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April 14 Famous Birthdays

April 14 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on April 14 are graceful individuals. As an Aries born on this day, they don’t whine much. They just do what they have to do and go on. This is especially true when it comes to their friends and family and helping them when they need a hand.

Famous people born on April 14 love to go places near and far. And wherever they go they seem to know someone or make a new friend. Because of this, they will need a partner who is not the jealous kind. They are fun loving people and expect their soul mate to understand and accept their friendly ways.


However, these famous April 14th born people have a sensitive side. They may make too much out of a situation that doesn’t warrant a lot of fussing over. As a profession, they have some great decorating ideas or landscaping designs in mind. This could be a hobby but it would also make a great and lucrative career for the famous people born on April 14.


Famous people born on April 14th are said to have a lot of spunk and are restless. This Arian loves their family and are usually friends with their lovers. As a drawback, they can be obsessive, impulsive and sometimes dramatic. But they have a flair for design. Read on to know more about the famous birthdays of April 14th.


April 14th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

14th April Good Traits:

  • Sensual
  • Powerful
  • Sophisticated
  • Adventurous
  • Organized
  • Brainy
  • Competitive
  • Dynamic
  • Spiritual

14th April Bad Traits:

  • Impulsive
  • Disturbed
  • Bossy
  • Brooding
  • Antagonistic
  • Hostile

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April 14th Famous Birthday Personalities

Abigail Breslin, 1996, Movie Actress
AC Newman, 1968, Guitarist
Adam Dimarco, 1994, TV Actor
Adam Johnston, 1991, YouTube Star
Adam Russell, 1983, Baseball Player
Adan Sanchez, 1984, World Music Singer
Adrian Dewey, 1974, Photographer
Adrien Brody, 1973, Movie Actor
Alan MacDiarmid, 1927, Scientist
Alex Lundqvist, 1972, Model
Alex Macdonald, 1990, Soccer Player
Alisa Weilerstein, 1982, Cellist
Amber Seyer, 1986, Model
Amy Dumas, 1975, Wrestler
Amy Hoggart, 1986, Comedian
Anderson Silva, 1975, MMA Fighter
Andrew Demetriou, 1961, Sports Executive
Angelo Torres, 1932, Cartoonist
Anita Hassanandani, 1980, TV Actress
Anne Sullivan, 1866, Teacher
Anthony Gatto, 1973,
Anthony Michael Hall, 1968, Movie Actor
Antwon Tanner, 1975, TV Actor
April Henry, 1959, Young Adult Author
Aram Flood, 1999, YouNow Star
Arlene Martel, 1936, TV Actress
Arthur Bowen, 1998, Movie Actor
Ashley Hebert, 1985, Reality Star
Audrey Long, 1922, Movie Actress
Averroes, 1126, Philosopher

Baker Mayfield, 1995, Football Player
Beau Monga, 1994, Pop Singer
Ben Lloyd-Hughes, 1988, Movie Actor
Ben Mount, 1977, Rapper
Ben Wells, 1982, Movie Actor
Benjamin Bonneville, 1796, Explorer
Berry Berenson, 1948, Movie Actress
Binod Chaudhary, 1955, Entrepreneur
Blaire Restaneo, 1994, Pop Singer
Blasian Jas, 1998, Vine Star
Bob Clendenin, 1964, TV Actor
Bob Massie, 1947, Cricket Player
Bobbi Brown, 1957, Entrepreneur
Bobby Nichols, 1936, Golfer
BR Ambedkar, 1891, Philosopher
Brad Ausmus, 1969, Baseball Player
Brad Garrett, 1960, TV Actor
Bradford Dillman, 1930, Movie Actor
Brandon Finnegan, 1993, Baseball Player
Brian Adams, 1964, Wrestler
Brian Forster, 1960, TV Actor
Brian Wong, 1991, Entrepreneur
Brianna Young, 1995, Model
Britt Daniel, 1971, Rock Singer
Bruce Sterling, 1954, Novelist
Burnell Taylor, 1993, Pop Singer
Catherine Dent, 1965, TV Actress
Chad Johnson, 1989, YouTube Star
Charles Hamelin, 1984, Speed Skater
Cheska Garcia, 1980, TV Actress
Chris Cosentino, 1972, Chef
Chris Konopka, 1985, Soccer Player
Chris Langham, 1949, TV Actor
Chris Wood, 1988, TV Actor
Christiaan Huygens, 1629, Scientist
Christian Alexander, 1990, TV Actor
Christian Jensen, 1823, Politician
Claire Coffee, 1980, TV Actress
Clara Hong, 1992, Pop Singer
Clark Bockelman, 1992, Model
Claudia Romani, 1982, Model
Cliff Dorfman, 1976, Screenwriter
Coolirpa, 1993, YouTube Star
Cooper Taylor, 1990, Football Player
Cynthia Cooper-Dyke, 1963, Basketball Player
Da Brat, 1974, Rapper
Dafina Zeqiri, 1989, Pop Singer
Dave Gibbons, 1949, Comic Book Artist
David Burnet, 1788, Politician
David Justice, 1966, Baseball Player
David Valadao, 1977, Politician
Dean Potter, 1972,
Dhasia Wezka, 1994, YouTube Star
DJ Pooh, 1969, Music Producer

Don Roos, 1955, Screenwriter
Edith Aiko, 2000, Instagram Star
Ellington Ratliff, 1993, Drummer
Emily Chan, 1991, TV Actress
Emily Harder, 1994, Pop Singer
Emre Altug, 1970, Pop Singer
Eric Alexander, 1988, Soccer Player
Eric Tsang, 1953, TV Show Host
Erjon Bogdani, 1977, Soccer Player
Evelina Forsell, 1995, YouTube Star
Faith Salie, 1971, TV Actress
FazinoHD Masoud, 1997, YouTube Star
Finn Andersen, 1990, eSports Player
Frances Ford Seymour, 1908, Family Member
Francois Duvalier, 1907, World Leader
Francoise Mbango Etone, 1976, Triple Jumper
Frank Serpico, 1936, Law Enforcement Officer
Garrett Williamson, 1997, YouTube Star
Gavin Fitzjohn, 1925, Saxophonist
Georgeta Damian, 1976, Rower
Georgina Chapman, 1976, Fashion Designer
Getter, 1993, DJ
Gina McKee, 1964, TV Actress
Gracyn Shinyei, 2006, TV Actress
Graham Phillips, 1993, Movie Actor
Greg Maddux, 1966, Baseball Player
Harry A. Millis, 1873, Politician
Harry Hays, 1820, War Hero

Hasan Ahmed, 1982, TV Actor
Hayley Williams, 1992, YouTube Star
Heather Thomson, 1971, Reality Star
Henrique Oswald, 1852, Pianist
Horace McCoy, 1897, Novelist
Isabella Stewart Gardner, 1840,
Jake Rosenzweig, 1989, Race Car Driver
James Wilder Jr., 1992, Football Player
Jan Kooijman, 1981, TV Actor
Jarryd Blair, 1990, Soccer Player
Jason Lehning, 1972, Composer
JD McPherson, 1977, Rock Singer
Jerrod Blandino, 1970, Entrepreneur
Jim Tomsula, 1968, Football Coach
Joe Haden, 1989, Football Player
Joe Kuharich, 1917, Football Coach
Joe Tacopina, 1966, Lawyer
John Bell, 1962, Guitarist
John Daquino, 1958, TV Actor
John Gielgud, 1904, Stage Actor
John Hanson, 1721, Politician
John Shea, 1949, TV Actor
Johnny Rumley, 1957, Race Car Driver
Jorge Robledo, 1926, Soccer Player
Jose Eduardo Derbez, 1992, Soap Opera Actor
Josephine Skriver, 1993, Model
JP Duminy, 1984, Cricket Player
Julia Zemiro, 1967, TV Show Host
Julie Christie, 1941, Movie Actress
Juliette Martinez, 2000, Dancer
Kat Florek, 1991, Reality Star
Katsuhiro Otomo, 1954, Director
Kayla Seitel, 2005, Dancer
Kayla Williams, 1982, Reality Star
Keith Lemelin, 1993, YouTube Star
Ken Casey, 1969, Bassist
Kenny Aaronson, 1952, Bassist
Kent Jones, 1993, Rapper
Kerem Tunceri, 1979, Basketball Player
Khaleel Ahmed, 1990, YouTube Star
Kim Shin-wook, 1988, Soccer Player
Kostas, 1949, Country Singer
Kristina Asmus, 1988, TV Actress
Kristina Rose, 1984,
Kyle Farnsworth, 1976, Baseball Player
Lakko, 1993, YouTube Star
Langley Kirkwood, 1973, Movie Actor
Lauren Layne, 1983, Novelist
Laurie Beechman, 1953, Stage Actress
Liam Buckley, 1960, Soccer Coach
Liz Renay, 1926, Movie Actress
Loretta Lynn, 1932, Country Singer
Luke Wade, 1983, Pop Singer
Luna Stephens, 2016, Family Member
Lydia Clarke, 1923, Family Member
Lydia Millen Elise, 1988, Blogger
Lydia R. Diamond, 1969, Playwright
Madison Clark, 1996, YouTube Star
Margaret Alva, 1942, Politician
Mark Stuart, 1968, Rock Singer
Mars Callahan, 1971, Screenwriter
Martin Montoya, 1991, Soccer Player
Mason Dail, 1997, Family Member
Matt Allwright, 1970, TV Show Host
Matt Derbyshire, 1986, Soccer Player
Matthew Rutler, 1985, Family Member
Maureen Taylor, 1956, Novelist
Max Unger, 1986, Football Player
Melanie Leupolz, 1994, Soccer Player
Melissa Merk, 1993, YouTube Star
Melissa Sandoval, 1997, Vine Star
Michael Baze, 1987, Horse Jockey
Michael Nunn, 1963, Boxer
Michael Sarris, 1946, Politician
Michael Vasquez, 1996, Star
Miguel Dakota, 1993, Pop Singer
Mike Brewer, 1944, Guitarist
Mike Colangelo, 1982, YouTube Star
Mikhail Pletnev, 1957, Pianist
Molly Gallagher, 1997, YouTube Star
Molly Thorpe Franklin, 2004, Dancer
Morton Subotnick, 1933, Composer
Mr. Oizo, 1974, DJ
Ms. Banks, 1994, Rapper
Nick Choksi, 1981, Soap Opera Actor
Nick Krause, 1992, Movie Actor
Norman Thavaud, 1987, YouTube Star
NotJustSaiyanX, 2002, YouTube Star
Oh Ji-ho, 1976, TV Actor
Oscar Demarcos, 1989, Soccer Player
Paige McKenzie, 1995, YouTube Star
Paolla Oliveira, 1982, Soap Opera Actress
Pat Shurmur, 1965, Football Coach
Patrice Roberts, 1986, World Music Singer
Patricia Bruder, 1936, Soap Opera Actress
Pedro Albeniz, 1795, Pianist
Pete Rose, 1941, Baseball Player
Peter Behrens, 1868, Architect
Peter Capaldi, 1958, TV Actor
Peter Mueller, 1988, Hockey Player
Phil Crowe, 1970, Hockey Player
Richard Hart, 1915, Movie Actor
Ritchie Blackmore, 1945, Guitarist
Rob McElhenney, 1977, TV Actor
Robert Carlyle, 1961, Movie Actor
Roberto Bautista Agut, 1988, Tennis Player
Roberto De Vicenzo, 1923, Golfer
Rod Steiger, 1925, Movie Actor
Rozes, 1993, Pop Singer
Sade Baderinwa, 1969, News Anchor
Samantha Gongol, 1990, Pop Singer
Samuel Child, 1976, Movie Actor
Sarah Michelle Gellar, 1977, TV Actress
Shani Wallis, 1933, Movie Actress
Shari Marie Alston, 1998, Instagram Star
Shizuka Kudo, 1970, Pop Singer
Sima Pandurovic, 1883, Poet
Simon Burnett, 1983, Swimmer
Simon Crowe, 1955, Drummer
Simone McAullay, 1976, TV Actress
Skyler Samuels, 1994, TV Actress
Soeiro Pereira Gomes, 1909, Novelist
Solomon Olds, 1979, Rock Singer
Sonja Kristina Linwood, 1949, Rock Singer
Sonya Tayeh, 1977, Choreographer
Spencer Lovell, 1993, YouTube Star
Spencer Rice, 1967, TV Actor
Steve Avery, 1970, Baseball Player
Steve Byrnes, 1959, TV Show Host
Steven Holcomb, 1980, Bobsledder
Stomedy, 1989, YouTube Star
Syd Gregory, 1870, Cricket Player
Tae Heckard, 1978, TV Actress
Tasha Butler, 1989, Family Member
Theo Ellis, 1992, Bassist
Theodore Romzha, 1911, Religious Leader
Tony Raines, 1964, Race Car Driver
Valentin Lebedev, 1942, Astronaut
Valerie Hobson, 1917, Movie Actress
Victoria Park, 1988, TV Actress
Vinnie Moore, 1964, Guitarist
Vinny Vaillancourt, 1989, YouTube Star
Vivien Cardone, 1993, TV Actress
Vojislav Ilic, 1860, Poet
Whitney Way Thore, 1984, Reality Star
William Lucas, 1925, TV Actor
Win Butler, 1980, Rock Singer
Wot Fanar, 1988, YouTube Star
YazTheSpaz, 1989, YouTube Star


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