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April 29 Famous Birthdays

April 29 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on April 29 have Venus as their ruling planet. Venus denotes happiness and symbolizes how Taurus spends his or her money. Normally, they are good with money matters. But every now and again, they need to watch how much they spend to see if they are spending too much.

This is why they work so hard to be able to enjoy the things life can buy. But they need not spend it all in one day. However, they are good with other people’s money and they could find employment in that field of expertise.


Famous people born on April 29 love to travel. With their ability and appreciation for the particulars, they would make an excellent tour guide. This could serve as a wonderful and exciting career.

When it comes to love, they are slow to commit. This could be because they are afraid. It shows as most think that they are just unapproachable. However, they are just a softie down deep.


Famous people born on April 29th are inspirational and unique. These people love to listen to traditional family history. Mainly, they have a positive outlook on life sometimes, going to the extreme. As a downfall, they can be loners but they are passionate and supportive.


April 29th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

29th April Good Traits:

  • Inspirational
  • Dynamic
  • Expressive
  • Captivating
  • Amusing
  • Dependable
  • Perseverant
  • Supportive

29th April Bad Traits:

  • Notorious
  • Competitive
  • Egotistical
  • Unapproachable
  • Recluse
  • Hyperactive

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April 29th Famous Birthday Personalities

Aiden Hancock, 1997, Pop Singer
Aksana, 1982, Wrestler
Alejandro Bedoya, 1987, Soccer Player
Alex Vincent, 1981, Movie Actor
Alexander II, 1818, Royalty
Alfred Hui, 1988, Pop Singer
Alicia Morton, 1987, Movie Actress
Amy Heidemann, 1986, Pop Singer
Andre Agassi, 1970, Tennis Player
Andre Russell, 1988, Cricket Player
Andy Simpkins, 1932, Bassist
Angel Moret, 1999, YouTube Star
Anggun, 1974, Pop Singer
Anita Dobson, 1949, Soap Opera Actress
April Ashley, 1935, Model
April Telek, 1975, Movie Actress
Ashish Nehra, 1979, Cricket Player
Audrey Wells, 1960, Screenwriter
Austin Blank, 2000, Instagram Star
Ayami Muto, 1996, Pop Singer
Bailey Payne, 1996, Gymnast
Bar Paly, 1985, Movie Actress
Ben Maller, 1975, Radio Host
Ben Reid, 1989, Australian Rules Footballer
Ben Rue, 1977, Country Singer
Bernard Madoff, 1938, Criminal
Bernard Madoff, 1938, Criminal
Bharathidasan, 1891, Poet

Big Jay McNeely, 1927, Saxophonist
Bob Bryan, 1978, Tennis Player
Brandon Dubinsky, 1986, Hockey Player
Brandon Harrison, 1985, Football Player
Brandon Rios, 1986, Boxer
Bre Blair, 1980, TV Actress
Brianna Leah, 2003, YouTube Star
Brittney-Marie Kelley, 1990, Family Member
Browning Nagle, 1968, Football Player
Bruce C. Clarke, 1901, War Hero
Byun Yo-han, 1986, TV Actor
Canon Kuipers, 1999, Movie Actor
Carnie Wilson, 1968, Pop Singer
Casey Aldridge, 1989, Family Member
Catherine Giudici, 1986, Reality Star
Celeste Holm, 1917, Movie Actress
Charles Guenther, 1920, Poet
Cheryl Kennedy, 1947, TV Actress
China Forbes, 1970, Rock Singer
China Taylor, 1996, Dancer
Chloe Donald, 1995, YouTube Star
Chris Farren, 1986, Punk Singer
Chukudi Morka, 1990, Vine Star
Cindy Chupack, 1970, Screenwriter
Crystal Hefner, 1986, Model
Curtis Joseph, 1967, Hockey Player
Dale Earnhardt, 1951, Race Car Driver
Dan Girardi, 1984, Hockey Player
Dani Augustt, 1997, Pop Singer
Daniel Day-Lewis, 1957, Movie Actor
Darby Stanchfield, 1971, TV Actress
Dave Seaman, 1968, DJ
David Belle, 1973, Movie Actor
David Icke, 1952, Novelist
David Lee, 1983, Basketball Player
David Newman, 1964, Entrepreneur
David Sullivan, 1977, TV Actor
Debbie Stabenow, 1950, Politician
DeeMan OhhRite, 1997, Instagram Star
Deniz Koyu, 1985, DJ
Derek Mears, 1972, Movie Actor
Dick Adams, 1951, Politician
Dolly Haas, 1910, Movie Actress
Domagoj Vida, 1989, Soccer Player
Don Leo Jonathan, 1931, Wrestler
Don Loper, 1906, Screenwriter
Donatas Banionis, 1924, Movie Actor
Doreen Virtue, 1958, Self-Help Author
Duane Allen, 1943, Country Singer
Duke Ellington, 1899, Pianist
Dustin Hazelett, 1986, MMA Fighter
Ed Charles, 1933, Baseball Player
Elmer Grey, 1872, Architect
Elmer Kelton, 1926, Novelist
Emilio Orozco, 1992, Soccer Player
Eric Koston, 1975, Skateboarder
Erica Campbell, 1972, Gospel Singer
Erika Hammond, 1991, Model
Erin Darke, 1988, Movie Actress
Eve Plumb, 1958, TV Actress

Excision, 1986, DJ
Firass Dirani, 1984, TV Actor
Florence Ray Moulton, 1872, Scientist
Foxes, 1989, Pop Singer
Francis Lee, 1944, Soccer Player
Frank Jack Fletcher, 1885, War Hero
Fred Zinnemann, 1907, Director
Gabriel Chavarria, 1989, TV Actor
Gabrielle Kniery, 1992, Model
Gary Cohen, 1958, Sportscaster
Gattor Martin, 1993, YouTube Star
George Adams, 1940, Saxophonist
George Allen, 1918, Football Coach
Gerard Joling, 1960, Pop Singer
God Shammgod, 1976, Basketball Player
Grace Kaufman, 2002, TV Actress
Hannah Barrett, 1996, Pop Singer
Hanne Darboven, 1941, Conceptual Artist
Hans Wilhelm Frei, 1922, Philosopher
Harold Urey, 1893, Scientist
Harry Payne Whitney, 1872, Family Member
Haydn Linsley, 1993, Pop Singer
Hirohito, 1901, Royalty
Howard Eskin, 1951, TV Show Host
HugoPOSAY, 1999, YouTube Star
I-Octane, 1984, Reggae Singer

Ian Kershaw, 1943, Historian
iMAV3RIQ, 1990, YouTube Star
Infanta Sofia of Spain, 2007, Royalty
Irvin Kershner, 1923, Director
Isaac Carree, 1973, Gospel Singer
J. Xavier, 1992, Rapper
Jack Biggs, 1996, YouNow Star
Jack Mackenroth, 1969, Fashion Designer
Jack Williamson, 1908, Novelist
Jacob Rothschild, 1936, Entrepreneur
Jake Burton Carpenter, 1954, Entrepreneur
James Bonamy, 1972, Country Singer
James Cheal, 1994, YouTube Star
James Faulkner, 1990, Cricket Player
Jason Hart, 1978, Basketball Coach
Javier Colon, 1978, Pop Singer
Jay Cutler, 1983, Football Player
Jay Lethal, 1985, Wrestler
Jay Smith, 1981, Rock Singer
Jean Rochefort, 1930, Movie Actor
Jeff Ayres, 1987, Basketball Player
Jen Soska, 1983, Film Producer
Jerry Seinfeld, 1954, Comedian
Jesse Royal, 1989, Reggae Singer
Jessica Clarke, 1993, Model
Jim Hart, 1944, Football Player
Jim Ryun, 1947, Politician
Jo O’Meara, 1979, Pop Singer
Jodilly Pendre, 1993, Model
Joel Larson, 1947, Drummer
Johan Hegg, 1973, Metal Singer
John Economou, 1995, Model
Johnny Araya Monge, 1957, Politician
Johnny Miller, 1947, Golfer
Jonathan Benlolo, 1996, YouTube Star
Jonathan Toews, 1988, Hockey Player
Josh Booty, 1975, Football Player
Josh Brown, 1979, Football Player
Jpw03, 1998, YouTube Star
Julian Knowle, 1974, Tennis Player
Justin Flom, 1986, Magician
Kai Palmers, 1998, Instagram Star
Karl Drais, 1785, Inventor
Kate Mulgrew, 1955, TV Actress
Kate Nauta, 1982, Model
Ken Roczen, 1994, Motorcycle Racer
Kevin Flum, 1993, Rapper
Kian Egan, 1980, Pop Singer
Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, 1968, Politician
Lane Smith, 1936, TV Actor
Learnmore Jongwe, 1974, Politician
Lee Dong-gook, 1979, Soccer Player
Lenny Cooke, 1982, Basketball Player
Leonard Fenton, 1926, Soap Opera Actor
Leopoldo Lopez, 1971, Politician
Leslie Jordan, 1955, TV Actor
Loick Essein, 1990, Rapper
Lonnie Donegan, 1931, Pop Singer
Lorado Taft, 1860, Sculptor
Lucianne Goldberg, 1935, Novelist
Luis Aparicio, 1934, Baseball Player
Madison Reed, 1996, Family Member
Mallory Pugh, 1998, Soccer Player
Marc Coppola, 1958, DJ
Marija Karan, 1982, TV Actress
Martin Kenzie, 1956, Cinematographer
Martin Whitmarsh, 1958, Entrepreneur
Master P, 1967, Rapper
Max Fabiani, 1865, Architect
Megan Boone, 1983, TV Actress
Melissa Colhoun, 1999, YouTube Star
Michael Alig, 1966, Criminal
Michael Castro, 1988, Pop Singer
Michael Herbig, 1968, Comedian
Michael May, 1999, TV Actor
Michael Ray, 1986, Country Singer
Michael Taber, 1994, TV Actor
Michael W. King, 1952, Film Producer
Michelle Pfeiffer, 1958, Movie Actress
Mikaela Long, 1994, Vine Star
Mike Adenuga, 1953, Entrepreneur
Mike Babcock, 1963, Hockey Coach
Mike Bryan, 1978, Tennis Player
Mo Brooks, 1954, Politician
Mushiya Tshikuka, 1981, Reality Star
Natalie Talmadge, 1896, Movie Actress
Niclas Fasth, 1972, Golfer
Nicole Eddy, 1992, YouTube Star
Nikolai Budarin, 1953, Astronaut
Nora Dunn, 1952, TV Actress
Oliver Ellsworth, 1745, Politician
Otis Rush, 1935, Guitarist
Paul Adelstein, 1969, TV Actor
Paul Roma, 1960, Wrestler
Paulius Jankunas, 1984, Basketball Player
Phil Tufnell, 1966, Cricket Player
Phillip Noyce, 1950, Director
Rachel Williams, 1967, Model
Richard Dooling, 1954, Screenwriter
Richard Epcar, 1955, Voice Actor
Richard Kline, 1944, TV Actor
Rick Burleson, 1951, Baseball Player
Robert Paterson, 1970, Composer
Robert Towers, 1952, TV Actor
Rod McKuen, 1933, Composer
Rodney Blake, 1983, Rugby Player
Rollo Armstrong, 1966, Music Producer
Roman Dirge, 1972, Comic Book Artist
Ron Roy, 1940, Children’s Author
Ron Washington, 1952, Baseball Manager
Rosanna Scotto, 1958, News Anchor
Ryan Ashley Malarkey, 1987, Tattoo Artist
Sam Jones III, 1983, TV Actor
Sammy Rosenman, 1988, Instagram Star
Sandro Silva, 1984, Soccer Player
Sara Errani, 1987, Tennis Player
Schuyler Grant, 1970, TV Actress
SMii7Y, 1997, YouTube Star
Sofia Olivera, 1999, Vine Star
Solomon Taiwo, 1985, Soccer Player
Stephanie Bentley, 1963, Country Singer
Steve Hewlett, 1975, Comedian
Steven Horsford, 1973, Politician
Tamara Johnson-George, 1971, R&B Singer
Tammi Terrell, 1945, Jazz Singer
Taoufik Makhloufi, 1988, Runner
Taylor Cole, 1984, Movie Actress
Terence Devere White, 1912, Novelist
Tim Seyfert, 1977, TV Actor
Timothy Treadwell, 1957, Activist
Titus O’Neil, 1977, Wrestler
Tom Ewell, 1909, TV Actor
Tom Smith, 1981, Rock Singer
Tommie Harris, 1983, Football Player
Tommy James, 1947, Pop Singer
Tony Glavin, 1958, Soccer Player
Tyler Labine, 1978, TV Actor
Uma Thurman, 1970, Movie Actress
Victoria Vanna, 1995, Instagram Star
Vincent Ventresca, 1966, TV Actor
Wayne Robson, 1946, TV Actor
William Randolph Hearst, 1863, Entrepreneur
Willie Nelson, 1933, Country Singer
Yuko Tanaka, 1955, Movie Actress
Yury Shulman, 1975, Chess Player
Yusef Komunyakaa, 1941, Poet
Zizi Jeanmaire, 1924, Dancer
Zoran Korach, 1986, TV Actor
Zubin Mehta, 1936, Composer
Zuzka Light, 1982, Blogger


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