Apraksha Grahas

Apraksha Grahas

In astrology there are many different aspects that make a person very unique. First of all there a planets that carries with them a type of energy. There are also stars and asteroids and points in the sky that hold a type of energy that has influence over the psyche of people and even animals. Not only are there these heavenly bodies and points in the sky that have influence, but it gets even more complicated than that.

The planets, starts and asteroids as well as the points in the sky are in different houses, or Bhavas, or areas of life. The planets are in different angles to each other which give a type of relationship between then that can affect those parts of life that the planets reside in.

Also the heavenly bodies are in different signs that express themselves in a different manner. Someone can have the same planet in the same house yet in a different sign. You see how 2 people can be different with having the same planet in the same sign yet in different houses too.

You can use this calculator of the Apraksh Grahas to discover what makes you so different from anybody else.

This combination in astrology is what gives the significance of predicting the unique behavior of all individuals.


What are the Aprakasha Grahas? They are the asteroids that so not illuminate. You cannot see them easily in the night sky. They are dark forces that have a terrible influence on you. There are the bodies that can make people do evil things such as murder and black magic.

Nobody is perfect. Even the act of having a bad thought about someone or wishing someone harm is an example of one of these Aprakasha Grahas at work within the human psyche. The vibrations of these “planets” can make or break you depending on how you know how to handle them. Before you can even handle them though, you must know that they exist and just where in your chart, where in your life they are most apparent.

Not all of the influences are very evil however. For some people who may have a very orderly and boring life, the Apraksha Grahas may give them more imagination and a touch of fun. In astrology, the planets and stars and asteroids are a type of energy. Becoming conscious of their effects and then figuring out how to use them is the key to a more fulfilling life.

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Apraksha Grahas

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