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August 14 Famous Birthdays

August 14 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on AUGUST 14 are not that easy to get to know. They’re awesome and typically don’t need anyone but with a group of like-minded individuals, they can go many places. . . places they thought they’d never go.

Everyone needs to dream and they are expressly ready to achieve theirs. They are loyal to those that butter their bread. There are times however when this famous August 14 Lion can be impossible to get along with. This could be because they are always giving advice when no one has asked them too.


Maybe they need someone to keep them grounded. Having someone to share their life with would provide them with many smiles and happy days. They look for a mate who is intelligent and good looking. Please be considerate of this August 14 Leo’s needs and remember, just because he or she is nice, they should not be underestimated.


Famous people born on AUGUST 14th could be complex personalities who are also emotional. They dislike tedious tasks but will likely be a good leader. At the same time, you don’t want to upset this Leo as you may not like the outcome. However, they should take care of their reputation.


August 14 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

14 August Good Traits:

  • Powerful
  • Motivated
  • Inspirational
  • Irresistible
  • Smart
  • Active

14 August Bad Traits:

  • Grudging
  • Difficult
  • Hypersensitive
  • Negligent
  • Bossy

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August 14 Famous Birthday Personalities

Abigail Bergman, 2000, Dancer
Adam Hall, 1980, Hockey Player
Adam Priestley, 1990, Soccer Player
Adrian Lester, 1968, TV Actor
Al Shearer, 1977, Movie Actor
Alan Gibbons, 1953, Children’s Author
Albert Ball, 1896, Pilot
Alex Albrecht, 1976, Radio Host
Alexei Panshin, 1940, Novelist
Alfred Corn, 1943, Poet
Alice Adams, 1926, Novelist
Alice Ghostley, 1926, TV Actress
Alisha12287, 1994, Twitch Star
Alma Reville, 1899, Director
Ana Lorena Sanchez, 1990, Soap Opera Actress

Ana Lynch, 1974, Pop Singer
Ander Herrera, 1989, Soccer Player
Andrea Compton, 1991, YouTube Star
Andrea Leeds, 1914, Movie Actress
Andrew Kevin Walker, 1964, Screenwriter
Andrew Klavan, 1954, Screenwriter
Andrew Scites, 1991, YouTube Star
Anita King, 1884, Movie Actress
Anja Leuenberger, 1992, Model
Anshel Brusilow, 1928, Violinist
Antonio Fargas, 1946, Movie Actor
Anttix, 1989, Pop Singer
Arte Moreno, 1946, Sports Executive
Arthur Laffer, 1940, Politician
Ashlynn Brooke, 1985,
Austin Porter, 1997, Pop Singer

Azam Khan, 1948, Politician
Barbara George, 1942, R&B Singer
Bart Bordelon, 1975, Entrepreneur
Ben Bass, 1968, TV Actor
Ben Sidran, 1943, Pianist
Bob Backlund, 1949, Wrestler
Bobby Duncum Sr., 1944, Wrestler
Bobby Eaton, 1958, Wrestler
Brannon Braga, 1965, TV Producer
Brenda Benet, 1945, Soap Opera Actress
Briana Roy, 2005, Movie Actress
Brianna Hildebrand, 1996, Movie Actress

Bryce Courtenay, 1933, Novelist
Bryce Hall, 2000, Instagram Star
Buddy Greco, 1926, Jazz Singer
Cameron Cretney, 1995, YouTube Star
Cameron Jerome, 1986, Soccer Player
Caren Lyn Tackett, 1976, Stage Actress
Carl Lumbly, 1951, TV Actor
Carlos Condell, 1843, War Hero
Casey Labow, 1995, Movie Actress
Cassi Thomson, 1993, TV Actress
Catherine Bell, 1968, TV Actress
Charlotte Nicdao, 1991, TV Actress
Chris Perez, 1969, Guitarist
Chris Tempest, 1986, Soap Opera Actor

Christopher Gorham, 1974, TV Actor
Chrystina Sayers, 1987, Pop Singer
Cita Citata, 1994, Pop Singer
Clay Buchholz, 1984, Baseball Player
Clay Lacy, 1932, Entrepreneur
Cody Buffinton, 1994, YouTube Star
Connie Smith, 1941, Country Singer
Craig Bradshaw, 1957, Football Player
Cristi Conaway, 1964, Fashion Designer
Curt Hansen, 1987, Stage Actor
Daniel Mananta, 1981, TV Show Host
Daniela Andrade, 1992, YouTube Star
Danielle Steel, 1947, Novelist
Danny Blake, 1992, Model
Darren Clarke, 1968, Golfer
Daryl Campbell, 1985,
Daven Wilson, 1996, TV Actor
David Call, 1982, TV Actor
David Crosby, 1941, Guitarist
David Holt, 1927, Movie Actor
David Peralta, 1987, Baseball Player
David Stone, 1972, Magician
Debbie Meyer, 1952, Swimmer
Diana Harris, 1948, Swimmer
Didier Bence, 1987, Boxer
DJ Kay Slay, 1966, DJ
Doc Holliday, 1851,
Drago Ibler, 1894, Architect
Duy Tan, 1899, Royalty
Earl Barron, 1981, Basketball Player
Earl Tucker, 1906, Dancer
Earl Weaver, 1930, Baseball Manager
Eddie Costa, 1930, Pianist
Eddie Gilbert, 1961, Wrestler
Edward Barbanell, 1977, Movie Actor
Edward O. Thorp, 1932, Entrepreneur
Elena Baltacha, 1983, Tennis Player
Eliot Carrington, 2002, Soap Opera Actor
Emmanuelle Beart, 1963, Movie Actress
Enzo Carini, 1996, Instagram Star
Erin Hamilton, 1968, Pop Singer
Erin Ryder, 1980, TV Show Host
Ernest Everett Just, 1883, Scientist
Ernest Thayer, 1863, Poet
Frank McCourt, 1953, Entrepreneur
Fred Roberts, 1960, Basketball Player
Gabriella Szabo, 1986, Canoer
Garrett Ryan, 1999, TV Actor
Gary Larson, 1950, Cartoonist
Gautam Rode, 1977, Soap Opera Actor
Gene Scott, 1929, Religious Leader
Gerri Willis, 1959, TV Show Host
Gillian Taylforth, 1955, Soap Opera Actress
Giorgio Chiellini, 1984, Soccer Player
Gongchan, 1993, Pop Singer
Halle Berry, 1966, Movie Actress
HC Oersted, 1777, Scientist
Henrik Harlaut, 1991, Skier
Holden Ray, 1997, Cheerleader
Ivan Ilic, 1978, Pianist
Jack Chevigny, 1906, Football Player
Jack Meredith, 1992, Hurdler
Jackee Harry, 1956, TV Actress
Jackeline Cardona, 1986, Model
Jaclyn Swedberg, 1990, Model
Jacob Holmes, 1983, Basketball Player
Jacob Philadelphia, 1735, Magician
Jaelyn Brunson, 2000, YouTube Star
James Buckley, 1987, TV Actor
James Horner, 1953, Composer
Jamie Catto, 1968, Pop Singer
Jarret Johnson, 1981, Football Player
Jason Dunstall, 1964, Australian Rules Footballer
Jason Leonard, 1968, Rugby Player
Jay Manuel, 1972, Reality Star
Jay-Jay Okocha, 1973, Soccer Player
Jaydee Bixby, 1990, Country Singer
Jeff Farmer, 1962, Wrestler
Jennifer Flavin, 1968, Model
Jessica Barboza, 1987, YouTube Star
Jill Bennett, 1975, TV Actress
Joe Moses, 1987, Stage Actor
Joel Magnusson, 1996, YouTube Star
John Brodie, 1935, Football Player
John Logie Baird, 1888, Entrepreneur
Johnny Lever, 1957, Movie Actor
Jon McBride, 1943, Astronaut
Jose Rosas Moreno, 1838, Poet
Juju Beatz, 2001, Dancer
Just Fontaine, 1933, Soccer Player
Justin Swift, 1975, Football Player
Karen Martinez, 1979, Model
Kate Ritchie, 1978, Soap Opera Actress
Keith Howland, 1964, Guitarist
Kelly Bachand, 1987, Sports Shooter
Kevin Cadogan, 1970, Rock Singer
Kevin Harris, 1962, Skateboarder
Khiyla KhiyKhiy, 2008, Dancer
Kieren Perkins, 1973, Swimmer
Kiko Alonso, 1990, Football Player
Kim Rodriguez, 1994, TV Actress
Kofi Kingston, 1981, Wrestler
Kye Sones, 1982, Pop Singer
Kyle Turris, 1989, Hockey Player
Lady Bunny, 1962, Movie Actress
Lamorne Morris, 1983, TV Actor
Leathershirts, 1996, Vine Star
Lenna Paytas, 1958, Family Member
Lina Wertmuller, 1928, Director
Liz Fraser, 1930, Movie Actress
Lu Yen-hsun, 1983, Tennis Player
Lucinda Dickey, 1960, Dancer
Lynne Cheney, 1941, Historian
Maggie Ausburn, 1978, Reality Star
Magic Johnson, 1959, Basketball Player
Manfred Clynes, 1925, Scientist
Marcia Gay Harden, 1959, Movie Actress
Marieke Westerhof, 1974, Rower
Marija Leiko, 1887, Movie Actress
Marimar Vega, 1983, TV Actress
Mark Fidrych, 1954, Baseball Player
Mark Loretta, 1971, Baseball Player
Marsai Martin, 2004, TV Actress
Martin Allen, 1965, Soccer Coach
Martin Broszat, 1926, Historian
Mary Jordan, 1969, Director
Mary Queeny, 1913, Movie Actress
Matthew E. White, 1982, Folk Singer
Matthew Etherington, 1981, Soccer Player
Maya Jama, 1991, TV Show Host
Melanie Murphy, 1989, YouTube Star
Melinda Marx, 1946, TV Actress
Melissa Sorrentino, 1987, Reality Star
Meyne Wyatt, 1989, Soap Opera Actor
Mikalah Sultan, 1999, Model
Mike Vrabel, 1975, Football Player
Mila Kunis, 1983, Movie Actress
Millard Mitchell, 1903, Movie Actor
Miranda Rae Mayo, 1988, TV Actress
Mister V, 1993, YouTube Star
Mohit Raina, 1982, TV Actor
Mohnish Bahl, 1961, Movie Actor
Mustafa Kamil Pasha, 1874, Activist
Myriam Klink, 1970, Pop Singer
Nathan Alterman, 1910, Poet
Neal Anderson, 1964, Football Player
Nick Grimshaw, 1984, TV Show Host
Nick Holmes, 1981, Movie Actor
Nikko London, 1975, Reality Star
Otto Tief, 1889, Politician
Paddy McGuinness, 1973, Comedian
Paddy McGuinness, 1973, Comedian
Palmer Williams, Jr., 1965, TV Actor
Patrick Wojcicki, 1991, Boxer
Paul Gallen, 1981, Rugby Player
Peggy Lloyd, 1913, Stage Actress
Peter Costello, 1957, Politician
Pope Pius VII, 1742, Religious Leader
Preston Lacy, 1969, Reality Star
Princess Love, 1984, Reality Star
Raoul Bova, 1971, Movie Actor
Ray William Johnson, 1981, YouTube Star
Raymond Washington, 1953, Criminal
Rene Goscinny, 1926, Cartoonist
Rhonda Ross Kendrick, 1971, Family Member
Richard Freitag, 1991, Skier
Richard Parks, 1977, Rugby Player
Rick Cordeiro, 1968, Movie Actor
Robin Soderling, 1984, Tennis Player
Ronnie Campbell, 1943, Politician
Roys Poyiadjis, 1965, Business Executive
Russell Baker, 1925, Memoirist
Russell Hodgkinson, 1959, Movie Actor
Rusty Wallace, 1956, Race Car Driver
Ryan Gracie, 1974, MMA Fighter
Sammy Adams, 1987, Rapper
Sarah Brightman, 1960, Opera Singer
Shannon Scotten, 1985, YouTube Star
Shanon Shah, 1978, World Music Singer
Shea Weber, 1985, Hockey Player
Sidney Godley, 1889, War Hero
Sinem Kobal, 1987, TV Actress
Sofia Toufa, 1983, Pop Singer
Spencer Pratt, 1983, Reality Star
Stanley A. McChrystal, 1954, War Hero
Stephen B. Burke, 1958, Business Executive
Stet Howland, 1960, Drummer
Steve Martin, 1945, Movie Actor
Sugi Ryōtarō, 1944, TV Actor
Sunidhi Chauhan, 1983, Pop Singer
Susan Olsen, 1961, TV Actress
Susan Saint James, 1946, TV Actress
Sverre Fehn, 1924, Architect
Tamer El Said, 1972, Director
Terin Humphrey, 1986, Gymnast
Terry Richardson, 1965, Photographer
Tex Johnston, 1914, Pilot
Thomas Meehan, 1929, Playwright
Thomas Sumter, 1734, War Hero
Tim Smulders, 1985, Music Producer
Tim Tebow, 1987, Football Player
Tomer Sisley, 1974, Movie Actor
Tommy Hanlon, 1923, TV Show Host
Tony Moran, 1957, Movie Actor
Tracy Caldwell Dyson, 1969, Astronaut
Trevor Bannister, 1934, TV Actor
Utrice Leid, 1953, Activist
Warren Creavalle, 1990, Soccer Player
Wayne Chrebet, 1973, Football Player
William Prunier, 1967, Soccer Player
Wim Wenders, 1945, Director
Wipper179, 1995, YouTube Star
Yamile Aldama, 1972, Triple Jumper
Yasuyuki Okamura, 1965, Rock Singer
Yoo Jae-suk, 1972, Comedian


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