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April 25 Famous Birthdays

April 25 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on APRIL 25 are likely misunderstood as a Taurus as they are unique. They actually think about what comes out of their mouth because they want it to be exact and truthful.

They embrace conflict and life’s ups and downs as it gives them an opportunity for growth. They tend to be imaginative and they know how to make the best out of bad situations. Famous celebrities born on this day don’t like to be idle. This brings out the negative side of this bright and cheerful personality.


Also as a fault, they are forgetful. They need to set little reminders so that they stay on top of their game. When they go out, people tend to take note of them as they own the room they are in. Confidence has as much sex appeal as their toned and fit body. Famous people born on 25th April should protect themselves especially in the winter months as they are prone to colds and things of that nature.


Famous people born on April 25th are an unique Taurus – The Bull. However, they do not need to be the center of attraction. Most born on this birthday, have an imagination that typically runs in overtime. They are musically inclined, also.


April 25th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

25th April Good Traits:

  • Alert
  • Cautious
  • Tactful
  • Loved
  • Responsive
  • Imaginative
  • Optimistic
  • Creative
  • Attractive
  • Intelligent

25th April Bad Traits:

  • Moody
  • Anxious
  • Introverted
  • Shy
  • Superficial
  • Forgetful
  • Merciless
  • Indifferent

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April 25th Famous Birthday Personalities

Adam Silver, 1962, Sports Executive
Al Pacino, 1940, Movie Actor
Albert King, 1923, Guitarist
Albert Uderzo, 1927, Cartoonist
Albert Verlinde, 1961, Journalist
Alec Puro, 1975, Drummer
Alex Bowman, 1993, Race Car Driver
Alex Shibutani, 1991, Figure Skater
Alexei Emelin, 1986, Hockey Player
Alina Light, 1992, Vine Star
Amaru Cloud, 1998, Rapper
Andrea Osvart, 1979, TV Actress
Andy Bell, 1964, Pop Singer
Andy Clemmensen, 1988, Bassist
Angelise Garcia, 2001, YouTube Star
Anja Parson, 1981, Skier
Antonio Cromartie, 1984, Football Player
Arijit Singh, 1987, World Music Singer
Aysel Teymurzadeh, 1989, Pop Singer
Ben Bridwell, 1978, Rock Singer
Bertrand Tavernier, 1941, Director
Bjorn Ulvaeus, 1945, Pop Singer
Bob Russell, 1914, Songwriter
Bobbi Humphrey, 1950, Flute Player
Bobby Pulido, 1971, World Music Singer
Brian Pumper, 1981,
Callum McManaman, 1991, Soccer Player

Calvin Roberts, 1927, Football Player
Carl Allen, 1961, Drummer
Casey Deidrick, 1987, TV Actor
Cedric Ogbuehi, 1992, Football Player
Chase Landry, 1989, Reality Star
Cheryl Wee, 1987, Model
Christophe Aribert, 1971, Chef
Clarissa Burt, 1959, Movie Actress
Clifford Starks, 1981, MMA Fighter
Colby Cohen, 1989, Hockey Player
Coleman Hell, 1989, Rock Singer
Corin Tellado, 1927, Novelist
Cy Twombly, 1928, Painter
Daniel Kash, 1959, Movie Actor
Daniel Macpherson, 1980, TV Actor
Daniel Norris, 1993, Baseball Player
Daniel Sharman, 1986, Movie Actor
Darcey Steinke, 1962, Novelist
David Donihue, 1974, Screenwriter
David Moyes, 1963, Soccer Coach
David Spinx, 1953, Soap Opera Actor
DeAngelo Williams, 1983, Football Player
Dennis Vareide, 1990, YouTube Star
Denny Miller, 1934, TV Actor
Diego Dominguez, 1966, Rugby Player
Earl Bostic, 1912, Saxophonist
Edgar Woolf, 1881, Screenwriter
Edward R. Murrow, 1908, Radio Host
Ella Fitzgerald, 1917, Jazz Singer
Emanuela Depaula, 1989, Model
Emily Bergl, 1975, TV Actress
Eric Bristow, 1957, Darts Player
Felipe Massa, 1981, Race Car Driver
Fiona Bruce, 1964, TV Show Host
Fish, 1958, Rock Singer
Forbes Riley, 1960, Entrepreneur
Frank De Winne, 1961, Astronaut
Fred Haney, 1896, Baseball Player
Freddy Johansson, 1994, eSports Player
Geoffry Manthorne, 1974, Reality Star
George Spartels, 1954, Soap Opera Actor
German Garmendia, 1990, YouTube Star
German Garmendia, 1990, YouTube Star
Giedo van der Garde, 1985, Race Car Driver
Gina Torres, 1969, TV Actress
Giovanni Battista Foggini, 1652, Sculptor
Giuseppe Andrews, 1979, Movie Actor
Gladys Presley, 1912, Family Member
Grant Achatz, 1974, Chef
Greg Davis, 1951, Football Coach
Guglielmo Marconi, 1874, Scientist
Haider Al-Abadi, 1952, Politician
Hamida Omarova, 1957, Movie Actress
Hank Azaria, 1964, Voice Actor
Hazel E, 1980, Reality Star
Heather Sossaman, 1987, Movie Actress
Isa Tengblad, 1998, Pop Singer
Ivonne Montero, 1974, Soap Opera Actress

Ivor Brown, 1891, Journalist
J. Anthony Lukas, 1933, Novelist
J. Anthony Lukas, 1933, Journalist
Jacob Underwood, 1980, Pop Singer
Jacque Jones, 1975, Baseball Player
Jaida Dreyer, 1991, Country Singer
James Barbour, 1966, TV Actor
James Blackmon Jr., 1995, Basketball Player
James Martin Fenton, 1949, Poet
James Pierpont, 1822, Rock Singer
James Sheppard, 1988, Hockey Player
Jaroslava Schallerova, 1956, Movie Actress
Jason Austin Wiles, 1970, TV Actor
Jason Lee, 1970, TV Actor
Jay Park, 1987, Rapper
Jean-eric Vergne, 1990, Race Car Driver
Jeffrey Demunn, 1947, TV Actor
Jelena Tinska, 1953, Movie Actress
Jen Johnson, 1984, Reality Star
Jerry Leiber, 1933, Composer

Jillian Bell, 1984, TV Actress
Jimmy Dickinson, 1925, Soccer Player
Joanne Peh, 1983, Movie Actress
Joe Bendik, 1989, Soccer Player
Joe Buck, 1969, Sportscaster
Johan Cruyff, 1947, Soccer Player
Johan Cruyff, 1947, Soccer Player
John Chamberlain, 1927, Sculptor
John Clements, 1910, Movie Actor
John DeLuca, 1986, TV Actor
John Nunn, 1955, Chess Player
John Osullivan, 1942, Journalist
Johnathan Thurston, 1983, Rugby Player
Jon Kyl, 1942, Politician
Jon Olsen, 1969, Swimmer
Jonathan Bailey, 1988, TV Actor
Jonathan Pickerin, 1996, Musical.ly Star
Jordan Bijan, 2008, YouTube Star
Jordan Poyer, 1991, Football Player
Josh Katz, 1996, YouTube Star
Joslyn Davis, 1982, YouTube Star
JP Howell, 1983, Baseball Player
Karel Appel, 1921, Sculptor
Karen Yeung, 1993, YouTube Star
Karine Ferri, 1982, TV Show Host
Kate Allen, 1970, Triathlete
Kenneth Spencer, 1913, Stage Actor
Ketil Bjornstad, 1952, Pianist
Kim Jong-kook, 1976, Pop Singer
Kyle Thompson, 1979, Golfer
Lachlan Buchanan, 1990, TV Actor
Lamar Miller, 1991, Football Player
Laura Birn, 1981, Movie Actress
Laura Lepisto, 1988, Figure Skater
Lee Richardson, 1979, Race Car Driver
Lemmino, 1993, YouTube Star
Len Goodman, 1944, Dancer
Leo Belmonte, 2002, Movie Actor
Leonel Sanchez, 1936, Soccer Player
Leticia Birkheuer, 1978, Model
Liam Henderson, 1996, Soccer Player
Lisa Lane, 1938, Chess Player
Louis Allen, 1919, Civil Rights Leader
Louis Deland, 1772, Dancer
Luckas Moura, 2001, World Music Singer
Luis Solis, 1958, World Leader
Lynn Hamilton, 1930, TV Actress
Madison Louch, 1995, Instagram Star
Malalai Joya, 1978, Politician
Marcus Kleveland, 1999, Snowboarder
Marguerite Moreau, 1977, Movie Actress
Marie-Michele Gagnon, 1989, Skier
Marritt A. Edison, 1897, War Hero
Matthew West, 1977, Rock Singer
Maud Hart Lovelace, 1892, Children’s Author
Max Anstie, 1993, Motorcycle Racer
Meadowlark Lemon, 1932, Basketball Player
Melissa Hayden, 1923, Dancer
Melonie Diaz, 1984, Movie Actress
Melvin Burgess, 1954, Children’s Author
Miax1994, 1994, YouTube Star
Michael Bent, 1986, Rugby Player
Michael Lohan, 1960, Reality Star
Michael Rizzi, 1994, YouTube Star
Michael Van Gerwen, 1989, Darts Player
Michelle Game, 1985, Model
Molly Bair, 1997, Model
Monty Panesar, 1982, Cricket Player
Nick Mundy, 1981, Comedian
Nick Watney, 1981, Golfer
Nicolas Muller, 1982, Snowboarder
Nicole Hollander, 1939, Cartoonist
Nicole Juliana, 1993, YouTube Star
OB McClinton, 1940, Country Singer
Oliver Cromwell, 1599, Politician
Paavo Siljamaki, 1977, DJ
Paul Baloff, 1960, Metal Singer
Paul Mazursky, 1930, Director
Peter McParland, 1934, Soccer Player
Princess Alice, 1843, Royalty
Rachel Cruze, 1989, Self-Help Author
Rais Mbolhi, 1986, Soccer Player
Ralph D. Foster, 1893, Entrepreneur
Randy Cross, 1954, Football Player
Raphael Varane, 1993, Soccer Player
Renee Zellweger, 1969, Movie Actress
Rex Miller, 1939, Novelist
Richard Dubin, 1945, Screenwriter
Roach Gigz, 1988, Rapper
Robert Peston, 1960, Journalist
Robert Q. Lewis, 1920, Game Show Host
Rodney Williams, 1977, Football Player
Rory Lee Feek, 1965, Country Singer
Rudy Abreu, 1995, Dancer
Rumena Begum, 1992, YouTube Star
Russ Conway, 1913, TV Actor
Sabian, 1979, Wrestler
Samuel Barnett, 1980, Stage Actor
Sara Paxton, 1988, Movie Actress
Sean Harmon, 1988, TV Actor
Sean Mannion, 1992, Football Player
Sebastian Helander, 1997, YouTube Star
Shiloh, 1993, Pop Singer
Sianney Garcia, 2001, YouTube Star
Simon Amor, 1979, Rugby Player
Sofia Helin, 1972, Movie Actress
Stephen Hill, 1991, Football Player
Steve Ferrone, 1950, Drummer
Stu Cook, 1945, Bassist
Sylvia Yacoub, 1993, Pop Singer
Talia Shire, 1946, Movie Actress
Taylor Walker, 1990, Australian Rules Footballer
Ted Kooser, 1939, Poet
Thomas Sanders, 1989, Vine Star
Tim Duncan, 1976, Basketball Player
TJ Waldburger, 1988, MMA Fighter
Todd Howard, 1971, Game Designer
Tommy Mac, 1977, Bassist
Tony Christie, 1942, Pop Singer
Tony Phillips, 1959, Baseball Player
Tristan McIntosh, 2000, Country Singer
Tyler Rowland, 1988, YouTube Star
Ulrike Stange, 1984, Handball Player
Vanessa Beecroft, 1969, Multimedia Artist
Vince Offer, 1964, Comedian
Vladimir Zhirinovsky, 1946, Politician
Vladislav Tretiak, 1952, Hockey Player
Walter De la Mare, 1873, Poet
Wayne Madsen, 1954, Journalist
Will Ferri, 1996, Drummer
Will Jordan, 1989, R&B Singer
William J. Brennan Jr., 1906, Supreme Court Justice
William Roache, 1932, Soap Opera Actor
Wolfgang Pauli, 1900, Scientist


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