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August 16 Famous Birthdays

August 16 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on AUGUST 16 are known for their perseverance and calm mannerisms. However, they like adventure. As a Leo born today, they have a good reputation but they like to live on the wild side occasionally.

Nonetheless, they don’t want to be misunderstood. Famous August 16 celebrities can handle negative feedback but only if it is meant to guide them in the right direction. If I was a friend of this Leo, I’d stay ready for whatever. They need to be adaptable while keeping up with all of the parties they may be invited to.


Yes… the Lion is the life of the party in most cases. They are extremely striking individuals in more ways than one. Not to mention, they own a high level of excitable qualities. As a soul mate, this famous August 16 Leo would look for someone who knows what he or she wants out of life. They typically do not like being alone. To them, having someone who is compatible by their side is priceless.


Famous celebrity born on AUGUST 16th could be a person who is active and restless. These qualities, however, can get them into trouble. Nonetheless, they are popular and are invited to every event possible. This famous Leo has an appeal that is attractive and desirable and drives people crazy.


August 16 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

16 August Good Traits:

  • Dedicated
  • Concerned
  • Disciplined
  • Bright
  • Amiable
  • Discerning
  • Generous
  • Professional
  • Charitable

16 August Bad Traits:

  • Mischievous
  • Anxious
  • Stressed
  • Stubborn
  • Secretive

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August 16 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adrian Edward Deck, 1994, YouTube Star
Agnes Bruckner, 1985, Movie Actress
Ahn Daniel, 1994, Pop Singer
Al Hibbler, 1915, Jazz Singer
Alan Hodgkinson, 1936, Soccer Player
Alexis Isabel Moncada, 1998, Activist
Alexis Valdes, 1963, Movie Actor
Alyssa Trask, 2000, Dancer
Amos Alonzo Stagg, 1862, Basketball Coach
Andy Milder, 1969, Movie Actor
Angela Bassett, 1958, Movie Actress
Anita Gillette, 1936, Movie Actress
Ann Blyth, 1928, Movie Actress
Anthony Price, 1928, Novelist
Aoki Lee Simmons, 2002, Family Member

Arden Cho, 1985, TV Actress
Arvind Kejriwal, 1968, Civil Rights Leader
Ashton Shepherd, 1986, Country Singer
Audrey Bitoni, 1986,
Ayub Bachchu, 1962, Guitarist
Bakhtiyar Vahabzadeh, 1925, Poet
Barbara Goodson, 1949, Voice Actor
Barbara Popovic, 2000, World Music Singer
Barry Hay, 1948, Rock Singer
Benjamin Alire Saenz, 1954, Poet
Besse Cooper, 1896,
Bia, 1990, Rapper
Bill Evans, 1929, Pianist
Bill Spooner, 1949, Guitarist
Billy Joe Shaver, 1939, Country Singer
Bob Balaban, 1945, Movie Actor

Bob Hardy, 1980, Bassist
Bob McKenzie, 1956, Sportscaster
Bonnie Bernstein, 1970, Sportscaster
Brendan Cowell, 1976, TV Actor
Bruce Beresford, 1940, Director
Cam Gigandet, 1982, Movie Actor
Cameron Byrd, 1994, Pop Singer
Cameron Monaghan, 1993, TV Actor
Cami Branson, 1996, Cheerleader
Candice Dupree, 1984, Basketball Player
Carey Price, 1987, Hockey Player
Carmen Llywelyn, 1973, Movie Actress
Carol Moseley Braun, 1947, Politician
Carole Shelley, 1939, Stage Actress
Cassidy Seguin, 1998, Family Member
Cassie Burpo, 1996, Family Member
Catharine Trotter Cockburn, 1679, Essayist

Channing Pollock, 1926, Magician
Charles Bukowski, 1920, Poet
Charli Baltimore, 1974, Rapper
Chime Edwards, 1985, YouTube Star
Chris Mara, 1993, Family Member
Christian Mortensen, 1882,
Christian Okoye, 1961, Football Player
Christine Cavanaugh, 1963, Voice Actor
Christine Gambito, 1976, YouTube Star
Cole Jensen, 2001, TV Actor
Colin Cassady, 1986, Wrestler
Colt Brennan, 1983, Football Player
Cornelius Lindsey, 1986, Religious Author
Corry Weller, 1971, Motorcycle Racer
Cristin Milioti, 1985, Stage Actress

Dale Raoul, 1956, TV Actress
Dan Smyers, 1987, Country Singer
Danielle Hunt, 1995, Fashion Designer
Dante Lopez, 1983, Soccer Player
Daren Millard, 1970, Sportscaster
David Dhawan, 1955, Director
David Dickinson, 1941, TV Show Host
David Douglas, 1982, MMA Fighter
Dee Hoty, 1952, Stage Actress
Dejan Loyola, 1989, TV Actor
Diana Wynne Jones, 1934, Novelist
Dick Murdoch, 1946, Wrestler
Donnie Dunagan, 1934, Movie Actor
Donovan Leitch, 1967, Movie Actor
Dustin Bushnell, 1981, Guitarist
E-Young, 1992, Pop Singer
Ed Olczyk, 1966, Hockey Player
Eli Siegel, 1902, Poet
Ellery Eskelin, 1959, Saxophonist
Emily MacDonagh, 1989, Family Member
Emily Robison, 1972, Country Singer
Ephraim Inoni, 1947, Politician
Eric Bibb, 1951, Blues Singer
Evanna Lynch, 1991, Movie Actress
Eydie Gorme, 1928, Pop Singer
Faisal Qureshi, 1962, Entrepreneur
Fatiha Rouf, 1984, YouTube Star
Felicite Tomlinson, 2000, Family Member
Fess Parker, 1924, TV Actor
Flor Silvestre, 1930, World Music Singer
Frank Gifford, 1930, Football Player
Frankie Boyle, 1972, Comedian
Fritz Von Erich, 1929, Wrestler
Fu Mingxia, 1978, Diver
Gary Clarke, 1933, TV Actor
Gem, 1991, Pop Singer
Gene Woodling, 1922, Baseball Player
Geoffrey Warnock, 1923, Philosopher
George Arthur Knowland, 1922, War Hero
George Galloway, 1954, Politician
George King, 1928, Basketball Coach
George Stroumboulopoulos, 1972, TV Show Host
George Stults, 1975, TV Actor
Glenn Strange, 1899, Movie Actor
Godfrey Oboabona, 1990, Soccer Player
Greyson Chance, 1997, Pop Singer
Grim Natwick, 1890, Cartoonist
Hadrien Feraud, 1984, Bassist
Harry Steenbock, 1886, Scientist
Hasely Crawford, 1950, Runner
Heidi Hamoud, 1994, YouTube Star
Henry Dyer, 1848, Engineer
Holly Michaels, 1990,
Hugo Gernsback, 1884, Novelist
Hwangbo, 1980, Rapper
Jack Met, 1997, Guitarist
James Cameron, 1954, Director
James Donaldson, 1957, Basketball Player
James Filon, 1990, YouTube Star
James Young, 1995, Basketball Player
Janet Roach, 1958, Reality Star
Jari Sillanpaa, 1965, World Music Singer
Jase Robertson, 1969, Reality Star
Jason Everman, 1967, Guitarist
Jazmine Lucero, 1992, Vine Star
Jeff Perry, 1955, TV Actor
Jennifer Donnelly, 1963, Young Adult Author
Jennifer Westhoven, 1971, Journalist
Jessie Chandler, 1968, Novelist
Jim Brochu, 1946, TV Actor
Joaquin Cordero, 1922, Movie Actor
Joaquin Reyes, 1974, Comedian
John Bosco, 1815, Religious Leader
John Challis, 1942, TV Actor
John Louis Morkovsky, 1909, Religious Leader
Joleon Lescott, 1982, Soccer Player
Jomari Yllana, 1976, Pop Singer
Jonatan Johansson, 1975, Soccer Player
Jonathan Antin, 1967, Entrepreneur
Jonathan Prince, 1958, TV Actor
Joseph Griffith, 1990, Songwriter
Josh Bogert, 2000, TV Actor
Josh Casaubon, 1978, Movie Actor
Josh Clark, 1955, TV Actor
Joshua Bolten, 1954, Politician
JT Taylor, 1953, Funk Singer
Jules Laforgue, 1860, Poet
Julie Newmar, 1933, TV Actress
Kalusha Bwalya, 1963, Soccer Player
Karine Le Marchand, 1968, TV Show Host
Karl Fazer, 1866, Entrepreneur
Kate Higgins, 1969, Voice Actor
Katherine Hamnett, 1947, Fashion Designer
Kathie Lee Gifford, 1953, TV Show Host
Kelly Corrigan, 1967, Memoirist
Kelsey Darragh, 1990, YouTube Star
Keri Herman, 1982, Skier
Ketty Lester, 1934, Pop Singer
Kevin Schmidt, 1988, TV Actor
Kevin Williams, 1980, Football Player
Killah Priest, 1970, Rapper
Kristine Levine, 1991, Comedian
Krisztina Egerszegi, 1974, Swimmer
Kwon Ri-se, 1991, Pop Singer
Lalo Brito, 1990, Pop Singer
Laura Innes, 1957, TV Actress
Leon Ockenden, 1978, TV Actor
Lesley Ann Warren, 1946, TV Actress
Lew Welch, 1926, Poet
Lewis Parker, 1995, YouTube Star
Liam Titcomb, 1987, Pop Singer
Lisa McHugh, 1988, Country Singer
Lois Nettleton, 1927, Soap Opera Actress
Lorraine Gary, 1937, Movie Actress
Lucien Littlefield, 1895, Movie Actor
Lucy O’Brien, 1983, Journalist
Madonna, 1958, Pop Singer
Mae Clarke, 1910, Movie Actress
Mal Waldron, 1925, Pianist
Manisha Koirala, 1970, Movie Actress
Manu Narayan, 1973, Movie Actor
Marc Messier, 1947, TV Actor
Maria Celeste, 1600, Family Member
Marshall Manesh, 1950, TV Actor
Masoud Barzani, 1946, Politician
Matt Christopher, 1917, Children’s Author
Maude Lloyd, 1908, Dancer
Maverick Burnett, 1996, Bassist
Menachem Begin, 1913, World Leader
Mercedes Javid, 1972, TV Actress
Michael Hogman, 1995, YouTube Star
Michael Lovesmith, 1953, Songwriter
Michael Massee, 1955, Movie Actor
MikelWJ, 1994, Rapper
Mirabeau B. Lamar, 1798, Politician
Moria Casan, 1946, Movie Actress
Moussa Sissoko, 1989, Soccer Player
MsRoshPosh, 1984, YouTube Star
Neda Ukraden, 1950, Pop Singer
Nick Collins, 1983, Football Player
Nikolaos Zisis, 1983, Basketball Player
Nikos Zisis, 1983, Basketball Player
Noam Murro, 1961, Director
Oystein Moen, 1980, Pianist
Pamela Silva Conde, 1981, News Anchor
Pamela Smart, 1967, Criminal
Parker Young, 1988, TV Actor
Paul Underwood, 1973, Soccer Player
Paula Dalli, 1993, Pop Singer
Peter Wisoff, 1958, Astronaut
Philip Graham Scott, 1952, Movie Actor
Piper Curda, 1997, TV Actress
Princess D, 2006, Dancer
Rashad Vaughn, 1996, Basketball Player
Reginald VelJohnson, 1952, TV Actor
Rittz, 1980, Rapper
Robert Culp, 1930, TV Actor
Robin Hull, 1974, Snooker Player
Roger Cedeno, 1974, Baseball Player
Roque Santa Cruz, 1981, Soccer Player
RR Patil, 1957, Politician
Rulon Gardner, 1971, Wrestler
Rumer Willis, 1988, Movie Actress
Russell Brookes, 1945, Race Car Driver
Ryan Hanigan, 1980, Baseball Player
Ryan Kerrigan, 1988, Football Player
Saif Ali Khan, 1970, Movie Actor
Sam Bashor, 1993, YouTube Star
Sarah Scully, 1976, Film Producer
Sarunas Bartas, 1964, Director
Saskia Reeves, 1961, Movie Actress
Sebastian Edwards, 1953, Economist
Seth Peterson, 1970, TV Actor
Shawn Pyfrom, 1986, TV Actor
Shivnarine Chanderpaul, 1974, Cricket Player
Sonam Bajwa, 1989, Movie Actress
SonReal, 1985, Rapper
Stefan Klos, 1971, Soccer Player
Stefan Maierhofer, 1982, Soccer Player
Steve Carell, 1962, TV Actor
Steve Meade, 1971, YouTube Star
Stuart Roosa, 1933, Astronaut
Summer Rain Rutler, 2014, Family Member
Suzanne Farrell, 1945, Dancer
Tamer Hosny, 1977, World Music Singer
Tana Ramsay, 1974, Family Member
Tanya Franks, 1967, TV Actress
TE Lawrence, 1888, War Hero
Tilly Keeper, 1997, Soap Opera Actress
Tim Farriss, 1957, Guitarist
Tim Mahoney, 1956, Politician
Timothy Hutton, 1960, Movie Actor
Todd Haberkorn, 1982, Voice Actor
Tori Hughes, 1990, Instagram Star
Travis Hamonic, 1990, Hockey Player
Trevor McDonald, 1939, News Anchor
Trey Flowers, 1993, Football Player
Tristan Elmore, 1995, Vine Star
Tyler Wilson, 1989, Football Player
Tyrone Woods, 1969, Baseball Player
Ulrika Jonsson, 1967, TV Show Host
Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, 1951, World Leader
Ummet Ozcan, 1982, DJ
Upen Patel, 1982, Movie Actor
Vanessa Carlton, 1980, Pop Singer
Vladimir Bagirov, 1936, Chess Player
Wallace Thurman, 1902, Novelist
Wei Te-Sheng, 1969, Director
Wendell Meredith Stanley, 1904, Scientist
William Keepers Maxwell Jr., 1908, Non-Fiction Author
William Salyers, 1964, Voice Actor
William Wadsworth Hodkinson, 1881, Film Producer
Wolfgang Tillmans, 1968, Photographer
Wyatt Tee Walker, 1929, Civil Rights Leader
Yu Darvish, 1986, Baseball Player


Famous Events for August 16

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