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September 27 Famous Birthdays

September 27 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on SEPTEMBER 27 can be a contrary Libra. Yes, they can be impulsive and it could go either way. This could be bad or this could be bad. They don’t like mess so they do their best to avoid arguments. However they are awfully vulnerable at times. This could make for an uncomfortable situation.


On the other hand, famous people born on September 27 prefer to have a lot of people around them. No one is a stranger to them. This makes them popular among friends and family. Not to mention that they are a cool body who are selfless. They work hard and play hard.


Having a love of the spotlight, famous September 27 celebrities don’t want to get hitched no time soon. Typically, they do give away too much too soon and often times, people are afraid of this kind of behavior. They need to take relationships in the order and steps they should be in. They meet, they become friends and they talk about expectations beforehand. Only fools rush in, my friend.


Famous people born on September 27th are Libras who love the skin they are in. They are an asset to their business. Librans born on this day are good investment advisors. Those of you with a birthday today are gifted with the talent of voice.

September 27 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

27 September Good Traits:

  • Determined
  • Popular
  • Imaginative
  • Sensitive
  • Kind
  • Intuitive
  • Independent
  • Comfortable
  • Comfortable
  • Mature

27 September Bad Traits:

  • Argumentative
  • Dependent
  • Anxious
  • Unresolved
  • Lethargic
  • Confused

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September 27 Famous Birthday Personalities

A Martinez, 1948, TV Actor
Aaron Wall, 1998, Instagram Star
Abelardo, 1996, Instagram Star
Adam Bogdan, 1987, Soccer Player
Adriano Espaillat, 1954, Politician
Agata Kulesza, 1971, Movie Actress
Aitzaz Ahsan, 1945, Politician
Alan Fletcher, 1931, Graphic Designer
Albert Ellis, 1913, Scientist
Alex Perea, 1989, TV Actor
Alexis Stewart, 1965, TV Show Host
Alison Wonderland, 1986, DJ
Alvin Stardust, 1942, Pop Singer
Amanda Detmer, 1971, TV Actress
Ana Cozar, 1981, Bodybuilder
Ana Nikolic, 1978, Pop Singer
Andrej Hlinka, 1864, Religious Leader
Andy Briggs, 1972, Young Adult Author
Andy Lau, 1961, Pop Singer

Angelica María, 1944, World Music Singer
Ani Lorak, 1978, Pop Singer
Anna Camp, 1982, TV Actress
Anna Ringsred, 1984, Speed Skater
Anne-Marie Slaughter, 1958, Activist
Anthony Morrow, 1985, Basketball Player
Antonia Johnson, 1991, YouTube Star
Aranza, 1971, World Music Singer
Ariel Bissett, 1994, YouTube Star
Arielle Vandenberg, 1986, Model
Armando Hernandez, 1984, Movie Actor
Arthur Blank, 1942, Entrepreneur
Arthur Penn, 1922, Director
Astro, 1996, Movie Actor
Austin Carlile, 1987, Metal Singer
Avril Lavigne, 1984, Pop Singer
Ayesha Khan, 1982, TV Actress
Barbara Dickson, 1947, Pop Singer
Bernard Bragg, 1928, Stage Actor
Beth Heiden, 1959, Speed Skater
Brad Arnold, 1978, Rock Singer
Brandy Burre, 1974, TV Actress
september 27 famous birthdaysBrendon McCullum, 1981, Cricket Player
Breno Giacomini, 1985, Football Player
Bud Powell, 1924, Pianist
Caren Metschuck, 1963, Swimmer
Carl Ballantine, 1917, Magician
Carol McFarlane, 1950, Politician
Carrie Brownstein, 1974, Guitarist
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, 1960, Movie Actor
Casey Cooper, 1991, YouTube Star
Cass Browne, 1971, Drummer
Catherine Marshall , 1914, Non-Fiction Author
Cathy Kelley, 1988, TV Show Host
Charee Pineda, 1990, TV Actress
Chris Brewington, 1993, Rock Singer
Chris Herren, 1975, Basketball Player
Chris Quinn, 1983, Basketball Player
Christian Wood, 1995, Basketball Player

Christopher Cousins, 1960, Soap Opera Actor
Chuck Mere, 1982, YouTube Star
Cid Ricketts Sumner, 1890, Novelist
Cindy Bruna, 1994, Model
Clariyah, 1995, Rapper
Coleysia Chestnut, 1990, Reality Star
Cooper Roth, 2000, TV Actor
Cyril Takayama, 1973, Magician
Daeg Faerch, 1995, Movie Actor
Daniel Bautista, 1992, YouTube Star
Danielle De Villiers, 1987, Family Member
Danilo Gentili, 1979, TV Show Host
Dara Sisterhen, 1996, Pop Singer
Darcy Oake, 1987, Magician
Darrent Williams, 1982, Football Player
David Hale, 1987, Baseball Player
David James Bishop, 1966, Screenwriter

David Oyedepo, 1954, Religious Leader
Debbie Wasserman Schultz, 1966, Politician
Debi Derryberry, 1967, Voice Actor
Denis Lawson, 1947, TV Actor
Dick Advocaat, 1947, Soccer Coach
Dick Schaap, 1934, Sportscaster
Dilara Yüzer, 1993, TV Actress
Dillion Harper, 1991,
Dion Lewis, 1990, Football Player
DiplexHeated, 1994, YouTube Star
Dith Pran, 1942, Photographer
DJ Fabio, 1964, DJ
Dmitry Sitkovetsky, 1954, Violinist
Dom Hofmann, 1986, Entrepreneur
Dominic Panganiban, 1990, YouTube Star
Don Cornelius, 1936, TV Show Host
Don Jamieson, 1966, Comedian
Dougie Maclean, 1954, Folk Singer
Dumitru Prunariu, 1952, Astronaut
Dylan Walker, 1994, Rugby Player
Edward Muscare, 1932, YouTube Star
Eli Baker, 2001, TV Actor
Elina Madison, 1976, TV Actress
Elle Meadows, 1996, YouTube Star
Ellie Young, 1993, Reality Star
Elly Ney, 1882, Pianist
ElsaMakeup, 1990, YouTube Star
Ema Jean, 2001, Instagram Star
Emma Sheppard, 1993, Bassist
Ernest Becker, 1924, Scientist
Francesco Totti, 1976, Soccer Player
Frankie Artus, 1988, Soccer Player
Gail Edwards, 1952, TV Actress
Gary Baseman, 1960, Game Designer
Gay Kayler, 1941, Country Singer
Giulio Berruti, 1984, Movie Actor
Grace Helbig, 1985, YouTube Star
Granit Xhaka, 1992, Soccer Player
Grant Brandell, 1981, Bassist
Grazia Deledda, 1871, Novelist
Greg Ham, 1953, Saxophonist
Greg Morris, 1933, TV Actor
Gunter Brus, 1938, Painter
Gwyneth Paltrow, 1972, Movie Actress
Harry Blackstone Sr., 1885, Magician
Henry Farrell, 1920, Screenwriter
Hugh Freeze, 1969, Football Coach
Ibrahim Toure, 1985, Soccer Player
Ices Brown, 1992, YouTube Star
Irvine Welsh, 1958, Playwright
Isabella Alexander, 2002, TV Actress
Itsyeboi, 1991, YouTube Star
Jahn Teigan, 1949, Comedian
Jahn Teigen, 1949, Pop Singer
Jaiden Animations, 1997, Animator
Jake Burbage, 1992, TV Actor
James Dole, 1877, Entrepreneur
James Jean, 1979, Graphic Designer
Jason Wu, 1982, Fashion Designer
Jay Bouwmeester, 1983, Hockey Player
Jayne Meadows, 1919, TV Actress
Jean-Marc Barr, 1960, Movie Actor
Jenna Ortega, 2002, TV Actress
Jeremy Stenberg, 1981, Motorcycle Racer
Jessica Alice, 1991, Songwriter
Jillian Spaeder, 2002, TV Actress
Jim Bonacci, 1979, Game Designer
Jim Graves, 1953, Entrepreneur
Jim Thompson, 1906, Screenwriter
Joachim Garraud, 1968, DJ
Joel Shapiro, 1941, Sculptor
John Harvey, 1911, Movie Actor
John Marsden, 1950, Young Adult Author
Jon Garland, 1979, Baseball Player
Jon McLaughlin, 1982, Pop Singer
Jon Rauch, 1978, Baseball Player
Josh Mandel, 1977, Politician
Joshua LeBar, 1977, TV Actor
Jovanotti, 1966, Rapper
Juliet Huddy, 1969, TV Show Host
Kathleen Nolan, 1933, TV Actress
Kiley Thompson, 1999, YouTube Star
Kristopher Turner, 1980, TV Actor
Lakshmipathy Balaji, 1981, Cricket Player
Lamyia Good, 1979, Voice Actor
Landon Tewers, 1989, Metal Singer
Lee Brennan, 1973, Pop Singer
Lela Rose, 1977, Fashion Designer
Leonard Barr, 1903, Movie Actor
Levin Liam, 1999, Movie Actor
Lil Wayne, 1982, Rapper
Lina Leandersson, 1995, Movie Actress
Lina Medina, 1933,
Linda Lewis, 1950, Soul Singer
Liz Torres, 1947, Comedian
Lloyd Sam, 1984, Soccer Player
Lola Kirke, 1990, TV Actress
Louis Auchincloss, 1917, Novelist
Luca Parmitano, 1976, Astronaut
Luca Tarqua, 1999, Jazz Singer
Lucas Matthysse, 1982, Boxer
Luke Campbell, 1987, Boxer
Maddi Bragg, 1998, YouTube Star
Maddie Carina Ciciliot, 1993, YouTube Star
Mandy Francois-elie, 1989, Runner
Marc Maron, 1963, Comedian
Maria Celeste Arraras, 1960, TV Show Host
Marimoon, 1982, YouTube Star
Martin Handford, 1956, Cartoonist
Martin Murray, 1982, Boxer
Massad, 1993, Pop Singer
Matt Giese, 1978, Screenwriter
Matt Harding, 1976, YouTube Star
Matt Simms, 1988, Football Player
Mavis Hee, 1974, Pop Singer
Max Boyce, 1945, Comedian
Maynard Ashcroft, 1875, Architect
Meat Loaf, 1947, Rock Singer
Merkules, 1992, Rapper
Merlin Stone, 1931, Novelist
Michael C. Maronna, 1977, TV Actor
Michele Dotrice, 1948, TV Actress
Mike Donovan, 1847, Boxer
Mike Maronna, 1977, TV Actor
Mike Nock, 1940, Pianist
Mike Schmidt, 1949, Baseball Player
Mikey North, 1986, Soap Opera Actor
Miklos Jancso, 1921, Director
Misha Dichter, 1945, Pianist
Mitski, 1990, Rock Singer
Monica Puig, 1993, Tennis Player
Nathan Foley, 1979, Pop Singer
Nicos Anastasiades, 1946, World Leader
Nur Fazura, 1983, TV Actress
Otto Nagel, 1894, Painter
Pablo S Torre, 1985, Journalist
Park Tae-Hwan, 1989, Swimmer
Patrick Muldoon, 1968, Soap Opera Actor
Payton Peterson, 1994, YouTube Star
Peter Simon, 1943, Soap Opera Actor
Poison Ivory, 1985, Pop Singer
Rain Dove, 1989, Model
Randy Bachman, 1943, Guitarist
Raul Silva Henriquez, 1907, Religious Leader
Raymond Kalisz, 1927, Religious Leader
Raymond Moley, 1886, Politician
Rigels Rajku, 1986, Rapper
Robert Martin Groves, 1948, Teacher
Robert Stemmons, 1956,
Robi Domingo, 1989, Reality Star
Ross Ventrone, 1986, Football Player
Roy Stride, 1978, Pop Singer
Ryan O’Shaughnessy, 1992, Pop Singer
Sada Thompson, 1927, TV Actress
Sam Lee, 1975, TV Actor
Sam Lerner, 1992, TV Actor
Samuel Adams, 1722, Politician
Sandhya, 1988, Movie Actress
Shaun Cassidy, 1958, TV Actor
Shep Rose, 1980, Reality Star
Shinji Ono, 1979, Soccer Player
Sierra Hull, 1991, Folk Singer
Simona Halep, 1991, Tennis Player
Sofia Milos, 1969, TV Actress
Stephan Jenkins, 1964, Rock Singer
Stephane Ruffier, 1986, Soccer Player
Stephanie Lee, 1985, YouTube Star
Stephanie Wilson, 1966, Astronaut
Stephen McGee, 1985, Football Player
Steve Kerr, 1965, Basketball Coach
Tamara Taylor, 1970, TV Actress
Tanya Sharma, 1995, TV Actress
Thomas Mann, 1991, Movie Actor
Thomas Nast, 1840, Cartoonist
Tim Campbell, 1975, TV Actor
Tina Ramirez, 1929, Dancer
Tod Williams, 1968, Director
Tom Braidwood, 1948, TV Actor
Travis Lulay, 1983, Football Player
Trick Daddy, 1973, Rapper
Tucker Max, 1975, Novelist
Vanessa James, 1987, Figure Skater
Vicente Padilla, 1977, Baseball Player
Victor Manuelle, 1968, World Music Singer
Victoria Caputo, 1994, Reality Star
Vincent Youmans, 1898, Composer
Vinnie Sunseri, 1993, Football Player
Wade Poezyn, 1989, Model
Walter L. Sharp, 1952, War Hero
Wilford Brimley, 1934, TV Actor
Will Sampson, 1933, Movie Actor
William Conrad, 1920, TV Actor
William Empson, 1906, Poet
William Pugsley, 1850, Politician
Yash Chopra, 1932, Film Producer
Zen Blythe, 1987, Pop Singer
Zita Gorog, 1979, Movie Actress


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