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April 6 Famous Birthdays

April 6 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on APRIL 6 are generally the go-to person. These Aries are a special breed who will stop to help a stranger who’s stranded on the road even when they are running late. People are a significant part of life and their friends and family appreciate them.

Needless to say, famous April 6th celebrities are kind and sympathetic. They are attractive, playful and stimulating. With those qualities, they are almost never alone. They like to be with their partner as it gives them the awareness of something that is stable in their life.


But it could be taken as a sign that they are perhaps a dependent person. On another note, famous people born on April 6 also like being close to their money. They don’t typically splurge or blow their money on non-sense. They prefer to make sound investments.


When it comes to their health, they take it seriously as well. They are in good health all around but when they don’t feel well, their face says it all.

Famous people born on April 6th have a positive outlook on life. They are serious minded Arians. At times, they are moody and may want to do something outside of the box. Typically, those born today are sexy individuals who like to flirt. They generally ball on a budget. Take a look at the April 6 famous birthdays listed below.


April 6th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

6th April Good Traits:

  • Leader
  • Authoritative
  • Passionate
  • Analytical
  • Credible
  • Funny
  • Charitable

6th April Bad Traits:

  • Reckless
  • Emotional
  • Moody
  • Anger
  • Negative

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April 6th Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Bodden, 1998, Rapper
Adam Juwig, 1989, Guitarist
Adrian Alonso, 1994, Movie Actor
Adriana Altaras, 1960, Movie Actress
Alan Cross, 1962, Radio Host
Alana Austin, 1982, Movie Actress
Albert Zambrano, 1971, Architect
Alex Suarez, 1981, Bassist
Alexander Beggins, 1988, Pop Singer
Alexi Amarista, 1989, Baseball Player
Ami James, 1972, Tattoo Artist
Andre Previn, 1929, Composer
Andre Weinfeld, 1957, Film Producer
Andy Phillips, 1977, Baseball Player
Anne Campbell, 1940, Politician
Anthony Fokker, 1890, Pilot
Antonio Soto, 1973, Politician
Ari Meyers, 1969, TV Actress
Armen Nalbandian, 1978, Pianist
Asia Sparks, 1992, Rapper
Barry Levinson, 1942, Director
Bert Blyleven, 1951, Baseball Player
Billy Dee Williams, 1937, Movie Actor
Black Francis, 1965, Rock Singer
Bobbi Starr, 1983,
Brendan Ekstrom, 1987, Guitarist
Bret Boone, 1969, Baseball Player
Bret Harrison, 1982, TV Actor
Brian Burkheiser, 1993, Metal Singer
Bruce King, 1924, Politician
Calvin Ellis Stowe, 1802, Religious Author

Candace Cameron-Bure, 1976, TV Actress
Carla Peterson, 1974, TV Actress
Casey Simpson, 2004, TV Actor
Casper Smart, 1987, Dancer
Cathy Jones, 1955, Comedian
Charles Duckworth, 1985, TV Actor
Charles R. Jackson, 1903, Novelist
Charles Sobhraj, 1944, Criminal
Charles Wright-singer, 1940, Soul Singer
Charlie McDermott, 1990, TV Actor
Charlie Rouse, 1924, Saxophonist
Charly Black, 1980, Pop Singer
Christopher Franke, 1953, Composer
CJ Adams, 2000, Movie Actor
Clay Travis, 1979, Journalist
Clayton Christennsen, 1952, Non-Fiction Author
Damien Walters, 1982, Gymnast
Dan Stemkoski, 1983, Sportscaster
Darcy Pentland, 2011, Family Member
David Bulley, 1994, Pop Singer
Deborah Theaker, 1964, TV Actress
Derrick Fenner, 1967, Football Player
Diana Matheson, 1984, Soccer Player
Dick Peabody, 1925, TV Actor
Dilip Vengsarkar, 1956, Cricket Player
Diora Baird, 1983, Movie Actress
DJ Soda, 1984, DJ
Don Prudhomme, 1941, Race Car Driver
Donnie Edwards, 1973, Football Player
Dorothy Donegan, 1922, Pianist
Doug Ellin, 1968, Screenwriter
Dre Drizzle, 1993, YouTube Star
Dudley Nichols, 1895, Screenwriter
Eilen Jewell, 1979, Blues Singer
Ekaterina Riazanova, 1991, Figure Skater
Eliza Coupe, 1981, TV Actress
Emir Sensini, 1984, Pop Singer
Emma Hatton, 1983, Stage Actor
Erica Rose, 1983, Reality Star
Erich Muhsam, 1878, Poet
Fabrice Muamba, 1988, Soccer Player
Fatau Dauda, 1985, Soccer Player
Fletcher Pilon, 2001, Pop Singer
Francois Hougaard, 1988, Rugby Player
Gene Andrusco, 1961, Pop Singer
Gene Bertoncini, 1937, Guitarist
Gerry Mulligan, 1927, Saxophonist
Gheorghe Zamfir, 1941, Flute Player
Gianna Jessen, 1977,
Gil Kane, 1926, Comic Book Artist
Gina Yashere, 1974, Comedian
Glenn Kessler, 1970, Screenwriter
Gordon Giltrap, 1948, Guitarist
Gustave Moreau, 1826, Painter
Hart Pease Danks, 1834, Composer
Heidi Mount, 1987, Model
Herb Thomas, 1923, Race Car Driver

Herculez Gomez, 1982, Soccer Player
Hilary Rhoda, 1987, Model
Horace Tapscott, 1934, Pianist
hte jarod, 1999, Vine Star
Ian Paisley, 1926, Politician
Isaiah Frey, 1990, Football Player
Israel Dillard, 2015, Family Member
Ivan Dixon, 1931, TV Actor
Jacque Rae Pyles, 1994, Pop Singer
Jake McCoy, 1996, YouTube Star
James Mill, 1773, Historian
James Wade, 1983, Darts Player
James Watson, 1928, Scientist
James Willems, 1984, YouTube Star
Jasmine Curtis-Smith, 1994, TV Actress
Jason Hervey, 1972, TV Actor
Jerome Kaino, 1983, Rugby Player
Jerrod Carmichael, 1988, Comedian
Jim Beckwourth, 1798, Explorer
Jimmy Roberts, 1924, Opera Singer
Joe Courtney, 1953, Politician
Joe Lawson, 1990, Graphic Designer
Joe List, 1982, Comedian
Joel Garland, 1975, TV Actor
John Pizzarelli Jr., 1960, Guitarist
John Ratzenberger, 1947, TV Actor
Joi Lansing, 1928, TV Actress
Jorges Cremades, 1988, Instagram Star
Josette Banzet, 1938, TV Actress
Josh Teater, 1979, Golfer

Julian Anderson, 1967, Composer
Julie Johnston, 1992, Soccer Player
Julie Rogers, 1943, Pop Singer
Kari Jobe, 1981, Rock Singer
Kathleen Barr, 1967, Voice Actor
Katie Griffiths, 1989, TV Actress
Keith Hunter Jesperson, 1955, Criminal
Kellen Gulley, 1994, Soccer Player
Ken Rebel, 1994, Rapper
Kenny Santucci, 1983, Reality Star
Kim Mingyu, 1997, Rapper
Kwesi Boakye, 1999, Movie Actor
Kyle Swann, 1990, TV Actor
Le1f, 1989, Rapper
Lee Jae-hwan, 1992, Pop Singer
Lee Ji-sun, 1983, Model
Leo Robin, 1900, Composer
Leonora Carrington, 1917, Painter
Liam Plunkett, 1985, Cricket Player
Lil Jojo, 1994, Rapper
Lily Jackson, 1998, Vine Star
Lincoln Steffens, 1866, Journalist
London Richards, 1997, R&B Singer
Lord Frederick Windsor, 1979, Royalty
Lori Heuring, 1973, Movie Actress
Louie Spence, 1969, Dancer
Louis Shelton, 1941, Guitarist
Lowell Thomas, 1892, Radio Host
Luca Days, 2000, Instagram Star
Lucy Carless, 1997, TV Actress
Luke Cutforth, 1994, YouTube Star
Mal Georg, 1988, Family Member
Manfred Schoof, 1936, Trumpet Player
Marcus Brimage, 1985, MMA Fighter
Marilu Henner, 1952, TV Actress
Mark Robertson, 1977, Soccer Player
Mark Strickson, 1959, TV Actor
Marteen Estevez, 2001, Instagram Star
Martin Mendez, 1978, Bassist
Mary Fisher, 1948, Memoirist
Matt Dennison, 1992, YouTube Star
Matthew Carey, 1980, Movie Actor
Max Bemis, 1984, Rock Singer
Max Clifford, 1943,
Mehdi Ballouchy, 1983, Soccer Player
Melisa Cantiveros, 1988, Reality Star
Merle Haggard, 1937, Country Singer
Michael Berland, 1968, Entrepreneur
Michael Guy Chislett, 1982, Guitarist
Michael Ortega, 1991, Soccer Player
Michael Rooker, 1955, TV Actor
Michael Woods, 1990, Soccer Player
Michele Bachmann, 1956, Politician
Mickey Cochrane, 1903, Baseball Player
Miguel Angel Silvestre, 1982, Movie Actor
Mike Bailey, 1988, TV Actor
Mike Price, 1946, Football Coach
Miranda May, 1996, TV Actress
Mo Mandel, 1981, Comedian
Mollie Faux-Wilkins, 1994, YouTube Star
Myleene Klass, 1978, Pop Singer
Nancy Jones, 1959, Reality Star
Nathan Zed, 1997, YouTube Star
Nathaniel Barnes, 1954, Politician
Nazirul Naim, 1993, Soccer Player
Nicky Slater, 1958, Figure Skater
Niko Pepaj, 1991, TV Actor
Noah Howard, 1943, Saxophonist
NoGoodHood, 1996, Rapper
Olaf Kolzig, 1970, Hockey Player
Paolo Nespoli, 1957, Astronaut
Pascal Roge, 1951, Pianist
Patrick Doyle, 1953, Composer
Paul Daniels, 1938, Magician
Paul Rudd, 1969, Movie Actor
Pavel Zacha, 1997, Hockey Player
Peter Adolf Thiessen, 1899, Scientist
Peter Maivia, 1937, Wrestler
Peyton List, 1998, TV Actress
Phil Austin, 1941, Comedian
Philippe Garrel, 1948, Director
Pierre Richard Bruny, 1972, Soccer Player
Piinksim, 1999, YouTube Star
Prashanth, 1973, Movie Actor
Rafael Correa, 1963, Politician
Ram Dass, 1931, Young Adult Author
Randy Gage, 1959, Novelist
Raphael, 1483, Painter
Ray Gibson, 1994, Country Singer
Reggie Waller, 1955, Baseball Player
Rena Lovelis, 1998, Bassist
Rene Lalique, 1860,
Rica Reinisch, 1965, Swimmer
Rick Cosnett, 1983, TV Actor
Rie Miyazawa, 1973, Movie Actress
Robert Earnshaw, 1981, Soccer Player
Rory Bremner, 1961, Comedian
Roy Thinnes, 1938, TV Actor
Ryutaro Morimoto, 1995, Pop Singer
Sarah Barrios, 1994, Pop Singer
Sinqua Walls, 1985, TV Actor
Sjoerd Janssen, 1984, Music Producer
Spencer List, 1998, Movie Actor
Spencer Wells, 1969, Scientist
Stefano Coletti, 1989, Race Car Driver
Stephen Downes, 1959, Teacher
Sterling Sharpe, 1965, Football Player
Steven Levitan, 1962, Screenwriter
Suchitra Sen, 1931, TV Actress
Summer Reign, 1996, Pop Singer
Susan Tolsky, 1943, Voice Actor
Taylor Latimer, 1998, YouTube Star
Teddy Sears, 1977, TV Actor
Theodora Lee, 1991, YouTube Star
Thoughty2, 1992, YouTube Star
Thuha Cao, 1993, YouTube Star
Tiffany Million, 1966,
Tim Hasselbeck, 1978, Football Player
Tim Walz, 1964, Politician
Todd Chrisley, 1969, Reality Star
Tony Michael, 1978, Entrepreneur
Trevor Dahl, 1993, DJ
Udo Dirkschneider, 1952, Metal Singer
Verne Duncan, 1934, Politician
Vernon Dalhart, 1883, Country Singer
Vince Flynn, 1966, Novelist
Walter Dandy, 1886, Doctor
Warren Haynes, 1960, Guitarist
William Dawes, 1745, War Hero
William M. Branham, 1909, Religious Leader
Yoonjae Lee, 1993, eSports Player
Zach Braff, 1975, TV Actor
Zhao Xue, 1985, Chess Player


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