religious Leader
Joseph Marcell, 1948, TV Actor
Josh Folan, 1981, TV Actor
Julio Buffarini, 1988, Soccer Player
Jung Eun-ji, 1993, Pop Singer
Kaitlin Olson, 1975, TV Actress
Katarina Ivanovska, 1988, Model
Katie Harman, 1980, Opera Singer
Kenny Walker, 1964, Basketball Player
King Gordy, 1977, Rapper
Kris Boyd, 1983, Soccer Player
Kris Gethin, 1972, Bodybuilder
Larry Alcala, 1926, Cartoonist
Lauren Pisciotta, 1988, Instagram Star
Leafy Is Here, 1995, YouTube Star
Leif Lunburg, 2001, Pop Singer
Lewis Puller Jr., 1945, War Hero
Liz Cambage, 1991, Basketball Player
London Keyes, 1989,
Louie Gohmert, 1953, Politician
Luc Montagnier, 1932, Scientist
Lucy Webb Hayes, 1831, Political Wife
Luis Rosado, 1986, Dancer
Luke LaBrant, 1994, Family Member
Madeleine Stowe, 1958, Movie Actress
Maia Mitchell, 1993, TV Actress
Malcolm-Jamal Warner, 1970, TV Actor
Margaret Murie, 1902, Memoirist
Martin Mull, 1943, TV Actor
Masta Killa, 1969, Rapper
Matias Sanchez, 1987, Soccer Player
Matt Hensley, 1978, Baseball Player
Matt Mattox, 1921, Stage Actor
Matt Snell, 1941, Football Player
Matthew RC Taylor, 2001, Star
Maureen Garrett, 1948, Soap Opera Actress
Mauro Castano, 1963, Chef
Max Charles, 2003, Movie Actor
Meg Caswell, 1977, Reality Star
Meriwether Lewis, 1774, Explorer
Michael Greis, 1976, Biathlete
Miesha Tate, 1986, MMA Fighter
Mika, 1983, Pop Singer
Mika Boorem, 1987, Movie Actress
Mizuo Peck, 1977, Movie Actress
Mohib Mirza, 1979, TV Actor
Molly Bee, 1939, Country Singer
Moni Moshonov, 1951, TV Actor
Morgan Smith Goodwin, 1985, TV Actress
Moura Lympany, 1916, Pianist
MrSuicideSheep, 1993, YouTube Star
Murray Rundus, 2002, TV Actor
Nakai Masahiro, 1972, TV Actor
Nathan Clifford, 1803, Supreme Court Justice
Nathan Schwandt, 1993, Instagram Star
Netty Scribble, 1993, YouTube Star
Nick28T, 1985, YouTube Star
Nicolas Prost, 1981, Race Car Driver
Nike Kornecki, 1982, Sailor
Nikola Martinoski, 1903, Painter
No Malice, 1972, Rapper
Olav Hauge, 1908, Poet
Olivia Muchena, 1946, Politician
Otto Harbach, 1873, Songwriter
Parker-McKenna Posey, 1995, TV Actress
Patrick Swayze, 1952, Movie Actor
Paula Danziger, 1944, Children’s Author
Paula Morris, 1965, Novelist
Percy Fawcett, 1867, Explorer
Pietro Belluschi, 1899, Architect
Poppin John, 1984, Dancer
Rachel Ariel Calder-Wood, 1993, Model
Rafer Johnson, 1935, Decathlete
Rainer Woelki, 1956, Religious Leader
Ramy Ayach, 1980, Guitarist
Reg E. Cathey, 1958, TV Actor
Reginald E. Cathey, 1958, Movie Actor
Regine Chassagne, 1977, Rock Singer
Ricardo Tozzi, 1975, Soap Opera Actor
Ricardo Villa, 1952, Soccer Coach
Richard Harmon, 1991, TV Actor
Rickey Green, 1954, Basketball Player
Robert Fazekas, 1975, Discus Thrower
Robert Huth, 1984, Soccer Player
Robert Redford, 1936, Movie Actor
Roberto Clemente, 1934, Baseball Player
Roman Polanski, 1933, Director
Ronnie Carroll, 1934, Pop Singer
Rosalynn Carter, 1927, Political Wife
Ross McCormack, 1986, Soccer Player
Roy Ward Dickinson, 1910, TV Show Host
Rustam Karimov, 2003, World Music Singer
Samantha Grecchi, 1994, Dancer
Sandeep Patil, 1956, Cricket Player
Sangeeta Ghosh, 1976, TV Actress
Sarah Dash, 1945, Rock Singer
Sean Poole, 1986, YouTube Star
Sergei Treshchov, 1958, Astronaut
Sergio Pettis, 1993, MMA Fighter
Shelley Winters, 1920, Movie Actress
Sophie Austin, 1984, Soap Opera Actress
Stacy, 1990, Pop Singer
Stacy Anam, 1990, Pop Singer
sTaXx, 1992, YouTube Star
Steve Chen, 1978, Entrepreneur
Steve Wallace, 1987, Race Car Driver
Steven Zirnkilton, 1958, Voice Actor
Sydney Michelle, 1996, Reality Star
Taher Shah, 1980, Pop Singer
Talia Castellano, 1999, YouTube Star
Tanja Tables Malevich, 1989, Reality Star
Taylor Miller, 1953, Soap Opera Actress
Thalita Ferraz, 1993, YouTube Star
Thomas Atkinson, 1999, Soap Opera Actor
Timothy Geithner, 1961, Economist
Tom Flynn, 1955, Journalist
Tom Middleton, 1971, Music Producer
Tom Pocock, 1925, Non-Fiction Author
Umberto Guidoni, 1954, Astronaut
Victoria Elizabeth Coren, 1972,
Vincent T. Bugliosi Jr., 1934, Non-Fiction Author
Vitoria Moraes, 2000, YouTube Star
Wally Hickel, 1919, Politician
Wendell Ramos, 1978, TV Actor
William Halford, 1841, War Hero
Willie Cauley-Stein, 1993, Basketball Player
Willie Le Roux, 1989, Rugby Player
Willie Rushton, 1937, Cartoonist
Yuki Ninagawa, 1960, Movie Actress


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