Thursday, October 6, 2022

Wheel of Change Tarot

Wheel of Change Tarot

I love the energy and radiance that swirls across this card. Something about it connects with The Empress for me – that feeling of being the center of someone’s universe and the world spinning around your axis. That must be how a baby perceives its mother and vice versa.

Potential and Hope

This card brims with potential and hope. I love the concept of a central creative force. It brings hope that even if humans don’t clean up their act. This main creative force will find a way to keep life going, and the universe will go on. We may like to think that humanity and Earth are the centers of the universe, but on some level, we all know better.

The Energies

I love how the Star Maiden blends the fiery, brilliant orange & yellow energy with the calmer, serene blue and silver energy. She feeds it and is provided a reminder that we are all yin and yang, masculine and feminine. There may be moments when one aspect dominates (or we prefer to focus on one part), but we are a composite of all these energies.

The Hope and Faith

It’s funny, but when I was looking at this card, a line from the movie Boogie Nights popped into my head (what can I tell you – I flash on some unusual connections). I remembered the movie’s end scene when Dirk Diggler returned to working with Jack Horner. He is dressed in a white Miami Vice-type suit, standing in front of the mirror, and he unzips his fly and reveals his “gift.” And as he does so, he says to his reflection, “I’m a star, I’m a star, I’m a star.” And in some ways, the end of this movie does reflect the hope and faith present in The Star.

The Star energy

Despite all of Dirk’s mistakes and experiences, he still finds his way back to the one place he was happy. The only true family he has ever known. And he is forgiven and reinstated to his position at the hearth. That, to me, is what Star energy represents. No matter how far we may have wandered, her light still shines on us (even when we live in places where it is impossible to see her) and blesses us with her energy. Even in NYC, during the blackout, when everything around us was dark, the Star Maiden blessed us with her gifts and took away the fear for just a little while.

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