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Mole Meanings

Mole Meanings

The 2014 – 2015 Mole Meanings tool I ready to reveal the secrets to you about yourself. You can now learn and understand what each of your moles mean. It is a rare to come across the knowledge of the meaning of moles, but here you are today, ready to learn the significance of your mole or moles o your body. When the size and placement of your mole is interpreted correctly, so much of your personality and behavior can be predicted.

our future no longer has to be a severe mystery to you any longer with the aid of discovering the meaning of your mole. The position of the moles on you your body can be as significant to the position of the stars in your natal horoscope.

Moles are a blessing to the individual who notices their significance. Moles are indicators of what fame and fortune is yours to discover. The combinations of the color, shape, location, and size of the mole is the basis of which your future can be predicted

Moles Meaning

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.Ever since you were very young, it is sure that you discovered your moles and wondered about them. It is natural to be very curious about how you look different than other people. Why is it that you have a mole on your face in a certain place while others have moles in different spots? Maybe you have a mole that is not visible in public, but it is there all right, in the spot you wouldn’t how to just anyone!

Perhaps you have never thought about your mole until you stumbled upon this website and are now very interested in finding out. Then this can be your lucky day of newfound knowledge that you didn’t expect. After all, how many people do you know that are well versed in the divination of Moleosophy?

Moleosophy or the study of moles is a form of divination. By studying these birth marks on your body an expert can accurately predict your future and many other things. Predictions Based on where a mole on your body is. It was first developed by the ancient Greeks.

Mole ReadingMoleosophy is the study of the peculiarities of moles upon the human body. It is a very old form of divination that is impossible to trace back as it is very ancient. With this ancient form of divination, your future and your fortunes and misfortunes can be predicted.

An analysis that is very detailed will be given to you in a matter of seconds once you fill in the details of your mole. You will be surprised with the accuracy you will be given in the report. A reading upon your moles is something exciting that you will want to share with all of your friends. By 2015, everyone you know will be well read in the study of moleosophy!




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