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What’s My Dosha?

A short quiz to help you determine your primary Ayurvedic Dosha or body constitution. Find out if you have a Vata, Pitta or Kapha Dosha.

What’s My Dosha?

Many methods have been created to enable easy determination of one’s dosha.  The following quiz is adapted from the teachings of Vamadeva Shastri (Dr. David Frawley) in his book Yoga and Ayurveda. For each row, select the option that most resembles your way of being. When complete, count how many responses you have in each column. The column with the most answers is your prominent Dosha.


Select the column that sounds most like you                  





HeightVery tall or shortAverageShort or big boned
FrameThin and bony with good muscle toneAverage size with well-developed musclesLarge, solid
WeightThin or slight with difficulty holding weightAverageHeavy set with difficulty losing weight
Skin AppearanceDull, pastyOily, shinyWhite, pale
Skin TypeDry, rough, thinWarm, oilyCold, damp, thick
EyesSmall, shiftyIntenseLarge whites
HairDry, thinThin, oilyThick, oily, curly
TeethCrookedAverage with bleeding gumsLarge and well-formed
NailsBrittle, bumpySoft pinkSoft white
JointsStiffLooseFirm and large
AppetiteLowHigh to excessiveConsistent
SweatMinimalProfuse and short livedProfuse and long lived
StoolHard, drySoft, looseNormal
UrinationMinimalHigh, yellowHigh, clear
SensitivitiesCold, dryness, windHeat, sunlight, fireCold, damp
Immune systemLowAverageHigh
Health issuesChronic pain and inflammationFever and edemaCongestion
Type of issueNervousBlood, liverLungs
EnergyHigh, restlessAverageLow, slow moving
Sleep patternPoor, restlessVariesExcessive
DreamsOften and colourfulAverage and romanticRarely and disturbing
MemoryQuick, absent-mindedSharp, focusedSlow and steady
Speaking Fast, talkativeSharp, sarcasticSlow
TotalVata =Pitta =Kapha =

Now that you know if your primary Dosha is Vata, Pitta or Kapha, you can determine any changes needed to maintain your balance.

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