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April 28 Famous Birthdays

April 28 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on APRIL 28 are Taurus who like to be productive and active. They like to do something different from most. They love to go places and to explore them. They can find excitement in a rock. They are quick to learn and are able to bring solutions to the table rather than problems.

Famous April 28th born celebrities think things through to the end and back again. At work, they believe in doing just that – work. There’s plenty of time for play after hours they believe. To say the least, they break out the whip. They don’t have friends at work although they are responsive people.


Famous people born on April 28th just don’t like conflict or quarrels especially on the job. In love, they show a person who is romantic and loyal. They have a natural but high sex drive. It is part of what keeps them fit. They feel that everyone should always look their best. It’s a part of being successful.


The famous APRIL 28th birthday traits are including having an analytical mind. Although opinionated, their spirit can be restless and in need of some excitement. They love life and exploring its beauty. On the other hand, they can be dominating and withdrawn.


April 28th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

28th April Good Traits:

  • Strong
  • Practical
  • Analytical
  • Enduring
  • Exciting
  • Adventurous
  • Positive
  • Spontaneous
  • Faithful,

28th April Bad Traits:

  • Overambitious
  • Opinionated
  • Restless
  • Cynical
  • Unbendable
  • Dominant
  • Distant

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April 28th Famous Birthday Personalities

Adele Mara, 1923, Movie Actress
Adrianna Di Liello, 2002, TV Actress
Aleisha Allen, 1991, Movie Actress
Alex Riley, 1981, Wrestler
Alex Trik, 1998, YouTube Star
Alexandre Kojeve, 1902, Philosopher
Alf Valentine, 1930, Cricket Player
Alice Waters, 1944, Chef
Alicia Tan, 1991, Instagram Star
Andrea Hollander Budy, 1947, Poet
Andrew Cheng, 1960, Politician
Andrew Mehrtens, 1973, Rugby Player
Anita Anand, 1972, News Anchor
Ann Margret, 1941, Movie Actress
Anna Anka, 1971, Model
Anna Oxa, 1961, Rock Singer
Anne Flournoy, 1952, Screenwriter
Antonio Deoliveira Salazar, 1889, World Leader
Bahram Radan, 1979, Movie Actor
Barry Larkin, 1964, Baseball Player
Bertram Goodhue, 1869, Architect
Bianca D’Ambrosio, 2005, TV Actress
Big Gipp, 1973, Rapper
Billie Dawn Ingle, 1997, Instagram Star
Blake Bortles, 1992, Football Player
Blossom Dearie, 1924, Pop Singer
Bobby Deen, 1970, Chef
Boity Thulo, 1990, Model

Brad Raider, 1975, TV Actor
Bradley Johnson, 1987, Soccer Player
Bradley Wiggins, 1980, Cyclist
Brandon Baker, 1985, Movie Actor
Bridget Moynahan, 1970, Movie Actress
Bruno Kirby, 1949, Movie Actor
Bud Carson, 1930, Football Coach
Capron Funk, 1993, Scooter Rider
Caroline Stanbury, 1976, Reality Star
Carolyn Forche, 1950, Poet
Carolyn Jones, 1930, TV Actress
Catherine Reitman, 1981, TV Actress
Catherine Wayne, 1992, Comedian
Charlene Holt, 1928, Movie Actress
Charles Cotton, 1630, Poet
Charles Sturt, 1795, Explorer
Chiara D’Ambrosio, 2005, TV Actress
Chris Kaman, 1982, Basketball Player
Christian Watford, 1991, Basketball Player
Chuck Leavell, 1952, Pianist
Coco Ho, 1991, Surfer
Curtin Winsor Jr., 1939, Politician
Daequan Cook, 1987, Basketball Player
Dainis Kula, 1959, Javelin Thrower
Dan Mangan, 1983, Folk Singer
Danny Allen, 1987, YouTube Star
Danny Taylor, 1986, Hockey Player
David Freese, 1983, Baseball Player
David Hampton, 1964, Criminal
David Krejci, 1986, Hockey Player
David Lindgren, 1982, Pop Singer
Diane Johnson, 1934, Novelist
Diego De La Mattaz, 1987, YouTube Star
Diego Simeone, 1970, Soccer Player
Dillon Gee, 1986, Baseball Player
DJ Hoppa, 1983, Music Producer
DJ Prostyle, 1978, DJ
Dong-Suk Kang, 1954, Violinist
Donna Feldman, 1982, Model
Drew Daniel, 1982, Reality Star
Drew Scott, 1978, TV Show Host
Eddie Jobson, 1955, Pianist
Elena Kagan, 1960, Supreme Court Justice
Elisabeth Rohm, 1973, TV Actress
Ellie Carpenter, 2000, Soccer Player
Emanuele Briganti, 1981, Fashion Designer
Emily Azevedo, 1983, Bobsledder
Emma Hewitt, 1988, Pop Singer
Eric Vale, 1974, Voice Actor
Esteban Alvarado, 1989, Soccer Player
Ferruccio Lamborghini, 1916, Entrepreneur
Flynn Robinson, 1941, Basketball Player
Francisco Palencia, 1973, Soccer Player
Fred Dibnah, 1938, TV Show Host
Gavin Butler, 1983, Metal Singer
General Levy, 1971, DJ
Gerard Majax, 1943, Magician
Gianna Gomez, 2004, TV Actress

Ginette Reno, 1946, Pop Singer
Goo Goo, 1984, DJ
Grenville Davey, 1961, Sculptor
Gwyneth Guthrie, 1937, Soap Opera Actress
Hal Sutton, 1958, Golfer
Haley Wilson, 2000, YouNow Star
Hamish Carter, 1971, Triathlete
Hanka Paldum, 1956, Folk Singer
Harold Bauer, 1873, Pianist
Harper Lee, 1926, Novelist
Harry Shum Jr., 1982, TV Actor
Henry Paul Hansen, 1907, Scientist
Howard Donald, 1968, Rock Singer
Humayun Azad, 1947, Young Adult Author
Ian Rankin, 1960, Novelist
Ilary Blasi, 1981, TV Show Host
Izzy Bizu, 1994, Pop Singer
Jack Barnes, 1908, Soccer Player
Jackson Galaxy, 1966, TV Show Host
Jacob Ifan, 1993, TV Actor
Jacob Turner, 1994, Guitarist

Jacques Dutronc, 1943, Pop Singer
Jade Billington, 1992, YouTube Star
Jaimie Goodwin, 1988, Dancer
Jamal Williams, 1976, Football Player
James Baker, 1930, Politician
James Geurtjens, 1986, Rugby Player
James Monroe, 1758, US President
Jamie Court, 1967, Novelist
Jan Oort, 1900, Scientist
Jay Leno, 1950, TV Show Host
Jenna Ushkowitz, 1986, TV Actress
Jennifer Sciole, 1979, TV Actress
Jerome Apt, 1949, Astronaut
Jessica Alba, 1981, Movie Actress
Jessica Awadis, 1995, YouTube Star
Jethro James, 1995, Reality Star
Jimmy Barnes, 1956, Rock Singer
Jimmy Murrill, 1994, Vine Star
Joanna Kuchta, 1996, Instagram Star
Joe Lancaster, 1926, Soccer Player
Joel Tiger, 2000, YouTube Star
John Cerutti, 1960, Baseball Player
John Daly, 1966, Golfer
John Madejski, 1941, Entrepreneur
John Tchicai, 1936, Saxophonist
Jon Pall Sigmarsson, 1960, Bodybuilder
Jonathan Silver Scott, 1978, TV Show Host
Jorge Garcia, 1973, TV Actor
Joseph Dunninger, 1892, Magician
Joseph N’do, 1976, Soccer Player
Josh Brookes, 1983, Race Car Driver
Josh Howard, 1980, Basketball Player
Juan Mata, 1988, Soccer Player
Kanani Andaluz, 1996, Model
Karen Junqueira, 1983, TV Actress
Kari Wuhrer, 1967, TV Actress
Karizma, 1995, Rapper
Karl Barry Sharpless, 1941, Scientist
Karl Logan, 1965, Guitarist
Karolina Goceva, 1980, Pop Singer
Keanan Duffty, 1964, Fashion Designer
Kelsey K, 1999, Country Singer
Kenjon Barner, 1989, Football Player
Kenneth Kaunda, 1924, World Leader
Kenta Koie, 1988, Metal Singer
Kevin Cosculluela, 1999, Dancer
Kevin Jubinville, 1967, TV Actor
Kim Gordon, 1953, Rock Singer
Kim Sung-kyu, 1989, Pop Singer
King Edward IV of England, 1442, Royalty
Koel Mallick, 1982, Movie Actress
Kurt Godel, 1906, Philosopher
Lauren Laverne, 1978, Radio Host
Leigh Adams, 1971, Race Car Driver
Leopold Eyharts, 1957, Astronaut
Leron Ellis, 1969, Basketball Player
Lester Estelle, 1981, Drummer
Lionel Barrymore, 1878, Movie Actor
Lisa Marie Schiffner, 2001, YouTube Star
Lloyd Eisler, 1963, Figure Skater
Louis Cole, 1983, YouTube Star
Louise Pentland, 1985, YouTube Star
Luke Glendening, 1989, Hockey Player
Lwren Scott, 1964, Fashion Designer
Madelyn Lance, 1989, Model
Madge Sinclair, 1938, Movie Actress
Maggie De Block, 1962, Politician
Marcia Milgrom Dodge, 1955, Director
Marcia Strassman, 1948, TV Actress
Maria Parrado, 2001, Pop Singer
Mark Bavaro, 1963, Football Player
Markus Beyer, 1971, Boxer
Mary McDonnell, 1952, Movie Actress
Melanie Martinez, 1995, Pop Singer
Melissa Fahn, 1973, Voice Actor
Michael Carbonaro, 1982, TV Actor
Michael Daugherty, 1954, Composer
Mike Brearley, 1942, Cricket Player
Nancy Lee Grahn, 1958, TV Actress
Natasha Friend, 1972, Young Adult Author
Nate Richert, 1978, TV Actor
Nicklas Lidstrom, 1970, Hockey Player
Nikki Grahame, 1982, Reality Star
Nikko Smith, 1982, R&B Singer
Nour Elsherif, 1946, Movie Actor
Oliver Williams, 1983, Cricket Player
Olivia Walsh, 1991, Reality Star
Oscar Griffin Jr., 1933, Journalist
Oskar Schindler, 1908, Entrepreneur
Patricia Ashley, 1991, TV Actress
Patricia Knight, 1915, Movie Actress
Paul Guilfoyle, 1949, Movie Actor
Pauleta, 1973, Soccer Player
Pedro Bordaberry, 1960, Politician
Pedro Segarra, 1959, Politician
Pehr G Gyllenhammar, 1935, Entrepreneur
Penelope Cruz, 1974, Movie Actress
Raechelle Banno, 1993, TV Actress
Rich Kidd, 1987, Rapper
Ricky Tsang, 1991, YouTube Star
Rini Wulandari, 1990, R&B Singer
Robert Jay Perez, 1990, YouTube Star
Robert Oliveri, 1978, Movie Actor
Robin Schulz, 1987, DJ
Roger Johnson, 1983, Soccer Player
Rufa Mae Quinto, 1978, TV Show Host
Ryan Franklin, 1999, YouTube Star
Saddam Hussein, 1937, Criminal
Saeb Erekat, 1955, Politician
Samantha Ruth Prabhu, 1987, Movie Actress
Samuel Larsen, 1991, TV Actor
Sandy Summers, 1984, YouTube Star
Scott Fitzgerald, 1948, Pop Singer
Scott Fujita, 1979, Football Player
Scott Griffiths, 1987, Soccer Player
Scott Putesky, 1968, Guitarist
Sean Renfree, 1990, Football Player
Shamma Hamdan, 1994, World Music Singer
Sharman Joshi, 1979, Movie Actor
Shaun Murray, 1976, Wakeboarder
Shawn Hill, 1981, Baseball Player
Sheryl Sandberg, 1969, Business Executive
Sig Hansen, 1966, Reality Star
Simbi Khali, 1971, TV Actress
Simon Cox, 1987, Soccer Player
Spencer Hawes, 1988, Basketball Player
Stephen Ames, 1964, Golfer
Steve Tibbetts, 1954, Guitarist
Steven Blum, 1960, Voice Actor
Stuart Gillard, 1950, Director
Tara Oram, 1984, Country Singer
Tariq Aziz, 1936, Politician
Tay Roc, 1988, Rapper
Taylor Frey, 1989, TV Actor
Ted Donato, 1969, Hockey Player
Teodor Regedziński, 1894, Chess Player
Terry Pratchett, 1948, Novelist
TheIronMango, 1997, YouTube Star
Todd Waring, 1955, TV Actor
Tom Browning, 1960, Baseball Player
Tony Accardo, 1906, Criminal
Tony Revolori, 1996, Movie Actor
Too Short, 1966, Rapper
Townsend Hoopes, 1922, Historian
Vernon Kay, 1974, TV Show Host
Vic Sotto, 1954, TV Show Host
Violent J., 1972, Rapper
Walter Tull, 1888, Soccer Player
Wayne Osmond, 1951, R&B Singer
Weaver Adams, 1901, Chess Player
William Guarnere, 1923, War Hero
Willie Colon, 1950, World Music Singer
Willis Edwards, 1903, Soccer Player
Winston Butler, 2014, YouTube Star
Xiaxue, 1984, TV Show Host
Xriz, 1993, Pop Singer
Yi Sun-sin, 1545, War Hero
Yves Klein, 1928, Painter
Zack Hexum, 1978, Jazz Singer
ZHU, 1989, Music Producer


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