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April 15 Famous Birthdays

April 15 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on APRIL 15 are very smart. It doesn’t take much for them to get it. As an Aries, they are a quick study. When it comes to conflict, they will stand and fight. But typically, they focus on the bigger picture and will walk away from most battles. This is not a sign of weakness but of strength.

On the other hand, when they have reached their boiling point, they don’t care who is around. They just blow over the top. They surprise people when they do this as it is so not them. People think they are some mousey creature that let people run all over them.


Ummm… wrong! Famous people born on April 15 are strong and stubborn. They also desire to be loved. As a drawback, they tend to be a bit jealous and are guilty of having double standards. As a profession, they may have a few things in mind like the judicial system or the world of technology. They would be great in either profession.


Famous birthdays of April 15th have many traits. They are not shy individuals. Aries are people who speak their minds even in public. Otherwise, uncomplicated, they deal with situations instead of complaining. They are not typically the authoritative parent but want to be loved and respected.


April 15th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

15th April Good Traits:

  • Independent
  • Straightforward
  • Intelligent
  • Harmonious
  • Leader
  • Selfless
  • Brave

15th April Bad Traits:

  • Displeased
  • Angry
  • Headstrong
  • Reckless
  • Jealous
  • Complicated

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April 15th Famous Birthday Personalities

A Philip Randolph, 1889, Civil Rights Leader
Aida Mollenkamp, 1980, Chef
Alex Crawford, 1963, Journalist
Alex Parvis, 1990, YouTube Star
Alex Veadov, 1962, Movie Actor
Alice Braga, 1983, Movie Actress
Alla Pugacheva, 1949, Pop Singer
Amina Rizk, 1910, Movie Actress
Amy Diamond, 1992, Pop Singer
Amy Wright, 1950, Movie Actress
Anastasio Aquino, 1792, War Hero
Andre Caldwell, 1985, Football Player
Andre Kinney, 1989, TV Actor
Andres Dalessandro, 1981, Soccer Player
Andy Daly, 1971, TV Actor
Anil Kumar Dutta, 1933, Painter
Anthony Grant, 1966, Basketball Coach
Anthony Green, 1982, Metal Singer
Anthony Grundy, 1979, Basketball Player
Anthony Kongphan, 1985, Twitch Star
Arshile Gorky, 1904, Painter
Artur Alliksaar, 1923, Poet
Arturo Gatti, 1971, Boxer
Ashley D Beauty, 1993, YouTube Star
Aspyn Ovard, 1996, YouTube Star
Atis Kronvalds, 1837, Novelist
Austin Aries, 1978, Wrestler
Azerrz, 1994, YouTube Star

Ben Kasica, 1984, Guitarist
Benedict Samuel, 1988, TV Actor
Benjamin, 1997, Pop Singer
Benjamin Jowett, 1817, Teacher
Benjamin Zephaniah, 1958, Poet
Bennie Lee Sinclair, 1939, Poet
Benny Dhaliwal, 1978, World Music Singer
Bessie Smith, 1894, Blues Singer
Bliss Carman, 1861, Poet
Bob Luman, 1937, Country Singer
Bongkoj Khongmalai, 1985, Movie Actress
Brahim Lahlafi, 1968, Runner
Braiden Sunshine, 2000, Pop Singer
Brooke Miccio, 1997, YouTube Star
Caissie Levy, 1981, Stage Actress
Carol Greider, 1961, Scientist
Cherry Wallis, 1990, YouTube Star
Chris Hackett, 1972, Multimedia Artist
Chris Stapleton, 1978, Songwriter
Chris Stuckmann, 1988, YouTube Star
Chris Tillman, 1988, Baseball Player
Chuck Criss, 1985, Rock Singer
Claude Gordon, 1916, Trumpet Player
Claudia Cardinale, 1938, Movie Actress
ClemensAlive, 1993, YouTube Star
Cody Christian, 1995, TV Actor
Cooper Barnes, 1979, TV Actor
Corrie Ten Boom, 1892, Memoirist
Craig Foster, 1969, Soccer Player
Craig Zadan, 1949, Film Producer
Crawford Collins, 1997, Vine Star
Cressida Cowell, 1966, Children’s Author
Damien Wayans, 1980, TV Actor
Dan Smith, 1980, Tattoo Artist
Danielle Hill, 1988, Soccer Player
Danny Pino, 1974, Movie Actor
Danny Way, 1974, Skateboarder
Dara Torres, 1967, Swimmer
Dave Edmunds, 1944, Rock Singer
David Jackson, 1947, Saxophonist
De’mar Hamilton, 1984, Drummer
Denisse Dibos, 1967, Dancer
Devin Oliver, 1992, Pop Singer
Dez Wells, 1992, Basketball Player
Diana Zubiri, 1985, Model
Dodi Fayed, 1955, Film Producer
Dom Palange, 1988, Cheerleading Coach
Dominic Brunt, 1970, Soap Opera Actor
Donald Harvey, 1952, Criminal
Doug Hinds, 1958, Runner
Douglas Spain, 1974, Movie Actor
Drake Jensen, 1970, Country Singer
Ed Abbaticchio, 1877, Baseball Player
Ed Bailey, 1931, Baseball Player
Ed O’brien, 1968, Guitarist
Eddie Fox, 1989, Reality Star
Eden Ahbez, 1908, Composer
Elissa Knight, 1975, Movie Actress
Elizabeth Catlett, 1915, Sculptor
Elizabeth Montgomery, 1933, TV Actress
Elly Mayday, 1988, Model
Emile Durkheim, 1858, Teacher
Emma Thompson, 1959, Movie Actress
Emma Watson, 1990, Movie Actress
Ennis Cosby, 1969, Family Member
Eoghan McDermott, 1983, TV Show Host
Ester Dean, 1986, Pop Singer

Evelyn Ashford, 1957, Runner
Farouk Jafaar, 1989, Bassist
Fay Masterson, 1974, Movie Actress
Federico Devito, 1992, YouTube Star
Felipe Anderson, 1993, Soccer Player
Filiz Ahmet, 1981, TV Actress
Flex Alexander, 1970, TV Actor
Florence Bates, 1888, Movie Actress
Frank Schleck, 1980, Cyclist
Fruit Chan, 1959, Director
Georg Kolbe, 1877, Sculptor
Georgy Beregovoy, 1921, Astronaut
Glenn Shadix, 1952, Movie Actor
Grant McCann, 1980, Soccer Player
Gregory Harbaugh, 1956, Astronaut
Guru Nanak, 1469, Religious Leader
Hans Conried, 1917, Voice Actor
Harold Washington, 1922, Politician
Harry Strawson, 2002, YouNow Star
Harvey Lembeck, 1923, TV Actor
Heinrich Kley, 1863, Cartoonist
Henry James, 1843, Novelist
Herb Pomeroy, 1930, Trumpet Player
Herbert Rehbein, 1922, Composer
Howard Winstone, 1939, Boxer

Ilya Kovalchuk, 1983, Hockey Player
Iyaz, 1987, R&B Singer
Jack Harvey, 1993, Race Car Driver
Jacquees, 1994, R&B Singer
James Clark Ross, 1800, Explorer
James Paul Gee, 1948, Teacher
James William Middleton, 1987, Family Member
Jan van Huysum, 1682, Painter
Jason Sehorn, 1971, Football Player
Jason Somerville, 1987,
Javier Fernandez, 1991, Figure Skater
Jeff Monken, 1967, Football Coach
Jeffery Austin, 1991, Pop Singer
Jeffrey Archer, 1940, Novelist
Jenn Johnson, 1982, Gospel Singer
Jeremy Bryan, 1987, Drummer
Jeromy Burnitz, 1969, Baseball Player
Jodi Ellen Malpas, 1980, Novelist
John Guidetti, 1992, Soccer Player
Jordan Chiles, 2001, Gymnast
Jordan Kaplan, 1994, eSports Player
Joyce Mujuru, 1955, Politician
Juan Palacios, 2000, YouTube Star
Julia Antonelli, 2003, TV Actress
Juliana Moreira, 1982, TV Show Host
Justin Anderson, 1988, Football Player
Karen David, 1979, TV Actress
Karlie Redd, 1978, Reality Star
Katie Legate, 1995, YouTube Star
Keara Nichols, 2003, Dancer
Kenneth Lay, 1942, Criminal
Kevin Conway, 1979, Race Car Driver
Kim Il-Sung, 1912, World Leader
Kim Nam-joo, 1995, Pop Singer
Kimberly Dos Ramos, 1992, Soap Opera Actress
Kimberly Dosramos, 1992, Model
Kunishige Kamamoto, 1944, Soccer Player
Lara Sebastian, 1989, Vine Star
Lara St. John, 1971, Violinist
Lauren Molina, 1981, Stage Actress
Lee Kernaghan, 1964, Country Singer
Leon Schotter, 1922, TV Actor
Leonardo da Vinci, 1452, Painter
Leonhard Euler, 1707, Mathematician
Lilo Blitz, 1995, Guitarist
Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, 1947, TV Producer
Linda Perry, 1965, Songwriter
Lois Chiles, 1947, TV Actress
Lou Romano, 1972, Voice Actor
Louis Mayhew, 1991, Model
Louis O. Coxe, 1918, Poet
Luis Fonsi, 1978, World Music Singer
Luke Evans, 1979, Movie Actor
Madeleine Martin, 1993, Stage Actress
Maisie Williams, 1997, TV Actress
Mandira Bedi, 1972, TV Actress
Manoj Prabhakar, 1963, Cricket Player
Marco Tulio, 1996, YouTube Star
Maria Branwell, 1783, Family Member
Marie Anne de Cupisdecamargo, 1710, Dancer
Marilyn Ferguson, 1938, Novelist
Marsha Hunt, 1946, Autobiographer
Marsha Ivins, 1951, Astronaut
Marty Wilde, 1939, Rock Singer
Masquerade Singer, 1970, YouTube Star
Matt Cardle, 1983, Pop Singer
McKenna Kelley, 1997, Gymnast
Melville Henry Cane, 1879, Poet
Michael Ansara, 1922, TV Actor
Michael Cooper, 1956, Basketball Coach
Michael Kamen, 1948, Composer
Michael McManus, 1962, TV Actor
Michael Perry, 1963, Screenwriter
Michael Tucci, 1946, Movie Actor
Miguel Najdorf, 1910, Chess Player
Mikhail Korniyenko, 1960, Astronaut
Mitch Mathews, 1990, Football Player
Murat Simsek, 1994, Instagram Star
Natalie Casanova, 1987, YouTube Star
Natalie Casey, 1980, TV Actress
Nathan Niehaus, 1998, Model
Nathaniel Fernandes, 1991, Instagram Star
Nathaniel Lofton, 1981, Basketball Player
Neil Mackenzie, 1976, Soccer Player
Nick Butterworth, 1946, Children’s Author
Nick Kamen, 1962, Pop Singer
Nicole Brewer, 1983, Model
Nikolay Gumilev, 1886, Poet
Nils Kaller, 1998, Pop Singer
Noah Teicher, 1996, Model
Noor Muhammad, 1951, Scientist
Nyanda, 1978, Reggae Singer
Omar Tyree, 1969, Novelist
Oscar Harrison, 1965, Drummer
Oz Almog, 1956, Painter
Patrick Carney, 1980, Drummer
Paul Dana, 1975, Race Car Driver
Paul Higgins, 1970,
Pavel Kubina, 1977, Hockey Player
Pedro Delgado, 1960, Cyclist
Pete Depaolo, 1898, Race Car Driver
Pete Rouse, 1946, Politician
Phil Mogg, 1948, Metal Singer
Philip Labonte, 1975, Rock Singer
Phillippi Sparks, 1969, Football Player
PushingUpRoses, 1985, YouTube Star
Quincy Owusu-Abeyie, 1986, Soccer Player
Rachel Rhodes, 1993, Pop Singer
Ralph Randles Stewart, 1890, Scientist
Raul Lopez, 1980, Basketball Player
Richard Allen Griffin, 1952, Lawyer
Richard Rush, 1929, Director
Richard Sandrak, 1992, Bodybuilder
Rob Palmer, 1975, TV Show Host
Robert Lefkowitz, 1943, Scientist
Robert Scheidt, 1973, Sailor
Robert Scianna, 1995, Cheerleader
Robert Walser, 1878, Poet
Rocky Juarez, 1980, Boxer
Ron Blackledge, 1938, Football Coach
Roy Clark, 1933, TV Show Host
Roy Raymond, 1947, Entrepreneur
Rudy Carpenter, 1986, Football Player
Sally Ann Triplett, 1962, Pop Singer
Sam Patterson, 1995, YouTube Star
Samantha Fox, 1966, Pop Singer
Samira Wiley, 1987, TV Actress
Sapphire Elia, 1987, TV Actress
Sara Ziff, 1982, Model
Seth Rogen, 1982, Movie Actor
Soichi Noguchi, 1965, Astronaut
Sonna Rele, 1987, Pop Singer
Sophie Louise, 1994, YouTube Star
Steven Defour, 1988, Soccer Player
Steven Langton, 1983, Bobsledder
Susan Ward, 1976, TV Actress
Sydney Wilson, 1998, R&B Singer
Therealwal, 2000, Instagram Star
Thomas F. Wilson, 1959, Movie Actor
Thomas Hart Benton, 1889, Painter
Thomas Miceli, 2000, Dancer
Tim Thomas, 1974, Hockey Player
Tom Heaton, 1986, Soccer Player
Tom Kane, 1962, Voice Actor
Tomas Roman Rafael Rivero, 1998, Pop Singer
Tomas Transtromer, 1931, Poet
Toya Bush-Harris, 1976, Reality Star
Travis Winfrey, 1981, TV Actor
Walt Hazzard, 1942, Basketball Player
Walter Washington, 1915, Politician
William Congdon, 1912, Painter
Willie Davis, 1940, Baseball Player
Willie Mason, 1980, Rugby Player
Zachary Carothers, 1982, Bassist
Zizan Razak, 1984, Comedian


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