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April 17 Famous Birthdays

April 17 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on APRIL 17 are the sensitive Ram. Being born Aries, they tend to be resilient in spite of this. They have their bad moments but they never let anyone or anything get them down for long. To keep them on their toes, they keep like-minded individuals around. This includes their loved ones as well as their business associates.

When it comes to love, famous people born on April 17th sometimes are fearful. But they do find that special someone to make them happy. In business, they should look for doors of opportunity that will allow them to grow within. Eventually it will help them make the kind of money they need to fulfill their dreams of being able to take wondrous vacations and drive expensive cars. This could mean making certain concessions for others.


In the meantime, famous people born on April 17th need to take care of their mental health and their temper. Don’t be afraid to take a risk or of failure. Remember the cliché “What don’t kill us, will only make us stronger” is true.


Famous people born on April 17th are likely to be a great leader but often take themselves too seriously. This Aries person is humble and responsible who cares about others. In love, they are quick to make a compromise. They have good money management skills.


April 17th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

17th April Good Traits:

  • Ambitious
  • Patient
  • Controlled
  • Creative
  • Innovative
  • Prosperous
  • Caring
  • Perceptive
  • Humble
  • Composed

17th April Bad Traits:

  • Restless
  • Spendthrift
  • Vulnerable
  • Critical
  • Guarded

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April 17th Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Schoenfeld, 1990, Soccer Player
Adam McKay, 1968, Director
Adam Whitelock, 1987, Rugby Player
Adrienne Bosh, 1985, Family Member
Agnes-Nicole Winter, 1956, TV Actress
Alaina Huffman, 1980, TV Actress
Alena Pitts, 2004, Movie Actress
Alex Nesic, 1976, TV Actor
Ali Marpet, 1993, Football Player
Althea Heart, 1982, Reality Star
Amanda Cleghorn, 1991, Dancer
Ananta Jalil, 1978, Movie Actor
Andrea Thompson, 1971, TV Actress
Andrei Borisenko, 1964, Astronaut
Andy Mineo, 1988, Rapper
April Roomet, 1977, Fashion Designer
April Tsang, 1993, YouTube Star
Archibald Alexander, 1772, Religious Leader
Arthur Lake, 1905, Movie Actor
Artur Schnabel, 1882, Pianist
Asaram Bapu, 1941, Religious Leader
Avi Kaplan, 1989, Pop Singer
Bella Freud, 1961, Fashion Designer
Bengt Gottfried Forselius, 1660, Novelist
Benjamin Tucker, 1854, Novelist

Bernice Burgos, 1980, Instagram Star
Big Samir, 1981, Rapper
Billy Fury, 1940, Rock Singer
BJ Stead, 1990, Guitarist
Blake Deming, 2003, Family Member
Boomer Esiason, 1961, Football Player
Borje Salming, 1951, Hockey Player
Brad Boyes, 1982, Hockey Player
Brian Miller, 1941, TV Actor
Brighton Ehat, 2008, Instagram Star
Buster Williams, 1942, Bassist
Cap Anson, 1852, Baseball Player
Carla Campra, 1999, TV Actress
Carlo Rota, 1961, TV Actor
Cassie Diamond, 1998, YouTube Star
Chanel Loran, 2001, YouTube Star
Charles Aranguiz, 1989, Soccer Player
Charles Frank, 1947, TV Actor
Chike Obi, 1921, Politician
Chris Barber, 1930, Trombone Player
Chrystian Linares, 2000, YouNow Star
Chuck Biscuits, 1965, Drummer
CJ Watson, 1984, Basketball Player
Claire Sweeney, 1971, Soap Opera Actress
Clara Edwards, 1880, Composer
Cleanthony Early, 1991, Basketball Player
Constance Jablonski, 1991, Model
Curtis Woodhouse, 1980, Boxer
Cynthia Ozick, 1928, Novelist
Dakota Skye, 1994,
Dan Jennings, 1987, Baseball Player
Daniel Sutherland, 1869, Politician
Danielle Morrill, 1985, Entrepreneur
Danny Schwarz, 1986, Model
Darine Hadchiti, 1981, Pop Singer
David Bradley, 1942, Movie Actor
David Murdoch, 1978, Curler
David von Mering, 1993, Rapper
De’arra Taylor, 1996, YouTube Star
Dee Dee Davis, 1996, TV Actress
Deiondra Sanders, 1992, Reality Star
Devan Key, 1998, Family Member
Dinesh Mongia, 1977, Cricket Player
Dominic Briones, 1986, Reality Star
Don Kirshner, 1934, Film Producer
Don Michael Paul, 1963, Movie Actor
Dwane Casey, 1957, Basketball Coach
Eliza Doolittle, 1988, Pop Singer
Ella Gilling, 1998, TV Actress
Eric Brewer, 1979, Hockey Player
Eric Lamaze, 1968, Equestrian
Evandro Soldati, 1985, Model
Fabio Leopoldo, 1977, MMA Fighter
Fernando Llort, 1949, Painter
Frederik Magle, 1977, Composer
Gabriel McClain, 2001, Family Member
Gabriel Soto, 1975, TV Actor
Gary Bennett, 1972, Baseball Player
Gatlin Holden, 1995, Instagram Star
George Seaton, 1911, Screenwriter
Gia Mantegna, 1990, Movie Actress
Giusy Ferreri, 1979, Pop Singer
Gord Bamford, 1976, Country Singer
Greg Evans, 1953, Game Show Host

Gustin Nash, 1976, Screenwriter
Hallie Ehat, 2008, YouTube Star
Harry Champion, 1865, Comedian
Harry Reasoner, 1923, Journalist
Heidi Shepherd, 1985, Metal Singer
Henry Ian Cusick, 1967, TV Actor
Ian Jones, 1967, Rugby Player
Ivor Thord-Gray, 1878, War Hero
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, 1987, TV Actress
Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, 1987, TV Actress
Jake Maskall, 1971, Soap Opera Actor
Jakob Segal, 1911, Teacher
James Herbert Keenan, 1964, Rock Singer
James Last, 1929, Composer
Jamie MacDonald, 1986, Soccer Player
Jan Hammer, 1948, Composer
Jaroslaw Hampel, 1982, Race Car Driver
Jennifer Garner, 1972, TV Actress
JessFace90, 1990, YouTube Star
Jessica Jackson, 1992, Star
Jo Anna Robinson, 1912, Civil Rights Leader
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, 1985, Tennis Player
Joachim Kroll, 1933, Criminal
Joan Lorring, 1926, Movie Actress
Joe Alaskey, 1952, Voice Actor

Joe Foss, 1915, War Hero
Joel Murray, 1963, TV Actor
John E. Frank, 1962, Football Player
John McCririck, 1940, TV Show Host
Joseph Owens, 1908, Religious Leader
JP Morgan, 1837, Entrepreneur
Julien Solomita, 1992, Vine Star
Karen Blixen-Finecke, 1885, Autobiographer
Karol Lucero, 1987, Radio Host
Kelly McGarry, 1982, BMX Rider
Kelly Travis, 1997, Reality Star
Ken Daneyko, 1964, Hockey Player
Ken Duken, 1979, Movie Actor
Kenedy Brown, 1999, Dancer
Kevin Porter, 1950, Basketball Player
Kimberly Elise, 1967, Movie Actress
Kinshuk Mahajan, 1986, Soap Opera Actor
Kristine Sutherland, 1955, TV Actress
Kyla Drew Simmons, 2004, Movie Actress
L Scott Caldwell, 1950, TV Actress
Lancifer, 1991, Rapper
Larry Birleffi, 1918, Sportscaster
Laslo Babits, 1958, Javelin Thrower
Lauren Reid, 1993, Family Member
Lee Joon-gi, 1982, TV Actor
Lee Si-young, 1982, TV Actress
Leena, 1993, Twitch Star
Lela Rochon, 1964, Movie Actress
Leo Frank, 1884, Activist
Lera Didkovskaya, 2000, Pop Singer
Lester Square, 1954, Guitarist
LightsCameraSophie, 1998, YouTube Star
Linda Martin, 1953, Pop Singer
Lindsay Hartley, 1978, Soap Opera Actress
Liz Phair, 1967, Pop Singer
Lorna Fitzgerald, 1996, TV Actress
Louis Jean Heydt, 1903, Movie Actor
Luke Mitchell, 1985, TV Actor
Lydia Simonis, 1998, Model
Maiwenn, 1976, Screenwriter
Malcolm Browne, 1931, Photographer
Marcio Garcia, 1970, TV Actor
Marguerite Bourgeoys, 1620, Religious Leader
Mariama Ba, 1929, Novelist
Mark Birighitti, 1991, Soccer Player
Marquis Grissom, 1967, Baseball Player
Martin Kampmann, 1982, MMA Fighter
Mary Valastro, 1948, Reality Star
Matt Chamberlain, 1967, Drummer
Max Graham, 1971, DJ
Maynard James Keenan, 1964, Metal Singer
Mehdi Benatia, 1987, Soccer Player
Michael Forest, 1929, Voice Actor
Michael Sembello, 1954, Guitarist
Michael Treanor, 1979, Movie Actor
Mikael Akerfeldt, 1974, Guitarist
Mike Selley, 1965, Family Member
Monet Mazur, 1976, TV Actress
Moses Taiwa Molelekwa, 1973, Pianist
Muttiah Muralitharan, 1972, Cricket Player
Nancy Hogshead-makar, 1962, Swimmer
Neil Campbell, 1946, Scientist
Niamh Walsh, 1989, TV Actress
Nicholas D’agosto, 1980, Movie Actor
Nick Hornby, 1957, Novelist
Niki Haris, 1962, Jazz Singer
Nikita Khrushchev, 1894, World Leader
Nisargadatta Maharaj, 1897, Religious Leader
Noam Ash, 1991, YouTube Star
Norman Cowans, 1961, Cricket Player
Olivia Hussey, 1951, Movie Actress
Oton Ivekovic, 1869, Painter
Patriarch Irenaios, 1939, Religious Leader
Paul Cooke, 1981, Rugby Player
Paul John Knowles, 1946, Criminal
Paula Lane, 1986, TV Actress
Paulie Litt, 1995, TV Actor
Pete Shelley, 1955, Punk Singer
Phil Jamieson, 1977, Rock Singer
Presley Henderson, 2000, Family Member
Race Imboden, 1993, Fencer
Ray Stannard Baker, 1870, Journalist
Redman, 1970, Rapper
Richard Bassett, 1745, Politician
Rick Lax, 1982, Magician
Roddy Piper, 1954, Wrestler
Romain Grosjean, 1986, Race Car Driver
Ron W. Miller, 1933, Entrepreneur
Rooney Mara, 1985, Movie Actress
Rosanna Davison, 1984, Model
Ross Aloisi, 1973, Soccer Player
Ryan Raburn, 1981, Baseball Player
Ryland Lynch, 1997, Family Member
Samuel Chase, 1741, Supreme Court Justice
Sarah Eaken, 1999, Vine Star
Sean Bean, 1959, TV Actor
Senor Wences, 1896, Comedian
Shaira Peláez, 2003, Pop Singer
Shelby Billingham, 1995, Reality Star
Shkodran Mustafi, 1992, Soccer Player
Siddharth, 1979, Movie Actor
Siddharth Narayan, 1979, Movie Actor
Simon Konecki, 1974, Family Member
Simone Bramante, 1978, Photographer
Siyar Bahadurzada, 1984, MMA Fighter
Sizzla, 1976, Reggae Singer
Sleeks, 1993, Rapper
Sogyal Rinpoche, 1947, Teacher
Sol Rodriguez, 1990, TV Actress
Stephanie Burns, 1979, Entrepreneur
Steven Alan, 1968, Fashion Designer
Sung Si-kyung, 1979, Pop Singer
Susie Amy, 1981, TV Actress
Takahiro Morita, 1988, Rock Singer
Tamara Beckwith, 1970, Reality Star
Tami Roman, 1970, Reality Star
Tessa James, 1991, Soap Opera Actress
Theo Ratliff, 1973, Basketball Player
Thornton Wilder, 1897, Playwright
Todd Lickliter, 1955, Basketball Coach
Tony Bellissimo, 1989, Dancer
Tony Boselli, 1972, Football Player
Tram-anh Tran, 1979, TV Actress
Travis Roy, 1975, Memoirist
Ty Ellis, 1995, YouTube Star
Tyron Woodley, 1982, MMA Fighter
Vegard Harm, 1996, Vine Star
Victoria Beckham, 1974, Pop Singer
Vikram, 1966, Movie Actor
Vladimir Propp, 1895, Essayist
Wali Tasar Uddin, 1952, Entrepreneur
William Gilmore Simms, 1806, Novelist
William Holden, 1918, Movie Actor
William Mapother, 1965, Movie Actor
William R. Day, 1849, Supreme Court Justice
Willis Van Devanter, 1859, Supreme Court Justice
Zeljko Raznatovic, 1952, Criminal
ZeRo, 1995, YouTube Star
Zheng Kai, 1986, Movie Actor


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