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Astrology Decanates


The Decanates astrology gives additional information about character personality and trends in disposition. It gives you more precise information than just the aspects typical of the sun sign. Since it looks into the three divisions of the sun sign based on what was rising at the precise time of your birth. Since so much information is needed, it is not surprising that the answers provided are so accurate. Get your Decanates Reading !

Each of the zodiac signs has certain traits that are common to the individuals born under the star sign. Yet there can be can be amazingly large differences between two individuals born under the same star sign. What is the reason for this happening?

These differences can be based on differences in the Decans under which the individual was born. There are in fact three Decans to each of the zodiac signs. And these represent hours in terms of the astrological chart. In the stars a new decan appears in the eastern sky just before the sun rises each day. The decans planets were used throughout the Renaissance, yet the modern astrologers in general ignore them.

The origins are ancient Egyptian and the decans first appeared in about 2100 BCE. The earliest were seen on coffin lids. The first began with Sirius and the sequence star patterns for each decans which contains a set of stars for the corresponding divinities. The decans marked the hours and groups of 10 days which together work to comprise the Egyptian year.

The 36 x 10 Decans make 360 days amongst them and 5 days were added to create the solar-based year. The solar year in real-time is six hours longer. Both the Sothic and the solar years in the Egyptian calendar must be realigned every 1460 years. As you look at the decans and other indicators you show a shift that indicates the passage of time and the different realignments.

The view of the individual seen by the zodiac signs is fairly generic. When the exact positions of the planets at the exact time of birth are taken into consideration more detail becomes available about the natural trends, traits and personality. So that a reading is even more precise in describing the individual.

We will need to know as much as possible about ourselves so that we may find appropriate work and compatible relationships. We do live in interesting times and all of our actions seem to be judged at all times. Knowing what aspects of your personality are favorable and which may need to work can help you to become the most successful person you can be.

Astrology Decanates

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