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Vow Dream Meaning

The Meaning Behind Vow Dreams – Interpretation and Symbolism

Vow Dreams and Its Meaning in Your Waking Life

Based on the vow dreams analysis, dreaming of making a vow means being ready to dedicate your time and energy to something or someone fully. Dreaming of making a marriage vow is a sign that you are prepared to take the next step in your romantic relationship.


The vow dreams symbol signifies honoring promises made. Make promises you know you can fulfill so that you do not hurt the people who count on you to remain true to your words.

Seeing yourself make a vow in your sleep means that you have commitment issues that you need to address. Do not let people down because you are closing yourself off.


Listening to vows in your dream signifies people working against you to ensure you pay for your actions of unfaithfulness and dishonesty. You need to make things right in your life before things get from bad to worse.

According to the vows dream dictionary, dreaming of breaking or ignoring a vow is a sign that you will face significant consequences for your dishonest dealings.

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