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April 16 Famous Birthdays

April 16 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on April 16th are Aries, the Ram. They were born with certain qualities that no one else have. They are the pilot when it comes to their life and making dreams a reality. There is no such thing as an “auto pilot” if they plan to succeed.

The health of the famous April 16th born people is important. They need to take care of themselves mentally and physically. However, self-destructive people have a way of finding these guys. This may be some subconscious quality that they need to get rid of. They need to stay close to those who will enhance their quality of life. They may find this in their friends and family members and their soul mate.


Having common interest will surely bring those born on April 16th closer to their family. They have great intuition and a colorful imagination. This combination can bring about some profitable ideas for the famous people born on April 16th. However, as a profession, they will likely use their talents to help others achieve their life’s goals.


Famous people born on April 16th are outgoing Arians. They are sociable individuals with a humorous side. Typically, the April 16th famous birthday meanings show that they have good instincts and are unbiased. They look for friendship qualities in a love interest but it’s sometimes hard to get close to them.


April 16th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

16th April Good Traits:

  • Extrovert
  • Social
  • Attentive
  • Confident
  • Imaginative
  • Instinctive
  • Committed
  • Talented
  • Concerned

16th April Bad Traits:

  • Insecure
  • Moody
  • Negative
  • Unbalanced
  • Histrionic

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April 16th Famous Birthday Personalities

600Breezy, 1991, Rapper
Aaron Lennon, 1987, Soccer Player
Aaron Sanders, 1996, TV Actor
Abbi Glines, 1977, Novelist
Akon, 1973, Rapper
Alek Wek, 1977, Model
Aleksander Vinter, 1987, DJ
Alex Isley, 1987, Pop Singer
Alexandria Benoit, 1994, TV Actress
Alfonso Bedoya, 1904, Movie Actor
Alina Foley, 2003, TV Actress
Alton Purnell, 1911, Pianist
Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, 1984, Young Adult Author
Amrit Maghera, 1983, Model
Anatole France, 1844, Poet
Angelica Yap, 1994, YouTube Star
Ann Romney, 1949, Political Wife
Anna Dello Russo, 1962, Journalist
Anthony Elding, 1982, Soccer Player
Antoine de Vinck, 1924, Sculptor
Antonio Alfonseca, 1972, Baseball Player
Anya Taylor-Joy, 1996, Movie Actress
Augustinas Voldemaras, 1883, Politician
Bandit Gang Marco, 1993, Rapper
Barry Nelson, 1917, Movie Actor
Belinda Stewart-Wilson, 1971, TV Actress
Benjamin Rojas, 1985, TV Actor
Bill Belichick, 1952, Football Coach
Billy West, 1952, Voice Actor
Bjorgvin Halldorsson, 1951, Pop Singer
Bob Goody, 1951, TV Actor
Bobby Robinson, 1917, Music Producer

Bobby Vinton, 1935, Pop Singer
Bonnie Wallace, 1964, Family Member
Boris Diaw, 1982, Basketball Player
Boris Dvornik, 1939, Movie Actor
Breeja Larson, 1992, Runner
Brittany York, 1990, Model
Bruce Bochy, 1955, Baseball Manager
Caitlyn Paterson, 1991, Model
Cassandra Michaels, 1994, Pop Singer
Cassandra Naud, 1992, Dancer
Cat Osterman, 1983, Softball Player
Catherine Russell, 1966, TV Actress
Chad Price, 1986, Rock Singer
Chance The Rapper, 1993, Rapper
Charlie Chaplin, 1889, Movie Actor
Charlotta Sorenstam, 1973, Golfer
Chaz Jankel, 1952, Guitarist
Chloe Greenwood, 2000, Dancer
Christine McIntyre, 1911, Movie Actress
Christoffer Collins, 1999, Pop Singer
Christy Cabanne, 1888, Screenwriter
Claire Foy, 1984, Movie Actress
Clarence D. Clark, 1851, Politician
Claudia Sandoval, 1984, Chef
Conchita Martinez, 1972, Tennis Player
Connor Hunter, 1996, Reality Star
Daniele Paponi, 1988, Soccer Player
Darryl Duffy, 1984, Soccer Player
Dave Draper, 1942, Bodybuilder
Dave Pirner, 1964, Soul Singer
David Graf, 1950, Movie Actor
David Hall, 1980, Rugby Player
David Kohan, 1964, TV Producer
David Lyons, 1976, TV Actor
Dawn Zimmer, 1968, Politician
Dayana Kirillova, 2002, Pop Singer
Dennis Russell Davies, 1944, Pianist
Derek Dimke, 1990, Football Player
Dero Goi, 1970, Pop Singer
Dick Lane, 1927, Football Player
Dikete Tampungu, 1980, Soccer Player
Dr Miami, 1972, Doctor
Dusty Springfield, 1939, Pop Singer
Dutch Leonard, 1892, Baseball Player
Ed Byrne, 1972, Comedian
Edgar Baumann, 1970, Javelin Thrower
Edie Adams, 1927, TV Actress
Elisaveta Bagriana, 1893, Poet
Ellen Barkin, 1954, Movie Actress
Ellis Marsalis Sr., 1908, Civil Rights Leader
Emmanuel, 1955, World Music Singer
Epke Zonderland, 1986, Gymnast
Eric Drew Feldman, 1955, Bassist
Esbjorn Svensson, 1964, Pianist
Essex Hemphill, 1957, Poet
EstareLive, 1990, YouTube Star
Fernando Vina, 1969, Baseball Player
Ferrell Edmunds, 1965, Football Player

Fifi D’Orsay, 1904, Movie Actress
Filipe Toledo, 1995, Surfer
Finlay MacMillan, 1996, TV Actor
Frank Williams, 1942, Race Car Driver
Fredrik Ljungberg, 1977, Soccer Player
Gabrielle, 1970, Pop Singer
Garth Williams, 1912, Illustrator
Gary Delaney, 1973, Comedian
George Steele, 1937, Wrestler
Gerardo Mejia, 1965, Rapper
Gerry Rafferty, 1947, Rock Singer
Gertrude Chandler Warner, 1890, Children’s Author
Gina Carano, 1982, Model
Greg Baker, 1968, TV Actor
Hayes MacArthur, 1977, Movie Actor
Henri Bal, 1958, Teacher
Henry Mancini, 1924, Composer
Henry Roberts, 1803, Architect
Herbie Mann, 1930, Flute Player
Howard Greer, 1896, Fashion Designer

Ian Eastwood, 1993, Dancer
Ian MacKaye, 1962, Punk Singer
Isaac Burns Murphy, 1861, Horse Jockey
Ivar Antonsen, 1946, Pianist
Jack Cutmore-Scott, 1987, TV Actor
Jacob S. Coxey, 1854, Politician
Jake Andrews, 1980, Guitarist
Jakob Gimpel, 1906, Pianist
James Bobo Fay, 1961, Reality Star
Jamie Fraiche, 1991, Instagram Star
Jan Lehotsky, 1947, Composer
Jay O. Sanders, 1953, TV Actor
Jeff Varner, 1966, Reality Star
Jennison Heaton, 1904, Bobsledder
Jeremy Kapone, 1990, Movie Actor
Jim Lonborg, 1942, Baseball Player
Jimmy Osmond, 1963, Pop Singer
Joan Snyder, 1940, Painter
Joe Arvin, 1971, Chef
Joe McKnight, 1988, Football Player
Joel Neustadt, 1989, YouTube Star
Johanna Botta, 1983, TV Show Host
John Christopher, 1922, Novelist
John Franklin, 1786, Explorer
John Hadley, 1682, Scientist
John Hodiak, 1914, Movie Actor
John II Of France, 1319, Royalty
John McGuinness, 1972, Race Car Driver
John Millington Synge, 1871, Playwright
John Will, 1957, MMA Fighter
Johnathan Joseph, 1984, Football Player
Johnetta Elzie, 1989, Activist
Jon Cryer, 1965, TV Actor
Jonathan Vilma, 1982, Football Player
Jordan Allen-Dutton, 1977, Children’s Author
Jordan Hulls, 1990, Basketball Player
Jordan Wilden, 1998, YouTube Star
Joseph-Armand Bombardier, 1907, Entrepreneur
Josh Silver, 1968, Entrepreneur
Joshua Lester, 2006, TV Actor
Juliette Marquis, 1980, Movie Actress
Junko Onishi, 1967, Pianist
Juozas Kazickas, 1918, Entrepreneur
Justin Olsen, 1987, Bobsledder
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 1947, Basketball Player
Karl Yune, 1975, Movie Actor
Katerina Stikoudi, 1985, Model
Kelli O’hara, 1976, Stage Actress
Kelsey Grennan, 1998, YouTube Star
Kenny Kweens, 1979, Bassist
Kevin Stevens, 1965, Hockey Player
Kingsley Amis, 1922, Novelist
Kirsten Dodgen, 1998, Dancer
Kool Herc, 1955, DJ
Kyle Okposo, 1988, Hockey Player
Lara Dutta, 1978, Movie Actress
Lee So-yeon, 1982, Movie Actress
Lil Cray, 1997, Rapper
Liliana Mumy, 1994, Movie Actress
Lily Loveless, 1990, TV Actress
Lorraine Nicholson, 1990, Movie Actress
Louise Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun, 1755, Painter
Luis Muriel, 1991, Soccer Player
Lukas Haas, 1976, Movie Actor
Luol Deng, 1985, Basketball Player
Lyzy Adler, 1998, Instagram Star
Mandy Teefey, 1976, Family Member
Marie Digby, 1983, Pop Singer
Markus Holgersson, 1985, Soccer Player
Martin Lawrence, 1965, Movie Actor
Mason Rivara, 1999, Pop Singer
Mat Devine, 1974, Rock Singer
Matt Alonzo, 1985, Director
Matt Hermer, 1971, Business Executive
Max Beesley, 1971, TV Actor
Melody Patterson, 1949, TV Actress
Merce Cunningham, 1919, Choreographer
Michel Denisot, 1945, TV Show Host
Mick Jenkins, 1991, Rapper
Mirai Nagasu, 1993, Figure Skater
Natalie Blair, 1984, TV Actress
Natasha Zvereva, 1971, Tennis Player
Nate Diaz, 1985, MMA Fighter
Ned Colletti, 1954, Business Executive
Nia Ramadhani, 1990, TV Actress
Nick Pickard, 1975, Soap Opera Actor
Nikki Griffin, 1978, TV Actress
Nikki Weiss-Goldstein, 1984, TV Producer
Noah Fleiss, 1984, Movie Actor
Nolan Arenado, 1991, Baseball Player
Octave Cremazie, 1827, Poet
Ove Arup, 1895, Engineer
Paco Rodriguez, 1991, Baseball Player
Paul Cox, 1940, Director
Paul di Resta, 1986, Race Car Driver
Paul London, 1980, Wrestler
Paul Salas, 1998, TV Actor
Paul Sylbert, 1928, Director
Paul Waner, 1903, Baseball Player
Pete Lembo, 1970, Football Coach
Pete Suder, 1916, Baseball Player
Peter Billingsley, 1971, Movie Actor
Peter Garrett, 1953, Politician
Peter Julian, 1962, Politician
Peter Ustinov, 1921, Movie Actor
Phil Baroni, 1976, MMA Fighter
Phoebe Fox, 1987, TV Actress
Pierre Toutain-Dorbec, 1951, Photographer
Pope Benedict XVI, 1927, Religious Leader
Poppy Lee Friar, 1995, TV Actress
Princess Eleonore, 2008, Royalty
Queen Margrethe II, 1940, Royalty
Rafael Benitez, 1960, Soccer Player
Rafael Rojas, 1961, Soap Opera Actor
Raheem Appleby, 1993, Basketball Player
Rajad R Fenty, 1996, Family Member
Raymond Carlos Nakai, 1946, Flute Player
Reggie Jackson, 1990, Basketball Player
Robert Stigwood, 1934, Entrepreneur
Rockie Fresh, 1991, Rapper
Ronnie Flex, 1992, Pop Singer
Roy Hamilton, 1929, R&B Singer
Rudy Pompilli, 1924, Saxophonist
Ruth Madoc, 1943, TV Actress
Ryan Turner, 1994, YouTube Star
Sadie Sink, 2002, TV Actress
Samuel Levi, 1993, Instagram Star
Sandy Hawley, 1949, Horse Jockey
Sean Costello, 1979, Guitarist
Sean Maher, 1975, TV Actor
Sebastian Rivera, 2000, Pop Singer
Selena Quintanilla, 1971, World Music Singer
Shay Johnson, 1989, Reality Star
Shinji Okazaki, 1986, Soccer Player
Shoji Tabuchi, 1944, Violinist
Shu Qi, 1976, Movie Actress
Spike Milligan, 1918, Comedian
Stacy Francis, 1949, R&B Singer
Tameka Empson, 1977, TV Actress
Taye Taiwo, 1985, Soccer Player
Tayler Brayden, 1997, YouTube Star
Taylor Townsend, 1996, Tennis Player
Tevin Coleman, 1993, Football Player
Tevin Thompson, 1993, Rapper
Thees Uhlmann, 1974, Pop Singer
Tiarnie Coupland, 1997, TV Actress
Timothy Sykes, 1981, Entrepreneur
Tom Allen, 1945, Politician
Tom Segura, 1979, Comedian
Tracy K. Smith, 1972, Poet
Tristan Tzara, 1896, Poet
Turner Thorne, 1989,
Valarie Rae Miller, 1974, TV Actress
Vickie Guerrero, 1968, Wrestler
Vince Hill, 1937, Pop Singer
Wilbur Wright, 1867, Inventor
Will Fuller, 1994, Football Player
Zali Steggall, 1974, Skier


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