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April 27 Famous Birthdays

April 27 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on April 27  are excellent people. They are very helpful when it comes to their friends and family problems. This Taurus is perhaps very tactful and sincerely concerned about the welfare of his or her loved ones.

Meeting this April 27th famous celebrity is always a pleasure as people say that they are a genuine and self-reliant soul. When they don’t feel as though they are loved or the things they do for others is of value, they simply don’t do them anymore. This is why they feel that teaching a child the right way is important.


Having respect for others is crucial to getting it back. In love, those born on April 27th find that having too many partners could be confusing.

Although they like a lot of sex, one affair should be sufficient at a time. Additionally, famous people born on April 27 don’t mind showing how they feel out in public as opposed to other people perhaps born on under this zodiac sign.


Famous people born on April 27th are Taurus who are emotionally stable but extremely observant. Additionally, they are smart and make a good friend. Not shy people, they speak with confidence. They have modern traditions that they will pass on to their children.


April 27th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

27th April Good Traits:

  • Enigmatic
  • Observant
  • Practical
  • Charming
  • Sharp
  • Diplomatic
  • Considerate
  • Balanced
  • Receptive
  • Enthusiastic

27th April Bad Traits:

  • Furtive
  • Dominant
  • Introvert
  • Atypical
  • Irresponsible
  • Hasty

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April 27th Famous Birthday Personalities

Abraham Valdelomar, 1888, Poet
Ace Frehley, 1951, Guitarist
Adam Leitman Bailey, 1970, Lawyer
Addexio, 1983, YouTube Star
Alastair Clarkson, 1968, Australian Rules Footballer
Alastair Dalton, 1973, Cricket Player
Alex Marie Brinkley, 1997, Pop Singer
Alfred Blue, 1991, Football Player
Allie Goodbun, 1999, Dancer
Allison Iraheta, 1992, Pop Singer
Anda Adam, 1980, Pop Singer
Andre Gower, 1973, TV Actor
Andre Villa, 1982, Motorcycle Racer
Andy Riley, 1970, Cartoonist
Angus Stone, 1986, Folk Singer
Anna Chancellor, 1965, TV Actress
Anna Lyman, 1956, Jazz Singer
Anna Skellern, 1985, TV Actress
Anouk Aimee, 1932, Movie Actress
Ardian Bujupi, 1991, Pop Singer
Ari Graynor, 1983, Movie Actress
Arielle Dombasle, 1958, Movie Actress
Arturas Karnisovas, 1971, Basketball Player
August Wilson, 1945, Playwright
Austin Amelio, 1988, TV Actor
Austin Dillon, 1990, Race Car Driver
Avery Rose, 2002, YouTube Star
Ayejayohh, 1995, Vine Star
Basil Paterson, 1926, Politician
Becca Pires, 1998, YouTube Star

Ben Schreen, 1989, TV Actor
Benjamin French, 1987, YouTube Star
Bill Copson, 1908, Cricket Player
Bob Foster, 1938, Boxer
Bob Pflugfelder, 1968, Scientist
Bridget Kendall, 1956, TV Show Host
Brittney Lee Saunders, 1993, YouTube Star
Brooklynn Proulx, 1999, Movie Actress
Bryce Oliver, 1997, Rapper
Cali Timmins, 1963, Soap Opera Actress
Carlos Edmundo de Ory, 1923, Poet
Caroline Smith, 1988, Folk Singer
Casey Kasem, 1932, TV Show Host
Cassidy Mack, 1999, Movie Actress
Catherine Webb, 1986, Novelist
Cecil Day-Lewis, 1904, Poet
Charisma Star, 1984, YouTube Star
Charles Brumskine, 1951, Politician
Choi Min-sik, 1962, Movie Actor
Chris Carpenter, 1975, Baseball Player
Chrissy Lampkin, 1971, Reality Star
Christopher Rouleau, 1976, Rapper
Chuck Knox, 1932, Football Coach
Ciara Janson, 1987, Soap Opera Actress
Clare Dunn, 1987, Country Singer
Claudia Dassana, 1998, YouTube Star
Cody Flom, 2001, Scooter Rider
Cody Hoellein, 2011, Family Member
Cole Mohr, 1986, Model
Colin S. Smith, 1958, Religious Leader
Coretta Scott King, 1927, Civil Rights Leader
Corey Harrison, 1983, Reality Star
Corey Seager, 1994, Baseball Player
Cory Booker, 1969, Politician
Cristian Lopez, 1989, Soccer Player
Cuba Gooding, Sr., 1944, R&B Singer
Dan Mullen, 1972, Football Coach
Dana Milbank, 1968, Journalist
Daniel Dobbs, 1993, YouTube Star
Daniel Kerr, 2000, TV Actor
Danielle Doty, 1993,
Darcey Bussell, 1969, Dancer
David Lascher, 1972, TV Actor
Dinara Safina, 1986, Tennis Player
Dinho Ouro Preto, 1964, Rock Singer
DJ Smallz, 1974, DJ
Donald Penn, 1983, Football Player
Dylan Clark, 1993, Bassist
Dytto, 1998, Dancer
Earl Anthony, 1938, Bowler
Edvard Moser, 1962, Scientist
Edwin Morgan, 1920, Poet
Elena Risteska, 1986, Pop Singer
Elle Morgan, 2000, DJ
Ellen Baker, 1953, Astronaut
Elmo Magalona, 1994, TV Actor
Emily Rios, 1989, Movie Actress
Emma Taylor Isherwood, 1987, TV Actress
Enos Slaughter, 1916, Baseball Player
Eric Schmidt, 1955, Entrepreneur
Erik Thomson, 1967, TV Actor

Fazle Abed, 1936, Civil Rights Leader
Felicity Jackson, 1987, Reality Star
Fethullah Gulen, 1941, World Leader
Flint Bedrock, 1985, Rapper
Francis Meli, 1979, Rugby Player
Frank Abagnale, 1948, Criminal
Frank Bainimarama, 1954, World Leader
Frank Belknap Long, 1901, Novelist
Frank Carter, 1984, Punk Singer
Frank Catalanotto, 1974, Baseball Player
Freddie Waits, 1943, Drummer
Freundel Stuart, 1951, Politician
Froy Gutierrez, 1998, TV Actor
GameRiot, 1989, YouTube Star
GamingFelix, 1992, YouTube Star
Gary Mark Smith, 1956, Photographer
Gary Pinkel, 1952, Football Coach
George Gervin, 1952, Basketball Player
Georgi Shchennikov, 1991, Soccer Player
Gian-Carlo Rota, 1932, Philosopher
Gilbert Sorrentino, 1929, Novelist
Greg Miller, 1983, YouTube Star
Hamish Milne, 1939, Pianist
Hannah Stone, 1987,

Hans Joachim Kulenkampff, 1921, Game Show Host
Harley Bonner, 1991, Soap Opera Actor
Harry Stockwell, 1902, Movie Actor
Herb Pedersen, 1944, Guitarist
Herman Edwards, 1954, Football Coach
Hovhannes Shiraz, 1915, Poet
Hubert Harrison, 1883, Activist
Ian Coutts, 1928, Rugby Player
Ingrid Croce, 1947, Songwriter
Ingrid Rogers, 1968, Movie Actress
Isaac Cuenca, 1991, Soccer Player
Isobel Campbell, 1976, Rock Singer
Ivan Zavala, 1991, Pop Singer
Jack Cole, 1911, Choreographer
Jack Klugman, 1922, TV Actor
Jackie Rice, 1990, TV Actress
Jade Kayrina Bennett, 1989, Reality Star
James Legros, 1962, TV Actor
Jason Gaviati, 1980, Pianist
Javier Vazquez, 1976, MMA Fighter
Jay Hardway, 1991, DJ
Jean Valentine, 1934, Poet
Jenna Coleman, 1986, Soap Opera Actress
Jennifer Braun, 1991, Pop Singer
Jermaine Ross, 1971, Football Player
Jesse Hasek, 1979, Rock Singer
Jessica Ess, 1993, Rock Singer
Jessie Redmon Fauset, 1882, Poet
Jillian Bach, 1973, TV Actress
Jim James, 1978, Rock Singer
Jim Keltner, 1942, Drummer
Jim Wells, 1957, Politician
John Shrapnel, 1942, Movie Actor
Jon Cassar, 1958, Director
Jon Howard, 1985, Guitarist
Jonan Perrea, 1997, YouTube Star
Jordan Liberty, 1984, YouTube Star
Josh Hyland, 1999, Family Member
Josh K, 1996, Pop Singer
Josh Kalis, 1976, Skateboarder
Judy Carne, 1939, TV Actress
Julia Graf, 1979, YouTube Star
JuliaBeautx, 1998, YouTube Star
Justin Christopher Wren, 1987, MMA Fighter
K Camp, 1990, Rapper
Keenan Allen, 1992, Football Player
Keith Magnuson, 1947, Hockey Player
Kevin McNally, 1956, TV Actor
Kieran Lemon, 1992, Pop Singer
King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, 1967, Royalty
Knele, 1971, Criminal
Koopsta Knicca, 1979, Rapper
Krissi Bohn, 1983, TV Actress
Krzysztof Komeda, 1931, Composer
Kwame Sarkodie, 1985, Soccer Player
Lara Gut, 1991, Skier
Larry Elder, 1952, Radio Host
Lars Bender, 1989, Soccer Player
Lauren Hanley, 1993, Instagram Star
Lee Roy Jordan, 1941, Football Player
Leo Diegel, 1899, Golfer
Leos Mares, 1976, TV Show Host
Lewis J Hepworth, 1997, Radio Host
Liora Lapointe, 2001, Instagram Star
Lisa Wilcox, 1964, Movie Actress
Louis Lortie, 1959, Pianist
Ludwig Bemelmans, 1898, Children’s Author
Luke Cummo, 1980, MMA Fighter
Mamadou Danso, 1983, Soccer Player
Maria Figueroa, 2000, Pop Singer
Mario Novembre, 2000, Pop Singer
Mark Holden, 1954, Pop Singer
Marta Ehrlich, 1910, Painter
Marten Hagstrom, 1971, Guitarist
Martha Hunt, 1989, Model
Martin Chivers, 1945, Soccer Player
Martin Gray, 1922, Non-Fiction Author
Martin Kelly, 1990, Soccer Player
Mary Wollstonecraft, 1759, Novelist
Matt Garstka, 1989, Drummer
Matt Reeves, 1966, Screenwriter
Maura West, 1972, TV Actress
Max Stone, 1988, Reggae Singer
Melissa Jefferson, 1988, Rapper
Mica Paris, 1969, Soul Singer
Michael Mahonen, 1964, TV Actor
Mike Condon, 1990, Hockey Player
Milton Blanco, 1984, Soccer Player
Missy Von Monroe, 1993, YouTube Star
Mitch Creek, 1992, Basketball Player
Mitchell Craske, 1996, Dancer
Mr Capone-E, 1976, Rapper
Neelam Gill, 1995, Model
Neil Pearson, 1959, TV Actor
Nicholas D. Kristof, 1959, Activist
Nick Dandolos, 1883,
Nick Kyrgios, 1995, Tennis Player
Nick Noonan, 1986, Pop Singer
Nigel Barker, 1972, Model
Nolan Emme, 1993, YouTube Star
Norman Bel Geddes, 1893, Inventor
Ole Lilloe-Olsen, 1883, Sports Shooter
Oliver Beale, 1996, YouTube Star
Oscar Figueroa, 1983, Weight Lifter
Paddy McNair, 1995, Soccer Player
Patrick Hallahan, 1978, Drummer
Patrick Page, 1962, Stage Actor
Patrick Stump, 1984, Rock Singer
Paul Byron, 1989, Hockey Player
Paul Lacroix, 1806, Novelist
Pencho Slaveykov, 1866, Poet
Pete Ham, 1947, Rock Singer
Phuong Thanh, 1973, Pop Singer
Pierre-Marc Bouchard, 1984, Hockey Player
Quick Jave, 2001, Star
Rande Gerber, 1962, Entrepreneur
Regan West, 1979, Cricket Player
Robert Donner, 1931, Movie Actor
Rogers Hornsby, 1896, Baseball Player
Rovena Stefa, 1979, Pop Singer
Roxanne Conrad, 1962, Novelist
Russell T. Davies, 1963, Screenwriter
Rusty Cooley, 1970, Guitarist
Ryan McKenna, 1973, Politician
Ryan Ross, 1994, YouTube Star
Sally Hawkins, 1976, Movie Actress
Samuel Anderson, 1982, TV Actor
Samuel Morse, 1791, Scientist
Sanaa Gamil, 1930, Movie Actress
Sandy Dennis, 1937, Movie Actress
Sarah Close, 1995, Pop Singer
Schae Harrison, 1963, Soap Opera Actress
Semyon Varlamov, 1988, Hockey Player
Shaan Shahid, 1971, Movie Actor
Shae-Lee Shackleford, 1986, YouTube Star
Shaniah Jones, 2004, Pop Singer
Sheena Easton, 1959, Pop Singer
Sheila Scott, 1922, Pilot
Si Robertson, 1948, Reality Star
Slapdee, 1987, Rapper
Sonjia Williams, 1985, Fashion Designer
Stephen Butler, 1944, Entrepreneur
Sung Dong-il, 1967, Movie Actor
Sven Bender, 1989, Soccer Player
Sydney Rae James, 1991, Reality Star
Tale Ognenovski, 1922, Composer
Tara McLeod, 1984, Guitarist
Tarun Chandra, 1983, Movie Actor
Tess Daly, 1969, TV Show Host
Teyona Anderson, 1988, Model
Tim Lahaye, 1926, Religious Author
Tommy Smith, 1967, Saxophonist
Travis Meeks, 1979, Rock Singer
Tray Deee, 1966, Rapper
Trindon Holliday, 1986, Football Player
Ty Powell, 1988, Football Player
Ulysses S. Grant, 1822, US President
Vladimir Kozlov, 1979, Wrestler
Wallace Carothers, 1896, Entrepreneur
Walter Lantz, 1899, Cartoonist
Wang Feifei, 1987, Pop Singer
Wesley Chan, 1984, Film Producer
William Moseley, 1987, Movie Actor
William Muir, 1819, Novelist
Wyatt Lackey, 1999, YouNow Star
Yoshiaki Fujiwara, 1949, Wrestler
Zach Woodlee, 1977, Dancer
Zoe Cole, 1982, Blogger
Zohra Sehgal, 1912, Movie Actress


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