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April 23 Famous Birthdays

April 23 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on APRIL 23 should wear their birthstone (emerald) as it denotes courage and creativeness. As a Taurus, they tend to live life on the wild side. They give new meaning to the word fun.

Famous April 23rd born people will make their legacy known as the Bull that conquered the world. Having life means the world to them. They appreciate it and everything in between especially the young people. They provide inspiration to them so that they know they are important and necessary.


As a friend and family member, the loved ones of those born on April 23rd count on their strength and optimistic attitude. As a lover, they prefer to be single and unrestricted. They say whoever came up with the word monogamy or fidelity didn’t know about them.

Maybe they do better with open relationships as opposed to those that want to tie them down. Otherwise, their love life could be very interesting.


Famous people born on APRIL 23rd are clever. Their famous birthday personality traits shows that they are responsible and motivated to influence the life of atleast individual. They have an assortment of friends. They enjoy communicating and group activities.


April 23rd Famous Birthday Personality Traits

23 April Good Traits:

  • Perfectionist
  • Clever
  • Childish
  • Telepathic
  • Mysterious
  • Imaginative
  • Pleasing
  • Insightful
  • Trustworthy
  • Powerful

23 April Bad Traits:

  • Brash
  • Wild
  • Thoughtless
  • Guarded
  • Noncommittal
  • Hasty

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April 23rd Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Williams, 1990, Football Player
Agent 00, 1996, YouTube Star
Akua Dansua, 1958, Politician
Alan Broadbent, 1947, Pianist
Alan Oppenheimer, 1930, Voice Actor
Alex Ferris, 1997, TV Actor
Alex Marquez, 1996, Motorcycle Racer
Alexandra Kosteniuk, 1984, Chess Player
Alistair Brownlee, 1988, Triathlete
Allie Davis, 1992, YouTube Star
Alter Esselin, 1889, Poet
Alysia Montano, 1986, Runner
Anastasia Baranova, 1989, TV Actress
Andrew Rice, 1973, Politician
Andruw Jones, 1977, Baseball Player
Angel Locsin, 1985, TV Actress
Annapurna Devi, 1927, Sitar Player
Annie Easley, 1933, Scientist
Annie Tarasova, 1996, YouTube Star
Antoine Daniel, 1989, YouTube Star
April Carrion, 1989, Reality Star
Arash Labaf, 1977, Pop Singer
Aris Makris, 1990, Pop Singer

Arthur Phillips, 1969, Novelist
Avery Cope, 1996, Vine Star
Avram Davidson, 1923, Novelist
Barry Douglas, 1960, Pianist
Barry Hannah, 1942, Novelist
Barry Hawkins, 1979, Snooker Player
Barry Watson, 1974, TV Actor
Benny Harris, 1919, Trumpet Player
Bertil Ohlin, 1899, Politician
Bird Keeper Toby, 1994, YouTube Star
Blair Brown, 1947, Movie Actress
Boaz Mauda, 1987, World Music Singer
Brendan Cole, 1976, Dancer
Brent Muscat, 1967, Guitarist
Brian Garcia, 1998, YouTube Star
Brian Mullan, 1978, Soccer Player
Brian Robison, 1983, Football Player
Brittany Brown, 1993, TV Show Host
Brooke Palsson, 1993, TV Actress
Bud Wilkinson, 1916, Football Coach
Caio Pereira, 1999, YouTube Star
Caleb Johnson, 1991, Metal Singer
Callum Smith, 1990, Boxer
Carlos Dengler, 1974, Bassist
Carlos Silva, 1979, Baseball Player
Carol Duvall, 1949, TV Show Host
Carolina Routier, 1990, Triathlete
Caroline Thompson, 1956, Screenwriter
Carri Mundane, 1971, Fashion Designer
Catherine Toribio, 1989, Movie Actress
Cem Yilmaz, 1973, Movie Actor
Chad Cisneros, 1980, DJ
Charles Gilman Norris, 1881, Novelist
Charles R. Johnson, 1948, Novelist
Charles Wood, 1916, Stage Actor
Charlie Rowe, 1996, Movie Actor
Chelsea Trevor, 1995, YouTube Star
Chiara Castelli, 1999, Instagram Star
Chloe Kim, 2000, Snowboarder
Chris Sharma, 1981, Rock Climber
Christopher French, 1982, Rock Singer
Chuck Harmon, 1924, Baseball Player
Claude Julien, 1960, Hockey Coach
Cleo Demetriou, 2001, Stage Actress
Craig Sheffer, 1960, TV Actor
Crissy Danielle, 1996, YouTube Star
Dan Frischman, 1959, TV Actor
Daniela Hantuchova, 1983, Tennis Player
Danielle Murphree, 1989, Reality Star
David Birney, 1939, TV Actor
David Gedge, 1960, Rock Singer
David Kidwell, 1977, Rugby Coach
David Larsen, 1980, Stage Actor
David Pocock, 1988, Rugby Player
David Tutera, 1966, TV Show Host
Debbie White, 1978, Netball Player
Delleile Ankrah, 1995, R&B Singer
Dev Patel, 1990, TV Actor
Dirk Bach, 1961, TV Show Host

Dolph Camilli, 1907, Baseball Player
Dominique Horwitz, 1957, Movie Actor
Duncan Renaldo, 1904, Movie Actor
Edmund Allenby, 1861, War Hero
Edwin Markham, 1852, Poet
EJ Dionne, 1952, Journalist
Elaine Smith, 1962, Soap Opera Actress
Erica Mer, 1988, TV Actress
Eva Agathis, 1999, Pop Singer
Francesca Brown, 1983, Movie Actress
Francis Green, 1980, Soccer Player
Frank Borzage, 1894, Director
Frank D’Angelo, 1959, Entrepreneur
Gabriel Damon, 1976, Voice Actor
Gabrielle Marie, 1992, YouTube Star
Gail Goodrich, 1943, Basketball Player
Gary Nova, 1993, Football Player
Gemma Whelan, 1981, TV Actress
Gene Scheer, 1958, Composer
George Lopez, 1961, Comedian
Gezahegne Abera, 1978, Runner
Gigi Hadid, 1995, Model
Glen Macnow, 1955, Radio Host
Glenn Cornick, 1947, Bassist
Grace Pitts, 1997, Folk Singer
Graeme Lowdon, 1965, Entrepreneur

Granville Woods, 1856, Scientist
Griffon Ramsey, 1980, Performance Artist
Halldor Laxness, 1902, Novelist
Hamdi Qandil, 1936, TV Show Host
Hanna Martine, 1999, YouTube Star
Herve Villechaize, 1943, TV Actor
Hugo Pina, 1988, Pop Singer
Ill Will, 1988, DJ
Israel Martinez, 1982, Wrestler
J. P. Donleavy, 1926, Novelist
Jack Dillon, 1891, Boxer
Jaime King, 1979, Model
Jake Wright, 1994, YouTube Star
James Buchanan, 1791, US President
James Russo, 1953, Movie Actor
Jan Hooks, 1957, Comedian
Janet Blair, 1921, Movie Actress
Jaryd Lazar, 1987, Twitch Star
Jason Keller, 1970, Race Car Driver
Jeff Driskel, 1992, Football Player
Jennifer Ashton, 1969, Doctor
Jennifer Meyer, 1977, Fashion Designer
Jennifer Paz, 1973, Stage Actress
Jesse Soffer, 1984, TV Actor
Jessica Stam, 1986, Model
Jessie Godderz, 1986, Wrestler
Jim Bottomley, 1900, Baseball Player
Jim Stynes, 1966, Australian Rules Footballer
Joakim Hellstrand, 1984, YouTube Star
Joanna Krupa, 1979, Model
Joe Ferguson, 1950, Football Player
Joey Kent, 1974, Football Player
John Boye, 1987, Soccer Player
John Cena, 1977, Wrestler
John Fullbright, 1988, Folk Singer
John Gwynne, 1945, Journalist
John Hannah, 1962, Movie Actor
John Lutz, 1973, Comedian
John Oliver, 1977, Comedian
Jonsi Birgisson, 1975, Guitarist
Joyce DeWitt, 1949, TV Actress
Judy Agnew, 1921, Political Wife
Judy Davis, 1955, Movie Actress
Julius Dein, 1994, Magician
Jurgita Jurkute, 1985, Model
Justin J Russo, 1992, Vine Star
Kal Penn, 1977, Movie Actor
Kimberly Kopke, 2002, Dancer
Kodi Fletcher, 1992, Entrepreneur
Koi Fresco, 1993, YouTube Star
Kris Fox, 1993, YouTube Star
Kristiana Flowers, 1996, Reality Star
Kyle Beckerman, 1982, Soccer Player
Kyle Juszczyk, 1991, Football Player
Kylie Devyn, 1993, Instagram Star
Kyra Leyi Cheung, 2005, YouTube Star
Lacey Wildd, 1968, Reality Star
Lana Gomez, 1983, Painter
Laura Mvula, 1986, Soul Singer
Lauri Ylönen, 1979, Rock Singer
Lee Majors, 1939, TV Actor
Lee Miller, 1907, Photographer
Lee Young-Pyo, 1977, Soccer Player
Lester B. Pearson, 1897, Politician
Lil Eazy E, 1984, Rapper
Lisa Lashes, 1971, DJ
LpsAce, 2000, YouTube Star
Lucius D. Clay, 1897, War Hero
Luis Carbonetti, 1953, Golfer
Mablean Ephriam, 1949, Reality Star
Maddison Brown, 1997, Model
Madeleine Masson, 1912, Non-Fiction Author
Mahmood Mamdani, 1946, Teacher
Malgorzata Socha, 1980, TV Actress
Manish Wadhwa, 1972, TV Actor
Manoj Bajpai, 1969, Movie Actor
Marcel Kimemba Mbayo, 1978, Soccer Player
Margaret Avison, 1918, Poet
Marie Taglioni, 1804, Dancer
Marjorie de Sousa, 1980, Soap Opera Actress
Marlon Wessel, 1991, Movie Actor
Matthew Underwood, 1990, TV Actor
Max Planck, 1858, Scientist
Melina Kanakaredes, 1967, TV Actress
Michael Arroyo, 1987, Soccer Player
Michael Moore, 1954, Director
Michel Fokine, 1880, Dancer
Mike Riggs, 1971, Guitarist
Molly Burnett, 1988, Soap Opera Actress
Mylena Barrios, 2004, TV Actress
Nathan Baker, 1991, Soccer Player
Neal Bridges, 1987, YouTube Star
Neville Brody, 1957, Graphic Designer
Nicolas Garnier, 1987, TV Actor
Nicole Vaidisova, 1989, Tennis Player
OG Maco, 1992, Rapper
Olga Kern, 1975, Pianist
Olivia DeLaurentis, 1996, Family Member
Otis Alexander Sudeikis, 2014, Family Member
Pandita Ramabai, 1858, Civil Rights Leader
Papy Lukata Shumu, 1978, Soccer Player
Patricia Manterola, 1972, Pop Singer
Patrick Maroon, 1988, Hockey Player
Patrick Williams, 1939, Composer
Paul Belmondo, 1963, Race Car Driver
Paul Smart, 1943, Motorcycle Racer
Pia Cramling, 1963, Chess Player
Pierre Dulaine, 1944, Dancer
PJ Jones, 1969, Race Car Driver
Rachel Skarsten, 1985, TV Actress
Ranjini Haridas, 1982, Movie Actress
Ray Peterson, 1939, Pop Singer
Razihel, 1987, DJ
Reggie Leach, 1950, Hockey Player
Richard Keys, 1957, TV Show Host
Ricky Groves, 1968, Soap Opera Actor
Roy Halston Frowick, 1932, Fashion Designer
Roy Orbison, 1936, Rock Singer
Ryan Hemsworth, 1990, DJ
Ryan Walter, 1958, Hockey Player
Sally Bretton, 1980, TV Actress
Sam Madison, 1974, Football Player
Sam Stout, 1984, MMA Fighter
Sandra Dee, 1942, Movie Actress
Sara Westbrook, 1982,
Sascha Ovard, 1975, Family Member
Scott Bairstow, 1970, TV Actor
Sean Heenan, 1987, Drummer
Seka Aleksic, 1981, Pop Singer
Sergei Prokofiev, 1891, Composer
Sharla In Japan, 1986, YouTube Star
Shawn Halloran, 1964, Football Player
Shirley Temple, 1928, Movie Actress
Sidhant Gupta, 1989, Movie Actress
Siobhan Hayes, 1975, TV Actress
Snootie Wild, 1985, Rapper
Sofia Valastro, 2003, Family Member
Sonya Smith, 1972, Soap Opera Actress
Steph Houghton, 1988, Soccer Player
Stephanie Nala, 1994, Pop Singer
Stephen Douglas, 1813, Politician
Steve Clark, 1960, Guitarist
Steve McCurry, 1950, Photographer
Steve Weisberg, 1963, Composer
Steven Istead, 1986, Soccer Player
Stuart Fleetwood, 1986, Soccer Player
Sven Kramer, 1986, Speed Skater
Syd Tha Kyd, 1992, DJ
Taio Cruz, 1985, Pop Singer
Talia Seitel, 2001, Dancer
Terry Gordy, 1961, Wrestler
Tessa Wyatt, 1948, TV Actress
Thomas Nelson Page, 1853, Novelist
Tian Zhuangzhuang, 1952, Director
Timothy McVeigh, 1968, Criminal
Tina Andrews, 1951, Screenwriter
TJ Steez, 1993, Vine Star
Todd Alan Clem, 1966, Radio Host
Tom Heinemann, 1987, Soccer Player
Tony Atlas, 1944, Wrestler
Tony Esposito, 1943, Hockey Player
Tony McGuinness, 1969, DJ
Tony Miles, 1955, Chess Player
Tony Sunshine, 1977, R&B Singer
Travis Burns, 1991, Soap Opera Actor
Uwe Von Schamann, 1956, Football Player
Valerie Bertinelli, 1960, TV Actress
Vashtie Kola, 1981, Director
Veronica Vega, 1991, World Music Singer
Vivian Liberto, 1934, Autobiographer
Vladimir Nabokov, 1899, Novelist
Warren Spahn, 1921, Baseball Player
Webb Hayes, 2002, TV Actor
William Shakespeare, 1564, Playwright
Yana Gupta, 1980, Model
Yani Harrell, 1993, Vine Star
Yannis Philippakis, 1986, Rock Singer
Zachariah Selwyn, 1975, Country Singer


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