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April 2 Famous Birthdays

April 2 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on April 2nd are Aries who really don’t put too much emphasis on what people say or think. They love being different from the rest. They are positive and upbeat so they don’t have many reasons to complain.

Sometimes, the famous April 2nd born people can be idealistic. But it’s only because they know that dreams do come true. Their friends and family count on them as a source of motivation and honesty. If you want a partner who will go all the way, then this Aries is the one. But then you must return everything that you ask of an Aries.


As a professional choice, famous people born on April 2nd could do many things. Only they can place limitations on how they will go about in life. They need to take good care of their health and they should live a comfortable lifestyle. Their only downfall is that they may become too attached to some things or someone. They must learn when to back away.


Famous people born on April 2nd do well in any profession but will likely desire a balance between their social life and business. April 2nd famous Aries birthday personalities enjoy socializing as they like being active. Additionally, they are humble but have the ability to reach their full potential.


April 2nd Famous Birthday Personality Traits

2 April Good Traits:

  • Creative
  • Inventive
  • Bold
  • Humble
  • Independent
  • Honest
  • Emotional
  • Friendly

2nd April Bad Traits:

  • Timid
  • Insecure
  • Passive
  • Obsessive
  • Stressed
  • Turbulent

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April 2nd Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Kelly, 1993, Country Singer
Aaron Lohr, 1976, Movie Actor
Adam Fleming, 1980, Journalist
Adam Rodriguez, 1975, TV Actor
Adam Shulman, 1981, Movie Actor
Ajay Devgan, 1969, Movie Actor
Alberto Fernandez, 1959, Politician
Alec Guinness, 1914, Movie Actor
Alexander Tamir, 1931, Pianist
Alexis Gilbert, 1994, Dancer
Alissa Hale, 1996, Model
Allan Corduner, 1950, Stage Actor
Amelia Marshall, 1958, Soap Opera Actress
Amina Blue, 1993, Model
Amy Castle, 1990, Soap Opera Actress
Andrew Farrell, 1992, Soccer Player
Andrew Whyment, 1981, Soap Opera Actor
Andris Biedrins, 1986, Basketball Player
Andy Merry, 1991, Pop Singer
Anne Waldman, 1945, Poet
Antonio Sabato Sr., 1943, Movie Actor
Arnie Herber, 1910, Football Player
Arthur Boka, 1983, Soccer Player

Ashley Louise James, 1987, Reality Star
Ashley Peldon, 1984, Soap Opera Actress
B Howard, 1981, Pop Singer
Barry Corr, 1985, Soccer Player
Benjamin Lasnier, 1999, YouTube Star
Bethany Joy Lenz, 1981, TV Actress
Bianca Chatfield, 1982, Netball Player
Bill Romanowski, 1966, Football Player
Billy Dean, 1962, Country Singer
Billy Morgan, 1989, Snowboarder
Billy Pierce, 1927, Baseball Player
Bobby Bones, 1980, Radio Host
Booker Little, 1938, Trumpet Player
Brad Ebert, 1990, Australian Rules Footballer
Breanna Bond, 2002, Self-Help Author
Brian Barden, 1981, Baseball Player
Brian Glover, 1934, TV Actor
Brian Hargrove, 1956, TV Producer
Briga Heelan, 1987, TV Actress
Buddy Ebsen, 1908, TV Actor
Buddy Jewell, 1961, Country Singer
Camille Paglia, 1947, Activist
Candace Chapman, 1983, Soccer Player
Cara Santana, 1984, Movie Actress
Carl Kasell, 1934, Radio Host
Carlos Salcido, 1980, Soccer Player
Carmen Basilio, 1927, Boxer
Catey Shaw, 1991, Pop Singer
Charlemagne, 742, World Leader
Charles Coles, 1911, Stage Actor
Chico Slimani, 1971, Pop Singer
Chico Xavier, 1910, Self-Help Author
Chris Janson, 1986, Country Singer
Christina Masterson, 1989, TV Actress
Christine Ray, 1990, Model
Christopher Meloni, 1961, TV Actor
Chung Ling Soo, 1861, Magician
Clare Thomas, 1989, TV Actress
Clark Gregg, 1962, Movie Actor
Cornelis Dehoutman, 1565, Explorer
Dabbs Greer, 1917, TV Actor
Dalal Al Doub, 1986, Instagram Star
Dalma Maradona, 1987, TV Actress
Daniel Seavey, 1999, Pop Singer
Danita Paner, 1989, World Music Singer
Danny Inglis, 1960, Darts Player
Datari Turner, 1979, Film Producer
David Ferrer, 1982, Tennis Player
David Frankel, 1959, Screenwriter
David Ramsay, 1749, Politician
Debralee Scott, 1953, TV Actress
Deedee Magno, 1975, Stage Actress
Deon Richmond, 1978, TV Actor
Dermot Reeve, 1963, Cricket Player
Dion Yorkie, 1996, YouTube Star
Don McPherson, 1965, Football Player
Don Sutton, 1945, Baseball Player
Donald Hughes, 1915, Scientist
Donald Petrie, 1954, Director
Dr. Demento, 1941, Comedian
Drew Van Acker, 1986, TV Actor
Edward Dorn, 1929, Poet

Edward Egan, 1932, Religious Leader
Edward Eliscu, 1902, Playwright
Edward Kasner, 1878, Mathematician
Eleonora Wexler, 1974, TV Actress
Elizabeth Hanna, 1953, Voice Actor
Ellen Adarna, 1988, TV Actress
Emmylou Harris, 1947, Country Singer
EpicNameBro, 1983, YouTube Star
Erlana Larkins, 1986, Basketball Player
Ernst Rexer, 1902, Scientist
Evgenia Kanaeva, 1990, Gymnast
Fadil Berisha, 1973, Photographer
Francesca Catalano, 1988, TV Actress
Gabriel Mathis, 1999, YouNow Star
Garnett Silk, 1966, Reggae Singer
Gavin Crawford, 1971, TV Actor
Geordie Gray, 1996, Instagram Star
Giacomo Casanova, 1725, Memoirist
Gjorche Petrov, 1865, War Hero
Gloria Henry, 1923, TV Actress
Greg Camp, 1967, Guitarist
Greyson Carpenter, 2014, Family Member
Hakan Hellström, 1974, Pop Singer
HamIzMyName, 1985, YouTube Star
Hanno Pevkur, 1977, Politician
Hans Christian Andersen, 1805, Children’s Author
Hans Rosenthal, 1925, Game Show Host
Helen Bevington, 1906, Poet
Helen Chamberlain, 1967, Reality Star
Hiroyuki Sakai, 1942, Chef
Hughie Jennings, 1869, Baseball Manager
Ibrahim Afellay, 1986, Soccer Player
Jack Buchanan, 1891, Movie Actor
Jack Evans, 1982, Wrestler
Jack Saville, 1991, Soccer Player
Jack Webb, 1920, TV Actor

Jaime Ray Newman, 1978, Soap Opera Actress
James Chikerema, 1925, Politician
James Haskell, 1985, Rugby Player
Jamison Newlander, 1970, Movie Actor
Jay Hutton, 1990, Reality Star
Jazmin Whitley, 1988, Fashion Designer
Jenna Bentley, 1989, Model
Jennifer Rowe, 1948, Children’s Author
Jenny Ryan, 1982, TV Show Host
Jeremy Valentyne, 1993, Guitarist
Jerron McMillian, 1989, Football Player
Jesse Carmichael, 1979, Pianist
Jesse Plemons, 1988, TV Actor
Jessie Michaels, 1969, Punk Singer
Jim Allister, 1953, Politician
John Larsson, 1938, Religious Leader
John Walton, 1975, Sportscaster
Jordan LaVigne, 2014, YouTube Star
Joseph Bernardin, 1928, Religious Leader
Joshua Wood-Stacey, 2000, YouTube Star
Kai Soremekun, 1967, Screenwriter
Kapil Sharma, 1981, Comedian
Karl Beattie, 1967, Director
Karlis Goppers, 1876, War Hero
Karlous Miller, 1983, Comedian
Ken Sansom, 1927, Voice Actor
Kenya Bell, 1977, Reality Star
Keren Woodward, 1961, Pop Singer
Kerwin Du Bois, 1977, Reggae Singer
Keshorn Walcott, 1993, Javelin Thrower
Kim Jae-wook, 1983, TV Actor
Kimberly Lacy, 1981, Reality Star
Larry Coryell, 1943, Guitarist
Lee Bum-young, 1989, Soccer Player
Lee DeWyze, 1986, Rock Singer
Leon Russell, 1942, Rock Singer
Leslie Irvin, 1924, Criminal
Leyla Milani, 1982, Model
Linda Hunt, 1945, Movie Actress
Lindy Booth, 1979, TV Actress
Linford Christie, 1960, Runner
Lou Monte, 1917, Pop Singer
Luca Fersko, 1998, YouTube Star
Lucy Diakovska, 1976, Rock Singer
Luke Appling, 1907, Baseball Player
Luke Jones, 1991, Rugby Player
Lynn Westmoreland, 1950, Politician
Madison Gordon, 1991, Model
Marco Amelia, 1982, Soccer Player
Mark Donaldson, 1979, War Hero
Marko Ayling, 1986, YouTube Star
Marvin Gaye, 1939, Soul Singer
Matthew Antoine, 1985, Skeleton Racer
Maurice Stückenschneider, 1994, eSports Player
Max Ernst, 1891, Painter
Michael Cain, 1966, Pianist
Michael Clarke, 1981, Cricket Player
Michael Fassbender, 1977, Movie Actor
Michael Rooney, 1962, Dancer
Mikaele Pesamino, 1984, Rugby Player
Mike Hailwood, 1940, Race Car Driver
Mike Johnson, 1987, Football Player
Mike Reidy, 1991, Soccer Player
Miralem Pjanic, 1990, Soccer Player
Modi Wiczyk, 1972, Film Producer
Molly Smitten-downes, 1987, Pop Singer
Mordecai Ham, 1877, Religious Leader
Nariman Narimanov, 1870, Politician
Nicholas Murray Butler, 1862,
Nick Craig, 1997, YouTube Star
Nicki Pedersen, 1977, Motorcycle Racer
NikasInnerBeauty, 1998, YouTube Star
Nikki Perkins, 1990, YouTube Star
Oswald Lewinter, 1931, Poet
Pamela Reed, 1949, Movie Actress
Paola Concia, 1963, Politician
Paquita la del Barrio, 1947, World Music Singer
Patti Newton, 1945, TV Show Host
Pattie Mallette, 1976, Family Member
Paul Cohen, 1934, Mathematician
Paul Gambaccini, 1949, TV Show Host
Pedro Pascal, 1975, TV Actor
Penelope Keith, 1940, TV Actress
Perris Amento, 2003, Dancer
Pete Incaviglia, 1964, Baseball Player
Phil Demmel, 1967, Guitarist
Quavo Marshall, 1991, Rapper
R3hab, 1986, DJ
Raghav, 1981, Pop Singer
Reggie Smith, 1945, Baseball Player
Rembert Weakland, 1927, Religious Leader
Remo D’Souza, 1974, Dancer
Renee Estevez, 1967, Movie Actress
Reva Beck Bosone, 1895, Politician
Rick Cleveland, 1968, Playwright
Rob Damiani, 1987, Rock Singer
Rob Rasmussen, 1989, Baseball Player
Rochelle Owens, 1936, Playwright
Rodney King, 1965,
Ron Palillo, 1949, TV Actor
Roscoe Dash, 1990, Rapper
Roselyn Sanchez, 1973, Movie Actress
Roshan Seth, 1942, Movie Actor
Sam Boggs, 1996, Vine Star
Sammi Kane Kraft, 1992, Movie Actress
Samu Haber, 1976, Pop Singer
Sarah Therese, 1995, YouTube Star
Sascha Gerstner, 1977, Guitarist
Scott Cain, 1981, Pop Singer
Scott Lynch, 1978, Novelist
Serge Gainsbourg, 1928, Pop Singer
Sergey Kovalev, 1983, Boxer
Shane Barbi, 1963, Model
Shane Lowry, 1987, Golfer
Shannon Boodram, 1986, Self-Help Author
Shawn Roberts, 1984, Movie Actor
Shirley Douglas, 1934, TV Actress
Sia Barbi, 1963, Model
Sian Brice, 1969, Triathlete
Sierra Fisher, 2002, Family Member
Simon Farnaby, 1973, TV Actor
Sofia Cabello, 2008, Family Member
Sofie Zamchick, 1994, Voice Actor
Sophie Reynolds, 1999, TV Actress
Stephane Lambiel, 1982, Figure Skater
Steve Anthony, 1959, TV Show Host
Sue Townsend, 1946, Playwright
Tamar Slay, 1980, Basketball Player
Teddy Sheringham, 1966, Soccer Player
Temmie Chang, 1993, Graphic Designer
Thom Evans, 1985, Rugby Player
Thomas Blachman, 1963, Composer
Tiara Hodge, 1989, Reality Star
Todd Andrew Woodbridge, 1971, Tennis Player
Tommy Finton, 1992, YouTube Star
Traci Braxton, 1972, Reality Star
Tyler Blackett, 1994, Soccer Player
Wairangi Koopu, 1980, Rugby Player
Walter Chrysler, 1875, Entrepreneur
Walter Gibbons, 1954, DJ
Warner Mack, 1938, Country Singer
William Alexander, 1915, Painter
William Mortimer, 1874, Rugby Player
Yevgeniya Kanayeva, 1990, Gymnast
Yuki Anggraini Kato, 1995, TV Actress
Yung Joc, 1983, Rapper
Zoran Becic, 1939, Stage Actor


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