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Wink Dream Meaning

Dreams Featuring a Wink – Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

A Wink in Your Dream and Its Meaning in Reality

Seeing a wink in your dream means you need to be careful and discreet with your love life if you do not want to ruin your reputation. This dream is also a sign that you do not take things seriously in your life. This is because you are under the impression that you have already made it.


Did you dream that someone winks at you? Dreaming of someone winking at you is a sign that they approve of your excellent job in staying on the right path in life. In all you do, ensure that you do things that are good for you and the people in your life. This dream might also be a sign that you will get a love proposal from someone you least expected.

According to the wink dream symbolism, dreaming of winking at someone means being interested in someone in your waking life. The person might be a colleague, an acquittance, or a close friend. Open up about your feelings but always expect the best or worst responses.

The wink dream symbol might be a sign that you need to be careful of the people you let into your life. Some of them will come into your life to deceive you through seduction. Exercise due diligence and always be on the lookout for such people.


Dreaming of a stranger winking at you might be a sign that you have a secret admirer. Observe the people in your waking life and figure out the person who has got the hots for you.

Based on the wink dream analysis, a wink in your dreams is a sign of encouragement from yourself and the people close to you. You are on the right path in life. Do not let anything cause you to deviate.

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