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Tarot Reading – YES or NO

you canTarot Reading – YES or NO

Then we will discuss a particular type of Tarot, Tarot Reading- YES or NO. This ancient technique involves answering a question affirmatively or negatively, yes or no, by a spread. Tarot card reading has always been one of the most employed methods for answering specific situations. A professional Tarot reader should perform the draw of cards for Tarot YES or NO to gain thorough analysis of probabilities. However, it can also be performed by the same person seeking answers.

Advantages and disadvantages of Tarot YES or NO

Many psychics do not recommend using this technique because a poorly articulated question can lead to indefinite interpretations that can be dramatized. However, if the use of Tarot YES or NOT is appropriately done, it can help the person unmoved by any situation of his life to leave that state making the right decision.

Tarot Reading – YES or NO

How does the YES or NOT spread work?

The YES or NO Tarot spread is straightforward. First, the number of cards that will conform to our deck must be odd smaller than 10. The custom is to use 3 and 5. 7 and 9 cards can be used.

Once we have ready the deck, we must perform the draw of cards. We must have as affirmative, i.e., “yes,” which are face up, while on the other hand count as unfavorable or “no” the remaining arranged upside down. The card at the center of our spread counts as double; therefore, it will add twice the result depending on whether you have gone right or backward. Once we have the mind’s response to our specific question, the option you have added more cards will be determined. In the case of a tie, you can to do the run-up twice.

Adding probabilities

If we are looking for precise answers, if our spread is composed of 3 or 5 cards will suffice. This mode provides specific solutions without ties. It can dispel doubts if our mind is formed with a simple yes or no answer.

In cases where you want to ask questions that can not be pleased with such a simple answer, we must increase the number of cards to 7 or 9. Thus we increase the odds.

Tarot Reading – YES or NO

Description of YES or NO Tarot cards

A Tarot YES or NO variant will be performed with a single card. We mentioned earlier that the custom is to use 3 to 5 cards or 7 or 9 depending on the odds we want to obtain, but this type of Tarot helps find a quick answer to specific questions that can only be answered with yes or no. The operation is the same as for other cards. We will formulate our question and immediately perform the deal. If our card faces up, the answer will be no if it is upside down.

Tarot TES or NO: free spread

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