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April 22 Famous Birthdays

April 22 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on APRIL 22 share this special day with the likes of Peter Frampton, Aaron Spelling and Jack Nicholson. As a Taurus, they have a lot of outstanding qualities. They can be described as an individual who is awfully creative, confident, and extremely funny.

Additionally, famous people born on April 22nd could be somebody who likes to do things by the book. No matter where they go, they are likely to find someone to keep company with. Sensational and risky are two words that come natural to them. And they are not afraid to do most things.


However, when it comes to love, famous April 22nd born people are willing to live life differently but only for the one that returns their passion. Nonetheless, they won’t give up their freedom for anyone. They work hard for their money and will not compromise what they have built. But with this being said, they may need to think about their future and plan to live a life comfortably at an old age.


Famous people born on April 22nd have a low tolerance for argumentative people. They like to laugh and live life on the wild side. As a child, these famous Taurus grew up with traditions and will likely marry. They will feel financially secure only after reaching their full potential.


April 22 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

22 April Good Traits:

  • Perfectionist
  • Imaginative
  • Practical
  • Gorgeous
  • Humorous
  • Forthcoming
  • Lenient
  • Grounded

22nd April Bad Traits:

  • Impatient
  • Reckless
  • Lax
  • Irrational
  • Undemonstrative
  • Cold
  • Aggressive
  • Rash

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April 22nd Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Fink, 1978, Guitarist
Aaron Kunitz, 2005, TV Actor
Aaron Spelling, 1923, TV Producer
Adam Lanza, 1992, Criminal
Ahmed Yasin Ghani, 1991, Soccer Player
Alfred Burt, 1920, Composer
Alice Tzeng, 1984, Movie Actress
Aliciya, 1998, YouTube Star
Alix Koromzay, 1971, Movie Actress
Allen Paulson, 1922, Entrepreneur
Allie Gorenc, 1996, Soap Opera Actress
Amanda Berry, 1986,
Amanda Mealing, 1968, TV Actress
Amber Heard, 1986, Model
Amber James, 1985, Reality Star
Ambra Angiolini, 1977, Movie Actress
Amelle Berrabah, 1984, Rock Singer
Ann Mitchell, 1939, TV Actress
Anna Eriksson, 1977, Rock Singer
Anthony Soter Fernandez, 1932, Religious Leader
Aron Gunnarsson, 1989, Soccer Player
Arsalan Kazemi, 1990, Basketball Player
Arthur Baker, 1955, Music Producer

Ashlee Baracy, 1985, Model
Ashley Moss, 1988, Family Member
Ashley Wylde, 1992, YouTube Star
Austin Grey, 1997, Instagram Star
Baldev Raj Chopra, 1914, Director
Barbara Horvat, 1992, YouTube Star
Barry Guy, 1947, Bassist
BC Jean, 1987, Pop Singer
Bettie Page, 1923, Model
Billy Garcia, 1970, Guitarist
Bimbo Coles, 1968, Basketball Player
Boney Kapoor, 1955, Film Producer
Brad Banks, 1980, Football Player
Brennon O’Neill, 1991, YouTube Star
Brett Stanford, 1988, YouTube Star
Brian Wecht, 1975, YouTube Star
Brooke McCarter, 1963, Movie Actor
Byron Allen, 1961, TV Producer
Capo, 1993, Rapper
Carl Lindner Jr., 1919, Entrepreneur
Cassidy Freeman, 1982, TV Actress
Catherine Mary Stewart, 1959, TV Actress
Celia Dail, 1999, YouTube Star
Chad James, 1986, YouTube Star
Charles Hubert Sisson, 1914, Poet
Charles Mingus, 1922, Bassist
Charlotte Rae, 1926, TV Actress
Chetan Bhagat, 1974, Novelist
Chondra Echert, 1983, Comic Book Author
Chris Makepeace, 1964, Movie Actor
Christopher Sabat, 1973, Voice Actor
Chuck Taylor, 1986, Wrestler
Chuck Wendig, 1976, Novelist
CMPuLs3, 1993, YouTube Star
Coleman Bell, 1970, Football Player
Courtney Friel, 1980, TV Show Host
Cynthia Johnson, 1956, Funk Singer
Dana Barron, 1966, Movie Actress
Daniel Chatto, 1957, Movie Actor
Daniel Johns, 1979, Pop Singer
Danielle Wyatt, 1991, Cricket Player
Dannah Phirman, 1975, TV Actress
Dante Cunningham, 1987, Basketball Player
Daphne Elaine, 1982, YouTube Star
Darren Moore, 1974, Soccer Player
Dave Schmidt, 1957, Baseball Player
David Luiz, 1987, Soccer Player
Dee Gordon, 1988, Baseball Player
Dejuan Blair, 1989, Basketball Player
Derek Blasberg, 1982, Novelist
Devin Velez, 1994, Pop Singer
Dion Dublin, 1969, Soccer Player

DJ Drama, 1978, DJ
Dominic Evans, 1970, Race Car Driver
Don Jose, 1978, Vine Star
Donald J. Cram, 1919, Scientist
Donald Tusk, 1957, World Leader
Dusty Rhoades, 1969, YouTube Star
Dyro, 1992, DJ
Eddie Albert, 1906, Movie Actor
Eduardo Cruz-Coke, 1899, Politician
Elizabeth Kim, 1978, Memoirist
Ellen Glasgow, 1873, Novelist
Ellenore Scott, 1990, Dancer
Elliott Jordan, 1983, TV Actor
Elsa Rhae, 1991, YouTube Star
Eric Axley, 1974, Golfer
Eric Fenby, 1906, Composer
Eric Mabius, 1971, TV Actor
Esteban Tuero, 1978, Race Car Driver
Eve Muirhead, 1990, Curler
Ezekiel Jackson, 1978, Wrestler
Francis Capra, 1983, Movie Actor
Francois-Rene Duchable, 1952, Pianist
Freeman McNeil, 1959, Football Player
Gani Fawehinmi, 1938, Civil Rights Leader

Gary Rhodes, 1960, Chef
George Cole, 1925, Movie Actor
Ginger Pooley, 1977, Bassist
Ginny Owens, 1975, Rock Singer
Giorgio Agamben, 1942, Philosopher
Glen Campbell, 1936, Country Singer
Grant Fisher, 1997, Runner
Griffin Kunitz, 2005, TV Actor
Guillermo Cabrera Infante, 1929, Novelist
Hal March, 1920, Game Show Host
Haley Bonar, 1983, Rock Singer
Haley Fitzgerald, 1994, Dancer
Hannah Walker, 1992,
Harley Rodriguez, 1973, TV Actor
Harry Giles, 1998, Basketball Player
Helen Zaltzman, 1980, Radio Host
Helene Cooper, 1966, Journalist
Henry Fielding, 1707, Novelist
Howard Wyeth, 1944, Drummer
Husain Bey, 1893, Royalty
Immanuel Kant, 1724, Philosopher
Ingo Rademacher, 1971, TV Actor
Issey Miyake, 1938, Fashion Designer
Jack Mulcahy, 1954, TV Actor
Jack Nicholson, 1937, Movie Actor
Jack Nitzsche, 1937, Composer
James Armstrong, 1957, Guitarist
James McClean, 1989, Soccer Player
James Norman Hall, 1887, Novelist
James Stirling, 1926, Architect
James Tindall, 1983, Field Hockey Player
Janet Evanovich, 1943, Novelist
Jason Miller, 1939, Playwright
Jasper Cillessen, 1989, Soccer Player
Jay Duffy, 1996, Soap Opera Actor
Jeff Hostetler, 1961, Football Player
Jeff Minter, 1962, Game Designer
Jeffrey Dean Morgan, 1966, TV Actor
Jeffrey Dunn, 1961, Guitarist
Jekalyn Carr, 1997, Gospel Singer
Jessica Hayes, 1993, Reality Star
Joey Kidney, 1996, YouTube Star
John Obi Mikel, 1987, Soccer Player
John Waters, 1946, Director
Johnathan Gray, 1993, Football Player
Johnnie To, 1955, Director
Joji Nakata, 1954, Voice Actor
Jon-John Robinson, 1970, Music Producer
Jonathan Trott, 1981, Cricket Player
Jordan Hanz, 1991, YouTube Star
Jorge Vinatea Reynoso, 1900, Painter
Jose Vianna da Motta, 1868, Pianist
Joseph Ceravolo, 1934, Poet
Justus Muhlenpfordt, 1911, Scientist
Kaka, 1982, Soccer Player
Kaka, 1982, Soccer Player
Kamla Persad-bissessar, 1952, Politician
Katelyn Mager, 2001, TV Actress
Kellie Coffey, 1971, Country Singer
Kelly Cartwright, 1989, Paralympian
Ken Dorsey, 1981, Football Player
Kendall Rae, 1993, YouTube Star
Kenny Stills, 1992, Football Player
Kenzo Alvares, 1993, Dancer
Kevin Kiermaier, 1990, Baseball Player
Kharis Ralph, 1992, Figure Skater
Kim Noorda, 1986, Model
Larry Groce, 1948, Radio Host
Laurel Aitken, 1927, Rock Singer
Lauri Hendler, 1965, TV Actress
Le’Raven Clark, 1993, Football Player
Leonardo Picon Froes, 1996, YouTube Star
Lewis Powell, 1844, Criminal
Lisa Joann Thompson, 1969, Dancer
Lloyd Honeyghan, 1960, Boxer
Louis Smith, 1989, Gymnast
Louise Gluck, 1943, Poet
Lucho Barrios, 1935, World Music Singer
Lydia Winters, 1987, YouTube Star
Machine Gun Kelly, 1990, Rapper
Manu Intiraymi, 1978, TV Actor
Marilyn Chambers, 1952,
Mario Machado, 1935, TV Show Host
Mario Yamasaki, 1964, MMA Fighter
Mark Damon, 1933, Movie Actor
Mark Vanbommel, 1977, Soccer Player
Marlon Brown, 1991, Football Player
Marshawn Lynch, 1986, Football Player
Mart Laar, 1960, Politician
Maryana Naumova, 1999, Weight Lifter
Mat Kerekes, 1994, Rock Singer
Matt Ballinger, 1985, TV Actor
Matt Jones, 1983, Football Player
Mel Carter, 1939, Pop Singer
Michael Colgrass, 1932, Composer
Michal Zewlakow, 1976, Soccer Player
Michelle Ryan, 1984, TV Actress
Mickey Morandini, 1966, Baseball Player
Mickey Vernon, 1918, Baseball Player
Mika Horiuchi, 1986, Bassist
Mike Buck, 1967, Football Player
Mike Spano, 1964, Politician
Mikel Obi, 1987, Soccer Player
Missy Robertson, 1971, Reality Star
Mohamed Elsayed, 1973, Boxer
Mr Pelon 503, 1979, Rapper
Mussoumano, 1990, YouTube Star
Natalie Amora, 2010, Instagram Star
Neil Horan, 1947, Religious Leader
NerdyAndQuirky, 1998, YouTube Star
Nicole Garcia, 1946, Movie Actress
Njomza, 1994, Pop Singer
Ole Edvart Rolvaag, 1876, Novelist
Owen Finegan, 1972, Rugby Player
Pat Boivin, 1986, YouTube Star
Pat Narduzzi, 1966, Football Coach
Paul Chambers, 1935, Bassist
Paul Davies, 1946, Non-Fiction Author
Paul Doucette, 1972, Drummer
Paul Dresser, 1858, Composer
Paula Fox, 1923, Memoirist
Paulina Slagter, 1991, Family Member
Penny Tai, 1978, Pop Singer
Pete Carr, 1950, Guitarist
Peter Frampton, 1950, Guitarist
Pontus Norgren, 1968, Guitarist
Queen Isabella, 1451, Royalty
Ralph Byrd, 1909, TV Actor
Ray Griff, 1940, Country Singer
Regine Velasquez, 1970, Pop Singer
Richard Diebenkorn, 1922, Painter
Rita Levi-Montalcini, 1909, Scientist
Robert Oppenheimer, 1904, Scientist
Rolene Strauss, 1992, Model
Roman Coppola, 1965, Director
Rondo Hatton, 1894, Movie Actor
Rutledge Wood, 1980, Sportscaster
Ryan Stiles, 1959, TV Actor
Ryu Hyoyoung, 1993, Rapper
Ryu Hyoyoung, 1993, Rapper
Scotty Morrison, 1930, Sports Executive
Sebastian Genta, 1994, Vine Star
Shavo Odadjian, 1974, Bassist
Shelvin Mack, 1990, Basketball Player
Sherri Shepherd, 1967, TV Actress
Sheryl Lee, 1967, TV Actress
Sidney Nolan, 1917, Painter
Sol Brodsky, 1923, Cartoonist
Spencer Haywood, 1949, Basketball Player
Steve Fossett, 1944, Pilot
Steven L. Bennett, 1946, Pilot
Talal Abughazaleh, 1938, Economist
Tarek El-Telmissany, 1950, Photographer
Terry Francona, 1959, Baseball Manager
Thea Kate, 1996, YouTube Star
Thomas Drake, 1957,
Thomas James Longley, 1989, Movie Actor
Tim Dormer, 1986, Reality Star
Tom Griswold, 1953, Radio Host
Tyler Bang Bruvs, 1989, Twitch Star
Tyra Sanchez, 1988, Reality Star
Tyson Ross, 1987, Baseball Player
Vasyl Virastyuk, 1974, Bodybuilder
Vera Maxwell, 1901, Fashion Designer
Veronica Micle, 1850, Poet
Vladimir Lenin, 1870, Politician
Wendy Mass, 1967, Children’s Author
Wendy Sulca, 1996, Pop Singer
Wesley Dennis, 1963, Country Singer
William Jay Smith, 1918, Poet
Willie Robertson, 1972, Reality Star
Yehudi Menuhin, 1916, Violinist
Zid Abou Hamed, 1970, Runner
Zoltan Gera, 1979, Soccer Player


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