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April 11 Famous Birthdays

April 11 Famous Birthdays

IF YOU ARE BORN ON April 11, you share a birthday with famous people like Vincent Gallo and Meshach Taylor. So you are in good company. Like them you have a tendency to make your own way. One way you accomplish your goals is to have friends that are smarter than you are at your table.

Famous people born on April 11th want to live the lifestyle that is free of drama and without restrictions. By being born under the Aries sun sign, they have integrity and determination. Some may mistake their resilience for stubbornness. But just the same, this quality is seen in many great leaders.


The relationship between famous April 11th born people and their soul mate is quite unique. If they could have a storybook romance, they would surely be the leading character. Outside of that, they have the ability to make money by making money for other people. When it comes to their health, they need take care. It would seem though that they worry too much sometimes to the point that they make themselves ill.


Famous people born on April 11th are open minded Aries. They are cool, calm, practical and collected. These qualities make them responsible leaders. In love, they could very well be spontaneous and affectionate. The famous birthday horoscope for April 11 predicts that they have a talent for managing their finances. The April 11th famous birthdays list is big. Read on to know more.


April 11th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

11th April Good Traits:

  • Flexible
  • Intuitive
  • Empathetic
  • Idealistic
  • Enthusiastic
  • Cool
  • Calm
  • Collected
  • Integrity
  • Respected
  • Reasonable

11th April Bad Traits:

  • Stubborn
  • Edgy
  • Quarrelsome
  • Controversial
  • Weak
  • Unsure

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April 11th Famous Birthday Personalities

Alberto Ginastera, 1916, Composer
Aleksandar Pantic, 1992, Soccer Player
Alessandra Ambrosio, 1981, Model
Alex Corretja, 1974, Tennis Player
Alexa Gerasimovich, 2002, Soap Opera Actress
Alexandre Burrows, 1981, Hockey Player
Amber Davis, 1996, Model
Amy Baldwin, 2004, Family Member
Amy Van Nostrand, 1953, Stage Actress
Ana Cepinska, 1978, Model
Ana Isabelle, 1986, Pop Singer
Ana Maria Polo, 1958, TV Show Host
Ana Marta, 1995, YouTube Star
Andrew Sweat, 1989, Football Player
Andrew Waterworth, 1986, Soccer Player
Andrew Wiles, 1953, Mathematician
Andy Roy, 1995, YouTube Star
Anna Maria Damm, 1997, YouTube Star

Annie Dodge Wauneka, 1910, Politician
Anton LaVey, 1930, Religious Leader
Ashot Danielyan, 1974, Weight Lifter
Ava Sangster, 1992, Family Member
Balls Mahoney, 1972, Wrestler
Ben Gibbard, 1976, Rock Singer
Bessy Gatto, 1982, Family Member
Bill Irwin, 1950, Movie Actor
Billie Hayes, 1932, TV Actress
Bob Callahan, 1937, Politician
Bob Harris, 1946, TV Show Host
Branimir Stulic, 1953, Pop Singer
Bret Saberhagen, 1964, Baseball Player
Brett Claywell, 1978, TV Actor
Bria Leigh, 1991, Twitch Star
Bryan Tanaka, 1983, Dancer
Carl Franklin, 1949, Director
Cerys Matthews, 1969, Rock Singer
Chalee Tennison, 1969, Country Singer
Charles Evans Hughes, 1862, Supreme Court Justice
Chris Coghill, 1975, Soap Opera Actor
Chris Ferguson, 1963,
Chris Gaylor, 1979, Drummer
Chris Nunez, 1973, Reality Star
Christopher Smart, 1722, Poet
Colin Clark, 1984, Soccer Player
Compton Menace, 1980, Rapper
Connor Barth, 1986, Football Player
Cory Brandan, 1976, Metal Singer
Dakota Blue Richards, 1994, Movie Actress
Dale Messick, 1906, Cartoonist
Damien Thomas, 1942, Movie Actor
Danielle Lawrie, 1987, Softball Player
Danny Dearden, 1991, Pop Singer
Dany Nounkeu, 1986, Soccer Player
David Banner, 1974, Rapper
David H Murdock, 1923, Entrepreneur
Dean Acheson, 1893, Politician
Dele Alli, 1996, Soccer Player
Derek Martin, 1933, Soap Opera Actor
DJ Fresh, 1977, DJ
Dodie Clark, 1995, YouTube Star
Dona Camaj, 1993, YouTube Star
Donald Brown, 1987, Football Player
Dorothy Allison, 1949, Activist
Dorothy Schroeder, 1928, Baseball Player
Dyemond Lewis, 1994, Rapper
Dylan Alvarez, 1986, Rapper
Ednita Nazario, 1955, Reggae Singer
Edward S. Ellis, 1840, Novelist
Eka Darville, 1989, TV Actor
Ellen Goodman, 1941, Journalist
Enner Valencia, 1989, Soccer Player
Erina Mano, 1991, Pop Singer
Ethan Couch, 1997, Criminal
Ethel Kennedy, 1928, Political Wife
Ezequiel Rodriguez, 1977, TV Actor
Francis Bell, 1944, Soap Opera Actor
Frank Mantooth, 1947, Pianist
Frederick Hauck, 1941, Astronaut

Gage Butler, 2008, YouTube Star
George Armitage, 1942, Director
George Shuffler, 1925, Guitarist
Gillian Murphy, 1979, Dancer
Glenway Wescott, 1901, Novelist
Gloria Kellett, 1975, Screenwriter
Goldust, 1969, Wrestler
Gregorio Duvivier, 1986, Movie Actor
GtfoSage, 2001, YouTube Star
Gustav Vigeland, 1869, Sculptor
Harley Race, 1943, Wrestler
Heather Cox, 1989, YouTube Star
Henry Hancock, 1822, Lawyer
Howard W. Koch, 1916, Director
Hugh Carey, 1919, Politician
Ian Bell, 1982, Cricket Player
Ivonka Survilla, 1936, Politician
Jack Betts, 1929, Movie Actor
Jack Nowell, 1993, Rugby Player
Jack Phillips, 1887,
Jake Gaither, 1903, Football Coach
James Augustus Grant, 1827, Explorer
James Magnussen, 1991, Swimmer
James Parkinson, 1755, Doctor
James Vernor, 1843, Doctor
Jamini Roy, 1887, Painter
Jan Nortje, 1975, Boxer
Jason Dasey, 1962, TV Show Host
Jason Varitek, 1972, Baseball Player
Jay Scott, 1994, Pop Singer
Jen Mateo, 1990, Model
Jennifer Esposito, 1973, TV Actress
Jennifer Heil, 1983, Skier
Jeremy Clarkson, 1960, TV Show Host
Jeremy Cowart, 1977, Photographer
Jess Davies, 1993, Model
Jessica Burciaga, 1983, Model
Jill Gascoine, 1937, TV Actress

Jim Lauderdale, 1957, Folk Singer
Jimmy Gian, 1992, Pop Singer
Joel Grey, 1932, Stage Actor
Johann Berger, 1845, Chess Player
John Levy, 1912, Bassist
John Milius, 1944, Director
Johnny Messner, 1970, Movie Actor
Johnny Sheffield, 1931, Movie Actor
Johnson Lee, 1974, TV Actor
Jose Patino, 1666, Politician
Josh Hancock, 1978, Baseball Player
Josh Server, 1979, Comedian
Joshua Anthony Brand, 1994, Model
Joss Stone, 1987, Soul Singer
Julian Schratter, 1989, Model
Julion Alvarez, 1983, World Music Singer
Justin Carmical, 1971, YouTube Star
Kaitlyn Jenkins, 1992, TV Actress
Kasturba Gandhi, 1869, Family Member
Katy Mae, 2001, YouTube Star
Kazys Almenas, 1935, Scientist
Keiji Tamada, 1980, Soccer Player
Kelli Garner, 1984, Movie Actress
Keys The Problem, 1989, Rapper
Kieran Alleyne, 1995, Pop Singer
Klas Ahlund, 1972, Film Producer
Kyle Dion, 1994, R&B Singer
Laura Harper, 1986, Basketball Player
Laurel Stucky, 1985, Reality Star
Lee Keun-ho, 1985, Soccer Player
Lena Schoneborn, 1986, Pentathlete
Leo Rosten, 1908, Screenwriter
Leon Mandrake, 1911, Magician
Leroy Edwards, 1914, Basketball Player
Lesego Semenya, 1982, Chef
Lewis Platt, 1941, Business Executive
Lights, 1987, Pop Singer
Lindsay DeFranco, 1989, YouTube Star
Lindsey Wixson, 1994, Model
Lisa Stansfield, 1966, R&B Singer
Louis Vasquez, 1987, Football Player
Louise Lasser, 1939, TV Actress
Lucas Ludwig, 1993, Guitarist
Lynn Ferguson, 1965, Movie Actress
Lyubov Burda, 1953, Gymnast
Maher Sabry, 1967, Director
Marcus Johns, 1993, Vine Star
Maria Elena Swett, 1979, Soap Opera Actress
Mariangeli Collado, 2003, YouTube Star
Marjorie Gubelmann, 1969, Entrepreneur
Mark Higgs, 1966, Football Player
Mark Kennedy, 1957, Politician
Mark Strand, 1934, Poet
Mark Teixeira, 1980, Baseball Player
Mark Thomas, 1963, Comedian
Mark Wilson, 1929, Magician
Marshall Neilan, 1891, Screenwriter
Martin Escudero, 1990, TV Actor
Masaru Ibuka, 1908, Entrepreneur
Matt Holland, 1974, Soccer Player
Matt Magnone, 1987, YouTube Star
Matt Ryan, 1981, TV Actor
Matthew Walker, 1942, Movie Actor
Melissa Forde, 1986, Photographer
Meshach Taylor, 1947, TV Actor
Michael Richardson, 1955, Basketball Player
Michele Scarabelli, 1955, TV Actress
Michelle Phan, 1987, Entrepreneur
Miguel Castro, 1982, Movie Actor
Mike Remmers, 1989, Football Player
Mohammad Naseem, 1924, Doctor
Mohit Suri, 1981, Director
Monica May, 1984, TV Actress
Morgan Lily, 2000, Movie Actress
Nadine Warmuth, 1982, TV Actress
Nicholas F. Brady, 1930, Politician
Nikola Karabatić, 1984, Handball Player
Nile Ranger, 1991, Soccer Player
Oleg Cassini, 1913, Fashion Designer
Oliver Dillon, 1998, Voice Actor
Oliver Riedel, 1971, Bassist
Olivia Lubis Jensen, 1993, Movie Actress
paszaBiceps, 1988, eSports Player
Paul Douglas, 1907, Movie Actor
Percy Lavon Julian, 1899, Scientist
Pete Kozma, 1988, Baseball Player
Peter Riegert, 1947, Movie Actor
Pierre Kartner, 1935, Folk Singer
Piers Sellers, 1955, Astronaut
Ramon Sessions, 1986, Basketball Player
Raul Mendez, 1975, Movie Actor
Reatha King, 1938, Business Executive
Reggie Rockstone, 1964, Rapper
Richard Berry, 1935, Rock Singer
Richard Kuklinski, 1935, Criminal
Rimantas Kaukenas, 1977, Basketball Player
Robby Epicsauce, 1994, YouTube Star
Rody Eynas, 1999, Instagram Star
Sarodj Bertin, 1986, Model
Scott Haran, 1992, TV Actor
Sebastien Grainger, 1979, Drummer
Seteng Ayele, 1955, Runner
Shane Collins, 1969, Football Player
Shilpa Rao, 1984, World Music Singer
Shirin David, 1995, Instagram Star
Shirley Stelfox, 1941, Soap Opera Actress
Sid Monge, 1951, Baseball Player
Silas Timberlake, 2015, Family Member
Stephanie Pratt, 1986, Reality Star
Stephen Keel, 1983, Soccer Player
Steve Azar, 1964, Country Singer
Steve Bullock, 1966, Politician
Steve Campbell, 1966, Soccer Coach
Stuart Adamson, 1958, Guitarist
Tara Lyn Hart, 1978, Country Singer
Teri Byrne, 1972, Dancer
TheJasminator, 1997, Vine Star
Thiago Alcantara, 1991, Soccer Player
Thomas Harris, 1940, Screenwriter
Thomas Thacker, 1977, Guitarist
Toddy Smith, 1991, Vine Star
Tomasz Gollob, 1971, Race Car Driver
Trevor Linden, 1970, Hockey Player
Tricia Helfer, 1974, TV Actress
Trot Nixon, 1974, Baseball Player
Tyler Haws, 1991, Basketball Player
Uli Edel, 1947, Director
Viktor Masing, 1925, Scientist
Vincent Gallo, 1961, Director
Viola Liuzzo, 1925, Civil Rights Leader
Wang Zhen, 1908, Politician
Will Packer, 1974, Film Producer
Will Tudor, 1987, TV Actor
Yumi Lambert, 1995, Model
Zoe Lucker, 1974, TV Actress
Zola Jesus, 1989, Pop Singer


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