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August 15 Famous Birthdays

August 15 Famous Birthdays

For the famous leaders who were born today on August 15, it’s likely they had many responsibilities as a youngster and that is why they take their job seriously now. Just remember – the ladder to success is only as good as the people that held it steady for the climb. Admiration and respect should be mutual between their friends, family and business contacts.

Famous people born on AUGUST 15 could be self-centered and arrogant. They want all of the attention. They are perhaps a popular Leo in spite of this little annoyance. They can’t seem to go anywhere that someone doesn’t recognize them.

This could have both good and bad effects. They have the capabilities to reach the stars and they know this. It’s written all over their face, it’s in the way they walk and talk. Truth be told, they are able to see the beauty in things that most cannot. It is safe to say, money can’t buy everything.


Famous celebrities born on AUGUST 15th have many who want to be their friend but they choose to have only a few who are close. They like the one-on-one attention. It’s their nature to be dramatic and this could prove to be good and bad. They have a reputation of being a great lover.

August 15 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

15 August Good Traits:

  • Capable
  • Theatrical
  • Easygoing
  • Unconditional
  • Leader
  • Confident
  • Unorthodox
  • Flexible
  • Outgoing

15 August Bad Traits:

  • Smug
  • Show-Off
  • Domineering
  • Braggart
  • Conceited
  • Flashy

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August 15 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Ashab, 1993, YouTube Star
Abby Dalton, 1935, TV Actress
Adel Tawil, 1978, Pop Singer
Adnan Sami, 1969, Pianist
Aglaja Brix, 1990, TV Actress
Aldo Ciccolini, 1925, Pianist
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, 1963, Director
Aleksandr Gauk, 1893, Composer
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, 1993, Soccer Player
Alex Ramirez, 1974, Baseball Player
Alex Shelnutt, 1990, Drummer
Alexandra Amor, 1990, Pop Singer
Alexandria Zahra Jones, 2000, Family Member
Alicia Ramsdell, 1992, Reality Star
Andrea Lewis, 1985, TV Actress
Andrew Rogers, 1964, Australian Rules Footballer

Andy Signore, 1979, YouTube Star
Angel Rivera, 1986, Business Executive
Anita Sarkeesian, 1983, Blogger
Ann Biderman, 1951, Screenwriter
Anne, Princess Royal, 1950, Royalty
AnnMaria De Mars, 1958, MMA Fighter
Anthony Anderson, 1970, TV Actor
Anthony Battaglia, 1979, Hockey Player
Antonio Jose Enes, 1848, Politician
Ariana Begin, 1985, R&B Singer
Arnulfo Arias, 1901, Politician
Atom Willard, 1973, Drummer
Austin Lundell, 1996, Skateboarder
Barbara Bouchet, 1943, Movie Actress
Barbara Turbay, 1991, Model
Bartol Kasic, 1575, Religious Leader

Beau Robinson, 1986, Rugby Player
Belinda Peregrin, 1989, World Music Singer
Ben Affleck, 1972, Movie Actor
Benedict Kiely, 1919, Journalist
Benjamin Kheng, 1990, Folk Singer
Bernard Fanning, 1969, Folk Singer
Betsy Lou Franco, 1947, Family Member
Beverly Burns, 1949, Pilot
Bil Baird, 1904, Puppeteer
Bilal Khan, 1978, TV Actor
Billy Griffin, 1950, Rock Singer
Billy Lewis Jr, 1990, Pop Singer
Bob Banner, 1921, TV Producer
Boban Marjanovic, 1988, Basketball Player

Bobby Byrd, 1934, R&B Singer
Bobby Caldwell, 1951, Pop Singer
Bobby Helms, 1933, Rock Singer
Boudewijn Zenden, 1976, Soccer Player
Brad Goreski, 1977, Reality Star
Brendan Hansen, 1981, Swimmer
Brendan Morrison, 1975, Hockey Player
Brian James, 1990, Radio Host
Brian Melo, 1982, Pop Singer
Britney Holmes, 1989, R&B Singer
Carl Edwards, 1979, Race Car Driver
Carlos Pena Jr., 1989, TV Actor

Carol Thatcher, 1953, Journalist
Caryn Ward, 1980, TV Actress
Cash Out, 1990, Rapper
Charles Tobias, 1898, Songwriter
Chief Keef, 1995, Rapper
Chienna Filomeno, 1996, Model
Chris Byrd, 1970, Boxer
Chris Lowrey, 1986, Rugby Player
Chuck Burgi, 1952, Drummer
Clarence Lightner, 1921, Politician
Craig Mactavish, 1958, Hockey Player
Cris Judd, 1969, Dancer
D-Low, 1995, Choreographer
Dani Washington, 1994, Drummer
Daniel Zott, 1984, Pop Singer
Danielle Carty, 2001, YouTube Star
Danielle Morrow, 1993, TV Actress
Danny Grozdich, 1980, YouTube Star
Darrion Simmons, 1995, Rapper
Dave Welsh, 1984, Guitarist
David Zayas, 1962, TV Actor
Debra Messing, 1968, TV Actress
Di’Ja, 1982, R&B Singer
Don Rich, 1941, Guitarist
E Nesbit, 1858, Children’s Author
Edna Ferber, 1887, Novelist
Edna Ferber, 1887, Novelist
Elizabeth Bolden, 1890,
Elizabeth Kerr, 1912, TV Actress
Emily Kinney, 1985, TV Actress
Emmy Buckner, 1990, TV Actress
Erika Kayne, 1989, R&B Singer
Erin Gruwell, 1969, Teacher
Ernesto Galarza, 1905, Civil Rights Leader
Ethan McKinnon, 1976, YouTube Star
Ethel Barrymore, 1879, Stage Actress
Gary Kubiak, 1961, Football Coach
Gaylen Ross, 1950, Movie Actress
Gene Upshaw, 1945, Football Player
Georgann Johnson, 1926, TV Actress
Gloria Maria, 1949, Journalist
Gulliver McGrath, 1998, Movie Actor
Harlow Curtice, 1893, Entrepreneur
Harry Akst, 1894, Songwriter
Hillar Mets, 1954, Cartoonist
Hisham N. Ashkouri, 1948, Architect
Huntz Hall, 1920, Movie Actor
Ivan Mestrovic, 1883, Sculptor
Jack Russell, 1963, Cricket Player
Jackie Brenston, 1930, R&B Singer
Jacques Ibert, 1890, Composer
Jakub Voracek, 1989, Hockey Player
Jan Campert, 1902, Poet
Janice Rule, 1931, Movie Actress
Janick Thibault, 1994, Rock Singer
Jarrod Dyson, 1984, Baseball Player
Jason Black, 1972, MMA Fighter
Jed Webster, 1995, Pop Singer
Jen Hatmaker, 1974, Reality Star
Jennie Eisenhower, 1978, Stage Actress
Jennifer Kirk, 1984, Figure Skater
Jennifer Lawrence, 1990, Movie Actress
Jeremy Taylor, 1613, Religious Leader
Jessica Trengove, 1987, Runner
Jill Vertes, 1972, Reality Star
Jim Dale, 1935, Movie Actor
Jim Lange, 1932, TV Show Host
Jimmy Webb, 1946, Composer
Joe Jonas, 1989, Pop Singer
John Cranko, 1927, Dancer
Joseph Vincent, 1989, Pop Singer
Josina Anderson, 1978, Journalist
JT Thomas, 1988, Football Player
Julia Child, 1912, Chef
Julian Voss-Andreae, 1970, Sculptor
Julius Katchen, 1926, Pianist
Kara Wolters, 1975, Basketball Player
Karen Polinesia, 1992, YouTube Star
Kathy Kemp, 1964, Fashion Designer
Kaytranada, 1992, DJ
Kazuo Yamazaki, 1962, Wrestler
Keith Hanley, 1993, Pop Singer
Kerri Walsh-Jennings, 1978, Volleyball Player
Kevin Cheng, 1969, Movie Actor
Khaleda Zia, 1945, Politician
Kier Kirby, 1963, DJ
Kieran Ackerman, 1995, Pop Singer
Lady Miss Kier, 1963, Pop Singer
Larry Matthews, 1955, TV Actor
Leah Hackett, 1985, TV Actress
Leandro Locsin, 1928, Architect
Lee Sang-yoon, 1981, TV Actor
Leo McCarthy, 1930, Politician
Leon Theremin, 1896, Scientist
Leonard Baskin, 1922, Sculptor
Leonardo Aguilar, 1999, World Music Singer
Leslie Santos Diaz, 2001, Dancer
Lily Macapinlac, 1994, Instagram Star
Linda Ellerbee, 1944, News Anchor
Lori Nelson, 1933, Movie Actress
Lorraine Desmarais, 1956, Pianist
Louis Debroglie, 1892, Scientist
Louis-philippe Jean, 1984, Bodybuilder
Luciano Vassalo, 1935, Soccer Player
Luke McCormick, 1983, Soccer Player
Maddalena Castano, 1967, Reality Star
Maddie Corman, 1970, Movie Actress
Mafer Cantu, 1988, YouTube Star
Marc Bannerman, 1973, Soap Opera Actor
Marcus Jones, 1973, Football Player
Maria Fowler, 1986, Model
Maria Rojo, 1943, Politician
Mariana Arias, 1965, TV Actress
Marion Bauer, 1882, Composer
Mark Labbett, 1965, TV Show Host
Mark Thatcher, 1953, Politician
Martin Biron, 1977, Hockey Player
Mary Jo Salter, 1954, Poet
Mary Nash, 1884, Movie Actress
Marysa Taylor, 1987, Pop Singer
Masaki Okada, 1989, Movie Actor
Matt Johnson, 1961, Rock Singer
Matt Lobster, 1989, YouTube Star
Matthew Wood, 1972, Sound Designer
Maxine Waters, 1938, Politician
Melinda Gates, 1964, Entrepreneur
Michael Berresse, 1964, Stage Actor
Michael Katsidis, 1980, Boxer
Michael Rutter, 1933, Scientist
Michael Shaevitch, 1995, YouTube Star
Michael Skolnik, 1978, Civil Rights Leader
Mike Connors, 1925, TV Actor
Mike Tenay, 1954, Sportscaster
Mikey Graham, 1972, Pop Singer
Mohamed Fawzi, 1918, Composer
Montague Druitt, 1857, Teacher
Morgan Brown, 1996, YouTube Star
Napoleon Bonaparte, 1769, Royalty
Nasi Manu, 1988, Rugby Player
Natalia Kills, 1986, Pop Singer
Natalie Lowe, 1980, Dancer
Natasha Bure, 1998, YouTube Star
Natasha Henstridge, 1974, Movie Actress
Ned Washington, 1901, Songwriter
Neil Gunther, 1950, Scientist
Nelson McCausland, 1951, Politician
Nick Kershner, 1991, eSports Player
Nicolas Roeg, 1928, Director
Nigel Terry, 1945, Movie Actor
Nipsey Hussle, 1985, Rapper
Noah Lee, 1999, YouTube Star
Norman Doray, 1983, DJ
Oh Jin-hyek, 1981, Archer
Oliver Perez, 1981, Baseball Player
Olivia Sui, 1993, Vine Star
Oscar Peterson, 1925, Pianist
Oscar Romero, 1917, Religious Leader
Oussama Assaidi, 1988, Soccer Player
Pat Priest, 1936, TV Actress
Patsy Gallant, 1948, Pop Singer
Paul Jefferson, 1961, Country Singer
Perla Castillo, 1989, Reality Star
Pete York, 1942, Drummer
Peter Alexis Shukoff, 1979, YouTube Star
Peter Hermann, 1967, TV Actor
Phyllis Schlafly, 1924, Activist
Quinton Aaron, 1984, Movie Actor
Raakhee Gulzar, 1947, Movie Actress
Rachel Anderson, 1990, YouTube Star
Richard Deacon, 1949, Sculptor
Richard Heck, 1931, Scientist
Richard R. Ernst, 1933, Scientist
Robert Bartlett, 1875, Explorer
Robert L. Forward, 1932, Novelist
Roger Rose, 1958, Voice Actor
Rogers Albritton, 1923, Philosopher
Rondell Sheridan, 1958, TV Actor
Rory Best, 1982, Rugby Player
Rose Maddox, 1925, Country Singer
Rose Marie, 1923, TV Actress
Russ Money, 1986, Twitch Star
Ryan Todd, 1980, YouTube Star
Samantha Crain, 1986, Folk Singer
Sami Michael, 1926, Novelist
Sander Gommans, 1978, Guitarist
Scott Altman, 1959, Astronaut
Scott Brosius, 1966, Baseball Player
Sean Chen, 1968, Comic Book Artist
Shamari Maurice, 1996, TV Actor
Sherrod Small, 1973, Comedian
Sidney Clare, 1892, Songwriter
Simon Brown, 1963, Boxer
Siobhan Flynn, 1970, Voice Actor
Song Ji-hyo, 1981, TV Actress
Sota Hanamura, 1990, Pop Singer
Sri Aurobindo, 1872, Novelist
Srihari, 1964, Movie Actor
Stephen Breyer, 1938, Supreme Court Justice
Steven Sugar, 1990, Graphic Designer
Stieg Larsson, 1954, Novelist
Stix Hooper, 1938, Drummer
Su-chin Pak, 1976, Journalist
Syd Butler, 1982, Bassist
Syed Waliullah, 1922, Novelist
Sylvie Vartan, 1944, Jazz Singer
Tanedra Howard, 1980, Movie Actress
Ted Dwane, 1984, Bassist
Ted Snyder, 1881, Songwriter
Tess Harper, 1950, TV Actress
Thomas Dequincey, 1785, Essayist
Thomas Kuchel, 1910, Politician
Tiffanie Anderson, 1988, Pop Singer
Tim Foreman, 1978, Bassist
Timati, 1983, Rapper
Tom Colicchio, 1962, Chef
Tom Johnston, 1948, Guitarist
Tom Kelly, 1950, Baseball Manager
Tom Morey, 1935, Entrepreneur
Tommy Aldridge, 1950, Drummer
Tong Jian, 1979, Figure Skater
Tony Hand, 1967, Hockey Player
Tony Robinson, 1946, TV Show Host
Tracy Quan, 1977, Novelist
Tristan Evans, 1994, Drummer
Umi Garrett, 2000, Pianist
Verity Rushworth, 1985, Soap Opera Actress
Vernon Jordan, 1935, Civil Rights Leader
Vijay Bharadwaj, 1975, Cricket Player
Waleed Aly, 1978, TV Show Host
Walter Scott, 1771, Poet
Wendy Hiller, 1912, Movie Actress
Wilbur Hardee, 1918, Entrepreneur
Witness Mangwende, 1946, Politician
XDuoMax, 1993, YouTube Star
Yancey Thigpen, 1969, Football Player
Yoweri Museveni, 1944, Politician
Yumi Asou, 1963, Movie Actress
Zeljko Ivanek, 1957, TV Actor
Zhane, 1998, Instagram Star


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