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April 10 Famous Birthdays

April 10 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on APRIL 10 are Rams to be watched. It has been said that they like a little opposition and are always up for the next dare. They embrace it as it tests their abilities and capabilities. So it’s only a learning experience for them.

Needless to say, they are well known by many and are highly thought of. They don’t like conflicts as they prefer things to stay positive and upbeat.


Friendships mean a lot to the famous Aries born on April 10th. So to purposely deceive them is a definite “no-no”. Second chances are normally not given depending on the severity of the broken code or crime committed against the friendship.


Loyalty is everything in business and in their private life. Additionally, sex plays an important role in their romantic partnerships. Famous April 10th born people have a way of charming their lovers.

Famous people born on April 10th are a ray of sunshine. They are Arian with lots of energy and love adventure. They set their own rules and are competitive. Characteristically, they are excitable but romantically inclined. They don’t like working alone.


April 10th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

10th April Good Traits:

  • Playful
  • Cheerful
  • Competitive
  • Intuitive
  • Focused
  • Alert
  • Opportunistic
  • Steadfast

10th April Bad Traits:

  • Wicked
  • Hasty
  • Irrational
  • Timid
  • Detached

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April 10th Famous Birthday Personalities

Abdul Rahman Yasin, 1960, Criminal
Adam Senn, 1984, Model
Adrian Henri, 1932, Poet
Adu Amran, 1970, Chef
Agustin Cardenas, 1927, Sculptor
Aidan Moffat, 1973, Rock Singer
Ainsley Rodriguez, 1991, Bodybuilder
AJ Michalka, 1991, Pop Singer
Alan Wenkus, 1966, Screenwriter
Alan Wren, 1964, Drummer
Alden B. Dow, 1904, Architect
Alesa, 1993, Family Member
Alex Pettyfer, 1990, Movie Actor
Alexandra Socha, 1990, Stage Actress
Alfie Bass, 1916, Movie Actor
Alfie Hawkins, 2002, YouNow Star
Aliko Dangote, 1957, Entrepreneur
Anacani, 1954, World Music Singer
Andre Ethier, 1982, Baseball Player
Andrew Dost, 1983, Pianist
Andy Samuel, 1909, Movie Actor
Angela Dodson, 1980, TV Actress
Ann Reardon, 1975, YouTube Star
Anne Lamott, 1954, Non-Fiction Author
Anthony Gallo, 1965, Guitarist
Archibald Roosevelt, 1894, Family Member

Arnold Orville Beckman, 1900, Scientist
Arpit Ranka, 1975, TV Actor
Arron Crascall, 1982, Vine Star
Ashlyn Coray, 1993, Model
Audrey Whitby, 1996, TV Actress
Augusto Fernandez, 1986, Soccer Player
Ava Cota, 2002, Dancer
Ayesha Takia, 1986, Movie Actress
Babyface, 1959, Music Producer
Barkhad Abdi, 1985, Movie Actor
Bejean Horowitz, 1992, YouTube Star
Bella Akhmadulina, 1937, Poet
Ben Amos, 1990, Soccer Player
Ben Nicholson, 1894, Painter
Bernardo Houssay, 1887, Scientist
Billy Jayne, 1969, TV Actor
Blaze Starr, 1932, Comedian
Bobby Dixon, 1983, Basketball Player
Brad William Henke, 1966, TV Actor
Brandon Noble, 1974, Football Coach
Brendan Hoye, 1992, Pop Singer
Brian Setzer, 1959, Guitarist
Bryan Herman, 1985, Skateboarder
Bryce Soderberg, 1980, Guitarist
Bunny Wailer, 1947, Reggae Singer
Charles Leavitt, 1970, Screenwriter
Charlie Hunnam, 1980, Movie Actor
Charlotte McKenna, 1987, Model
Chase Austin, 1993, TV Actor
Chaz Mostert, 1992, Race Car Driver
Chris Carrabba, 1975, Guitarist
Chris Corcoran, 1972, Comedian
Chris Heston, 1988, Baseball Player
Chris Lynn, 1990, Cricket Player
Chriselle Lim, 1985, YouTube Star
Christian Cevaer, 1970, Golfer
Christie Laing, 1985, TV Actress
Chuck Connors, 1921, TV Actor
Chyler Leigh, 1982, TV Actress
CJ Parker, 1989, Wrestler
Clare Buckfield, 1976, TV Actress
Claude Bolling, 1930, Pianist
Cole Grossman, 1989, Soccer Player
Commodore Matthew Perry, 1794, War Hero
Conor Leslie, 1991, TV Actress
Corey Kluber, 1986, Baseball Player
Daisy Ridley, 1992, Movie Actress
Dani Shapiro, 1962, Novelist
David Adler, 1947, Novelist
David Angell, 1946, TV Producer
David Halberstam, 1934, Journalist
David Harbour, 1974, Movie Actor
David Moorcroft, 1953, Runner
David Pavluk, 1990, Bassist
David Rovics, 1967, Folk Singer
Deborah Rush, 1954, TV Actress
Dennis Clontz, 1951, Screenwriter
Dima Koslowski, 1986, YouTube Star
Dion Phaneuf, 1985, Hockey Player
Dolores Huerta, 1930, Civil Rights Leader
Don Meredith, 1938, Sportscaster
Drew Meekins, 1985, Figure Skater
Dusan Radic, 1929, Composer

Dylan Frederick, 2002, Instagram Star
Eddie Castro, 1985, Horse Jockey
Eddie Hazel, 1950, Guitarist
Ehren Kassam, 1997, TV Actor
Ella Snyder, 1999, YouTube Star
Elliott Hulse, 1979, YouTube Star
Emilio Martinez, 1981, Soccer Player
Emily Rose Everhard, 1996, Movie Actress
Eric Ebron, 1993, Football Player
Eric Greitens, 1974, Entrepreneur
Eric Knight, 1897, Children’s Author
Eric Troyer, 1949, Opera Singer
Erin McKinnon, 1984, Model
Eugen d’Albert, 1864, Pianist
Evelyn Herrera, 1985, World Music Singer
Everton Ribeiro, 1989, Soccer Player
Fernando Gago, 1986, Soccer Player
Frances Perkins, 1880, Politician
Frank Barson, 1891, Soccer Player
Fred Benson, 1984, Soccer Player
Frederick Copleston, 1907, Philosopher
Gabriela Heclová, 1998, YouTube Star
George Arliss, 1868, Movie Actor
George Freeman, 1927, Guitarist
George Lippard, 1822, Novelist
Giovanni Aldini, 1762, Scientist
Gloria Hunniford, 1940, TV Show Host
Goce Sedloski, 1974, Soccer Player
Gopinath Muthukad, 1964, Magician
Gregory Nava, 1949, Screenwriter
Gretchen Bleiler, 1981, Snowboarder

Gro Hammerseng, 1980, Handball Player
Gronkh, 1977, YouTube Star
Guillaume Canet, 1973, Movie Actor
Haley Joel Osment, 1988, Movie Actor
Harry Koisser, 1991, Rock Singer
Harry Morgan, 1915, TV Actor
Harry Mortimer, 1902, Composer
Harry Segall, 1892, Screenwriter
Hayden Smith, 1985, Rugby Player
Hayley Westenra, 1987, Pop Singer
Heinz Pose, 1905, Scientist
Helen Jane Long, 1974, Composer
Henning Wehn, 1974, Comedian
HitGirl Bex, 1980, YouTube Star
Horace Gregory, 1898, Poet
Hugo Grotius, 1583, Philosopher
Hugo Van Lawick, 1937, Photographer
Ian Nelson, 1995, Movie Actor
Ingrid Hoffman, 1965, Chef
Iris Loveridge, 1917, Pianist
Iron Solomon, 1984, Rapper
James V, 1512, Royalty
Jamie Chung, 1983, TV Actress
Jamie Eason, 1976, Model
Jamie Watson, 1986, Soccer Player
Jane Kean, 1923, TV Actress
Jasika Nicole, 1980, TV Actress
Jason Bradbury, 1969, TV Show Host
Jay Alexander, 1968, Magician
Jessa Hinton, 1984, Model
Jewel Aich, 1950, Magician
Jim Bowie, 1796, Explorer
Joe Gibbon, 1935, Baseball Player
Joel Parkinson, 1981, Surfer
Joey Klaasen, 1999, Family Member
John Corabi, 1958, Metal Singer
John Daniel Wild, 1902, Philosopher
John M. Ford, 1957, Poet
John M. Ford, 1957, Poet
John Madden, 1936, Sportscaster
John Roe, 1977, Rugby Player
Johnny Hayes, 1886, Runner
Joseph Pulitzer, 1847, Journalist
Josh McNary, 1988, Football Player
Juan Williams, 1954, News Anchor
Julhippo, 1996, YouTube Star
Junior Samples, 1926, TV Actor
Kailey Tamarkin, 1997, Dancer
Karina Rae, 1999, Pop Singer
Kasey Kahne, 1980, Race Car Driver
Kate Jones, 1979, Politician
Keith Munyan, 1961, Photographer
Kelsey Cook, 1989, Comedian
Ken Griffey Sr., 1950, Baseball Player
Ken Squier, 1935, Sportscaster
Kenneth Noland, 1924, Painter
Kenneth San Jose, 2002, Dancer
Kenny Lattimore, 1970, R&B Singer
Kenny Satterfield, 1981, Basketball Player
Ky Baldwin, 2001, Pop Singer
Kyle Deek, 1992, Guitarist
Lamont Holt, 1994, Skateboarder
LandonMC, 1999, YouTube Star
Laura Bell Bundy, 1981, Stage Actress
Lenny Pickett, 1954, Saxophonist
Leonard Doroftei, 1970, Boxer
Leonard Shure, 1910, Pianist
Lesley Garrett, 1955, Opera Singer
Lew Wallace, 1827, Novelist
Linas Adomaitis, 1976, Violinist
Lindsay Shearer-Nelko, 1986, Dancer
Liz McClarnon, 1981, Pop Singer
Liz Sheridan, 1929, TV Actress
Loic Nottet, 1996, Pop Singer
Lucy Higgs Nichols, 1838, Activist
Luigi Alva, 1927, Opera Singer
Lulu Johnson, 1985, Fashion Designer
Mandy Moore, 1984, Pop Singer
Maren Morris, 1990, Country Singer
Mark Kemp, 1960, Journalist
Mark Oliver Everett, 1963, Rock Singer
Martin Berasategui, 1959, Chef
Martin Denny, 1911, Pianist
Martin Waddell, 1941, Children’s Author
Marty Walsh, 1967, Politician
Mattie Liptak, 1996, Movie Actor
Max von Sydow, 1929, Movie Actor
Maya Gabeira, 1987, Surfer
Mel Blount, 1948, Football Player
Michael Keenan, 1989, Music Producer
Michael Pitt, 1981, Movie Actor
Mike Devereaux, 1963, Baseball Player
Mike Hawthorn, 1929, Race Car Driver
Miles Browning, 1897, War Hero
Morgan Strebler, 1976, Magician
Namal Rajapaksa, 1986, Politician
Nerlens Noel, 1994, Basketball Player
Nick Santora, 1967, Screenwriter
Nicky Campbell, 1961, Game Show Host
Nikki French, 1986, Instagram Star
Nore Davis, 1984, Comedian
Norman Dubie, 1945, Poet
Olivia Borlee, 1986, Runner
Olivia Brown, 1960, TV Actress
Olivia Cox, 1988, TV Show Host
Omar Sharif, 1932, Movie Actor
Orin Willis, 1996, YouTube Star
Orlando Jones, 1968, TV Actor
Pamela Wallin, 1953, TV Show Host
Pascal Craymer, 1987, Reality Star
Paul Bearer, 1954, Wrestler
Paul Theroux, 1941, Novelist
Pavel Golia, 1887, Poet
Peckett, 1996, YouTube Star
Perri Lister, 1959, Pop Singer
Peter MacNicol, 1954, TV Actor
Piero Tosi, 1927, Fashion Designer
PJ Patterson, 1935, World Leader
Premadonna, 1987, Business Executive
Princess Ariane, 2007, Royalty
Q Tip, 1970, Rapper
Rachel Corrie, 1979, Civil Rights Leader
Richard Cornuelle, 1927, Activist
Richard Peck, 1934, Young Adult Author
Rob Butler, 1970, Baseball Player
Robert Burns Woodward, 1917, Scientist
Robert O’Neill, 1976, War Hero
Robert Wade, 1921, Chess Player
Robert Woods, 1992, Football Player
Roberto Carlos, 1973, Soccer Player
Robin Ward, 1944, TV Show Host
Royce White, 1991, Basketball Player
Ryan Agoncillo, 1979, TV Actor
Ryan Merriman, 1983, Movie Actor
Ryan Tuerck, 1985, Race Car Driver
Sabrina A. Parisi, 1982, Entrepreneur
Sadio Mane, 1992, Soccer Player
Sam Attwater, 1986, Soap Opera Actor
Sami Yli-Sirnio, 1972, Guitarist
Sanjeev Kapoor, 1964, Chef
Sarah Dumont, 1986, Movie Actress
Sarah Snitch, 1991, YouTube Star
Scott Hampton, 1959, Comic Book Artist
Sean Avery, 1980, Hockey Player
Shay Mitchell, 1987, TV Actress
Sheb Wooley, 1921, Country Singer
Shemekia Copeland, 1979, Blues Singer
Shirley Walker, 1945, Composer
Slim Jesus, 1997, Rapper
Sofia Carson, 1993, TV Actress
Soovin Kim, 1976, Violinist
Sophie Ellis-Bextor, 1979, Rock Singer
Stephanie Sheh, 1977, Voice Actor
Steve Bisciotti, 1960, Sports Executive
Steve Tasker, 1962, Football Player
Steven Seagal, 1952, Movie Actor
Suvi Terasniska, 1989, Pop Singer
Taryn Miller, 1991, Folk Singer
Tashera Simmons, 1971, Reality Star
Terence Lewis, 1975, Dancer
Thanasi Kokkinakis, 1996, Tennis Player
Tim Alexander, 1965, Drummer
Timmy Williams, 1981, Comedian
Tofig Gasimov, 1938, Politician
Tom Orry, 1998, YouTube Star
Vernon Presley, 1916, Family Member
Vincent Kompany, 1986, Soccer Player
Wang Meng, 1985, Speed Skater
William Booth, 1829, Religious Leader
William Rondina, 1966, Business Executive
Willo Flood, 1985, Soccer Player
Winston Peters, 1945, Politician
Yaya Han, 1982, Model
Yefim Bronfman, 1958, Pianist
Zach Matari, 1994, Pop Singer


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