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Angel Number 818 Meaning

Significance & Meaning Of Angel Number 818

818 is your angel number. You have seen it throughout your life. It has showed up on major events of your life. Below is a statement from the universe.

Personal authority is a signal given by number meaning 818. This is taking control of your life. You are needy person. You can hardly survive on your own. You keep calling your partner every time they go away. You have made friends with people just to get a free therapist. You care a lot about what people say. People’s opinion of you is actually a priority in your life. Sometimes you find yourself buying friendship.

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The angels are saying that it is time to change. Be your own person. They world can still go round if you are alone. You need to take personal responsibility of your life. Being alone is different from being lonely.

angel number 818

Angel Number 818 Meaning

Angel number 818 is a number of many symbols. Number 8 is a progressive number. It means movement from one level to another. Number 1 is a sign of beginnings. The repetition of 88 is a sign of Karma. This is the law of the universe which states that what you give is what you get. 81 and number 18 are both signals of a new dawn and a resurrection.

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Involvement is a word brought about by angel number meaning 818. This is contributing to a certain cause. You are facing an issue in your family, One of you is sick from a terminal illness. The situation could also be different. They could be in prison. They could also be in a mental institution. You have always sent money to help where possible.

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You rarely have time to visit due to the nature of your work. The only time you are free is dedicated to other things. You need to see this family member. Be present in their time of need. Your dollars will not be counted but your personal involvement will affect this person positively.

Karma is a signal given by number 818. It is a law by the universe that you get served what you deserve. You have been good to people. You have been to charities and contributed to fund raisers. The universe will reward you. The guardian angels are happy that you gave back to the community. They want you to continue with the same spirit.


  1. This is the lowest vibrational frequency describe for 818. This needs to be updated.

  2. I’m feeling the same

  3. This is so off…hmmm, usually these are spot on, BUT not this time… wonder what that suggests.

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