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August 13 Famous Birthdays

August 13 Famous Birthdays

Famous Leos born on AUGUST 13 could have feelings of superiority. It has been said that having lots of money does not make us better than the next man. They like the finer things in life but who doesn’t want a nice car and home.

They shouldn’t let the material life go to their head. They believe there should be a purpose behind one’s job or profession. No matter what they do, famous August 13 celebrities feel it should be done with precision and pride. As the head of their department, they will want to know their employees thoughts and concerns. This makes them feel a lot better.


Sometimes, in order to have a smooth operation famous people born on August 13 will need to make a compromise occasionally. They don’t have a problem with this. On a personal level, they are invited to all of the social events. They bring the best gifts. They like spending quality time with their family and spoiling them when they can.


Famous people born on AUGUST 13th are dynamic but humble. They’re kind to others and have a generous nature. A true leader, they open their door and their heart to those that support them. However, they don’t take kindly to people giving them advice.


August 13 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

13 August Good Traits:

  • Upright
  • Passionate
  • Dynamic
  • Poised
  • Humble
  • Fair
  • Generous
  • Adventurous
  • Observant

13 August Bad Traits:

  • Materialistic
  • Arrogant
  • Irresponsible
  • Insecure
  • Dominating

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August 13 Famous Birthday Personalities

Adam Housley, 1971, News Anchor
Alan Shearer, 1970, Soccer Player
Aleksis Dreimanis, 1914, Scientist
Alexander Garcia, 1993, Instagram Star
Alfred Hitchcock, 1899, Director
Allie Long, 1987, Soccer Player
Allison Speed, 1989, YouTube Star
Alona Bondarenko, 1984, Tennis Player
Alonzo M. Clark, 1868, Politician
Amber Marchese, 1977, Reality Star
Andre Schiebler, 1991, YouTube Star
Andre Thornton, 1949, Baseball Player
Andy Griggs, 1973, Country Singer
Angela Torres, 1998, TV Actress
Annie Oakley, 1860,
Anthony Herbert, 1966, Rugby Player

Anthony Keyvan, 2000, TV Actor
Arina Averina, 1998, Gymnast
Ayu Gani, 1991, Model
Basil Spence, 1907, Architect
Ben Hogan, 1912, Golfer
Benjani Mwaruwari, 1978, Soccer Player
Bernard Manning, 1930, Comedian
Bert Lahr, 1895, Movie Actor
Betsy King, 1955, Golfer
Bill Masterton, 1938, Hockey Player
Bobby Clarke, 1949, Hockey Player
Boone Logan, 1984, Baseball Player
Boris Leven, 1908, Production Designer
Brandon Gibson, 1987, Football Player
Brandon McMaster, 1987, Guitarist
Buddy Rogers, 1904, Movie Actor

C Howard Crane, 1885, Architect
Cameron Carr, 1977,
Caroline Roxy, 1989, Blogger
Carrie Wampler, 1996, TV Actress
Cary Stayner, 1961, Criminal
Caswell Berry, 1983, Skateboarder
Cedric Paquette, 1993, Hockey Player
Chad Brown, 1961,
Chandler Juliet, 1994, Pop Singer
Charles Dazey, 1855, Playwright
Christian Rivera, 1990, Twitch Star
Christopher Rw Nevinson, 1889, Painter
Colson Smith, 1998, Soap Opera Actor
Connor Kalopsis, 2003, TV Actor
Corey Fogelmanis, 1999, TV Actor
Corey Patterson, 1979, Baseball Player

Crystal Allen, 1979, Movie Actress
Cyndy Brucato, 1951, News Anchor
D’Ron Maingrette, 1986, Twitch Star
Dallas Braden, 1983, Baseball Player
Dan Fogelberg, 1951, Rock Singer
Daniel Cutting, 1987, YouTube Star
Danny Bonaduce, 1959, TV Actor
Danny Bruno, 1952, TV Actor
Dave Carter, 1952, Folk Singer
Dave Days, 1991, YouTube Star
David Crane, 1957, TV Producer
David Feherty, 1958, Golfer
David Monahan, 1971, TV Actor
David St. Hubbins, 1947, Guitarist
Dawnn Lewis, 1961, Movie Actress

Debi Mazar, 1964, TV Actress
Deborah Falconer, 1965, Movie Actress
DeMarcus Cousins, 1990, Basketball Player
Demetrious Johnson, 1986, MMA Fighter
Deni Marie McGonigle, 1992,
Devan Leos, 1998, Movie Actor
Devin McCourty, 1987, Football Player
Diandra Soares, 1979, Model
Dick Flowers, 1927, Football Player
Dina Averina, 1998, Gymnast
Dominic Oduro, 1985, Soccer Player
Don Ho, 1930, Pop Singer
Don Ho, 1930, Pop Singer
Edwin Musick, 1894, Pilot
Elcin Sangu, 1985, TV Actress
Elise Christie, 1990, Speed Skater
Erica Pinkett, 1982, Reality Star
Erin Fetherston, 1977, Fashion Designer
Ernest E. Evans, 1908, War Hero
Eva Dykes, 1893, Teacher
Fabulous Hannah, 1998, YouTube Star
Feargal Sharkey, 1958, Pop Singer
Fidel Castro, 1926, World Leader
Filip Forsberg, 1994, Hockey Player
Frederick Sanger, 1918, Scientist
Freya Mavor, 1993, TV Actress
Galimatias, 1991, Music Producer
Gareth Jones, 1905, Journalist
Gast Waltzing, 1956, Trumpet Player
Gene Raymond, 1908, TV Actor
George Shearing, 1919, Pianist
Gloria Dickson, 1917, Movie Actress
Gretchen Corbett, 1947, TV Actress
Harry Cracknell, 1999, Pop Singer
Heath Pearce, 1984, Soccer Player
Heike Makatsch, 1971, Movie Actress
Herb Ritts, 1952, Photographer
Hideo Fukuyama, 1955, Race Car Driver
Howard Marks, 1945, Autobiographer
Hughie Thomasson, 1952, Guitarist
Ian Haugland, 1964, Drummer
Iman Jordan, 1986, Pop Singer
Iqbal Quadir, 1958, Entrepreneur
Irfan Fandi, 1997, Soccer Player
ItsMeLexie1, 2000, YouTube Star
James Carpinello, 1975, Movie Actor
James Morrison, 1984, Soul Singer
Jamie Shelton, 1988, Soap Opera Actor
Jane Carr, 1950, TV Actress
Janet Yellen, 1946, Politician
Jarrod Washburn, 1974, Baseball Player
Jasmine Burke, 1983, TV Actress
Jason McCourty, 1987, Football Player
Jason Roy, 1989, Reality Star
Jay Buhner, 1964, Baseball Player
Jerry Hughes, 1988, Football Player
Jody Thompson, 1976, TV Actress
Joe Simpson, 1960, Mountain Climber
John Beal, 1909, Movie Actor
John Safran, 1972, Comedian
John Slattery, 1962, TV Actor
Johnny Gaudreau, 1993, Hockey Player
Jonathan Brookins, 1985, MMA Fighter
Jordan Sweeto, 1992, YouTube Star
Josh Patterson, 1989, Reality Star
Joycelyn Elders, 1933, Doctor
JulieG, 1985, YouTube Star
Kalenna Harper, 1982, R&B Singer
Kallie Kaiser, 1996, YouTube Star
Kamila Shamsie, 1973, Novelist
Kamya Punjabi, 1979, TV Actress
Karoly Thern, 1817, Composer
Kasia Smutniak, 1979, Movie Actress
Kathleen Battle, 1948, Opera Singer
Kathleen Gati, 1957, TV Actress
Kathryn Fiore, 1979, Movie Actress
Kayce Brewer, 1998, YouNow Star
Kaylan Maloley, 1993, Family Member
Kevin Plank, 1972, Entrepreneur
Kevin Tighe, 1944, TV Actor
Koji Kondo, 1961, Composer
Lacey Brown, 1985, Pop Singer
Lara Taylor, 1993, Pop Singer
Lena Chen, 1987, Blogger
Lennon Stella, 1999, Pop Singer
LiamFTWinter, 1995, YouTube Star
Lisa Ajax, 1998, Pop Singer
Lisa Nilsson, 1970, Pop Singer
Lisa Sthalekar, 1979, Cricket Player
Liz Milian, 1987, Reality Star
Louis Karsenbarg, 1990, YouTube Star
Luc Sauer, 1989, Graphic Designer
Lucas Moura, 1992, Soccer Player
Lucy Stone, 1818, Civil Rights Leader
Madhur Jaffrey, 1933, Movie Actress
Makarios III, 1913, Religious Leader
Manuel Valls, 1962, Politician
Mara Yamauchi, 1973, Runner
Mark Tomlinson, 1970, Family Member
Marty Turco, 1975, Hockey Player
Matt White, 1978, Baseball Player
MD FIFA, 1998, YouTube Star
Melvin Frank, 1913, Screenwriter
Merrill Markoe, 1948, Screenwriter
Michael Joseph Massetti, 1992, Model
Michael Sinterniklaas, 1972, Voice Actor
Mindy DuPonte, 1991, Rapper
Mo, 1988, Pop Singer
Molly Henneberg, 1973, Journalist
Molly Sullivan Sliney, 1966, Fencer
Moritz Bleibtreu, 1971, Movie Actor
Mulgrew Miller, 1955, Pianist
Neeraj Roy, 1967, Business Executive
Neville Brand, 1920, Movie Actor
Nick Dempsey, 1980, Surfer
Nick Truelove, 1998, Model
Niklas Sundin, 1974, Guitarist
Niko Kranjcar, 1984, Soccer Player
Norman Read, 1931, Race Walker
Orly Alexandra, 1996, YouTube Star
Pat Harrington Jr., 1929, TV Actor
Patrick Carpentier, 1971, Race Car Driver
Paul Blobel, 1894, Criminal
Paul Greengrass, 1955, Director
Paul Karmiryan, 1991, Dancer
Peter Andrej, 1959, Poet
Peter Shepherd, 1986, Race Car Driver
Phil Taylor, 1960, Darts Player
Philippe Petit, 1949, Performance Artist
Piper Reese, 2000, YouTube Star
Pluto Shervington, 1950, Reggae Singer
Quinn Cummings, 1967, Movie Actress
Rachel McLean, 1971,
Randal Grichuk, 1991, Baseball Player
Randall Brenes, 1983, Soccer Player
Randy Carr, 1956, Drummer
Ray Diaz, 1988, TV Actor
Raymond Leslie Morris, 1929, Criminal
Rayven Justice, 1991, R&B Singer
Reece Bibby, 1998, Pop Singer
Regis Toomey, 1898, Movie Actor
Richard Willstatter, 1872, Scientist
Robert Stewart, 1942, Astronaut
Roberto Micheletti, 1943, Politician
Rod Hull, 1935, TV Show Host
Rolando Molina, 1971, TV Actor
Ryan Villopoto, 1988, Motorcycle Racer
Salvador Luria, 1912, Scientist
Sam Champion, 1961, TV Show Host
Sam Koch, 1982, Football Player
Samuel De Champlain, 1574, Explorer
Sandra Perez, 1996, Instagram Star
Scott Macrae, 1974, Baseball Player
Scott Powell, 1948, Rock Singer
Sebastian Stan, 1982, Movie Actor
Servando Carrasco, 1988, Soccer Player
Shani Davis, 1982, Speed Skater
Shayne Corson, 1966, Hockey Player
Shila Amzah, 1990, Pop Singer
Shoaib Akhtar, 1975, Cricket Player
Sid Gordon, 1917, Baseball Player
Spike Dudley, 1970, Wrestler
Srabanti Chatterjee, 1987, Movie Actress
Sridevi Kapoor, 1963, Movie Actress
Starr Kempf, 1917, Sculptor
Steve Higgins, 1963, Comedian
Susan Jameson, 1941, TV Actress
Taijuan Walker, 1992, Baseball Player
Tal Bachman, 1968, Rock Singer
Tau Moe, 1908, Guitarist
Tim Mikkelson, 1986, Rugby Player
Todd Hendricks, 1968, Football Player
Tomas Necid, 1989, Soccer Player
Tommy Gainey, 1975, Golfer
Tomohawk1989, 1989, YouTube Star
Ty Desharnais, 1998, Pop Singer
Vale Genta, 1997, Vine Star
Valerie Plame, 1963, Memoirist
Victoria Flamel, 1994, YouTube Star
Wasna Ahmed, 1989, TV Actress
Wesley Taylor, 1986, Stage Actor
Yeo Jin-goo, 1997, Movie Actor
Yoon Bomi, 1993, Pop Singer


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