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April 24 Famous Birthdays

April 24 Famous Birthdays

Friday is a lucky day for the famous people born on APRIL 24. This is the most favorable day for a Taurus to get his or her way especially when it comes to love and relationships.

However, what they have been taught as a child is what carries them into adulthood as being a responsible and caring individual. They don’t have much to whine about as they know this does nothing to improve their situation. They believe that they can do all things but hardly anything worthwhile will come in one night.


Patience is after all a virtue that we should all have. The famous person born on this day April 24 is at home in front of a crowd. They prefer an environment or situation that they can regulate like being a parent.


However, they may not want to shield their children from reality. As a lover, they are kind and want to get married as opposed to spending life alone.

Famous people born on April 24th are very traditional by nature. These Taureans usually have great abilities to be the best. Though they like to be in the limelight, they still like their privacy. A good profession for this famous person is in the artistic fields like films, television or on the radio. Get below a list of famous celebrities born on April 24th.


April 24th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

24th April Good Traits:

  • Homely
  • Humble
  • Respected
  • Funny
  • Enchanting
  • Sensible
  • Confident
  • Mature
  • Stable
  • Intuitive

24th April Bad Traits:

  • Controlling
  • Flirtatious
  • Possessive
  • Domineering
  • Egocentric

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April 24th Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Blunck, 1996, Skier
Aaron Lichtman, 1989,
Aidan Gillen, 1968, Movie Actor
Alan Belcher, 1984, MMA Fighter
Albert Zugsmith, 1910, Screenwriter
Alejandro Fernandez, 1971, Pop Singer
Alex Caygill, 1940, Golfer
Alex Edgar, 1988, YouTube Star
Alexis Ohanian, 1983, Entrepreneur
Alli Simpson, 1998, Pop Singer
Andy Cooper, 1898, Baseball Player
Andy Hunter, 1974, DJ
Ann Mahoney, 1976, TV Actress
Anthony Trollope, 1815, Novelist
Ashleigh Barty, 1996, Tennis Player
Austin Nichols, 1980, Movie Actor
Autumn Wendel, 1997, TV Actress
Avey Tare, 1979, Rock Singer
Barbra Streisand, 1942, Pop Singer
Barry Stock, 1974, Guitarist
Ben Forster, 1981, Stage Actor
Ben Howard, 1987, Pop Singer
Bill Krueger, 1957, Baseball Player
Billy Gould, 1963, Bassist
Billy Miller, 1977, Football Player
Binx Walton, 1995, Instagram Star
BlackieChan, 1994, YouTube Star
Blue Demon, 1922, Wrestler
Bob Ewing, 1873, Baseball Player
Boris Williams, 1957, Drummer
Brett King, 1968, Entrepreneur

Brian Garfield, 1939, Screenwriter
Brian Marshall, 1973, Rock Singer
Bridget Riley, 1931, Painter
Brooklyn Rae Silzer, 2006, Soap Opera Actress
Bruce Kirby, 1928, Movie Actor
Captain Sensible, 1954, Guitarist
Carlos Beltran, 1977, Baseball Player
Carly Pearce, 1990, Country Singer
Caspar Lee, 1994, YouTube Star
Cedric the Entertainer, 1964, Movie Actor
Chad I. Ginsburg, 1972, Guitarist
Chelsea Freeman, 1991, Family Member
Chipper Jones, 1972, Baseball Player
Cindy Adams, 1930, Journalist
Cole Vosbury, 1991, Rock Singer
Corey Cerovsek, 1972, Violinist
Courtnee Draper, 1985, Pop Singer
Damon Lindelof, 1973, TV Producer
Danny Gokey, 1980, Country Singer
Dave Gonzalez, 1961, Guitarist
David Boudia, 1989, Diver
David Dinwiddie, 1997, Instagram Star
David Maley, 1963, Hockey Player
David Oliver, 1982, Runner
David Usher, 1966, Rock Singer
Dean Armstrong, 1973, TV Actor
Della Butcher, 1922, Entrepreneur
Demet Akalin, 1971, Pop Singer
Denise Milani, 1976, Model
Denise Scott, 1955, TV Actress
Derek Grant, 1977, Drummer
Derek Luke, 1974, Movie Actor
DJ Polow, 1992, Instagram Star
Djimon Hounsou, 1964, Movie Actor
Dorothy Uhnak, 1930, Novelist
Doug Clifford, 1945, Drummer
Eamon Gilmore, 1955, Politician
Elias Phoenix, 2006, Pianist
Ellen Kim, 1985, Dancer
Enda Kenny, 1951, Politician
Enrique Montaño, 1989, Soap Opera Actor
Eric Balfour, 1977, TV Actor
Eric Bogosian, 1953, Playwright
Eric Kripke, 1974, TV Producer
Eric Snow, 1973, Basketball Player
Ernie Grunfeld, 1955, Basketball Player
Fernando Arce, 1980, Soccer Player
Floria V. Lasky, 1923, Lawyer
Frank Eudy, 1984, Reality Star
Frank Strazzeri, 1930, Pianist
Frankie Macdonald, 1984, YouTube Star
Frans Nielsen, 1984, Hockey Player
Gabby Logan, 1973, TV Show Host
George Oppen, 1908, Poet
George P. Bush, 1976, Politician
Gideon Sundback, 1880, Engineer
GJan, 1995, Pop Singer
Glenn Morshower, 1959, TV Actor

Glowpinkstah, 1988, YouTube Star
Greg London, 1973, Comedian
Greg Vanderjagt, 1984, Basketball Player
Gursimran Khamba, 1987, Comedian
Hanna Obbeek, 1998, Movie Actress
Hashim Thaci, 1968, World Leader
Hayley Oliver, 1976, Country Singer
Henry Latimer, 1752, Politician
Hermie Sadler, 1969, Race Car Driver
Hey Fran Hey, 1982, YouTube Star
Ian King, 1956, Entrepreneur
ImTully, 2000, YouTube Star
Ivan Pillud, 1986, Soccer Player
Jack Kingston, 1955, Politician
Jack Martin Blades, 1954, Rock Singer
Jack Moore, 1988, Screenwriter
Jack Quaid, 1992, Movie Actor
Jade Gordon, 1987, Movie Actress
Jan Vertonghen, 1987, Soccer Player
Jan Vesely, 1990, Basketball Player

Janelle Jalila Issis, 1988, Dancer
Jarvis Jenkins, 1988, Football Player
Jas Mann, 1971, Rock Singer
Jasen Rauch, 1981, Guitarist
Jason Maza, 1987, Movie Actor
Javier Jattin, 1983, TV Actor
Jay Alan Yim, 1958, Composer
Jazze Pha, 1974, Music Producer
Jean Paul Gaultier, 1952, Fashion Designer
Jermaine Cunningham, 1988, Football Player
Jill Ireland, 1936, Movie Actress
JJ Nelson, 1992, Football Player
Jo Kwangmin, 1995, Rapper
Joanne O’Riordan, 1996,
Joe Henderson, 1937, Saxophonist
Johanna Kirchner, 1889, Civil Rights Leader
John De Mol Jr., 1955, Entrepreneur
John Irwin, 1940, Poet
John Russell Pope, 1874, Architect
John Still, 1950, Soccer Coach
Jonas Blixt, 1984, Golfer
Jonny Gray, 1984, Pop Singer
Jordan Fisher, 1994, TV Actor
Jordan Lewis, 1986, Australian Rules Footballer
Jordan Mathewson, 1991, YouTube Star
Jordan Moeller, 1995, Figure Skater
Josephine Jobert, 1985, TV Actress
Julio Gonzalez, 1998, YouTube Star
Justin Wilson, 1914, Chef
Karen Hunter, 1966, Journalist
Katherine Bailess, 1980, TV Actress
Katherine Webb, 1989, Model
Katie McGowan, 1986, Tattoo Artist
Kayleigh Noelle, 1990, YouTube Star
Kehlani, 1995, Pop Singer
Kellin Quinn, 1986, Rock Singer
Kelly Clarkson, 1982, Pop Singer
Kevin Powell, 1966, Novelist
Kiff VandenHeuvel, 1970, TV Actor
Kim Hyun-joo, 1977, TV Actress
KranCrafter, 1997, YouTube Star
Kris Letang, 1987, Hockey Player
Kwabs, 1990, R&B Singer
Ladislav Kralj, 1891, Painter
Lance Thomas, 1988, Basketball Player
Larramie Shaw, 1992, TV Actor
Lasercorn, 1984, YouTube Star
Laura Hamilton, 1982, TV Show Host
Laura Trott, 1992, Cyclist
Lauren Guiliano, 1986, YouTube Star
Lauren Spears, 1989, Reality Star
Leah Messer, 1992, Reality Star
Lee McKinney, 1989, Guitarist
Lee Westwood, 1973, Golfer
Liam Howell, 2001, Family Member
Lili Ivanova, 1939, Pop Singer
Lou Thesz, 1916, Wrestler
Luba, 1958, Pop Singer
Luke Kilpatrick, 1982, Guitarist
Lydia Ko, 1997, Golfer
Lyubov Popova, 1889, Painter
Maggitesh, 1996, YouTube Star
Marceline Day, 1908, Movie Actress
Margaret Campbell, 1883, Movie Actress
Marilyn Erskine, 1926, TV Actress
Marlo Meekins, 1981, Cartoonist
Marlo Meekins, 1981, Cartoonist
Martine Bartlett, 1925, TV Actress
Matina Z, 1997, Rock Singer
Matt Hall, 1998, Vine Star
Melinda Clarke, 1969, Soap Opera Actress
Michael Chandler, 1986, MMA Fighter
Michael J. Dady, 1850, Entrepreneur
Michael O’Keefe, 1955, Director
Michael Parks, 1940, TV Actor
Miles Butler-Hughton, 2001, TV Actor
Miles Luna, 1990, Director
Mimi Smith, 1906, Family Member
Moshe Ziffer, 1902, Sculptor
Muri Eniko, 1990, Pop Singer
Nick Gregory, 1960, Journalist
Nick Roth, 1985, Movie Actor
Olly Marmon, 1991, Family Member
Omar Vizquel, 1967, Baseball Player
Orville Lynn Majors, 1961, Criminal
Oscar Zariski, 1899, Scientist
Patty Schemel, 1967, Drummer
Paul H. Dunn, 1924, Religious Leader
Paul Wolfe, 1977, Race Car Driver
Paula Yates, 1959, TV Show Host
Peter Vivian Daniel, 1784, Supreme Court Justice
Peterson Joseph, 1990, Soccer Player
Phil Robertson, 1946, Reality Star
Rachel Fong, 1998, YouTube Star
Rafael Robayo, 1984, Soccer Player
Rajkumar, 1929, Movie Actor
Ralph Winter, 1952, Film Producer
Raya Moab, 1993, YouTube Star
Reagan Gomez-Preston, 1980, TV Actress
Rebecca Lynn Howard, 1979, Country Singer
Rebecca Martin, 1969, Pop Singer
Richard Donner, 1930, Director
Richard M. Daley, 1942, Politician
Richard Sterban, 1943, Gospel Singer
Rob Hyman, 1950, Rock Singer
Robert Penn Warren, 1905, Novelist
Roger Kornberg, 1947, Scientist
Roger Mayweather, 1961, Boxer
Rory McCann, 1969, TV Actor
Rube Bloom, 1902, Film Producer
Ruby Trohman, 2014, Family Member
Ryan Newman, 1998, Movie Actress
Sachin Tendulkar, 1973, Cricket Player
Samuel Jay Hancock, 1987, Pop Singer
Sanni, 1996, Pop Singer
Sasha Barrese, 1981, Movie Actress
Seb Ford, 1987, YouTube Star
SeeAyanna, 1987, YouTube Star
Shane Gill, 1989, YouTube Star
Shannon Larkin, 1967, Drummer
Sharon Doorson, 1987, R&B Singer
Shaun Reynolds, 1991, YouTube Star
Shirley MacLaine, 1934, Movie Actress
Sigrid Agren, 1992, Model
Sikandar Raza, 1986, Cricket Player
Skylar Stecker, 2002, YouTube Star
Snake Doctor, 1973, YouTube Star
Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, 1975, Political Wife
Stacy Haiduk, 1968, Soap Opera Actress
Stelio Savante, 1970, TV Actor
Stella Damasus, 1978, Movie Actress
Steven Lisberger, 1951, Screenwriter
Stuart Pearce, 1962, Soccer Coach
Sue Grafton, 1940, Novelist
Susan Wright, 1976, Criminal
Tahyna Tozzi, 1986, Model
Taylor Dent, 1981, Tennis Player
Taysha Fuller, 1995, TV Actress
Thad Luckinbill, 1975, Soap Opera Actor
TheGrefg, 1997, YouTube Star
Thomas King, 1943, Novelist
Tim Bainey Jr., 1978, Race Car Driver
Timmy Rasmussen, 1993, Rock Singer
Tonu Trubetsky, 1963, Punk Singer
Tony Visconti, 1944, Music Producer
Tori Vasquez, 1998, YouTube Star
Travis Clark, 1985, Rock Singer
Tyler Toffoli, 1992, Hockey Player
Tyson Ritter, 1984, Rock Singer
Uri Malmilian, 1957, Soccer Player
Varun Dhawan, 1987, Movie Actor
Velice Sumulikoski, 1981, Soccer Player
Vera Kolodzig, 1985, TV Actress
Victoria Lamas, 1999, Family Member
Vince Ferragamo, 1954, Football Player
Viveca Paulin, 1969, Movie Actress
Weasel, 1986, YouTube Star
Wesley Armstrong, 1984, YouTube Star
Willem de Kooning, 1904, Painter
William Castle, 1914, Screenwriter
William Goyen, 1915, Novelist
William Joyce, 1906, Criminal
William Mills, 1856, Scientist
xPeke, 1992, eSports Player
Yuji Nagata, 1968, Wrestler
Zola, 1977, World Music Singer


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