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Trap door Dream Meaning

Dream About A Trap Door – Meaning, Interpretation And Symbolism

A Trap Door in Your Dream and Its Meaning in Your Waking Life

Based on the trap door dream analysis, dreaming of someone emerging from a trap door means you should be careful with the people you relate with. It is also a sign that you have a secret admirer. Falling through a trap door in your dream means that your enemies will get the better of you. They will outwit you and do something bad against you.


Dreaming of avoiding a trap door means that you will find ways of dealing with your enemies. They will not get the better of you because you know how best to avoid them and protect yourself. Using a trap door to trick someone signifies that you will use trickery and dishonesty to get someone to do what you want.

The trap door dreams symbol signifies hiding something from the people in your life. You have secrets that you do not want to be known by others. If these secrets keep you safe, it is right to have them hidden. If your secrets hurt other people, you should tell the truth and make things right.


According to the trap doors dream dictionary, dreaming of a trap door signifies being open with your feelings and emotions. Stop hiding from people. Express yourself, and people will relate to what is happening in your life and help you out. Deal with all the issues you have been avoiding, and all will be well.

Seeing a broken trap door in your sleep means things are changing for the better. You know how best to handle yourself in difficult situations. This dream is also a sign that you should ask for help from others when you need it. Being independent is good, but you should not suffer alone.

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