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April 26 Famous Birthdays

April 26 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on APRIL 26 can accent their style by wearing brown and burgundy. They are also the lucky colors for a Taurus.

Speaking of being lucky, those born on April 26th tend to have a high sex drive but they are very particular about who you sleep with. However, they can become attached quickly. So they may need to take their time and take extra precautions. Most of the time they are an excellent judge of character.


Famous people born on April 26th are normally scrupulous individuals. They basically remain in control of their feelings but they can come out of a bag when it is necessary. Carol Burnett and Jet Li are famous celebrities that were born on this day. It is possible that they all share some of the same qualities.


The time and effort that they invest in themselves could pay off in the long run. They should be careful not to shoulder stress for long. It could show up as an illness or two. A nice long massage is an excellent solution.

Famous people born on April 26th will likely not be able to throw the first stone. They can be serious but normally, they are cheerful. Those with a birthday today desire emotional security and are not likely to be creatures of habit. They can benefit from the desire for that instant connection. Take a look at the list of April 26th famous birthdays.


April 26th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

26th April Good Traits:

  • Joyful
  • Serious
  • Inquisitive
  • Impeccable
  • Decisive
  • Reasonable
  • Spiritual
  • Responsible
  • Dogged

26th April Bad Traits:

  • Shrewd
  • Lazy
  • Withdrawn
  • Snobbish
  • Detached
  • Aloof

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April 26th Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Meeks, 1986, Movie Actor
Adam Sloss, 1993, eSports Player
Adil Ray, 1974, TV Actor
AE van Vogt, 1912, Novelist
Al McCoy, 1933, Sportscaster
Alejandro Machado, 1982, Baseball Player
Alessandra Castronovo, 1993, Pop Singer
Alex Attwood, 1959, Politician
Ali Cook, 1975, Magician
Alice Cary, 1820, Poet
Alka Makwana, 1989, TV Show Host
Allisyn Ashley Arm, 1996, TV Actress
Amos Otis, 1947, Baseball Player
Anita Darian, 1927, Opera Singer
Anita Loos, 1889, Screenwriter
Anna McNulty, 2002, YouTube Star
Anna Mouglalis, 1978, Movie Actress
Anna Mucha, 1980, Movie Actress
Anna Svidersky, 1988,
Anthony Cumia, 1961, Radio Host
Ariane Moffatt, 1979, Pop Singer
Arno Allan Penzias, 1933, Scientist
Avant, 1978, R&B Singer
Avi Nimni, 1972, Soccer Player
Bailey Munoz, 2000, Dancer
Bakary Sako, 1988, Soccer Player

BambinoBecky, 1998, YouTube Star
Ben Parslow, 1988, Screenwriter
Benjamin L Corey, 1976, Religious Author
Bernard Malamud, 1914, Novelist
Bill Wennington, 1963, Basketball Player
Bob Boozer, 1937, Basketball Player
Bobby Rydell, 1942, Pop Singer
Brad Gillingham, 1966, Weight Lifter
Bre Scullark, 1985, Model
Brittany Oldehoff, 1989, Model
Brooklin Cooley, 2006, Dancer
Bruce Jay Friedman, 1930, Novelist
Buster Skrine, 1989, Football Player
Cajafresca, 1989, YouTube Star
Calvin Anderson, 1988,
Carlos Bianchi, 1949, Soccer Coach
Carlos Condit, 1984, MMA Fighter
Caro Emerald, 1981, Pop Singer
Carol Burnett, 1933, TV Show Host
Cassandre Presume, 1990, Vine Star
Celena Cherry, 1977, R&B Singer
Channing Tatum, 1980, Movie Actor
Charles Francis Richter, 1900, Scientist
Charlie Chester, 1914, Comedian
Charlotte Cornwell, 1949, Movie Actress
Chris Mars, 1961, Drummer
Chris Perry, 1973, Soccer Player
Christina Johnson, 1973, Reality Star
Claudine Auger, 1941, Movie Actress
Cliff Byrne, 1982, Soccer Player
Cole Beasley, 1989, Football Player
Cole Miller, 1984, MMA Fighter
Cormega, 1970, Rapper
Craig Adams, 1977, Hockey Player
Cris Crotz, 1986, Model
Daesung, 1989, Pop Singer
Daniel Freeman, 1826, Doctor
Daniel Padilla, 1995, TV Actor
Daniela Nardini, 1968, TV Actress
Danielle Hope, 1992, Reality Star
Daniil Kvyat, 1994, Race Car Driver
Darryl Yong, 1986, TV Actor
David Coleman, 1926, TV Show Host
Debra Wilson, 1962, TV Actress
Delon Wright, 1992, Basketball Player
Denniz Pop, 1963, DJ
Dick Johnson, 1945, Race Car Driver
Diego Verdaguer, 1951, World Music Singer
DJ Epps, 1976, DJ
Dominic Sena, 1949, Director
Donald Sterling, 1934, Business Executive
Donna De Varona, 1947, Swimmer
Duane Eddy, 1938, Guitarist
Dylynn Jones, 2002, Dancer
Eddie Dee, 1977, Reggae Singer
Eddie Eagan, 1897, Boxer
Elizabeth Szeto, 1997, YouTube Star
Emily Mitchell, 1975, Novelist
Emily Wickersham, 1984, TV Actress

Eric Campbell, 1879, Movie Actor
Eric Hoag, 1990, eSports Player
Erica McDermott, 1973, Movie Actress
Erik Van Looy, 1962, Director
Ethel Griffies, 1878, Movie Actress
Eugene Delacroix, 1798, Painter
Evelina Barry, 1989, YouTube Star
Falk Hentschel, 1985, TV Actor
Fanny Blankers-Koen, 1918, Runner
Fedx Gaming, 1992, YouTube Star
Ferydoon Zandi, 1979, Soccer Player
Fifi Abdou, 1953, Movie Actress
Frances Robinson, 1916, Movie Actress
Frank Ferrante, 1963, Comedian
Frank Gotch, 1878, Wrestler
Frederick Law Olmsted, 1822, Engineer
Fredrik Eklund, 1977, Reality Star
Gary Wright, 1943, Rock Singer
Geoff Blum, 1973, Baseball Player
Georgios Kostikos, 1958, Soccer Player
Gert Wingardh, 1951, Architect
Giancarlo Esposito, 1958, Movie Actor
Giel de Winter, 1990, YouTube Star
Giorgia, 1971, Rock Singer
Giorgio Moroder, 1940, Music Producer
Greg Laswell, 1974, Composer
Gregor Townsend, 1973, Rugby Player

Grethe Barrett Holby, 1948, Director
Hack Wilson, 1900, Baseball Player
Herman Foster, 1928, Pianist
IM Pei, 1917, Architect
India Summer, 1975, Model
Israr Ahmed, 1932, Religious Leader
Issei Sagawa, 1949, Criminal
Ivana Milicevic, 1974, TV Actress
Jacobo Wong, 1991, YouTube Star
Jacqueline Laurita, 1970, Reality Star
Jade Cloud, 1999, Dancer
James Dixon, 1929, Conductor
James Rouse, 1914, Entrepreneur
Janne Wirman, 1979, Pianist
Jarmila Gajdosova, 1987, Tennis Player
Jason Earles, 1977, TV Actor
Jay DeMarcus, 1971, Bassist
Jemima Kirke, 1985, TV Actress
Jennifer Gates, 1996, Family Member
Jerel Worthy, 1990, Football Player
Jessica Lee Rose, 1987, TV Actress
Jessica Lynch, 1983, War Hero
Jet Li, 1963, Movie Actor
Jimmy Giuffre, 1921, Saxophonist
Jimmy Stafford, 1964, Guitarist
Joan Chen, 1961, Movie Actress
Joe Crede, 1978, Baseball Player
Joey Jordison, 1975, Drummer
John Isner, 1985, Tennis Player
John James Audubon, 1785, Painter
John Orr, 1949, Criminal
John Patten, 1746, Politician
John Ralston, 1927, Football Coach
Johnny Shines, 1915, Guitarist
Jon Cozart, 1992, YouTube Star
Jon Hensley, 1965, Soap Opera Actor
Jon Lee, 1982, Pop Singer
Jonathan dos Santos, 1990, Soccer Player
Jordana Brewster, 1980, Movie Actress
Jorge Serrano Elias, 1945, World Leader
Jose Pasillas, 1976, Drummer
Jose Santos, 1961, Horse Jockey
Joseph Lynch, 1880, Cricket Player
Juanita du Plessis, 1972, World Music Singer
Julius Adams, 1948, Football Player
Kane, 1967, Wrestler
Katia Mosally, 1988, Lawyer
Keara Graves, 1999, TV Actress
Kennedy Grace, 1996, Vine Star
Kevin James, 1965, Movie Actor
Knoetzie, 1993, YouTube Star
Kosuke Fukudome, 1977, Baseball Player
Krisjanis Berkis, 1884, War Hero
Lionel Ferro, 1995, TV Actor
Lorenzo Fragola, 1995, Pop Singer
Lorenzo Palacios, 1950, World Music Singer
Ludwig Wittgenstein, 1889, Philosopher
Luke Bracey, 1989, Movie Actor
Luna Darko, 1991, YouTube Star
Ma Rainey, 1886, Blues Singer
Macarena Garcia, 1988, TV Actress
Marco Rivera, 1972, Football Player
Marcus Aurelius, 121, Politician
Mariana Ximenes, 1981, Movie Actress
Marianne Jean-Baptiste, 1967, Movie Actress
Marilyn Nelson, 1946, Poet
Marko Savic, 1941, Pianist
Marlena Lerner, 2000, Movie Actress
Marlon King, 1980, Soccer Player
Marne Patterson, 1980, TV Actress
Matt Busbice, 1982, Reality Star
Matt Martinez, 2003, Pop Singer
Matthew Broussard, 1988, Comedian
McKenzie Westmore, 1977, Soap Opera Actress
Megan Danso, 1990, TV Actress
Megan Thomas, 1989, TV Show Host
Megumi Fujii, 1974, MMA Fighter
Melania Trump, 1970, Model
Melvin Ingram, 1989, Football Player
Mesa Selimovic, 1910, Novelist
Michael Damian, 1962, Soap Opera Actor
Michele Ferrero, 1925, Business Executive
Mike Finnigan, 1945, Pianist
Mike Kellin, 1922, Stage Actor
Mike Scott, 1955, Baseball Player
Morgan Cox, 1986, Football Player
Mosi Tatupu, 1955, Football Player
Moushumi Chatterjee, 1948, Movie Actress
Ms. Dynamite, 1981, Rapper
Nadja Benaissa, 1982, Pop Singer
Nam Gyu-ri, 1985, TV Actress
Nancy Lenehan, 1953, TV Actress
Natalie Curtis, 1875,
Natasha Trethewey, 1966, Poet
Nathan Rao, 1974, Journalist
Nerina Pallot, 1975, Rock Singer
Nevio Marasovic, 1974, TV Actress
Nikolai Lugansky, 1972, Pianist
Nini Smalls, 1991, Model
Nitin Bose, 1897, Director
Noah Mills, 1983, Model
Nyambi Nyambi, 1979, TV Actor
Omar Craddock, 1991, Triple Jumper
Owen Willans Richardson, 1879, Scientist
Pablo Schreiber, 1978, TV Actor
Patricia Reilly Giff, 1935, Children’s Author
Paul Almond, 1931, Director
Pete Firman, 1980, Magician
Peter Fatialofa, 1959, Rugby Player
Peter Handscomb, 1991, Cricket Player
Peter Zumthor, 1943, Architect
Pip, 1992, Pop Singer
Rachelle Gillis, 1996, TV Actress
Ray Caldwell, 1888, Baseball Player
Rich Cottell, 1991, Pop Singer
Rikharour Daoason, 1972, Soccer Player
Riley Voelkel, 1990, TV Actress
Roger Taylor, 1960, Drummer
Ron Donachie, 1956, Movie Actor
Sanjay Thumma, 1970, Chef
Sasa Matic, 1978, World Music Singer
Scott Timlin, 1988, Reality Star
Sean Lock, 1963, Comedian
Sean Rodriguez, 1985, Baseball Player
Shane O’Meara, 1992, Movie Actor
Shannon Collis, 1986, TV Actress
Sharon Silver Davson, 1954, Painter
Shawn Kelley, 1984, Baseball Player
Shenell Edmonds, 1994, TV Actress
Shondrella Avery, 1971, Movie Actress
Simply Liv, 2004, YouTube Star
Sriti Jha, 1986, TV Actress
Stafford Repp, 1918, TV Actor
Stana Katic, 1978, TV Actress
Sterling Griffith, 2001, Movie Actress
Steve Lombardozzi, 1960, Baseball Player
Steven Doung, 1995, YouTube Star
Sundy Jules, 1999, YouTube Star
Susana Higuchi, 1950, Politician
Susannah Harker, 1965, TV Actress
Swealife, 1997, YouTube Star
Sydney Johnson, 1974, Basketball Coach
Tabatha Lawley, 1994, Family Member
Tammy Horton, 1982, Model
Tarrus Riley, 1979, Reggae Singer
Taurtis, 1996, YouTube Star
Teddy Edwards, 1924, Saxophonist
Theodor Billroth, 1829, Doctor
Thurop Vanorman, 1976, Screenwriter
Tionne Watkins, 1970, Rapper
Tom Savage, 1990, Football Player
Tom Welling, 1977, TV Actor
Tomoyuki Tanaka, 1910, Film Producer
Tootsie Jackson, 1990, YouTube Star
Wade Smith, 1981, Football Player
Warren Clarke, 1947, TV Actor
Will Heard, 1991, Soul Singer
William Connor, 1909, Journalist
William Hovell, 1786, Explorer
Zoe Smith, 1994, Weight Lifter


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