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April 13 Famous Birthdays

April 13 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on APRIL 13 should consider making important decisions on Sundays and Tuesdays. These are favorable days for Aries the Ram. They don’t need much luck however as they are intelligent and not afraid to take a risk.

Famous April 13th born people are truly an idealist and a joy to be around. Their friends are few and mostly they are older than them. When it comes to love and sex, them seem to enjoy a good argument. In fact, they may start a few of them just so they can make up. What a tangled web we weave, Aries.


As a negative quality, famous people born on April 13th have a low tolerance for certain things and for people who are critical of them. So what is they have excessive tastes… they work for themselves and don’t ask anyone for help. They believe others are jealous of them and their success.


Famous people born on April 13th are a genuine brainiac. Possessing many talents, they have a choice of professions. Additionally, these Aries are optimistic people who have extravagant taste. However they are financially stable. They like to break up just to make up. Take a look at famous birthday celebrities born on April 13th below.


April 13th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

13th April Good Traits:

  • Genuine
  • Clever
  • Lucky
  • Honest
  • Loyal
  • Respectful
  • Confident
  • Focused
  • Bold

13th April Bad Traits:

  • Audacious
  • Angry
  • Intolerant
  • Extravagant
  • Demanding
  • Cold

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April 13th Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Lewis, 1972, Rock Singer
Adam Milne, 1992, Cricket Player
Ahlam Mosteghanemi, 1953, Novelist
Al Green, 1946, R&B Singer
Alan Clark, 1928, Politician
Alan Jones, 1941, Radio Host
Alec King, 1994, Rapper
Alexandra Carpenter, 1994, Hockey Player
Alexandra Pereira, 1988, Blogger
Alfred Mosher Butts, 1899, Entrepreneur
Allison Williams, 1988, TV Actress
Amanda Wilson, 1980, Pop Singer
Amy Goodman, 1957, Journalist
Anders Lindegaard, 1984, Soccer Player
Anderson, 1988, Soccer Player
Andrea Gomez, 1985, Model
Andrew Scheinman, 1957, Screenwriter
Andy Goram, 1964, Soccer Player
Andy Nyman, 1966, Magician
Angelo Henriquez, 1994, Soccer Player
Anna Jennings-edquist, 1985, Soap Opera Actress
Anne Kansiime, 1987, Comedian
Antonio Meucci, 1808, Scientist
Ariane Rinehart, 1994, Movie Actress

Arron Asham, 1978, Hockey Player
Barney Simon, 1932, Playwright
Baron Davis, 1979, Basketball Player
Ben Saunders, 1983, MMA Fighter
Bill Clements, 1917, Politician
Bill Conti, 1942, Composer
Bill Frank, 1938, Football Player
Bill Gross, 1944, Entrepreneur
Bo Outlaw, 1971, Basketball Player
Bob Nolan, 1908, Country Singer
Bokeem Woodbine, 1973, Movie Actor
Brandon Hardesty, 1987, Comedian
Bruce Dyer, 1975, Soccer Player
Bruno Gagliasso, 1982, TV Actor
Bryan Scott, 1981, Football Player
Bryce Thompson, 1983, Model
Bud Freeman, 1906, Saxophonist
Butch Cassidy, 1866, Criminal
Capleton, 1967, Reggae Singer
Carl Paoli, 1982, Stunt Double
Carles Puyol, 1978, Soccer Player
Carlos Mortensen, 1972,
Carmen Carrera, 1985, Reality Star
Caroline Rhea, 1964, TV Actress
Catherine De Medici, 1519, Royalty
ChantelBreeze, 1995, Instagram Star
Charles Burnett, 1944, Director
Chris Riddell, 1962, Illustrator
Christian Rub, 1886, Movie Actor
Christian York, 1977, Wrestler
Christopher Hitchens, 1949, Novelist
Chuck Pfarrer, 1957, Screenwriter
Claudio Bravo, 1983, Soccer Player
Colleen Clinkenbeard, 1980, Voice Actor
Conrad Phillips, 1925, TV Actor
Courtney Peldon, 1981, TV Actress
Dan Campbell, 1976, Football Player
Daniel de Bourg, 1982, Pop Singer
Daniel Potts, 1994, Soccer Player
Darrun Hilliard, 1993, Basketball Player
David Jaffe, 1971, Entrepreneur
David Jones, 1974, Sportscaster
Davis Desmond, 2000, TV Actor
Davis Love III, 1964, Golfer
Debi Austin, 1950, TV Actress
Derek Lee Nixon, 1983, Movie Actor
Devon Franklin, 1978, Film Producer
Don Adams, 1923, TV Actor
Donald R. Pierce, 1937, Horse Jockey
Dr. Wagner, 1936, Wrestler
Drago Jancar, 1948, Novelist
Dylan Penn, 1991, Model
Edna Lewis, 1916, Chef
Eduardo Capetillo, 1970, TV Actor
Edward Fox, 1937, Movie Actor
Ellen Bryan Moore, 1912, Politician
Ellie Lambeti, 1926, Movie Actress
Emma Degerstedt, 1992, TV Actress
Erick Avari, 1952, TV Actor
Eudora Welty, 1909, Novelist
Frank Murphy, 1890, Supreme Court Justice
Frederic Rzewski, 1938, Composer

Fujita Makoto, 1933, Movie Actor
Gabe Cruz, 1998, YouTube Star
Gabriela Marquez, 1976, TV Show Host
Garry Kasparov, 1963, Chess Player
Gary Kroeger, 1957, Game Show Host
George North, 1992, Rugby Player
Gillian Porter, 1965, TV Show Host
Glen Keane, 1954, Animator
Glenn Howerton, 1976, TV Actor
Grant Geissman, 1953, Guitarist
Guy Fawkes, 1570, Criminal
Hannah Marks, 1993, TV Actress
Hannah Pilkes, 1992, Vine Star
Harrison Knight, 1991, TV Actor
Henry Tureman Allen, 1859, Explorer
Hillel Slovak, 1962, Guitarist
Hiro Yamamoto, 1961, Bassist
Howard Keel, 1919, Stage Actor
Hunter Pence, 1983, Baseball Player
Isaiah Briscoe, 1996, Basketball Player
Jack Casady, 1944, Bassist
Jack Jewsbury, 1981, Soccer Player
Jack T. Chick, 1924, Comic Book Author
Jacques Lacan, 1901, Philosopher
James Ensor, 1860, Painter
Jasleen Saini, 1991, YouTube Star
Jason Maguire, 1980, Horse Jockey
Jean Paulo Campos, 2003, Soap Opera Actor
Jessica Vanessa, 1992, Vine Star
Jessica Willis, 1992, Pop Singer
Jett Travolta, 1992, Family Member
Jiafeng Chen, 1987, Violinist
Joachim Streich, 1951, Soccer Player

Jodie Markell, 1959, Movie Actress
Joe Jo, 1985, YouTube Star
John Braine, 1922, Novelist
John Contiguglia, 1937, Pianist
John Davis, 1873, Politician
John Paul DeJoria, 1944, Entrepreneur
John Swinney, 1964, Politician
Jon Connor, 1985, Rapper
Jonathan Brandis, 1976, Movie Actor
Jonathan Fast, 1948, Novelist
Jordan Nichols, 1992, TV Actor
Jordan Payton, 1993, YouTube Star
Jordan Silk, 1992, Cricket Player
Jordee Jay, 1998, YouTube Star
Jose Antonio Baston, 1968, Business Executive
Jose Napoles, 1940, Boxer
Joseph Paul Franklin, 1950, Criminal
Josephine Butler, 1828, Activist
Josh Gordon, 1991, Football Player
Josh Reynolds, 1989, Rugby Player
Joshua Belanger, 1984, Business Executive
Juan Montalvo-Fiallos, 1832, Essayist
Jules Irving, 1925, Director
Julia O’Rourke, 1999, Dancer
Julia Rose, 1973, Movie Actress
Julia Stone, 1984, Folk Singer
Julian DeGuzman, 2001, Dancer
Julius Nyerere, 1922, Politician
Juris Alunans, 1832, Non-Fiction Author
Justin Kintzel, 1986, Film Producer
Kallie Flynn Childress, 1988, TV Actress
Kelli Giddish, 1980, Soap Opera Actress
Kellie Rasberry, 1967, Radio Host
Kenneth Martin, 1905, Sculptor
Kim Guadagno, 1959, Politician
Kimario McFadden, 1991, Football Player
Kyle Howard, 1978, TV Actor
Lanford Wilson, 1937, Playwright
Lee Newton, 1985, Comedian
Leticia Bufoni, 1993, Skateboarder
Liam Attridge, 1999, Pop Singer
Liz Callaway, 1961, Stage Actress
Lodovica Comello, 1990, TV Actress
Lor Scoota, 1993, Rapper
Lorenzo Cain, 1986, Baseball Player
Lou Bega, 1975, Pop Singer
Louis-Ernest Barrias, 1841, Sculptor
Lowell George, 1945, Rock Singer
Lucy Craft Laney, 1854, Teacher
Lupe Pintor, 1955, Boxer
Lyle Waggoner, 1935, TV Actor
Madalyn Murray O’Hair, 1919, Activist
Marc Ford, 1966, Guitarist
Mariusz Czerkawski, 1972, Hockey Player
Matt Willis, 1984, Football Player
Max Weinberg, 1951, Drummer
Maxim Tissot, 1992, Soccer Player
Mayra Rojas, 1964, Soap Opera Actress
Melvin Gordon, 1993, Football Player
Michael Herr, 1940, Memoirist
Michael Owen Jackels, 1954, Religious Leader
Michal Bilek, 1965, Soccer Coach
Michel Faber, 1960, Novelist
Mikaela Puth, 1994, Family Member
Mike Chapman, 1947, Music Producer
Miles Black, 1966, Pianist
Milli Moto, 1988, Model
Millie Wilkinson, 1991, Reality Star
Mizushima Hiro, 1984, TV Actor
Mo Johnston, 1963, Soccer Player
Mohammad Amir, 1992, Cricket Player
Monty Brown, 1970, Wrestler
MsAppQueen, 1985, YouTube Star
Murat Yildirim, 1979, TV Actor
Nat Borchers, 1981, Soccer Player
Nella Larsen, 1891, Novelist
Nellie McKay, 1982, Jazz Singer
Nicole Cooke, 1983, Cyclist
Olga Tanon, 1967, Pop Singer
Olivia Sanabia, 2003, TV Actress
Orlando Letelier, 1932, Politician
Patrik Elias, 1976, Hockey Player
Paul Richardson, 1992, Football Player
Paul Sorvino, 1939, TV Actor
Peabo Bryson, 1951, R&B Singer
Peter Davison, 1951, TV Actor
Pokediger1, 1998, YouTube Star
Preston Reed, 1955, Guitarist
Quentin Richardson, 1980, Basketball Player
Rae Armantrout, 1947, Poet
Randy Piper, 1953, Guitarist
Rauff Hakeem, 1960, Politician
Renae Antonelli, 1991, YouTube Star
Ricardo Laguna, 1982, BMX Rider
Richard Trevithick, 1771, Entrepreneur
Ricky Burns, 1983, Boxer
Ricky Schroder, 1970, Movie Actor
Robert Orville Anderson, 1917, Entrepreneur
Robert Watson-Watt, 1892, Engineer
Ron Perlman, 1950, Movie Actor
Ruben D. Martinez, 1971, Music Producer
Rudi Voller, 1960, Soccer Player
Ryan Bailey, 1989, Runner
Safet Susic, 1955, Soccer Player
Sam Bush, 1952, Guitarist
Samuel Beckett, 1906, Playwright
Saundra Santiago, 1957, TV Actress
Schalk Burger Jr., 1983, Rugby Player
Seamus Heaney, 1939, Novelist
Serge Onik, 1988, Dancer
Sergei Gonchar, 1974, Hockey Player
Shanaya Fastje, 1999, Children’s Author
Shod Santiago, 1987, Radio Host
Stanley Donen, 1924, Director
Stephen Puth, 1994, Family Member
Steve Camp, 1955, Rock Singer
Steve McCrory, 1964, Boxer
Steve Pearce, 1983, Baseball Player
Susan Davis, 1944, Politician
Sylvie Meis, 1978, TV Show Host
Ted Washington, 1968, Football Player
Ted Yoho, 1955, Politician
Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, 1937, Politician
Tessa de Josselin, 1989, TV Actress
Theodore F. Morse, 1873, Songwriter
Thomas Jefferson, 1743, US President
Tony Dow, 1945, TV Actor
Tony Tchani, 1989, Soccer Player
Tony Wroten Jr., 1993, Basketball Player
Ty Dolla Sign, 1985, Rapper
Valentina Cervi, 1976, Movie Actress
Vanessa Hanson, 1991, Model
Vex King, 1987, Entrepreneur
William J. Tuttle, 1912, Makeup Artist
William Sadler, 1950, Movie Actor
Zion.T, 1989, R&B Singer


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