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April 7 Famous Birthdays

April 7 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on APRIL 7th are Aries who can’t always make up your mind. This is not typical but it happens. They are sensitive individuals who appeal to most people. They can be described as someone who are thoughtful and liberal but they can sometimes be impractical.

As a single person, they seem to have been in the company of many. Being the attractive person that they are, they can always find that certain someone who envies them. Well, they seem to have trust issues as well or a wild and vivid imagination.


Famous people born on April 7th need to have good understanding between themselves and their partner. They need to make their expectations known from the beginning to avoid any misunderstandings.


Where their career is concerned, it will be chosen for them through their natural abilities. They need to learn how to handle success and large amounts of money so that it doesn’t go to their head.

Famous people born on April 7th like to be in control of whatever they are doing. They worry too much but are likely to lose things. Otherwise, these Aries have a vibrant personality. People are drawn to them and their charm. However, they can be idealistic. Here is a list of famous birthdays traits for April 7th.


April 7th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

7th April Good Traits:

  • Appealing
  • Dynamic
  • Generous
  • Open
  • Honest
  • Sensible
  • Dedicated
  • Bubbly

7th April Bad Traits:

  • Careless
  • Scheming
  • Anxious
  • Indecisive
  • Irritable
  • Jealous

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April 7th Famous Birthday Personalities

Adrian Beltre, 1979, Baseball Player
Ahmad Blashe, 1984, Rapper
Alan Pakula, 1928, Director
Albert Otto Hirschman, 1915, Scientist
Alexa Brown, 1991, Blogger
Alexander Bogomazov, 1880, Painter
Alexander Kelly, 1840, War Hero
Alexandra Neil, 1955, TV Actress
Alexis Jordan, 1992, Pop Singer
Alexis Love, 1988, Reality Star
Alfonso Signorini, 1964, TV Show Host
Alison Lapper, 1965, Photographer
Amy Lawrence, 1975, Radio Host
Ana Maria Estupinan, 1992, Soap Opera Actress
Anderson Rufin Abbott, 1837, Doctor
Andrew Hampsten, 1962, Cyclist
Andrew Sachs, 1930, TV Actor
Andy Harries, 1954, TV Producer

Andy Kirk, 1987, Jazz Singer
Anne-Marie, 1991, Pop Singer
Antanas Vienuolis, 1882, Playwright
April Athena, 1985, YouTube Star
Axel Bauer, 1961, Pop Singer
Ben McKee, 1985, Bassist
Bert Wheeler, 1895, Stage Actor
Bill Bellamy, 1965, Movie Actor
Bill Butler, 1921, Cinematographer
Billie Holiday, 1915, Jazz Singer
Bob Berg, 1951, Saxophonist
Bob Denard, 1929, War Hero
Bobby Bare, 1935, Country Singer
Bobby Doerr, 1918, Baseball Player
Bodo Illgner, 1967, Soccer Player
Brad Ring, 1987, Soccer Player
Brett Whiteley, 1939, Painter
Brian Doyle, 1950, Criminal
Brian Haner, 1958, Guitarist
Brodie Kelly, 1997, Pop Singer
Brooke Brodack, 1986, YouTube Star
Bruce Gary, 1951, Drummer
Buster Douglas, 1960, Boxer
Cal Smith, 1932, Country Singer
Catalina Denis, 1985, Movie Actress
Charles Brewer, 1988, Baseball Player
Charlie Thomas, 1937, Blues Singer
Charm Killings, 1989, Model
Chasity Samone, 1991, Model
Chingiz Abdullayev, 1959, Novelist
Choi Siwon, 1986, Pop Singer
Christian Fuchs, 1986, Soccer Player
Christian O’Connell, 1973, Radio Host
Christopher Bishop, 1959, Scientist
Christopher Darden, 1956, Lawyer
Clarke Peters, 1952, TV Actor
Conner Rayburn, 1999, TV Actor
Corinna Chamberlain, 1981, Pop Singer
Cornelia Frances, 1941, TV Actress
Cristine Prosperi, 1993, TV Actress
Curtis Snow, 1992, Rapper
Dan Ferrari-Lane, 1993, Pop Singer
Daniel Ellsberg, 1931,
Danish Ali, 1983, Comedian
Danny Wells, 1941, TV Actor
David Fairchild, 1869, Scientist
David Frost, 1939, TV Show Host
David Neel, 1960, Photographer
David Otunga, 1980, Wrestler
Dee Caruso, 1929, Screenwriter
Dennis Amiss, 1943, Cricket Player
Dennis E Williams, 1959, Politician
Dennis Hayden, 1952, Movie Actor
Dominique Rodgers-cromartie, 1986, Football Player
Donald Barthelme , 1931, Novelist
Donna White, 1954, Golfer
Douglas Wick, 1954, Film Producer
Duncan James, 1978, Pop Singer
Dusty Boles, 1990, Drummer
Ed Speleers, 1988, Movie Actor
Edith Jones, 1949, Lawyer
Edoardo Mangiarotti, 1919, Fencer
Elaine Miles, 1960, TV Actress
Elizabeth Meriwether, 1981, Screenwriter
Ellarie, 1986, YouTube Star
Ellie Harvie, 1965, TV Actress
Eric Wareheim, 1976, TV Actor
Evan Daugherty, 1972, Screenwriter

Evan Dollard, 1982, Reality Star
Florian Schneider, 1947, Flute Player
Francis Ford Coppola, 1939, Director
Francis Legatt Chantrey, 1781, Sculptor
Franck Ribery, 1983, Soccer Player
Franco Disanto, 1989, Soccer Player
Freddie Benavides, 1966, Baseball Player
Freddie Hubbard, 1938, Trumpet Player
Frederick Carl Frieseke, 1874, Painter
Frits Peutz, 1896, Architect
Gabriela Mistral, 1889, Poet
George David, 1942, Entrepreneur
Gilbert Alvarez, 1992, Soccer Player
Gina Brillon, 1980, Comedian
Gisselle Kuri, 1993, Vine Star
Gorden Kaye, 1941, TV Actor
Grace Hightower, 1955, Entrepreneur
Gracie Haschak, 2002, Dancer
Gregg Jarrett, 1955, News Anchor
Guillaume Depardieu, 1971, Movie Actor
Gunning Bedford, 1742, Politician
Harry Meade, 1983, Equestrian
Heather Burns, 1975, Movie Actress
Helga Lovekaty, 1992, Model
Henry Bell, 1767, Engineer
Herb Baumeister, 1947, Criminal
Hugh O’connor, 1962, TV Actor
Ian Richardson, 1934, Stage Actor
iiFNaTiK, 1997, YouTube Star
Iris Johansen, 1938, Novelist
Jabbar Hakeem, 1997, Vine Star
Jace Alexander, 1964, TV Producer
Jack Duarte, 1986, TV Actor
Jack Leonard, 1995, Vine Star
Jackie Chan, 1954, Movie Actor
Jake Daubert, 1884, Baseball Player

James Bowdoin, 1726, Politician
James Garner, 1928, TV Actor
James Lawrence, 1976, Swimmer
Jamie Rowe, 1970, Rock Singer
Janis Ian, 1951, Folk Singer
Jared Cook, 1987, Football Player
Jason French, 1978, Football Player
Jason Ralph, 1986, TV Actor
Jeetendra, 1942, Movie Actor
Jeff Logan, 1989, Instagram Star
Jennifer Lynch, 1968, Screenwriter
Jennifer Schwalbach Smith, 1971, Movie Actress
Jeremy Taggart, 1975, Drummer
Jerry Brown, 1938, Politician
Jessica Sara, 1992, Movie Actress
Jimmy Akingbola, 1978, TV Actor
Joanna Lee, 1931, Screenwriter
Joel Robuchon, 1945, Chef
John Cooper, 1975, Rock Singer
John Dittrich, 1951, Drummer
John Elwes, 1714, Politician
John McGraw, 1873, Baseball Manager
John Oates, 1949, Rock Singer
Jon Clegg, 1970, Comedian
Jose Pablo Alanis, 2005, TV Actor
Jose Reminisce, 1998, YouTube Star
Julia Phillips, 1944, Film Producer
KC Concepcion, 1985, World Music Singer
Kevin Alejandro, 1976, TV Actor
Kim Warnick, 1959, Punk Singer
Kovai Sarala, 1962, Movie Actress
Kyle Labine, 1983, TV Actor
Lauren Parkes, 1987, Model
Leif Ove Andsnes, 1970, Pianist
Leon Krier, 1946, Architect
Lewis G Hamilton, 2001, TV Actor
Lorenzo Ostuni, 1995, YouTube Star
Louisa Wendorff, 1994, Pop Singer
Lucie Bila, 1966, Pop Singer
Manuel Velasco Coello, 1980, Politician
Marie Equi, 1872, Doctor
Marissa Lace, 1993, YouTube Star
Marjory Stoneman Douglas, 1890, Journalist
Mark Jimel Gales, 1988, DJ
Martin Caceres, 1987, Soccer Player
Martyn Littlewood, 1990, YouTube Star
Mastiksoul, 1977, DJ
Matthew Simmons, 1943, Entrepreneur
Mbala Mbuta Biscotte, 1985, Soccer Player
Michael Chernuchin, 1954, Screenwriter
Michael Page, 1987, MMA Fighter
Michael Tonge, 1983, Soccer Player
Michaela Strachan, 1966, TV Show Host
Michele Torr, 1947, Pop Singer
Mick Abrahams, 1943, Guitarist
Mike Gallagher, 1960, Radio Host
Minigod951, 1983, YouTube Star
Mitch Daniels, 1949, Politician
Mitchell Pearce, 1989, Rugby Player
Molusco, 1980, Radio Host
Napolioni Nalaga, 1986, Rugby Player
Norman Golden II, 1984, TV Actor
Olatunji, 1927, Drummer
Ole Kirk Christiansen, 1891, Entrepreneur
Pascal Dupuis, 1979, Hockey Player
Pat Paterson, 1910, Movie Actress
Patricia Mauceri, 1950, Soap Opera Actress
Patricia Paay, 1949, Pop Singer
Paul Akister, 1989, Pop Singer
Peanuts Hucko, 1918, Composer
Pearl Hart, 1890, Lawyer
Pearl Lowe, 1970, Rock Singer
Percy Faith, 1908, Composer
Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia, 1936, Royalty
Ram Gopal Varma, 1962, Director
Ravi Shankar, 1920, Sitar Player
Ray Kemp, 1907, Football Player
RG Armstrong, 1917, Movie Actor
Richard Gomez, 1966, TV Show Host
Ricky Bones, 1969, Baseball Player
Ricky Watters, 1969, Football Player
Roberta Shore, 1943, TV Actress
Roberta Zuniga, 1992, Model
Ronde Barber, 1975, Football Player
Ronnie Belliard, 1975, Baseball Player
Rosey, 1970, Wrestler
Rozalie Hirs, 1965, Composer
Russell Crowe, 1964, Movie Actor
Saad Lamjarred, 1985, World Music Singer
Scott McGillivray, 1978, TV Show Host
Sean Banan, 1985, Pop Singer
Shan Dude, 1990, Vine Star
Shane Coffey, 1987, TV Actor
Shannon Byrnes, 1984, Australian Rules Footballer
Shawn Oakman, 1992, Football Player
Sick Jacken, 1972, Rapper
Silvana Arias, 1982, Soap Opera Actress
Simon Majumdar, 1964, Chef
Sonjay Dutt, 1982, Wrestler
Spencer Dryden, 1938, Drummer
Stan Winston, 1946, Director
Steve Disalvo, 1949, Wrestler
Suzann Pettersen, 1981, Golfer
Sydney Carlson, 1997, YouTube Star
Sylwia Grzeszczak, 1989, Pop Singer
Tamayama Tetsuji, 1980, TV Actor
Tasko Nacic, 1934, Movie Actor
Tauren Wells, 1986, Rock Singer
Ted Kotcheff, 1931, Director
Ted Nolan, 1958, Hockey Player
Teddy Riner, 1989, MMA Fighter
Thomas Bennett, 1947, War Hero
Thurl Bailey, 1961, Basketball Player
Tiki Barber, 1975, Football Player
Tim Wright, 1990, Football Player
Timothy Peake, 1972, Astronaut
Tobiias, 1994, YouTube Star
Tony Dorsett, 1954, Football Player
Tony McRae, 1957, Politician
Travis Flores, 1991, Children’s Author
Trent Cotchin, 1990, Australian Rules Footballer
Walter Camp, 1859, Football Coach
Walter Winchell, 1897, Radio Host
Wayne Rogers, 1933, TV Actor
Wilhelm Schönmann, 1889, Chess Player
Will Hughes, 1995, Soccer Player
Will Keith Kellogg, 1860, Entrepreneur
William Carvalho, 1992, Soccer Player
William Hultz Walker, 1869, Scientist
William R. King, 1786, Politician
William Wordsworth, 1770, Poet
WK Kellogg, 1860, Entrepreneur


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